1000-Watt Electric Mountain Bike [Best 4 Picks]

Electric mountain bikes are also known as e-MTBs. These bikes use the parts and technology of traditional mountain bikes but also utilize a battery and motor that makes tackling mountainous terrain easier.

Electric mountain bikes assist and amplify the bike’s power as you pedal. As soon as you stop pedaling, the assistance ceases. With an electric mountain bike, you can enjoy riding a bicycle while saving up on valuable energy.

Using an e-MTB has numerous advantages. Not only do these bikes help you reach your destination faster, but they also help you keep fit. The exercise makes your muscles stronger and your cardiovascular system more efficient. This means you will be able to go further on your bike and also be fresher.

Electric Bike, FREESKY Dual Batteries Ebike for Adults 1000W BAFANG High-Speed Motor 48V 20.8Ah Lithium Batteries, 26” Fat Tires Ebike, 40MPH 40-60Miles Electric Mountain Bike, Dual Shock Absorber

Riding an e-MTB is also a great social exercise. These bikes make group rides more enjoyable as fewer fit riders don’t feel like they’re holding back. E-MTB also makes family rides more fun as people of different ages and abilities can stick together.

Electric Mountain Bikes also enable you to ride at a faster speed regardless of how fit you are. This means you can accelerate much quicker and climb up hills faster. You can also cover larger distances in a shorter period and without getting too exhausted.

Thinking of investing in an e-MTB? Remember, these bikes come with differing features. Your ebike will require varying power levels, depending on your needs and riding style. An aspect you can assess an e-bike’s power is its wattage capacity. It’s important to remember you can get e-MTBs with different wattage capacities.

Here we will discuss the features of some of the best 1000-watt electric mountain bike’s out there.

What is Electric Bike Wattage?

Your e-MTB wattage determines the overall measurement of power your bike’s motor can generate. An ebike with high watts is more powerful and can go faster.

Many states in the US have laws that outline the number of watts an e-MTB can have. E-MTBs with higher wattage capacity than stated are not street legal.

High wattage also influences the speed and performance of your bike. It specifically refers to the power of your bike’s motor. This helps you calculate the watt-hours of a bike.

PHILODO Electric Bike for Adults, Fat Tire Ebike 26" Electric Bike 1000W Electric Mountain Bike 48V/13Ah Removable Battery 31MPH Electric Bicycles Shimano 21-Speed

An ebike with higher watts will require a stronger battery to support the higher power. Watt hours also inform you how long your bike can keep utilizing its motor before the battery needs to be recharged. Watt hours also let you know the top speed your bike is capable of going.

Everyone doesn’t require their e-MTB to have the same amount of power. The wattage your bike needs depends on several factors, such as the rider’s weight, the terrain you are riding, and if you are carrying cargo.

The aspect of how much power your e-MTB can handle continuously is known as Continues Wattage. The amount of power a motor can exude under stress is called Peak Wattage.

E-MTB brands often mostly market their continuous wattage. But a high peak wattage is also extremely useful as it helps the bike go faster and climb hills effectively.

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1000-Watt Electric Mountain Bikes

Below, look at some of the best 1000-watt electric mountain bikes. These bikes have outstanding features and can be purchased online from Amazon.com.

1. The Ecotric 26″ Seagull Electric Bicycle 1000 W

Ecotric’s Seagull electric bike is a unique yet sturdy bicycle. It is designed to make the rider feel elegant, light, and at ease. The bike’s straight upper tube with a slight slope to it imitates the look of a seagull, ready to fly. The bike’s durable, stable, and agile look reflects that of a seagull very well.

ECOTRIC 26" Electric Bike for Adults 1000W Motor 48V Bicycle Powerful Mountain Ebike 13AH Removable Battery Suspension Fork Black City Tire LCD Display

The Ecotric Seagull Ebike is a cost-effective choice and exudes power. It can run on four major modes. Its pedal assist mode generates power as you pedal the bike.

Its fully electric mode powers up the motor of the ebike with increased speed. Its booster mode allows the ebike to travel at 6km/h and makes the ebike easy to push. Its pedal mode lets you pedal the bike as you would pedal any bicycle.

The Ecotric Seagull ebike is a powerful ebike with a 1000W motor and 48V/13AH removable lithium battery. The ebike’s 1000-watt brushless motor helps reduce friction and ensures the smooth output power of the motor. It also makes riding this bike smooth and quiet. The Seagull bike also has a Shimano External 7 Speed Gear.

The bike’s 48V/13 AH lithium battery is removable and easy to recharge. You can charge the battery at home or take it with you to the office and charge it there. The ebike’s battery light also serves as the brake light. It also has an automatic light sensitivity role that provides double security.

The default factory set speed of the bike is 20mph. However, if you desire a higher speed, you can adjust it to the number you want. The instructions regarding adjusting speed are present in the instruction manual. This ebike also has a 48V power LCD display.

About Ecotric

Since 2017, Ecotric has produced high-quality electric bikes for consumers. Ecotric firmly believes in sustainable travel. The pursuit of harmony between nature and man occupies a core spot in the brand’s values. Ecotric encourages its consumers to live healthy, save energy, and travel green.

All of Ecotric’s ebikes are a reflection of this. The Seagull ebike is also easy to ride on rough terrain due to its front suspension forks. These forks reduce the impact between wheels and handlebars, offering infinite comfort.

2. The YinZhiBoo SMLRO Electric Bike

The YinZhiBoo 1000W flat tire electric bike is a professional ebike designed to provide a comfortable riding experience. This bike has been designed and manufactured by a professional team of engineers.

This bike has a 48V 1000W high-speed, brushless motor that produces super strong power. The 1000W motor accelerates and exudes stronger power when the bike climbs uphill.

YinZhiBoo SMLRO Electric Bike E-Bike Fat Tire Electric Bicycle 26" 4.0 Adults Ebike 1000W Removable 48V/13AH Battery Shimano 21-Speed Shifting for Trail Riding/Excursion/Commute UL and GCC Certified

It also has an LCD display with intelligent control. The LCD display shows you your mileage and rising speed. It also displays three working modes. The YinZhiBoo electric bike has Shimano 21-speed gears and the Shimano effortless operation and precise shifting.

It also has a removable lithium battery with a large capacity of 48V, 13AH/624WH. The battery key is capable of locking or unlocking the battery. The battery is also encased in a removable design. This bike also has a waterproof level of IP65. The battery can also be charged at any household outlet on the bike or off.

The YinZhiBoo SMLRO ebike also has a built-in front fork suspension. This reduces the impact of uneven terrain and bumpy roads, creating a smoother riding experience.

This ebike also has 4″ inch fat tires designed to meet varying road conditions such as climbing uphill or downhill. The tires have anti-puncture and anti-slip qualities.

The YinZhiBoo SMLRO ebike also comes with a size guide. The recommended height for this bike is 5.58 to 8.9 ft. The bicycle itself weighs 70lbs and has a load capacity of 330lbs. This ebike can function in pedal assist, pure electric, and regular bike mode.

Upon purchase, the bike comes 75% assembled. The pedals and handlebars need to be installed as well as the front wheel.

3. The Shengmilo MX01 26″ Mountain Bike

The Shengmilo MX01 mountain bike makes cycling easier and more fun! It takes out the additional strain of riding and helps you go faster. With the increased speed, you can explore more and cover large distances in a short amount of time.

You can use the Shengmilo MX01 for several reasons. Whether you want an alternate mode of transport than your car or want to go for your next mountain bike adventure, it’s the perfect pick.

Shengmilo Electric Bike for Adults, 26'' Ebike with 1000W Motor, 25MPH Fat Tire Mountain E Bike with Removable 48V/12.8Ah Lithium Battery, Hydraulic Brake, Dual Shock Absorber, MX01-GREEN

This 26″ ebike has 4″ fat tires that are efficient and labor-saving. This makes it easy to ride this bike on surfaces such as roads, trails, the beach, and snow.

The Shengmilo MX01 comes in three working modes.

The pedal assist mode provides additional power as you peddle the ebike. On this mode, you can ride up to 50-60 km before you need to recharge your e-bike’s battery.

The fully electric mode powers the bicycle completely through its motor. You can rotate the throttle of the ebike to the power increment you desire. In this mode, you can ride your ebike for 30-40km before recharging the batteries.

The manual mode lets you ride your ebike like a regular bike.

The Shengmilo MX01 has a high-speed, brushless, 1000W motor. This motor provides reliable support to the ebike and powers it up to 25km/h.

This ebike gives you enough power for your daily commute or to go out and about in the city. This bike can also cruise on the mountains or bike around hilly trails.

The electric bike is also equipped with full suspension and hydraulic disc brakes.

It also has an adjustable and lockable front suspension that removes unnecessary bumps as you ride your ebike. This feature also helps stop the ebike from rolling over and causing injury.

You can ride this ebike in adverse conditions such as rainy weather, off-road, or on long paths downhill.

When ordered, the Shengmilo MX01 comes with a warranty. The frame of the ebike has a one-year warranty, the charger, battery, and controller have a 6-month warranty, and all other electric parts have a 3-month warranty period.

This ebike is also easy to assemble. When received, this fat tire ebike comes 98% assembled. This means you won’t have to spend time with complicated assembly-related tasks. All you have to do is to finish assembling your ebike is put together a few main parts.

When charging the Shengmilo MX01, first, you must plug the charger’s charging head inside the battery charging port. Once this is done, then plug the charger into the socket. This step is important as it will save you from electric shocks.

4. Yeasion 1000W Fat Tire Electric Bike for Adults

The Yeasion Fat Tire Electric Bike has great features that exude efficiency. This bike is suitable for both men and women and is smooth and durable. Its 1000-watt brushless motor gives the bike more speed and freedom, thus making your ride all the more fun.

YEASION Beast 1000W Fat Tire Electric Bike for Adults 48V/14Ah Removable Battery 20“ 4.0 Folding Electric Bike Snow Beach Mountain Ebike for Women and Men Black Yellow

Designed with a throttle and five different levels of pedal-assist features, you can speed up whenever you feel like it. You can also pedal effortlessly without getting tired for a long period. You can ride this bike in the PAS mode, the ordinary bike mode, and the pure e-bike mode.

This fat-tired electric bike has 20×4.0 inch tires that strengthen friction when driven on any road surface. This makes riding safe and stable, especially during unexpected weather conditions such as rain and snow. This ebike can also easily go on the beach and mountainous terrain.

The Yeasion Fat Tire Ebike also has a collapsable aluminum frame that is easy to fold and store. You can also easily carry the bike in a pickup truck or SUV.

You can use this ebike for multiple purposes. It will surely provide a smooth and easy riding experience whether you are using it to commute to work or go on excursions.

This ebike also has a dust-proof and waterproof design and anti-theft features. It can easily be locked, so there is no need to worry about the bike getting stolen.

It is also easy to recharge at home and in the office. Charging the battery completely takes 5 to 7 hours, and you can directly charge the ebike or unload it.

Concluding Thoughts

If you are thinking of investing in an electric mountain bike, choosing the right bike for you is crucial. Your bike should not be too powerful but should not lack power. It should exactly fit your needs.

To choose the right features, you must determine the bike’s needs. You should also know how often you will use the bike and what type of distances you will cover. Once you have figured out these aspects, you can choose a bike that fits your needs.

A 1000-watt e-MTB will suit you more if you are a heavy rider and do frequent off-roading. If you climb many hills on your e-MTB and like going uphill, a 1000-watt bike will give you more speed and power to reach the top. This is because this bike will have quite a strong engine. If you prefer only riding on private property and smooth surfaces, a 750-watt bike is a better option.

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