27.5-Inch Electric Mountain Bike – Best 3 Picks

Electric vehicles are the new sustainable goal for the world; car and tech companies like Tesla, Bosch, and Volkswagen are sitting at the height of the success of electric cars. Similarly, like cars, many electric bike companies are stepping into this business and bringing innovative bike models that are not only for city commutes but have also extended their latest models to mountain and dirt bikes.

The production of electric mountain bikes is at its peak. Amongst this, an important type of electric mountain bike is gaining attention. This is the 27.5-inch electric mountain bike. It is a bike with a wheel size and diameter of 27.5 inches.

In this post, we will learn the importance of the 27.5-inch electric mountain bike and some of the best electric mountain bikes with a tire size of 27.5 inches.

27.5" Electric Bike for Adults 36/48V Electric Bicycle/Mountain Ebike/Commuter Electric Bike with Removable Lithium Battery Professional 7 Speed Gears Hybrid Road Trekking e-Bike E for Men & Women

Importance Of A 27.5-inch Electric Mountain Bike

There are many types of electric bikes ranging from 26 to 29 inches in wheel size, so what makes 27.5 the lucky number? Two things set apart a 27.5 inches electric mountain bike from others; one is the optimized rear suspension, and the second factor is that the chainstays are smaller in this type of bike.

This enables the bike to be maneuvered in any style and makes it popular among mountain trail bikers. Amongst many of its advantages, some are listed below.

A 27.5-Inch Electric Mountain Bike Is Better Because:

  1. It accelerates better than other bikes.
  2. It is more suitable for plainer trails like parks.
  3. It is easy to maneuver around.
  4. It works better on flow trails.
  5. It gives more control to the rider.

Best 27.5-Inches Electric Mountain Bike

Electric Mountain Bikes for Adults 27.5'' Electric Bicycle, Hydraulic Brakes, 500W BAFANG Motor Ebike with 13ah Removable Lithium Battery, Full Suspension E-MTB, 9-Speed Gears(BaFang Motor Gray)

Below are some of the best 27.5-inch tire-size electric mountain bikes suitable for you and your family. These are reviewed under strict criteria and then chosen as the best electric bikes that one can buy in 2022 with 27.5-inch fat tires.

HILAND RockShark

Check the price of the HILAND Rockshark 27.5 Inch Urban Electric Bike on Amazon.

HILAND has a wide variety when it comes to electric mountain bikes. However, the RockShark made it to the list because it only has 27.5-inch fat tires. This fact and a couple more things make this model worthy of our appreciation.

HILAND Rockshark 27.5 Inch Urban Electric Bike for Adults,Mens Electric Mountain Bike with Removable & Built-in 36V 10.4Ah Battery, 21 MPH 250W Motor,Shimano 7 Speed Gears E Bikes Black

Whether you are a person who loves to cycle in snow or on the rocky gravel on mountain trails, you can use this electric mountain bike for all this and a lot more.

HILAND RockShark is an electric mountain bike with a powerful 250-watt rear gear hub motor that can be good for almost all kinds of rough terrains and in-city hauls.

Also, to back this motor, the battery equipped with the bike is a high capacity Lithium- Nickel Cobalt Manganese (Li-NCM) battery which is about 36 V and 10.4 Ah in terms of output.

The battery assures that the motor works to its full potential in electric and pedal assist mode, giving about 26-40 miles in pure electric mode and 40-50 miles in pedal-assist mode.

The top speed the bike can reach is 25 miles per hour in pedal assist mode and 20 miles per hour in throttle mode. However, this is an average speed and is subject to change with the physique and cycling technique of the rider.

If you want to ride the bike as a classic bicycle, you can also do that by switching off all the assistance modes. In the case of pedal assist, there are five levels of assistance provided to the rider that they can choose on the LCD.

A smart LCD is attached to the handlebar that shows the speed data of the rider, the distance covered, and the battery status of the bike. This can help a rider plan the course of their journey ahead of time, and no more errors will occur, which could if one messes up the calculation in their head.

The aluminum alloy frame and the step-through design of the HILAND RockShark make it unique for an electric mountain bike. The Aluminum is lightweight, does not rust, and, with a coating of antidust that the company does on its own, it always enables the frame to remain new.

Since there are many sand particles in the trails of Arizona, having a bike like HILAND RockShark can be a blessing in many ways.

The Shimano 7-speed gear system and the dual disc brakes make it very smooth for a rider to adjust to every type of trail and transition the speeds. People can order this 27.5-inch electric mountain bike online and get a preassembled bike in a standard delivery time.

27.5-inch Electric Mountain Bike ByWooken

The 27.5-inch electric mountain bike is another unique model in the market and is quite famous for its specifications. The 500W high-speed motor will ensure that the bike can achieve the maximum speed of 21.6 miles per hour at an incline.

Whether on snowy terrain, broken gravel, or a rocky trail on a mountain, the fat tires will help you overcome the friction without fearing punctures or wear and tear.

Electric Bike, Electric Bike for Adults 27.5'' E-Bikes with 500W Motor, 21.6MPH Mountain Bike with Lockable Suspension Fork, Removable Battery, Professional 21 Speed Gears Bicycle

The electric motor gains power from a fixed high-capacity removable battery of 48 V and 10 Ah. It is attached to the compartment right beside the seat in the frame. Then that compartment is locked to protect the battery inside.

A single charge takes about 5 hours to complete the charging before the bike can power up the motor. When the battery is 100%, it will take about 32 miles in pure electric mode to return at 0%.

However, when a rider uses pedal assist mode, the mileage goes to 65 miles before the battery runs out. It makes pedal assist mode always better if you are looking forward to riding for a long time.

The rider can easily check the assist level on the LCD attached to the bike’s handlebar; along with this information, much other vital data is shown on it. This includes the battery time and the speedometer information.

The aluminum alloy is a sturdy and malleable material, which is why makers use it to make the frame of most bikes. Also, the material is lightweight, so moving at high speed and cutting air resistance becomes easier on bikes on Aluminum. The frame’s durability assures the clients that the bike’s frame will work for a long time.

The three riding modes provide a variety to the user; depending upon the mood of how much exertion a person wants, they can achieve it. Furthermore, the seat of the electric bike has air holes for ventilation so that the rider doesn’t slip due to excessive sweating on steep slopes.

Also, the seat contains shock absorbers to protect the tailbone of a person. The seat has a reflector, too, making it easier for a rider to determine the bike’s location.

The best part of the bike is that everybody can use this; there is no height restriction, so whenever you get yours, adjust the seat according to your eye level, and you are good to go.

GRITRIVAL Electric Mountain Bike

GRITRIVAL is an Electric bike company that aims to provide high-quality products to electric bikers. The performance of these electric bikes becomes not only a source of confidence but also safety. Launching an electric mountain bike focuses on tricky terrains that have enough power to drive up the steep hills.

The GRITRIVAL electric mountain bike uses a 48 V and 500-watt BAFANG motor to power through rugged terrain. With the help of a removable battery of 13.4 Ah, a high output drives the electric bike to reach its potential. No amount of sand, gravel, or mud can cause a hindrance in the riding.

GRITRIVAL Electric Bike 27.5'', BAFANG Motor 500W 48V 13.4AH, Electric Mountain Bike Adults Top Speed 20MPH, E-Bike Hidden Removable Battery, Shimano 7-Speed (Black)

There are three modes in which you can drive this electric bike on the mountainous trails of the US. First is the simple pedaling in which the riding range and speed are dependent on the rider’s exertion of force. Then, there is an electric mode in which the motor puts out its potential energy and converts it into kinetic energy as the bike moves.

The third is the pedal-assist or the throttle mode, which combines electricity and manpower. If we look at the top speed of the electric mode makes it around 32 kilometers in an hour.

However, the mileage is around 25 miles on a single charge. In contrast, the speed in pedal assist mode will be greater, and the distance covered will also be more significant (around 40 miles).

However, other modes also affect the speed and the range of the distance covered; this includes the weather situation, height and weight of a rider, and course, the terrain on which a rider is moving.

One thing that works for most riders and attracts other potential customers is the fast response of the bike. Despite all the exertion, the electric mountain bike has a cooling system that keeps the bike running without causing issues like overheating.

Furthermore, the feedback control ensures the bike remains stable on rugged terrains and gives a bolting experience to the rider.

The removable battery is hidden in a compartment just adjusted in the frame that can only be locked/unlocked by the keys that the company provides to the owner. This helps the rider protect the battery from getting stolen.

Also, keeping a charged spare battery can save people a lot of trouble if someone makes sudden plans.

The electric mountain bike is a robust and efficient ride for hills, and with 27.5 Kenda Tires and front fork hydraulic suspension, the drive becomes smoother and more comfortable.

The company has added hydraulic disc brakes to guarantee or assure the customer that there are no chances of accidents when riders are at high speed. This electric bike braking system decreases the stopping distance after the brake has been applied.

If a person is riding on a wet surface, it will take them at least 6 meters to come to a halt after the brakes are applied. While on a dry surface, the distance will be reduced to 4 meters.

Also, the aluminum frame of the bike gives the lightweight bike an additional push to outdo itself when the riders need some flips on the terrains.

The straight handlebars additionally support the structure of the rider, making it sturdier. The handlebar has an LCD screen that shows almost everything at a glance, like battery status, real-time speed of the rider, total journey and the miles of the current trip, the mode in which a rider is riding, the assist level, etc.

The GRITRIVAL electric bike has a 7-speed Shimano gear system with a variable speed option. It allows the rider to move along any terrain without having power generation or high-speed issues. The chainring is an adjustable one in this electric bike to support the user’s adventures.

If you order the bike now, it will be available in the standard US delivery time at your doorstep, and that too 85% preassembled. With minor adjustments to seat and handle, you will be good to go on a quick hike up the mountain trails near your city.

HILAND Electric Bike, 27.5 inch E Bike for Adults, 350W 21MPH Mens Womens Electric Bicycle 21-Speed 36V Electric Mountain Bike for Adults, White&Orange

Concluding It All

Many reasons make a 27.5-inch electric mountain bike a masterpiece. Its unmatchable acceleration and maneuvering techniques have gotten a specific clientele hooked to it.

The best electric mountain bikes we mentioned above have been reviewed and compared to many models in terms of specifications, motor, battery capacity, frame size, height restrictions, and even prices.

Hundreds of people around you take their gasoline-fueled mountain bikes for races on trails near you, ignoring that gasoline is having a bad impact on the environment. The lack of environmental consciousness has landed this world into a pandora of different calamities; it is a duty of a responsible citizen to be aware of how they are contributing to global warming.

Since the world is quickly moving towards achieving a zero carbon footprint and maintaining a lifestyle that creates a less negative impact on nature, electric bikes have been a tremendous addition to the list of inventions that can save life on this planet. We hope this information helps you choose the right electric bike when you shop.

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