500 Mile Range Electric Car

If you live in the USA, you might have seen the sleek electric cars around you. Electric vehicles (EVs) provide several benefits over traditional automobiles, including the absence of emissions that contribute to air pollution, a more rapid acceleration rate, and a less noisy driving experience.

On the other hand, one of the most significant drawbacks of electric vehicles is that they typically have a shorter driving range than gasoline-powered vehicles.

Currently, only one manufacturing electric vehicle with a range greater than 800 kilometers (500 miles).

The Only Electric Car With 500 Mileage: 2022 Lucid Air Luxury Sports Sedan

With a projected range of 520 miles for the Dream Edition Range model, the 2022 Lucid Air has the longest driving range available for an electric car currently in production.

Increasing the driving range is one of the most significant challenges faced by manufacturers of electric vehicles, Lucid Air was able to break through an engineering barrier by going beyond the 500-mile mark.

Why is Lucid Air so Efficient?

The Lucid Air was created with a primary emphasis on efficiency, which is the primary reason for its high range.

The Air’s range was increased in many ways throughout its creation. This pertains to the vehicle’s “miniaturized, in-house designed powertrain” and its “aerodynamic shape that decreases drag at high speeds.” Additionally, the battery pack in the Air has a capacity of 112.0 kWh.

The Air is equipped with the ability to charge quickly and has a high driving range. The range of the electric sports sedan can be increased by 300 miles in just twenty minutes.

In addition, the 2022 Lucid Air purchasers receive complimentary unlimited quick charging at Electrify America charging stations for three years.

In addition to having an incredible performance, the 2022 Lucid Air comes with a driving range greater than 500 miles. Additionally, the Air has quick acceleration, with a time of 0-60 mph that is as low as less than 3 seconds. In addition to that, its top speed is 173 miles per hour.

500 Mile Range Electric Car
500 Mile Range Electric Car

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Electric Cars That Have Long Range

Here’s the list if you’re looking for the longest-range electric cars after the 2022 Lucid Air!

  • Tesla Models: S, 3, X & Y
  • Mercedes EQS450+
  • GMC Hummer EV
  • BMW iX
  • Ford F-150 Lightning
  • Rivian R1S

Tesla S Model (Range: up to 405 miles)

The Model S is Tesla’s longest-range car, with a range that can reach up to 405 miles once charged fully. The range can vary depending on the configuration of the vehicle.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, has stated on multiple occasions that the carmaker could make it have an even longer range by stuffing a 120 kWh battery pack in it; however, the automaker instead concentrates on getting a longer range by improving its efficiency.

Our Next Energy (ONE) has outfitted a Model S with its very own battery pack to demonstrate the capabilities of its very own battery technology.

Tesla 3 Model (Range: up to 358 miles)

The 2022 Tesla 3 Model is an electric car that lives up to the promise, combining virtually optimal performance, driving range, and pricing while being inexpensive.

The Tesla 3 Model is an electric car (EV) that driving enthusiasts like ourselves can support due to its speed — especially in the Performance trim — and agility.

It is not essential to charge the Tesla 3 Model daily because its driving range is an impressive 358 miles per charge when equipped with the Long Range trim at the mid-level.

Mercedes EQS450+ (Range: up to 350 miles)

If the way something looks is important to you, then the EQS has a rather striking appearance. The EQS has a roof that runs in one continuous line from the front to the rear wheels, and there is almost no bonnet, in contrast to the new S-Class, which has a traditional three-box saloon shape.

This gives the EQS the appearance of an arch. In addition, it has a hatchback body style, unlike the S-Class, which is only available in the four-door sedan configuration and is loaded to the gills with innovative, cutting-edge technology.

It’s almost like a science experiment on wheels, albeit extremely luxurious. There are many ways in which it’s comparable to that.

You will not only receive the ‘Hyperscreen,’ in addition to the enormous battery that provides the EQS with a possible driving range of 453 miles, but you will also receive the big battery.

This is the concept of a touchscreen that has been taken to its logical conclusion: a screen with a full width that stretches from one side of the dashboard to the other. Three screens are embedded under a single sheet of glass.

The rest of the inside is extremely comfortable; it is covered entirely in plush fabric, and the metallic surfaces are sleek and modern.

Tesla X Model (Range: up to 348 miles)

The 2022 Tesla X Model is a shining illustration of the electric vehicle manufacturers’ brand ethos. It is quick, high-tech, and features a flashy gimmick in the form of its wing back doors; as a result, it offers an exclusive proposal in the expanding market for EV crossovers; yet its price tag is steep.

The X Model is equipped from the factory with two electric motors that produce a combined total of 670 horsepower.

An optional upgrade to the Model X called the Plaid adds a third electric motor with an incredible 1020 horsepower and is said to reach 60 miles per hour in just 2.5 seconds. According to Tesla, the mega-motor version will be available by the end of 2022.

The Model X is not quite as nimble as the Model S sedan, which has many of the same mechanical components but is surprisingly agile considering its size and weight.

The inside is a striking example of modern design, with a massive screen occupying most of the dashboard and enabling access to most of the Model X’s functions via touch controls.

There is enough space for the complete family thanks to the third row of seats, and captain’s chairs are an option for the second row.

500 Miles Range Electric Car
500 Miles Range Electric Car

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Tesla Y Model (Range: up to 330 miles)

The Tesla Model Y was an all-electric crossover that was supposed to capitalize on the roaring success of the Model 3, but instead, it was more of a fizzle than a sizzle.

Unlike the Model 3, which accomplishes its goal by handling that dance and an outstanding range, the 2022 Model Y appears to be a clumsy effort to pander to the market that buys SUVs.

Its handling is less engaging than the 3, and its cabin, largely a carry-over from the sedan, doesn’t do enough to differentiate itself.

This only magnifies our criticism of its fit-and-finish and the problems that the all-digital environment creates. It is a carry-over from the sedan. However, there is some benefit to be gained from it.

Compared to competitors like the Ford Mustang Mach E and the Volkswagen ID.4, its projected driving range is above average, and the Long Range variant claims a range of up to 330 miles per charge.

Tesla is one of the few electric sport utility vehicles (SUVs) that offers a third row of seating as an available option.

GMC Hummer EV (Range: up to 329 miles)

General Motors will bring back the gas-guzzling Hummer brand in 2022 as an electric sub-brand under the GMC umbrella. The Hummer brand was discontinued in 2010. The resurrected Hummer will debut as a pickup truck before evolving into a sport utility vehicle.

The new truck is quite the beast, with a maximum output of one thousand horses from the top-of-the-line engine configuration.

Three electric motors power this option, reaching 60 mph in 3.3 seconds and going an estimated 329 miles once charged fully.

The roof panels on the Hummer EV can be detached. It has a height-adjustable air suspension and impressive four-wheel steering, allowing it to “crab” or drive in a crooked stance.

The Hummer EV has numerous features that should make driving on less paved terrain more pleasurable.

Electric pickup trucks are the emerging market segment where new entrants like Rivian and Tesla and established players like Ford are producing their products.

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BMW iX (Range: up to 324 miles)

The 2023 BMW iX SUV offers the same size and functionality as BMW’s best-selling X5 model, but it does so with a dash of cutting-edge style. This serves as a preview of the electric future that the company has planned for itself.

Two electric motors offer more than ample power, while a large battery pack supplies enough energy for a projected driving range of more than 300 miles per charge (516 hp in the xDrive50 and a stunning 610 horsepower in the M60).

In the BMW iX, the rotary knob on the center console controls an excellent see-through knob that operates an extensive digital dashboard that shows the next generation of BMW’s iDrive infotainment system.

The cabin has plenty of space and is finished with materials of the highest quality. The iX can compete successfully against early pioneers in the market for all-electric vehicles, such as the Audi e-Tron and the Tesla Model X.

It can also compete successfully against more recent arrivals, such as the Fisker Ocean and the Rivian R1S.

Ford F-150 Lightning (Range: up to 320 miles)

Ford has launched the all-electric F-150 Lightning, its most ambitious innovation since the Model T. As a result, the pickup truck is quick and capable while emitting no emissions.

According to the manufacturer, the Standard Range battery can travel up to 230 miles just once charged fully, while the Extended Range power pack can travel up to 320 miles. It is not the first electric pickup truck to hit the market

The F-150 is America’s favorite pickup truck, but none of the competition can match its reputation for durability and dependability. Furthermore, the base price of the electric F-150 is significantly lower than that of its competitors.

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Rivian R1S: (Range: up to 316 miles)

The 2022 R1S SUV is the second production model from Rivian. It is one of the few three-row electric vehicles on the market, making it an appealing option for families interested in switching to electric automobiles.

With a lower base price and greater towing capacity, the R1S directly competes with the Tesla Model X. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that the R1S can go 316 miles once charged fully with its 128.9-kWh battery pack.

The R1S is fitted with a quad-motor drivetrain that delivers 835 horsepower and gives it great responsiveness. Despite the relatively rough ride, this SUV’s handling is surprisingly agile for its size.

In terms of off-road performance, the R1S outperforms the Model X, another area in which it excels. Standard equipment includes a height-adjustable air suspension that can raise the R1S’s ground clearance to 15.0 inches.

The R1S is sold directly to end users via the company’s website, even though Rivian has built a network of service centers to handle maintenance and repairs.

Our Final Thoughts

The vehicle’s range might be on top of the list if you are purchasing an electric car. This is because most people feel anxiety that their electric vehicle could run out of power before they reach their destination.

Driving an electric car that unexpectedly loses its charge is not anyone’s notion of a good time, just as running out of gas in a traditional vehicle is not anyone’s concept of a good time.

Although Tesla tops the list of electric cars with the longest driving range, the manufacturer does not yet produce any models that can compete with the 2022 Lucid Air’s driving range.

The driving range of electric vehicles will undoubtedly expand as technology advances; thus, check back in the future to determine whether other car manufacturers can stay up with Lucid.

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