500W Electric Mountain Bike

Electric mountain bikes are the future of terrain cycling and sports competitions because they are not only smart and efficient, but they ensure that there is zero carbon emission in the wake of cycling. Not only do they smartly manage different rugged terrains, but they also are best for city hauls and long rides along different road surface like beaches.

eAhora ACE Electric Bike BAFANG MID-Drive 500W Motor 28Mph Electric Mountain Bike 48V/16AH Built-in Waterproof Battery 27.5''×2.8 Big Tire, BAFANG Color Display, Shimano 9-Speed Gears

What Are Electric Mountain Bikes?

The electric mountain bikes are powered by battery and motor instead of fuel in traditional motorbikes or the simple bikes that are powered by force exerted through paddling.

These sustainable bikes are trending due to their advanced features like lightweight materials, the stylish LCD for information display, and sleek and innovative frame designs that are not common in traditional bikes.

Furthermore, the generation of this era is more environmentally conscious, so adopting a different approach to traveling is one of the goals in the list of healthy earth initiatives.

How Does A 500W Motor Work?

The 500W motor is a pivot motor; it may seem like a normal motor which is not much but not low. The 500W motor is a perfect motor for all types of slopes and rugged terrains.

VELOWAVE Electric Mountain Bike Adults 500W 27.5'' Ebike 25MPH E Bike 48V 15Ah Larger Battery Removable Shimano 7-Speed Silver

The maximum speed you can get with a 500W motor is above 20 miles per hour if you use throttle mode, better known as an electric mode. In contrast, the pedal assist mode can give more than 28 miles per hour.

The 500W may give additional mileage if the battery in the electric bike is large and can provide ample energy for the motor to work efficiently. So, if a large-capacity battery is installed, the riding range, which is 35 to 55 miles in a normal battery, can go up to 65 miles.

The electric mountain bikes with a 500W motor work perfectly on the slopes and give that power-packed performance expected of high-performance motors.

A 500W motor is a viable option because it is a mid-drive motor that is light in weight and lowers the center of gravity of the rider and the bike to maintain balance, making it a safe vehicle on some of the dangerous, twisty, and harsh trails.

There is no doubt that a 500W has been introduced to such valuable vehicles only because it has proved useful and displayed its efficiency at every test it has been put through.

The research and development of 500W electric mountain bike models are focused on maintaining balance on the bike for the rider and ensuring that the control of the electric bike always stays in the rider’s hands.

Since it is not so heavy and exciting, the risk factor while driving these bikes is also minimized. The moderate motor is perfect for overweight people who want a little trip off the road. Since the high-watt motors are dangerous, it is advised that beginners to mountain cycling must start with something light that they can control.

There are so many advantages of having a 500W electric mountain bike that it is absolutely a perfect partner for bikers who are still learning their way around bikes or teenagers who are starting to find their niche in this profession or choose this as a hobby.

We have curated a list of the best 500W electric mountain bikes below to help you choose the right model. In case these are not the ones you are looking for, then always follow the criteria in which these models are reviewed so that no one can scam you.

Best 500W Electric Mountain Bike

Here are two of the best 500W electric mountain bikes equipped with enormous powerhouses to kick off the dirt on those rough terrains. These models of electric mountain bikes are easily available online on Amazon.

PASELEC Electric Mountain Bike

The best 500W electric mountain bike is available online for about $1600; a robust motor that is both water and dustproof IP5 level gives the high-performance in the rugged inclined terrains. PASELEC Electric bike is the all-in-one combination of sporty fitness and super speed to give that power-packed journey.

PASELEC Electric Bikes for Adult 27.5'' Mountain Bike Hydraulic Brakes E-Bike Moped Full Suspension Cycle with 48V 13ah Lithium Battery, Peak 750W Powerful Motor Professional 9 Speed E-MTB Bicycle

The motor has torque motion sensors that predict the state of the bike and the power required at each instant, only to run it under a bionic algorithm and determine the rider’s need at a particular moment. Since it is a hybrid technology, the motor assists the speed and gives the electric bike a top speed of 28 miles per hour.

A 500W motor is a 5-speed power assist that minimizes the human reaction time and quickly manages the acceleration time of the bike at steep hills.

Furthermore, smooth transitions with speed for the electric bike, a gear system of 9 speeds is added to the package that enables the rider to go through different rates and shift them quickly.

The wheels of the electric mountain bike are made of aluminum, and the chain is also of the same material. The crankset is made up of aluminum to have swift motion and efficient riding experience on hills.

The support is given to the motor system by a large capacity battery of lithium-ion 48V and 13Ah, which is attached to the bike in a waterproof compartment that is well designed to adjust the streamlined look of the electric bike.

The battery can support all speeds by traveling a maximum of 50 miles on a single charge and prove to be the best source of energy that can bring out the potential of the electric bike and let the rider enjoy long trail rides.

The battery can last for a long time, and since it is removable, a spare at hand can make the rider feel at ease and not worry about battery drainage or finding a charging port in the mountain trails of Utah or Washington.

Not only is the PASELEC electric mountain bike’s accelerating system full of amazing specifications, but it also has a fantastic tried and tested braking mechanism. It is powered by a 500W motor to stop the bike without covering a large stopping distance.

Taiwan Zoom hydraulic discs are working at the command of two-piston calipers to stop the bike, making the landing safe; the motor inhibitors with adjustable levers make the brake applying process easier for riders.

PASELEC Electric Mountain Bikes for Adults 27.5'' Electric Bike 48V 500W MTB Ebike with 13Ah Hidden Removable Lithium Battery Moped Bicycle Shimano 7 Speed Gears (Blk-Orange)

Many electric bikes will show similar brakes performance on rugged road surfaces, but this electric mountain bike is so sensitive and quick to respond that frictionless surfaces are also a piece of cake.

This surface grip is an innovative pair of tires that ensure the bike doesn’t slip. This makes PASELEC electric bike a vehicle suitable for all terrains, such as snowy roads, gravel, and muddy paths.

When you order it online from Amazon, the bike will be 85% assembled and then delivered to your doorstep. Some minor adjustments, such as setting the handlebar and seat level, which depends on the rider’s comfort level, are left to be done by the user themselves. These adjustments are pretty easy if the right tutorial is played on.

The PASELEC electric mountain bike has two different warranties; a two-year guarantee of the bike frame and its material and a one-year warranty for the bike’s power system, which includes the motor, controller, charger, and battery.

T-268 By Wooken

The Wooken is another electric bike brand specializing in making electric mountain bikes; the model T-268 is a foldable fat tire bike with a 500W high-speed motor that enables the bike to achieve at most 21,6 miles per hour.

The fat tires are approximately 26 inches in size to provide safe riding and less wear and tear on all types of terrains, whether a snowy road or stony muddy trails and steep inclines.

Electric Bike, 26'' Fat Tire Electric Bike 500W 21.6MPH Removable 48V/10Ah Battery, Adult Mountain Snow Beach Electric Bike with Lockable Suspension Fork, Shimano 21 Speed Gears Folding Electric Bike

The removable battery of high capacity at 48V and 10Ah is fixed into the bike frame in sleek style, and it takes around 5 hours to charge it fully. The stylish casing protects the battery and hides it from theft as it is in a lockable compartment.

A single charge can give up to 30 miles when the riding mode of the bike is pure electric, which means the brushless 500W motor generates all the power.

In contrast, the pedal assists mode, as always, gives a high mileage of about 60 miles which is double because now both motor and rider are exerting force to cover greater distance.

The smart LCD is attached to the handlebar of the electric bike, which shows essential information related to the riding, such as battery status, mileage, voltage, time, speed, and the current assist level of the bike. The summarized version at a glance makes it easier for the rider to concentrate on the road.

The quality of the bike frame is high and made up of an aluminum alloy which is sturdy and malleable, but at the same time, durable as well, so the bike is easily folded and takes significantly less space in your house or the trunk of a car.

Carrying the bike is also easy on long-distance trips, plus the lightweight material of the electric bike allows everyone from a teenager to an adult to use it.

The seat of the T-268 Wooken is extremely soft and thick to absorb all the stress and shock it and not let it reach the rider. Furthermore, air pockets for ventilation in the seat so that the hips don’t become sweaty with the high exertion and cycling on the steep slopes.

It is also an essential feature because the air circulation can keep the seat dry, making the chances of a rider slipping off the seat on steep inclines unlikely. Also, the ride is all over comfortable if the seat is dry. Another feature added to the seat is a reflector, making it easier to spot at night.

Three riding methods are integrated into the electric bike; electric mode, electric and pedal assist mode, and the normal cycling mode. If you are riding around the adventurous trails in the US, all these modes can be useful in providing various riding methods according to the needs of the road surface or depending on your mood for the day.

The best part of the bike is that it fits all; a person with a height of 5’5 to a person with a rare size of even 6’7 can comfortably ride this masterpiece. The fat tires assist all heights, and with ample safety, this bike could be used by differently-abled people.

The bike is 85% pre-assembled when it arrives, and the same little adjustments to the seat and handlebar are needed, just like for every bike.

A video link is also provided on the list to watch and complete the small adjustments on the electric bike. If you are still confused, call the 24/7 after-sales center for assistance.

Concluding It All

VIVI Electric Bike, 26" Electric Bike for Adults, Folding Electric Mountain 350W Motor, Professional 21 Speed Gears with Removable Lithium-Ion Battery, 20MPH Speed, Up to 50 Miles

Electric mountain bikes are not your average bikes; they need a strong power system to give the rider that extra doze of adrenaline and rush to get that off-road furry mood set.

These bikes are not only for weekend exercise to communicate with nature on the trails but also for professional tournaments and competitions for which a power-packed electric mountain bike is significant.

A 500W electric mountain bike is a sufficient vehicle to kick off some dirt on rugged terrains across the US. A 500W motor may not be as powerful as a 750W motor; however, if combined with a large capacity battery, it can compete with the bikes with high-performance motors but lower batteries to generate enough power to match the motor potentially.

The electric bikes we mentioned above are among the best mountain bikes with a 500W motor and a large battery system to pump the energy into the motor for efficient output. However, many other companies are also mass producing such kinds of electric bikes, and the plus point is that they are all available on online shopping platforms or the original brand sites of the bikes.

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