All About a 600-Mile Range Electric Car

The electric car is perhaps one of the most incredible and innovative inventions that has completely revolutionized the global automobile industry.

People who have made the move to driving electric automobiles cannot get enough of the advanced technology and mechanisms that various electric cars have on offer.

However, one issue that most people have with electric cars is the range they are capable of. Running out of charge is arguably worse than running out of fuel, so you need a car that offers an incredible range.

For people who wish to enjoy a higher electric car range and need a car with a larger and more advanced battery pack, the BMW iX is the perfect purchase as this beast is able to offer a 600-mile range.  

All About a 600 Mile Range Electric Car

Battery range is everything for an electric car enthusiast who loves driving their futuristic automobile around.

Since the electric car’s mobility, usability, and top speed depend on its chemical lithium-ion battery’s range, wattage, and size, people are more than willing to pay for a bigger battery pack.

All About a 600-Mile Range Electric Car
All About a 600-Mile Range Electric Car

This is why, while most electric vehicles offer ranges between 200 to 350 miles per charge, the BMW iX has become an instant global sensation in the world of electric automobiles for its 600-mile range.

Although the price of this powerful beast is not for everyone’s pocket, people who can afford it cannot stop vouching for it.

The unparalleled range allows drivers to carry more weight, accelerate at will, and drive at high speeds while still covering a massive distance.

For a better understanding of what makes this 600-mile range electric car an absolute favorite across the globe, continue reading to learn what an electric car’s range is, what makes the range of an electric car so important, and the benefits of owning a BMW iX.

Moreover, this article will also shed light on what causes an electric car’s range to drop, along with listing down some bonus tips you can follow to increase the average traveling range of your electric car.

Let’s get started!

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What is an Electric Car’s Range?

Electric cars have allowed us to step into the advanced future of land travel and have successfully managed to reduce the annual greenhouse gas emissions with their green technology.

People who have given an electric car a shot usually do not revert to using traditional gasoline-powered vehicles.

Not only does the superior technology compel them to keep driving an electric vehicle, but the feeling of driving an eco-friendly automobile also keeps the enthusiasm and user satisfaction high.

Like a gasoline-powered vehicle, an electric car also comes with a chemical battery pack with limited electric capacity.

The bigger the battery pack of an electric car, the higher its wattage will be, and hence, the more charge it will be able to store.

Moreover, the higher an electric battery’s charge storage capacity is, the more range it will offer. However, what is a battery’s range?

The range of an electric car’s battery is the distance the car can travel on a single charge. Since larger battery packs can store more electric charge, they can last longer on a single charge.

As a result, the electric car can remain mobile and maintain a high speed for a longer distance.

Usually, electric cars that offer higher ranges are more expensive; however, there are ways one can increase the expected range of their electric car.

Moreover, although a BMW iX may claim to offer a 600-mile range, this is usually a theoretical value that does not consider the effect of multiple factors.

Hence, if you invest in a BMW iX, the chances of achieving this 600-mile range will almost be impossible as the cargo weight, acceleration, speed, condition of the road, weather, etc., all will affect the actual range.

All About a 600-Mile Range Electric Car
All About a 600-Mile Range Electric Car

Continue reading to learn why the range of an electric car is so important to understand and why the global electric automobile community cannot stop talking about the BMW iX.

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What Makes the Range of an Electric Car so Important?

Just like a gasoline-powered vehicle completely depends on its fossil fuel reserve, an electric car’s functionality and usability also directly depend on its lithium-ion battery’s charge and range.

Hence, as long as the electric car’s battery is sufficiently charged, it will allow the passengers to reach their destination on time.

However, people still skeptical about shifting to a battery-powered vehicle usually do not trust an electric car’s range.

According to these people, since public EV stations are relatively scarce compared to gas stations, the chances of them getting stranded in a depleted electric car are high.

Moreover, since people are more comfortable using technologies they are more used to and have already experienced, they cannot trust the limited battery charging of an electric car.

Furthermore, apart from the skeptics, many people who already have electric cars suffer from range anxiety.

This means they are constantly anxious and uncomfortable regarding their vehicle’s battery discharging and dropping range when they drive their electric car.

This rage anxiety affects their drive’s comfort level and makes them unhappy with their purchase.

Hence, consumer satisfaction cannot be achieved unless an electric car’s battery range is reliable and sufficient.

Another factor that makes the range of an electric car so important is that it also affects an electric car’s speed. This is how it works:

  • When an electric car’s battery is fully charged and the range is high, the electric motor can discharge its stored chemical energy at a faster rate.
  • Since more chemical energy will be used, the electric car’s motor will be able to produce more kinetic energy.
  • As a result, high amounts of kinetic energy are passed on to the electric car’s tires via the energy transmitters.
  • With greater kinetic energy, the rotation per minute of the electric car’s tires increases, which allows the car to pick up speed.
  • If the battery does not have a sufficient amount of charge, less kinetic energy will be produced, and the tires will not have a high RPM.
  • As a result, not only will the top speed of the electric car be much lower, but the driver might not be able to reach their destination on time on a single charge.

Furthermore, if an electric car’s battery range is far lower than expected, its usability and monetary value will drop.

If you try to sell an electric car with a poor battery range, you’re not going to be able to recover the initial amount that you paid for it. You might not get much at all, since the battery is effectively useless.

This is because any buyer will have to reinvest in a new electric car battery before they have the range required to make the car driveable.

Apart from the resale value, if the range of your electric car’s battery has dropped to the point that it barely allows you to travel 100 miles or less on a single charge, you will be left with only a few options.

Either you will have to pay the expensive battery repair or replacement cost, or you will have to revert back to using a gasoline-powered vehicle or public transport.

All About a 600-Mile Range Electric Car
All About a 600-Mile Range Electric Car

Choosing the second option will mean your carbon footprint will go up again, and your average traveling costs will go up drastically.

Hence, since a high-range battery works as a healthy heart for an electric car, the 600-mile BMW iX has become a dream electric automobile for many.

Continue reading to learn in greater detail about the 600-mile BMW iX.

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The BMW iX

The BMW iX is a four-wheeled electric SUV known for its massive body, stability, smooth and reliable drive, safe design, and excellent battery performance.

Although the BMW iX is an extremely expensive electric SUV, people across the globe have not shied away from spending a fortune on this impressive beast due to its many benefits and qualities.

Although the BMW iX electric SUV originally offered roughly 300 miles of range, the partnership between BMW and Our Next Energy (ONE) is dedicated to skyrocketing the SUV’s range to a number never heard of before in the electric automobile world.

ONE has designed unique and extraordinary battery chemistry, called the Gemini Dual-Chemistry, for BMW, which allows the battery’s charge storing capacity to be massively expanded.

Although this new battery is still a lithium-ion battery pack, it is designed to contain 20% less lithium, 60% less graphite, and significantly less nickel and cobalt.

Moreover, this is not the first time that ONE has partnered with a globally renowned electric automobile giant like BMW.

Before BMW, ONE partnered with Tesla to create a similar Gemini battery pack for a Tesla Model S electric sedan, which allowed the EV to offer a whopping range of 753 miles on a single charge.

However, the partnership with Tesla was still in the testing stage, so the partnership with BMW became more popular globally.

Furthermore, with the 600-mile range lithium-ion battery pack, the electric sedan can accelerate to an impressive 200 miles per hour.

This allows the drivers of the BMW iX electric SUV to reach their destination in less time without having to worry about the range they can get from their vehicle. 

However, as mentioned above, a BMW iX will not always be able to offer the claimed 600 miles of range. As a matter of fact, multiple factors may bring down the electric SUV’s actual range.

So, what are these factors, and are they something you need to worry about? Let’s find out.

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What Will Cause the Range of a BMW iX Electric SUV to Drop Below 600 Miles?

  • If the owner of the BMW iX frequently drives their electric SUV on a low battery, its range will suffer. As a result, the EV will no longer be able to offer 600 miles of range.
  • Moreover, if the owner charges the EV’s battery pack only after it has completely depleted, the lithium-ion battery will permanently lose some of its charge storing capacity.
  • As a result, the battery will not be able to store sufficient electric charge, and the maximum range will drop.
  • If the owner of the BMW iX frequently charges their EV using the fast public DC charging, the battery’s cells will sustain lasting damage. This will cause its capacity and range to drop.
  • If the driver has a habit of constantly accelerating the BMW iX, the battery’s stored charge will go down at a higher rate.
  • As a result, the battery will run out of charge relatively quickly, and the driver will have to recharge the battery to complete the journey.
  • If the BMW iX electric SUV is deliberately and frequently driven over arduous and steep slopes, more charge will be used up to maintain speed and momentum.
  • As a result, the battery will lose its charge more quickly, and the maximum range will drop.

Bonus Tips to Help You Increase the Range of Your Electric Car

All About a 600-Mile Range Electric Car
All About a 600-Mile Range Electric Car

It doesn’t matter if you have a BMW iX or any other electric vehicle, there are always ways to increase the range of an electric car.

Some of these ways are listed below:

  • Always drive your electric car on properly inflated tires that are in good condition.
  • Refrain from using the public charging stations frequently, and use them only in cases of emergencies.
  • Instead, use the slower at-home charging as frequently as you can.
  • Moreover, it is also important that you use the manufacturer-provided charging cord when doing so.
  • Before hitting the road, check for routes that have smoother and flatter surfaces.
  • Always leave home with a sufficiently charged battery pack.
  • Try to keep your electric car’s charge levels between 20 and 90%, and do not let the charge level dip to 0%.
  • Allow the electric car’s electric engine time to warm up on a cold day before hitting the road.
  • Refrain from delaying battery repairs and visit an EV repair store as soon as you notice a drop in your electric car’s expected range.
  • Try to maintain stable speeds, and refrain from accelerating your EV unnecessarily.

Final Thoughts

If you are someone who enjoys a high-speed electric car ride and does not want to worry about recharging their electric car multiple times during a trip, the BMW iX electric SUV is the ultimate SUV for you.

This EV is able to offer a whopping 600 miles of range, 200 miles per hour in terms of speed, and a fantastic driving experience.

However, if you do not have the means to afford an expensive BMW iX, you can always increase the average range of your current electric car by charging the battery properly and by driving the EV responsibly.

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