Best 7-Seater Electric Cars – Planning to Buy a 7-Seater Electric Car?

Do you want to replace your regular SUV or family car with a more practical and climate-friendly alternative? Admittedly, finding the best 7-seater electric cars is not an easy feat, considering most manufacturers have been focused on creating sleek supercars that promise mind-blowing performance and impressive charge time.

However, as automakers around the world race to catch up with Tesla, there is now a wider range of electric car options available in the market than ever before.

That being said, the most popular electric vehicles today include compact city cars and sports cars with incredible acceleration, luxurious interiors, and a capacity to seat five.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for an electric SUV that can comfortably seat seven passengers, there are quite a few family-friendly models that are perfect for hauling large groups of people from one place to another without compromising on functionality or style.

Moreover, with a lot more electric vehicles projected to hit the roads in the coming year, the number of 7-seater electric SUVs is also expected to increase.

Since buying an electric car is not inexpensive, prospective owners must learn as much as possible about their choices.

7-seater electric cars in USA
7-seater electric car

Along with ensuring the vehicle is big enough to fit all your family members at once, you must also ensure its battery capacity, charging time, interior designs, back row foot space, and other specifications meet your requirements and lifestyle choices.

Most importantly, you must keep your budget in mind to further streamline your search.

To help you make a well-informed decision, we have rounded up some of the most popular 7-seater electric cars that you should consider for your next purchase.

The Best 7-Seater Electric Cars to Consider

Electric cars are not only great for the environment – but they are also great for your pocket. Though these environmentally-friendly vehicles are costly, their low maintenance requirements and costs allow you to save money in the long run. 

These are the best 7-seater electric cars you should know about.

1. Tesla Model X

Since no one does electric cars better than Tesla, it should not come as a surprise that the 2021 Tesla Model X – the SUV version of Model S – managed to snag the top spot on our list.

While this vehicle may be far from perfect in terms of interior fit and finish, it is certainly among the best 7-seater electric cars on the market with a practical body and amazing performance on the road.

The Tesla Model X is available in five-, six-, and seven-seater configurations, allowing you to customize your vehicle to fit the number of passengers who will be using the car frequently.

The striking Falcon Wing doors and a wide array of steering wheel adjustments paired with a wireless gaming console and 22-speaker audio system with Active Road Noise Reduction technology make it a dream car for every family.

Unlike most other SUVs, this vehicle allows the last row passengers to enter and exit the vehicle with enhanced ease – all thanks to its automatic upward-hinging doors and sliding middle-row seats.

In addition, the driver can electronically adjust all seats to ensure every passenger has enough legroom to relax and feel comfy.

This model also has enough space in the trunk to store at least a few small suitcases and a set of golf clubs. Moreover, it comes with a standard trailer hitch.

Designed for efficiency, Tesla Model X has two powertrains: Long Range with 670 horsepower and an estimated 348-mile range, and Plaid with 1020 horsepower and an estimated 333-mile range.

7-Seater Electric Cars


  • Easy-access rear seats with sufficient legroom 
  • Innovative infotainment system
  • Stunning acceleration and swift performance
  • Quick charging time
  • High battery capacity


  • Stark interior
  • Relatively expensive


Although the Tesla Model X may lack the flamboyance one may expect of a six-figure luxury car, it is important to remember that it is one of the few 7-seater electric SUVs on the market that offer such an impressive driving range and acceleration performance.

So, if you are looking to buy an electric car that can seat seven people and can afford to spend a significant sum of money on your purchase, you may want to consider, Tesla Model X could be an ideal option for you.

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2. Tesla Model Y

When it comes to 7-seater electric SUVs, there aren’t many options that deliver better performance than the 2021 Tesla Model Y.

Boasting a futuristic exterior and a minimalist interior, this fully electric vehicle presents a spectacular combination of premium luxury and cutting-edge technology.

It is a great response to the growing demand for electric SUVs and hatchbacks, offering comfortable and adjustable seats.

The most prominent feature of this electric car is perhaps its massive third row, which has been designed for adults instead of little children who require little to no legroom.

Buy a 7-Seater Electric Car

So, if you have a large family or you often drive with a large group of passengers, you probably won’t be able to find a more suitable option than Tesla Model Y – a midsize crossover between compact cars and large SUVs such as Ford Expedition or Volkswagen Atlas.

Like other models introduced by the manufacturer, this vehicle has been designed for safety. It is equipped with high impact protection, a low center of gravity, and a rigid body structure that protects the car and its occupants from accidents.

Moreover, Tesla Model Y features a similar chassis and powertrain as Model 3. However, unlike its predecessor, the new variant has extra storage space, an all-glass roof, and a magnificent infotainment display sitting atop a minimalist dashboard.

You can buy this vehicle in three models: the Standard Range model that offers an estimated driving range of 244 miles, the Long Range model that comes with an estimated range of 326 miles, and the Performance model with an estimated range of 303 miles per charge.

However, the latter comes with quicker acceleration and higher top speed. Though if you are looking for a relatively less expensive option, you may want to consider buying Tesla Model Y Standard Range.


  • Efficient electric powertrain
  • Larger cargo space
  • State-of-the-art technology feature
  • Good infotainment options
  • Superior safety features


  • Relatively less rigid chassis
  • A simplistic interior that requires major upgrades
  • Reliant on the touchscreen for simple settings


Tesla Model Y may not be a game-changer, but it is easily one of the best 7-seater electric cars on the market.

It is more spacious than other models and features an extremely comfortable third-row seat that has been designed for adults, not just children.

Moreover, if you are looking for a more luxurious option, consider opting for the 2022 Tesla Model Y.

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3. Peugeot e-Rifter

Are you looking to buy an SUV-inspired electric car with all the bells and whistles that allow for a comfortable and family-friendly experience?

If your answer is yes, you may want to check out the latest Peugeot e-Rifter – one of the best 7-seater electric cars available for less than half the price of a Tesla.

Considered a sister car to Citroën e-Berlingo and Vauxhall Combo-e Life, Peugeot e-Rifter is shaped more like a van with roof bars on the top and plenty of material on the sides to prevent any major dents.

best 7-seater electric cars

Moreover, the vehicle is available in two configurations: a five-seater model and a seven-seater model.

However, regardless of the number of seats, the fully electric car boasts a 134 bhp electric motor and a 50 kWh battery with an estimated range of up to 172 miles per charge.

The top speed is approximately 83 mph, making it an ideal solution for eco-conscious families.

In addition, Peugeot e-Rifter features front parking sensors, a reverse-view camera, three driving modes, and two regenerative braking modes.

These advanced specs allow drivers to maximize the range of their vehicles by exercising greater control over the energy consumption of their lithium-ion electric car battery.

Nevertheless, it is an excellent electric vehicle for family road trips. The seats are comfortable, the charging time is moderately quick, the acceleration is impressive, and the powertrain is adequately preppy.

It also has a spacious storage space big enough to hold a couple of backpacks, a water cooler, and some other items for short- and long-haul drives.


  • Comfortable seating
  • Smooth drive and efficient performance
  • Sufficient cargo space
  • Relatively less expensive


  • Van like appearance
  • Not as luxurious as most other electric cars
  • Relatively low range and top speed


If you are in the market for budget-friendly 7-seater electric SUVs, buying the Peugeot e-Rifter is definitely one of your best bets.

It may not have high-tech infotainment systems like Tesla or cutting-edge features like Mercedes-Benz or Ford vehicles, but it has certainly earned a spot on our list of the best 7-seater electric cars.

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4. Mercedes-Benz EQB

The pinnacle of modern technology and high-end comfort, the Mercedes-Benz EQB is an addition to the German brand’s highly successful EQ line.

The 7-seater SUV boasts a sleek and lustrous exterior that complements the upscale interior that will surely leave you speechless.

It offers room for the entire family and fulfills all your major requirements while preventing the emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere.

Modeled after the highly sought-after combustion engine-powered GLB models, Mercedes-Benz EQB is the second fully electric compact vehicle in the EQ range with an estimated 250-mile range and a 66.5kWh battery.

Best 7-seater electric cars in USA

It also features a boxy profile paired with a high roofline, efficient electric drive, top-notch infotainment system, 20-inch alloy wheels, and an electric intelligence assistant.

This compact SUV is perfect for traveling or driving around with a family of seven when it comes to seating. The adjustable system allows users to configure the seating as per their requirements.

It is also worth mentioning that adults can use the seats in the third row as long as their heights are less than 5.5 feet.

Moreover, you can use the two seats in the last row to hold the baby seats or younger kids.

The charging time for Mercedes-Benz EQB SUV is approximately 30 minutes for an 80% charge.

In addition, these vehicles are fitted with a Combined Charging Systems connector, as per the standard in the United States and European countries.

The robust body structure of this 7-seater electric SUV also ensures the driver and passengers remain safe and unharmed in case of an accident.

Furthermore, the brand has installed a high-tech battery guard around the power source to protect the lithium-ion battery from sharp objects that may pierce its casing and ignite a fire. 


  • Excellent performance on the road
  • High-quality driving experience
  • Seven-seat capacity for a large family
  • Top-of-the-line infotainment system
  • Fast charging time


  • Cramped third row
  • Relatively shorter range
  • Premium-priced SUV


The latest Mercedes-Benz EQB model is a sight to behold. The captivating silhouette combined with its high-tech specs adds to its premium appeal, making it a great option for those willing to buy 7-seater electric SUVs that are much more expensive than their fuel-powered counterparts.

However, you may be glad to know that this model is certainly not as expensive as the latest Tesla Model X.

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Our Final Thoughts

Electric-car technology has come a long way in the last decade. While these vehicles are once considered a thing of the future, the sheer number of electric cars on the road today is a testament to the fact that this technology is here to stay.

Since these cars do not emit harmful gases from their tailpipes, they have gained quick popularity among those concerned about the inevitable climate crisis.

In addition, buying an electric car is more cost-effective in the long term than most people realize, as these vehicles require minimal maintenance.

If you drive an SUV to carry your large nuclear family or small extended family around town, replacing your existing vehicle with a fully electric car could be a smart choice.

Though there aren’t many options currently available for 7-seater electric SUVs, the few that stand out include Tesla Model X, Tesla Model Y, Peugeot e-Rifter, and Mercedes-Benz EQB.

Given their individual pros and cons, Tesla Model Y appears to be the superior electric car with a capacity to seat seven people, whereas Peugeot e-Rifter seems the most budget-friendly option on the list.

We hope our list of the best 7-seater electric cars will be able to help you find the best option that fits your budget and requirements alike.

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