How to Choose a 750W Electric Bike? [18 Important Tips]

Most high-powered ebikes are paired with motors rated between 750-2000 watts. Motor rating is a good indication of what to expect from your ebike. However, there are other factors that you should consider before deciding which ebike is ideal.

Remember, the motor rating isn’t the end-all and be-all. Keep reading to learn how to choose a 750-watt electric bike in Michigan.

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Tips to Choose a 750W Electric Bike

Here are a few tips to choose a 750w electric bike.

1. Motor Placement

The motor placement could be the difference between a good experience and a bad one. There are two main types of motor placements: mid-drive and hub drive.

As you can probably tell, hub-driven motors are located in the rear hub. The battery is located somewhere inside the downtube. This can create weight imbalances that affect ride comfort.

Mid-drive motors are often bulkier but they are placed smackdab at the ebike’s center. This is the preferred solution for ebike placement. Major 750-watt motors by Bosch and Shimano are mid-drive motors.

Placing the ebike at the center improves stability and handling. Another benefit is that it improves the synergy between gears, increasing overall efficiency.

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2. Torque Number

The torque number of the 750-watt ebike is also important on the ebike. Some ebikes have lower torque for a more comfortable experience. A lower torque may be less powerful but it improves stability for less experienced riders.

A lower torque translates into less power. This also means that you will have to exert more effort to ride uphill. Numbers 40Nm and below are examples of torque on the low-end side of the spectrum.

Numbers higher than 55 Nm are powerful but could be higher. Examples of high-end torque are numbers 75Nm and above.

Higher torque is ideal for off-road adventures and climbing steep uphill.

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3. Cadence

Most modern ebikes are equipped with a cadence sensor. The cadence sensor makes use of a magnet to detect pedaling. The motor turns on when you are pedaling. It deactivates when you stop pedaling.

In other words, the cadence sensor works more like a switch. The advantage of cadence sensors is that it’s an easy way of getting pedal assist. However, cadence sensors can often feel uncomfortable and jerky.

Pedaling faster than the cadence sensor allows will be difficult. This is because the motor works against you. Pedal-assist can also increase the range on your 750-watt ebike.

A higher-end alternative to cadence sensors is a torque sensor. It uses a precision strain gauge to determine the electric power needed to push the ebike.

This has two major advantages::

  • More power comes from the motor if you pedal harder
  • Less power comes from the motor if you pedal lighter

This adjustment is made in real-time over and takes each pedal stroke into account. Most higher-end ebikes with 750 watt motors use torque sensors. Moreover, some countries don’t allow cadence-only sensors to be used.

The only disadvantage with torque-sensors is that they are more expensive on 750-watt ebikes.

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4. Gears

Gears are a hot topic when it comes to 750-watt ebikes. Some high-end ebikes have more than 40 gears. Others come with very few gears indeed.

The use of gears is useful in controlling how ride speeds are adjusted. More gears allow for more speed adjustments. Fewer gears mean that you have fewer spades to choose from.

5. Assist Levels

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Assist levels are the main differentiating factor between ebikes and regular bicycles. Most 750 watt ebikes come with a + or – button. This will help you control the amount of assist you want from the ebike.

Using a lower assist level is ideal if you want the battery to last longer. It also helps you derive more cardio from your cycling session. Assist levels are commonly used when approaching a steep hill.

6. Battery Capacity

The battery capacity is usually indicated on ebike’s dashboard. It is useful for planning your journey. If the battery is on the low-end, you may want to re-charge before leaving.

The more electric features you use, the faster your battery will drain. As a rule, you should recharge your battery if it falls under 50%. This ensures that you are prepared whenever you take the ebike out for a ride.

Do not keep the battery fully charged if you are storing it for some time. Keep it at 60% over the stored period. Make sure to regularly check the battery percentage. The manufacturer’s manual will let you know more about battery maintenance.

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Motos systems with higher battery capacities include the Bosch Performance Line and Shimano STEPS.

Do keep in mind that a higher battery capacity will weigh down the ebike. It is a good idea to buy an ebike with removable batteries. This will help you charge the battery more conveniently.

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7. Overall Size and Weight

eBikes equipped with a 750-watt motor have top speeds of 28mph. However, the weight of the ebike will be a major limiting factor on top speed. In general, ebikes are heavier than regular bicycles by about 5-7kg or more.

A larger ebike with a heavier frame will reduce your top speed. Moreover, it will also drain the battery because it takes more energy to cover distances. You will find it more difficult to carry the ebike if it is too heavy. Taller riders will prefer a larger ebike with larger wheels.

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8. eBike Tyres

This is where the rubber meets the road – literally. Incompatible tires will affect your ride quality and may even cause more wear and tear on the suspension.

eBikes often feature heavy motors and batteries, this is why you need something more durable. Stronger tires are designed to absorb more force and shock on rougher terrain.

You can replace the tire with ease on ebikes – provided they don’t feature hub motors.

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9. Overall Range

The range is another metric that you should consider when buying an ebike. The range of the ebike depends on various factors, such as your weight.

However, you should take the ebike range with a grain of salt. This is because it will be affected by several factors, including:

  • Wind resistance
  • Rider weight
  • Temperature
  • Elevation
  • Tyre pressure
  • Road surface
  • Average speed

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10. Comfort Level of the 750 Watt eBike

The standard seat found in your typical ebike leaves a lot to be desired. You can upgrade the seat before you take it out for a spin. Consider investing in a padded seat before you hit the trails. A more cost-effective alternative is to buy biker shorts.

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Most ebikes are available in two riding frames: step-thru and straight-bar. Traditional ebikes have frames where the rider leans forward. However, most people will find an upright frame to be more comfortable.

Older individuals who are struggling with mobility may consider a step-thru frame. Step-thru ebikes are generally easier to mount and dismount.

We recommend testing the ebike before you buy it for the most part. This will give you a feel for a lot of things, such as comfort and gears.

11. Safety

A high-end ebike from reputable manufacturers will conform to safety standards. Good manufacturers include Shimano, Sram, and Avid. Unknown manufacturers may not take as many safety precautions. Make sure to ask the manufacturer about any safety certifications their ebike may have.

Standard safety features include the following:

Rear-facing mirrors: Useful to help you see what is behind you. Rear-facing mirrors increase situational awareness and help you navigate your surroundings better. You can buy after-market rear-facing mirrors if your ebike does not have any.

Visibility: Your ebike needs to be visible to other drivers and pedestrians. The ebike should have lights and reflectors to increase visibility. This is especially useful when riding the ebike at night. It is recommended to wear reflective clothing to increase your visibility.

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Blinking Lights: Blinking lights should be installed at the front and rear of the ebike. The front end of the ebike should feature white blinking lights. The rear-end of the ebike should feature red blinking lights. This will reduce the likelihood of getting hit by oncoming traffic. They will alert pedestrians to the ebike and ensure they clear a path for you.

Suspension: The suspension increases your comfort levels to a high degree. It also provides better control when cornering and braking. Most mid-range mountain ebikes are equipped with suspension systems. With the braking system and tires, the suspension plays an important role in safety.

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12. Maintenance

All ebikes need regular maintenance. The difference boils down to frequency and ease of maintenance. Certain features of the ebike are subject to more wear and tear. Dirt and grease will increase the rate of wear and tear. The cleaner your ebike is, the longer its components will last.

A key priority should be to keep the drive train clean. This is because the 750-watt motor and battery won’t do much without the drivetrain. Riding with a clean drivetrain is safer for your ebike in the long run.

You should also keep the ebike chain clean and properly lubricated. Make sure to apply a quality lubricant to the chain. This will ensure that the transmission operates more efficiently. As a rule, you should lubricate after every ride.

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13. eBike Components

Modern 750-watt ebikes are properly engineered for rugged use. They are made with stronger parts to last long. eBike drivetrains, in particular, are stronger and beefier. eBike wheels and tires are also more powerful and feature stronger brakes. However, you should invest in ebikes that use higher quality components.

If one part wears out, such as the brake, it will negatively affect.

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14. Weatherproofing

Weatherproofing is vitally useful in ebikes meant for rugged, off-road usage. It is a non-negotiable feature of mountain ebikes. This is useful if you plan on using the ebike throughout all seasons.

For example, the ebike should have a mudguard for use on sunny days. Weatherproofing is especially important because electrics don’t work well when exposed to water.

Reliable ebike manufacturers bolster the safety of sensitive protections with water-resistant materials. This ensures that water stays on the surface of the ebike.

Keep in mind that weatherproofing won’t make your ebike completely immune to the weather. The degree of waterproofing is measured by the Ingress Protection rating (IP rating). Look for 750-watt ebikes with IP67 or IP68 ratings. This would allow the ebike to be submerged underwater for 30 minutes.

Weatherproofing should cover onboard electronics such as the controller, battery, and LCD as well.

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15. Price

750-watt ebikes are no longer a luxury product. Like other products and electronics, prices have been coming down. If you want an entry-level 750-watt ebike, you can get one for around $1500. Ultimately, the price depends on the kinds of features you get from the ebike.

Top-of-the-line ebikes are likely to be made from high-end materials such as carbon fiber. They weigh less and do better performance, but cost more.

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16. Warranty for 750W eBikes

It is important to learn more about the ebike’s warranty before you buy it. A reputable company such as Shimano will give you an extensive warranty. The social media page of the ebike company is the perfect place to learn more.

A good manufacturer will provide a ten-year warranty covering defects. But most electric bikes come with a one-year warranty only.

However, the warranty doesn’t cover abuse, neglect, accident, and misuse. Warranties for other parts, such as the battery, are relatively low.

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17. Pedal Assist or Throttle?

There are two ways of engaging the motor: pedal assist and throttle. Pedal-assist only engages the motor when the rider rotates the pedals. Throttle engages the motor regardless of how you are using the pedal. Most 750-watt ebikes feature both pedal assist and throttle.

Even if your ebike comes with both types, it is recommended to use only one. This is because switching between both styles will feel strange as you struggle to adapt.

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18. Maintenance of the 750 Watt eBike

Is it easy to maintain the bike?

To maintain your 750-watt ebike, it is important to keep the battery charged and the bike clean. The battery should be kept clean by wiping off any dirt or debris with a dry cloth. Make sure to remove any stickers or labels that are on the battery, as they may contain acid and could cause damage if not removed.

The bike itself should be cleaned by wiping it down with a damp cloth. Be careful not to get too much water inside the electrical components. You can also use a mild soap or detergent if needed, but make sure to rinse off all of the suds before drying with a cloth.

How to Choose a 750W Electric Bike
How to Choose a 750W Electric Bike

Wrapping Up

A 750-watt motor on ebikes can top speeds of 28 mph. Just make sure to consider features other than speed, such as weight, tires, and suspension. Make sure to consider all the above features before buying an ebike. Send us your comments if you believe we missed anything!

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