Ancheer Electric Bikes – Shall I Buy One?

When it comes to tearing up the tarmac, Ancheer is second to none. Topnotch speeds, high-quality gears, powerful motors, and big battery packs – Ancheer seems to have it all.

Over the years, Ancheer has cemented its legacy as a top distributor of ebikes. They have over 17 ebikes in their roster and counting. This guide will look at what makes Ancheer a good choice. We will also look at some of their most popular offerings.

ANCHEER Electric Bicycle, 26'' Commuting Electric City Bike, Low Frame Electric Bike with 36V/12.5 Ah Lithium Battery and 350W Powerful Motor, Step Through Commuter Ebike with Basket for Woman Man

About Ancheer Electric Bikes

Ancheer is a privately held company that employs 2000 employees throughout the world. They have an extensive presence in Chinua, Taiwan, and North America.

Ancheer started by making fitness-related equipment. They branched off into electric bikes and became a top ebike distributor in the world.

They opened their first warehouse in California to cater to an underserved American market. Ancheer sources the best components from factories based in Taiwan and China.

Ancheer is owned by Sailvan Times Technology Co. Ltd. Their parent company has a proven history in sales with a reliable supply chain network.

Sailvan has teamed up with several professional manufacturers with experience in ebike design. Their major partner is Juln Electric Vehicle Co. Ltd.

Juln has a strong R&D team that constantly innovates in the realm of ebikes. This allows Ancheer ebikes to provide some of the best ebikes in California.

Ancheer has its main headquarters in Los Angeles, California. Their products are centered around taking care of the environment. This is where electric bikes come in.

Ancheer also offers several fitness and health-related products. You can check out their official website to learn about their full range of offerings.

ANCHEER 26'' Folding Electric Bike for Adults Power Motor Up to 20MPH, Electric Bicycle Removable Battery 15-30 Miles, Adults Mountain E-Bike Full-Suspension, 21-Speed Gears(Black)

What Makes Ancheer a Premium Choice for Cyclists?

Ancheer isn’t just good at marketing – they put their money where their mouth is. Ancheer electric bikes in California are designed for a wide range of activities.

Every Ancheer electric bike comes with premium components at a reasonable price. Nearly all ebikes feature suspension forks, mechanical disk brakes, and gearing systems.

The ebikes reach top speeds of over 20 mph. They are powered by removable batteries and strong brushless motors.

Depending on the model, the motor may have an output of 250W to 500W. The engines allow Ancheer ebikes to tear through every terrain and weather.

The use of Shimano drivetrains makes it easy to cycle up hills with ease. Each ebike is guaranteed to cover a distance of 15 to 50 miles per charge.

You will find lithium-ion batteries (36V or 48V depending on the model). This allows for pedal-assisted travel.

All batteries are removable and water-resistant. You can remove the batteries from the frame for easy charging.

It is a good idea to remove the batteries to keep them safe. Most cyclists remove batteries when their Ancheer ebikes are not in use.

You can adjust the speed and pedal assist level using the throttle grip handlebars. Option levels for pedal assist depend on the ebike model you are using.

All Ancheer ebikes use an electric horn and an LED headlight. This increases the visibility of the ebike in traffic in daylight and nighttime.

Ancheer prefers to use aluminum alloy for its frames and pedals. Carbon steel is used for suspension forks.

Some Ancheer ebikes in California can be folded for cyclists that prefer more portability. The wheel size for Ancheer ebikes varies.

You will likely find options with wheels as small as 16” to 27”. All wheels are double layered with aluminum walls for extra durability.

It is common for city ebikes to have thinner tires for tarmac surfaces. However, mountain ebikes have fatter tires to increase traction with sand and gravel surfaces.

Ancheer ebikes are designed for increased comfort levels. All Ancheer ebikes come with adjustable seating. This makes the ride comfortable for cyclists over longer distances.

Ancheer isn’t without its faults. Their ebikes usually miss utility features such as water bottle mounts and racks. It can be inconvenient to travel with cargo on Ancheer ebikes.

ANCHEER 350/500W Electric Bike 27.5'' Adults Electric Commuter Bike/Electric Mountain Bike, 48V Ebike with Removable 10Ah Battery, Professional 21Speed Gears

Traveling with pets and children on ebikes? You might be better off considering a different brand for ebikes in California.

In terms of raw performance, Ancheer can’t be beaten at their price points. The motors have high torque outputs, and the pedals are easy to use.

In other words, Ancheer ebikes in California give you bang for your buck.

Best Ancheer Electric Bikes in California

This section will take a look at the best Ancheer ebikes in California. We consider factors such as frame material, battery, motor, and suspension before choosing an ebike.

Ancheer Folding City Commuter Electric Bike

It’s not everyday that you find something that combines premium quality with affordable price. The Ancheer Folding City ebike provides the best of both worlds.

It comes outfitted with a 250W brushless motor with a load capacity of 110kg. This kind of raw power under $700 is shocking.

The 36V 8Ah battery pack provides 41 miles of range. This makes the ebike ideal for commuting and running errands.

The collapsible frame makes it easy to carry the ebike with you. It weighs at just 22kg, making it among the lightest ebikes ever.

It’s not as light as the eHopper, but you can’t have it all. At this price range, the Ancheer folding ebike is a steal.

Folding Electric Bike 250W City Commuter Ebike with 7 Speed Gear and Three Working Modes Electric Bicycle for Adults and Teenagers

We aren’t too fond of the design because it feels rushed. It appears the engineers wanted to put together a utilitarian ebike. They got the job done but didn’t pay attention to the design.

By all accounts, this is a practical ebike aimed at cyclists on a budget. The 250W brushless motor can manage a fast 17 mph. It might be able to do 20 mph at lighter loads, though.

The battery pack is subtly fitted into the ebike’s frame. However, it is easily accessible if you want to charge it.

Speaking of charging, the battery takes about 4 to 6 hours to charge fully. This makes it slightly inconvenient to charge the ebike.

We recommend leaving it overnight to charge the battery. Don’t go over 80% if you want to maintain its longevity.

Cyclists will appreciate that the ebike performs reasonably well in all terrains and weather situations. The front and rear disc brakes provide plenty of stopping power.

This ebike is partially assembled at 85% and will require you to complete assembly. This is easy to do by following instructions on the Ancheer website.

You can also follow the accompanying instruction manual to get started.

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Ancheer Folding Electric Mountain Bike

A folding ebike that can also hit up the mountains? Does such an ebike even exist? The Ancheer folding mountain ebike is an excellent addition to Ancheer’s roster.

It is a full-suspension ebike that is highly versatile and convenient. It has plenty of power in rougher terrain where you need it the most.

The best part is that it is incredibly fast. The top speed for this electric bike in California is 30mph. It uses 26-inch all-weather-resistant tires for maximum traction and stability.

These tires will make short work of dirt, snow, and rain.

The front of the ebike comes with a powerful LED headlight for increased visibility. Ancheer anticipated you may ride this ebike at night. This makes the LED headlight a nice touch.

The thoughtful design features a foldable aluminum alloy frame. This allows the ebike to weather a tumultuous journey.

ANCHEER Folding Ebike AE4, 20'' Foldable Electric Bicycle with 36V 8Ah Removable Lithium-Ion Battery, Professional 7 Speed Gears

The full suspension on the ebike absorbs most of the jarring bumps for comfort. Without suspension, these bumps will be sent to your body. They could even throw you off the ebike.

The full suspension in this ebike reduces fatigue and allows you to ride for longer. A major lacking factor is the battery pack.

Sure the ebike is fast, but you can only enjoy it for 30 minutes. This is because the battery has only enough charge to last 15 miles. It will last longer if you don’t ride at full speed.

The user interface of the ebike is as basic as it gets. However, it gets the job done. The handlebar-mounted display comes with control buttons and LED lights.

You can monitor the remaining battery life, and toggle pedal assist mode. There are three buttons: power, up, and down.

The up and down buttons switch between the three pedal assist modes. We feel that the display could have been more refined, especially regarding ergonomics.

The controls feel a little unnatural because of their location.

To top it all off, this ebike weighs in at a whopping 60 pounds. You don’t want to run out of charge in the middle of nowhere.

Imagine having to haul this ebike on foot. This means we don’t recommend taking this out for longer off-road adventures.

The ebike is, however, ideal for bringing with you on the bus or subway. Some users also complained about the uncomfortable saddle.

Ancheer may have cut a few corners to make this ebike more affordable. Under all these disadvantages is an excellent all-rounder ebike that does it all.

It is rugged, portable, and compact – ideal for off-road adventures (albeit short ones). We only wish it had a bigger battery pack. But then, the price tag likely would have been much higher.

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Ancheer Commuting Electric Cruiser eBike

The 26” Ancheer Commuting Electric Cruiser ebike comes with a step-thru frame. This makes mounting and dismounting the ebike a lot easier.

The ebike sports an aluminum alloy that is very durable. This gives it a strong build yet keeps the weight on the low-end.

The high-strength front suspension reinforces the sturdy construction of this ebike. This allows it to absorb all the shocks and bounces during your ride.

ANCHEER 26" Aluminum Electric Bike, Adults Electric Commuting Bicycle with Removable 12.5Ah Battery, Professional Derailleur with 6 Speed City Ebike

This ebike can comfortably support weights of up to 150kg. Riders in the height range of 5” to 6” can easily use this ebike.

The ride will feel very smooth because of the decent overall geometry. The step-thru frame makes it easy for smaller riders to mount and dismount.

A major problem with their ebike is the weight at 60 pounds. It suffers from the same problem as the Ancheer Folding Electric Mountain ebike.

Riding uphill (without pedal assist) at this weight will feel cumbersome. A 250W motor provides you with speeds capable of reaching15 mph.

The acceleration is also strong enough to make the ride fun. You can choose from three different modes. You can switch from these ebikes based on your preferences.

It is outfitted with a rear rack that makes commuting more convenient. We recommend keeping a spare battery on the rear rack for longer expeditions.

This ebike is a good choice for riders who need something reliable for commuting. This ebike provides the ideal balance between price and performance at this price point.

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Ancheer Blue Spark Mountain Electric Bike

This mountain ebike has tremendous driving power with an impressive range at this price. The rear hub 350W motor promises excellent acceleration.

You can reach top speeds of 20mph with a throttle. There are five pedal assist modes to customize your journey.

This ebike in California is outfitted with 27.5-inch wheels for a smooth ride. The controls feel ergonomic and improve ride quality.

ANCHEER 350/500W Electric Bike 27.5'' Adults Electric Commuter Bike/Electric Mountain Bike, 36/48V Ebike with Removable 10/10.4Ah Battery, Professional 21/24 Speed Gears

A reliable digital display provides you with all the information you need. It shows battery life, pedal assist settings, and current speed.

You can also configure the settings to choose what the button field shows. You can choose from max speed, trip distance, elapsed time, odometer, and average speed.

The suspension fork and thick tires keep the ride smooth on all terrains. This ebike is designed for off-road adventures. The 374Wh battery provides an excellent distance range as well.

Handling feels natural and comfortable, even cruising at high speed. Cornering also feels effortless at all speeds.

The mechanical disc brakes perform reasonably well. However, depending on the terrain, we feel they may be a little inconsistent. The average stopping distance of this bike is about 22 feet.

At full throttle, the battery will only take you 25 miles. But you can expect more range from this ebike by switching to low-power.

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Wrapping Up

Ancheer Electric bikes in California are reliable and dependable. They also provide helpful technical centers to provide after-sale customer service.

Most of their ebikes have a low price tag without sacrificing performance. Have you purchased Ancheer electric bikes or plan to in the future? If so, share your feedback about this company with us!

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