Aventon Electric Bike Review – Are They Good?

Aventon was founded in 2013 by entrepreneurs Augusto Peraza III and J.W. Zhang. The aventon ebike company is headquartered in California and grew from obscure beginnings to worldwide fame.

It started from a single room in a warehouse and an unassuming van. Despite their humble beginnings, the ebike maker did not cut any corners. Their goal was to keep pushing the envelope on ebike technology. Keep reading to learn more about Aventon ebikes in California and most of the cities in USA.

Empowering the Masses

Like most ebike companies, Aventon wanted to empower the masses by making renewable technology accessible.

The brand is known for constantly innovating in the ebike niche. The manufacturer has a unique approach to ebike making.

They only find the best components without sacrificing quality or increasing the price. Aventon engineers are known for going above and beyond when it comes to design.

The Aventon lineup focuses primarily on city commuting. Their ebikes are centered around city, commuter, and cruiser categories.

The most popular ebikes in the Aventon lineup include the Pace and Level. They also provide a folding ebike called Sinch with fat tires.

It is uncommon for folding ebikes to have fat tires. However, Aventon wanted to make their offering ebike accessible to everyone for all occasions.

The brand has acquired a reputation for making affordable ebikes with standout features and quality.

They try to avoid components from big-name brands like Shimano and Bosch. However, they manage to create ebikes that rival the best models.

Aventon ebikes do phenomenally well in terms of power, speed, range, and comfort. Most of their lineup use motors with a power output of more than 500W.

These ebikes can reach top speeds of 28mph and cover vast distances. Charging the ebike is also easy, thanks to 3 Amp chargers. Most ebikes are aimed at the budget crowd with features that reflect their needs.

Moreover, Aventon also provides a lifetime warranty for its products. The table below summarizes the Aventon lineup.

Aventon eBike ModelType
LevelCruiser and Commuter
SinchFat and Folding
SolteraCruiser and Commuter
PaceCruiser and Commuter

Reviewing Aventon Ebikes in USA

The section is dedicated to exploring the Aventon ebike lineup. Each model comes with several designs and colors to choose from.

Aventon Level

The Aventon Level is designed to deliver power at a reasonable price. It boasts impressive aesthetics, optimum battery integration, and top speeds of 28mph.

The eye-catching design of the Level makes it a top-contender for the best ebikes in California. But it offers more than just good aesthetics.

The ebike comes with responsive handling, a decent suspension fork, and high-volume tires. The top speed of 28mph makes it a Class 3 ebike in the United States of America.

The ebike is powered by a motor capable of reaching 500W. Pedal assist is easy to use and allows you to accelerate steadily to 28 mph.

The capable battery pack can easily do 672Wh and is a top performer in this budget. Moreover, the thoughtfully designed frame makes mounting and dismounting easy.

The ebike comes in two different frame sizes. This is done to achieve compatibility with riders of all sizes.

The Level promises high-quality components that will last a lifetime. The intuitive user interface makes it easy to keep track of performance metrics.

The Level comes with a cargo rack to make grocery shopping easier. Running errands has never been easier, thanks to the Aventon Level.

The Level holds its own against ebikes in the same price range. In fact, for this budget, the Level may be the best ebike.

The smooth ride, excellent top speed, and range make this ebike a steal. Buyers can choose from a step-thru and step-over frame in multiple sizes and colors.

The ride quality of the ebike feels comfortable with numerous features. It can achieve a stable speed with responsive handling.

The voluminous tires are designed to absorb shocks and vibrations on bumpy roads. The suspension fork also makes the ride stable when the tarmac gets rougher.

Aventon’s Level handles incredibly well. In fact, handling it feels like you’re cycling a regular bike. It does reasonably well at sharp corners while cruising at high speeds.

The motor makes it easy to scale steep hills. And the 27” wheels make off-road riding feel incredibly smooth.

Aventon used a 75mm suspension fork from Suntour for their front wheel. This allows the rider to feel incredibly smooth on bumpy rides.

The hydraulic disc brakes provide enough stopping power to bring the ebike to a halt. All bike components seem to be strategically chosen for the buyer’s benefit.

Note that all models of the Level have a weight limit of 250 pounds. Individuals at a height between 5’ 7” and 6” should have no problems riding it.

The Level isn’t without its disadvantages. Height adjustment on the handlebar feels restrictive. It is not uncomfortable but could have been better.

All in all, the Level feels like an excellent choice for cyclists. You can’t go wrong with this ebike one count of its unparalleled performance.

Aventon Sinch

The Aventon Sinch has a reputation for being the best ebike in California with small wheels. It is a folding ebike with fat tires and a low-step-through design.

It is easy to quickly mount the Sinch and take it for a spin. In other words, the Sinch is a compact and fun ebike that you can take anywhere.

The fat tires are designed to work on all terrains. You don’t need trails or pavement. Take the ebike on the dirt and reach your destination effortlessly.

Fat tires in a folding ebike are rare, but Aventon has made this a possibility. You can easily toss your fat tire ebike in the backseat of your car.

When folded, the Sinch takes up very little space. This allows it to be stored in a small apartment. You might also place the bike in a corner or under a table.

Moreover, the fat tires make short work of various obstacles and potholes.

The Sinch features an eye-catching design that is bound to get attention. Its frame is engineered to perfection with extreme durability.

You can tell that Aventon designers took their time constructing the Sinch. Riders will also appreciate how easy it is to remove the battery.

It pops out of the frame with ease. You don‘t have to fold the ebike to access the battery either. The Sinch comes with an LED display that integrated with their app.

This allows you to monitor your ebike’s performance metrics. The thumb throttle on the ebike is also very ergonomic.

Unlike the Level, the Sinch features adjustable height handlebars. This lets you adjust the ebike’s geometry to accommodate your ride style.

It boasts an RST Suspension fork to make the ride more comfortable. The suspension forks can absorb bumps and vibrations on the most challenging terrains.

Aventon decided to throttle slightly weaker. This is to make the ride safer and more comfortable. However, a few programming changes can increase acceleration. But we don’t recommend doing so.

Besides, accelerating at a slower pace is suitable for the ebike’s battery and motor. The Sinch can cover an average distance of 40 miles on a single charge.

The battery provides enough power to travel anywhere you like. Note that the top speed for the Sinch is on the lower end.

It can only do 20mph, making it a Class 2 ebike. Performance enthusiasts might opt for the Aventon Level with top speeds of 28mph.

The lack of throttle and top speed make the Sinch a slow ebike. Most performance enthusiasts may run out of patience relatively quickly.

The Tektro MD 810 mechanical disc brakes have 180 mm rotors. The brakes provide you with plenty of stopping power.

A safety automatic shut-off feature deactivates the throttle upon activating the brakes. All in all, the Aventon Sinch is highly recommended.

The combination of the suspension and fat tires ensures the ride feels incredibly comfortable.

The only thing we don’t like is the underpowered throttle. We understand this was done for safety reasons. Aventon should have provided an option for cyclists to unlock more power out of the gate.

Aventon Electric Bikes
Aventon Electric Bikes

Click here to buy the Aventon Sinch.

Aventon Soltera

The Soltera is an all-new lightweight ebike aimed at the budget market. The ebike is a little underpowered – but that is to be expected at this price.

A small 350W rear hub motor powers it. The battery itself is capable of a paltry 360Wh for 41 miles. These choices allow Aventon to achieve a smaller price tag for the Soltera.

Like the Sinch, the Soltera sports an eye-catching design. It looks stylish and feels good. The shape of the frame makes dismounting and mounting the ebike easier.

Buyers can choose from a single-speed ebike or opt for a 7-speed drivetrain. Given the 350W hub motor, it’s impressive that the Soltera can achieve speeds of 20mph.

The Soltera comes with features we didn’t expect for a budgie ebike. There are rear taillights that are installed for safety reasons.

The full-color LCD gives riders all the information they need to track performance. The Tektro rim brakes handle braking by providing plenty of power.

The ebike sports narrow tires that should handle most paved trails reasonably well. The final price tag for this ebike is well under $1,500.

Given the budget that Aventon had to work with, Soltera strikes a great balance. The best part is that the Soltera weighs just under 41 pounds.

This allows the small motor to pack quite a punch. There are five pedal assist settings to choose from. The Soltera can cover 40 miles on a single charge if all things are equal.

The Soltera outperforms other ebike in this price range. If you are on a budget, then the Soltera is a steal.

Aventon Electric Bike Review
Aventon Electric Bike Review

Click here to buy the Soltera.

Aventon Pace

Despite being a Class 3 ebike, the Aventon Pace maximizes comfort levels. It is designed to be one of the most comfortable ebikes in California.

It is chock full of features that make it extra comfortable. You would think that all these features would make it expensive – but it’s reasonably priced.

Buyers can choose from two different versions: Pace 500 and Pace 350. They are named after their motors.

The Pace 500 model has a 500W motor, while the Pace 350 has a 350W motor. Both models come in two frame sizes – regular and large for riders of different heights.

The frame boasts a clean and aesthetic look with an integrated design. In fact, the Pace has one of the most uniform-looking designs we’ve ever seen.

It boasts colorful and stylish graphics across the frame. The only thing we didn’t appreciate is the cable routing which feels rushed.    

A significant upgrade with the Pace 500 is the digital display. It is a compact backlit LCD color screen that works with Aventon’s mobile app.

The intuitive display makes navigation through settings easier. You can easily change pedal assist settings using a controller on the handlebar.

The only difference between the 500 and 360 is the speed and motor. The Pace 500 has a top speed of 28 mph. It also comes with an 8-speed cassette for more gear range.

The low and high gear settings allow you to pedal up steep hills easily. The absence of these features on the Pace 300 doesn’t make it inferior.

Both ebikes in California fulfill their roles well. But if you have the budget, go with the Pace 500. It costs slightly more but offers a better range, brakes, power, and gear range.

The Pace 350 does benefit from a tidier battery placement, frame upgrades, and LCD. But it lacks in terms of power, speed, and range.

For an excellent offroading ebike, check out the Aventon Aventure we reviewed previously. A 750-Watt motor, fat tires, and front suspension make the Aventure the go-to choice for adventurers

Wrapping Up

So there you have it – an in-depth review of Aventon ebikes. These electric bikes in California are aimed at the budget market. However, they don’t hold anything back regarding quality and design.

The ebikes handle well, boast powerful components, and benefit from Aventon’s aftermarket customer support. Good warranty, excellent price point, and longevity make them ideal for cyclists. Let us know which Aventon ebike model is your favorite!

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