Best Electric Bike For Wheelies

For most people, riding a bike is perhaps one of the most exhilarating and revitalizing moments of life. As you feel the air rush past, you’re bound to feel the slight excitement to notch up your fun which entices you to indulge in a wheelie. The trick might be old but highly bold and never boring.

Performing a wheelie becomes trickier when it comes to electric bikes. As the demand for electric bikes rises, you may find yourself conflicted about buying one or not. While you can benefit from the environment-friendly invention, you might not be able to perform wheelies anymore. And that’s a dismaying thought for all bike enthusiasts.

If you’re compiling research to assess if you can wheelie an e-bike and what the best electric bike for wheelies is, you’ve stumbled on the right place.

Continue reading to wash your worries away because below, we offer six of the best electric bike models that encourage your fair share of doing wheelies.

Let’s get biking!

Can You Do Wheelies On An Electric Bike?

As a first-time buyer of electric bikes, you might wonder if e-bikes allow you to perform wheelies or not. Lucky for you, yes, you can.

Though, it’s crucial to understand that doing a wheelie on electric bikes is slightly different from a regular bike. And that’s one reason for investing in one of the most optimal e-bikes that promise wholesome experiences as you indulge in wheelies.

Can Wheelies Damage Your Electric Bike?

Wheelies don’t significantly damage your e-bike. But wheelies that are done wrong can undoubtedly affect the suspension. Doing wheelie on a bike with excellent stability and an effective suspension system can help minimize the damages.

Best Electric Bike For Wheelies
Best Electric Bike For Wheelies

What Are The Best Electric Bikes For Performing Wheelies?

How can you connect with the dream electric bike that allows you to do some of the best and most memorable wheelies? Here are six top picks from the market to match you with the perfect e-bike that caters to your requirements!

1. Mongoose Legion Freestyle Sidewalk BMX Bike

The Legion Freestyle Sidewalk is an exceptional BMX bike, weighing 8 kgs- a beauty produced by Mongoose. The highlight of this model is the robust material of exclusive premium-grade Hi-Ten steel frame that boosts the durability of this e-bike.

In addition, the bike also offers three wheel options of 16. 18 and 20 inches and comes with its bearings perfectly sealed. These fundamental features raise the comfortability and make it ideal for children.

Perhaps the star characteristic of this electric bike is its freestyle pegs and cable detangler. They assist you in delivering smooth and safe stunts, including applause-worthy wheelies.

It even has alloy rear u-brakes to encourage quick yet secured stops without making you stumble and feel disoriented. Add in the ideal mixture of stability and balance due to the high-grade fork and frame, this e-bike is, without any doubt, the best electric bike for wheelies.

The appearance of electric bikes plays a crucial role in lifting your confidence and enjoying your rides. And if you’re someone who values sports and styles simultaneously, this model is designed especially for you.

The BMX is more simplistic designing but feels so deluxe that you’re sure to turn heads and leave people beyond impressed as you ride past them.

The only drawback of the electric bike is that its cranks feel a little tight, and you might need to apply slightly more force to maneuver them. But that’s a limitation that can easily set off against this beautiful model’s multiple benefits and highlights.

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2. Schwinn High Timber Youth/Adult Mountain Bike

The Schwinn High Timber Youth/Adult Mountain Bike is, like the name suggests, ideal for both children and adults both. Schwinn never disappoints when producing some of the best electric bikes for wheelies.

The model provides a robust frame made from steel and aluminum, and you can select whichever material suits you better. The lightweight yet exceptionally durable frames allow you to use the bike for a long time and enjoy firm control over your rides.

Schwinn High Timber AL Youth/Adult Mountain Bike, Aluminum Frame, 24-Inch Wheels, 21-Speed, Red

Moreover, the bike contains 21 speeds and twist shifters to promote effortless and quick stunts. You can even opt between two brake styles- either the disc or the linear-pull style.

The adjustable seats and knobby tires encourage comfortability and practicality- two crucial elements you need to perform awe-worthy wheelies and stun the crowd.

It’s not every day you buy an electric bike. So, if you’re a wheelie-enthusiast looking for a long-term strategic investment, High Timber Youth/Adult is your dream model.

As a plus point: while the electric bike is designed specifically for ultra-sleek wheelies, you can enjoy regular rides just as enthusiastically.

And lastly, one of the most relieving qualities of the bike is its time and wallet-friendly maintenance. The design assists you in cleaning the dust and dirt quickly after thrilling and stunt-filled rides.

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3. Hyper Socker 26’ 18-Speed Men’s Bike

Good things in life always come at a heavy price- except sometimes, miracles happen too. And that’s the perfect representation of the Hyper Socker 26’ 18-Speed Mine’s Bike.

Compared to the range of professional-quality features, the electric bike is still one of the most pocket-friendly models out in the market. And that’s why it’s trending among amateur bikers experimenting with bike stunts and wheelies.

Hyper Shocker 26" 18-Speed Men's Bike, Model OPP-152601

The pure beauty is an appealing combination of sturdy and secure. The steeled frame makes the Men’s Bike sensational for long and frequent use, and the advanced linear-pull brake style ensures smooth control.

As a newbie at riding bikes- especially electric bikes for wheelies- you want a model that’s easy to operate and feels safe enough to notch up your confidence. And what better way than to avail yourself of the three-piece crank and rear derailleur that encourage leveled and trouble-free rides? This characteristic is the perfect persuasion every beginner needs to get their hands on the 26’ 18-Speed.

The bike is convenient, dependable, and comfortable, with padded seats and sleek pedals to encourage everyday use.

4. Dynacraft Tony Hawk Park Series 720 Boys Freestyle BMX Bike

A bike that’s made for wheelies and expert bikers? Dynacraft Tony Hawk Park Series 720 Boys Freestyle is there to turn your dreams into a reality. The BMX bike is a luxurious and blissful combination of speedy performance, ultimate comfort, and stylish aesthetics.

As we mentioned above, the looks of the electric bike are essential components. The defining bike looks classy, picturesque, and stunning, especially when performing wheelies during daylight. And the Tony Hawk Park 720 excels in this department by offering hues of neon greens over jet-blacks.

Dynacraft Tony Hawk Park Series 720 Boys BMX Freestyle Bike 24"", Matte Black

The frame is made using premium-quality steel, and the U-style brake allows optimal control as soon as you hit the brakes. The durable fork and smooth paddles make your rides and wheelies even more phenomenal.

In short, the Series 720 Boys Freestyle is made for all kinds of biking stunts and promises well-balanced rides regardless of how rocky or straight the terrains are.

The only drawback about this model is its disorganized wheel bearings. But rest assured, they’re only a bit loose and still generate enough friction to stop and stabilize the electric bike through slippery surfaces.

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5. Tommaso Gran Sasso 29er Mountain Bike

Tommaso is among the industry pioneers of the bike manufacturing industry. Its Gram Sasso 29er Mountain Bike is equally as aesthetic as safe, and durable.

The model is made from an ultra-lightweight and robust material to help you maneuver the electric bike and keep the rides reliable.

In addition, the model also offers professional and sleek grips as you ride along rocky hills and grassy lands. The disc brakes are yet another feature that optimizes your control even during the sudden and unexpected speed breakers, twists, and turns along the road.

If you want an electric bike for wheelies and rides on hilly areas, Gran Sasso 29er is a phenomenal model to go for. The rugged wheels accommodate the rockiness and help you climb over these hurdles like a pro.

Even the aluminum-based frame becomes a remarkable assist as you move through uneven trails with unmatched agility.

A disadvantage of the Sasso 29er is that its certain parts might wear and tear quicker than the others. For instance, overall, the bike components are durable. However, the crank arms might depreciate and damage faster than the other parts.

6. Schwinn Bonafide Mens Mountain Bike

If you’re a fan of the best electric bikes for wheelies available in dark and suave colors, Bonafide Mens Mountain Bike by Schwinn is an exceptional asset.

The Bonafide Bike is available in matte black and red, both equally elegant and dashing colors. You’re sure to stun the lookers with how upscale your electric bike looks as you zoom past them and enjoy performing attention-grabbing stunts and wheelies.

Schwinn Bonafide Mens Mountain Bike, Front Suspension, 24-Speed, 29-Inch Wheels, 17-Inch Aluminum Frame, Matte Black/Red

Moreover, the electric bike provides quick maintenance due to alloy cranks. Even the alloy rims notch up the robustness of the model and help you prolong your returns over this investment.

The Shimano derailleurs and professional-quality disc brakes also offer swift and safe gear shifts and stopping power on every type of terrain.

However, just like the Sasso 29er Mountain Bike we discussed earlier, the Bonafide Mens has similar issues. A few of its components might start deteriorating a lot faster than the rest.

But fortunately, the electric bike also comes with a 5-year long warranty- one of the most appealing features of the model. That way, you don’t have to worry about costly part replacements and repairs for quite a long time.

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Factors To Evaluate When Purchasing The Best Electric Bike For Wheelies

Knowing the best electric bike for wheelies isn’t enough to finalize your buying decision. Next, comes the question of which of the best e-bikes mentioned above can suit your preferences the most?

Below are some of the elements you must decide on before purchasing your new electric bike.


Frame material is a vital factor that you must always consider. Usually, electric bikes are available in steel alloy, aluminum, carbon, and titanium.

Each material varies in its sleek texture and durability, and steel is one of the most robust and dependable materials, especially when it comes to wheelies.

Durability isn’t the only factor that matters for the frame material. With durability comes additional weight. And most of you might value lightweight frames more than robustness.

Aluminum is an excellent pick for such people because it’s well-reputed for its lightweight and lasting benefits.

Suspension System

Suspension systems assist riders as they ride on rough terrains. And if you plan to perform wheelies and use your electric bike on rocky surfaces, you must never forget to check the suspension.

You can ask your local mechanics to decide if the suspension system of your preferred e-bike is safe and reliable enough for the hilly land or not.


Performing wheelies requires exceptional control over the brakes. The smoother the breaks, the better your ability to manage the stunts. Even apart from biking stunts, brakes, in general, are crucial components for every vehicle.

So, first, you must check if the brake system of the electric bike is reliable enough or not.

Then, you must decide the kind of brake you’re most comfortable in using. You can select anyone from the V-brakes, discs, and liner-pull brakes.

Generally, disc brakes can resist heavier movements better and hence, are more optimal options if you want the best electric bike for wheelies.  

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With technological advancements at their peak, it’s not surprising to see an extensive range of electric bikes available in the market. However, when you want an e-bike for wheelies, that means further research and shortlisting your options to get a bike that allows impressive wheelies.

If you were confused about which e-bike to buy, we hope our six top-rated suggestions were of great help. And before making your final selection, don’t forget to acknowledge and assess certain features, including the suspension system and frame material. Deciding such elements can be valuable guides to connect you with the electric bike that matches your requirements to the tee.