Best Electric Bike Under $1500

Electric vehicles are becoming the best option of transport that can relieve the earth of air pollution, which is a goal under the umbrella of sustainable development objectives. Not only is the environment healthy and safe due to this discovery, but also people are relieved to have an alternative to gas-filling vehicles and the hiked gas prices that are skyrocketing these days.

Electric bikes, as opposed to simple and fueled motorbikes, are a much better option because they utilize less energy and give more mileage. However, the output and efficiency depend upon the price of the bike.

A high-priced bike would come with more advanced specifications, while a standard quality that gets the job would be available in a much more economical range.

So many companies have now stepped into the electric bike manufacturing business that differentiating the good bikes from the bad ones has become difficult. For a person without prior knowledge of this industry, selecting a bike that fits them perfectly and can be of efficient use in their daily routine is incredibly daunting.

While searching for the best electric bikes under $1500, you might hit many dead ends, so to help you skip the hassle of finding one that suits you the best, we have curated a list of electric bikes that are readily available on Amazon.

Moscow Electric Mountain Bike eBike 624Wh 48V/13AH Matte White 27.5"

Best Electric Bike Under $1500

VELOWAVE Electric Mountain Bike

Velowave Electric Mountain Bike is an all-in-one, fully equipped bike that you can buy for just $1400. The mountain bike has 27 inches fat tires that can easily travel on any terrain, whether an in-city quick errand or a long mountain ride for an adventurous day.

The bike is equipped with a brushless motor of 500W high speed, which enables it to move freely in any place you desire. The motor also helps in terrains where climbing is required, with a speed of 25 miles per hour.

VELOWAVE Electric Mountain Bike Adults 500W 27.5'' Ebike 25MPH E Bike 48V 15Ah Larger Battery Removable Shimano 7-Speed Dark Green

The LG 48V large battery of 15AH electric bike has a riding range of more than 40 miles on a single full charge. The best point about the electric bike is that its battery is secured in a hidden frame that is double locked to protect it from theft or to fall out during a rigorous riding session.

Also, the battery is removable, so if it is entirely burned out, you don’t need to replace the bike.; only change the battery cell, or you can charge the battery separately, too.

There are three modes of the electric bike: an electric mode, the typical pedal-assist mode, and the simple bike mode. So, whichever method you prefer for the day is available on your bike.

The VELOWAVE Electric Mountain bike also has a multifunctional LCD that shows the speed data so that you can control the bike’s speed and always stay within the limit. Plus, it also shows the battery status, which is important because you need to know exactly when to charge the bike and where to charge it.

Furthermore, it displays the assist level in numeric form, making it easier for the rider to increase or decrease speed accordingly. The LCD gives all the necessary information for a rider at one glance.

Its hydraulic suspension system is adjustable and accompanied by a suspension fork because it is a mountain bike. The adjustable suspension according to the terrain will make the journey more durable, and the rider will feel less fatigued.

The Shimano 7-speed gear system makes every ride up the hill smooth and efficient. The dual disc brakes are highly responsive and ensure that rider safely enjoys every cruise.

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Swagatron Swagcycle EB-5

The one perfect electric bike for a ride on campus for classes or running in-city errands, the swag cycle EB-5 is your go-to riding partner.

The swagcycle is equipped with 14-inch air-filled tires that make every surface and terrain an easy go. The handlebars and seats are adjustable, so anyone of any size and build can easily ride the bike.

The bike is available in pedal-assist and throttle mode, so if you need a boost, electric power with pedal assist can give it to you. The bike can be used in single mode and in combination modes to have the maximum boost.

Swagcycle EB-5 is powered by a 250W battery that activates as you start to pedal. The maximum speed you attain even at an incline of a 30-degree is 15.5 miles per hour, which is astonishing for an electric bike in this price range.

The electric bike’s riding range is more than 25 km on a single full charge. Since the battery is removable, you can take two batteries and replace them to charge on long terrains. 

The rider can easily fit into the bike’s lightweight frame, which is made of aluminum and has a transportable size of 26 x 15.6 x 23.6 inches.

The plus point of the bike is that it is foldable too, so you can fit it in any small room as it is only 37 pounds in weight or hide it behind a piece of furniture. The bike takes no space and remains safe in your house.

You can buy it on Amazon at around $500, and if you are under a budget of $1500, this bike would save you at least $1000.

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Swagatron Swagcycle EB-10

This is the ultimate lady cruiser that Swagatron also manufactures. The model is famous for its ability to include all types of riders, and the low step-through frame makes it the choice of the ladies.

Swagtron EB-10 Electric Lady Cruiser Bike with 26" Wheels, 36V 7.5Ah Removable Battery up to 28 Miles, 7-Speed up to 16.5MPH, Pedal-Assist

The frame is 21 inches, which ensures that all users’ mounting and dismounting is sleek and smooth. It further provides that all users enjoy the same level of comfort as they ride on various terrains.

The only thing that makes swagcycle worth it is it’s built. The manufacturers have intricately looked after every point of disturbance a rider could feel and fitted in the solution for the issues.

Similarly, the coil spring cushion seat is hoisted up on the bike so the riders can smoothly ride on every surface without thinking about the pressure impact they would feel in rough and rugged terrain. The upright design works towards a relaxed posture, and a rider can enjoy the cruise.

Of course, the 26 inches tires also work to provide a luxury bike experience. The steel-framed electric bike has the option of a removable 250W battery that can charge in 5 hours and give a riding range of 28 miles. The Shimano 7 gear system provides a range of gear shifts that are adjustable to the user’s requirement.

The $800 electric bike is durable and lightweight. There are three modes on the bike a classic bike mode, the electric mode, and a combination of both systems. The bike is water-resistant, too, and you can haul it in the cargo rack where the battery mount is located.

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SOHOO 26″ Beach Cruiser

This cruiser is designed to cater to all your needs; trips to the beach or cruising around town; this bike is fit for all. This step-through model makes it perfect for those with shorter heights (5’3 and above) or who have some mobility limitations.

SOHOO 48V500W13Ah 26" Step-Thru/Step Over Beach Cruiser Electric Bicycle City E-Bike Mountain Bike(Fit 5Ft 7in to 6Ft 8in) (Green)

The most acceptable aluminum alloy frame paired with a luggage rack and aluminum belt clip saddle makes this a premium-looking bike. The saddle can endure weights up to 325 pounds.

The bike comes with a 48V battery which, when fully charged (takes up to 6+ hours), can take you up to distances of 55 to 65 miles while going at eight mph on an even and flat terrain.

If you use the bike on the eco mode, you can expect an increase of 25 to 30% in the distance covered in one full charge. The manufacturers offer a removable battery so you can take it to your home and offices to recharge and prevent theft of your e-bike.

SOHOO’s bike can reach speeds up to 25 mph with five power levels and comes with safety features like LED head and rear lights, a horn, a state-of-the-art drivetrain, improved shocks, a reliable braking system, and an LCD. The bike has four different modes of operation.

For walks, a mode with a speed of 3 mph is offered. You need the bike to do all the work and can choose the throttle mode. For hills and other inclined terrains, you may use a pedal assist mode, ensuring a smoother climb up inclines.

Lastly, the bike can be used as a standard bicycle. All these intricate features make this bike one of the best available under $1500.

HeyBike Ranger Electric Bike

The HeyBike Ranger Electric Bike operates on a powerful 500W motor. The motor is also brushless, so we know that it gives excellent performance. The rider can customize the performance of the bike easily, too.

Heybike Ranger Electric Bike for Adults Foldable 20" x 4.0 Fat Tire Step-Thru Electric Bicycle with 500W Motor, 48V 15AH Removable Battery, Shimano 7-Speed and Dual Shock Absorber (Black)

The Heybike Ranger is also equipped with a Shimano 7-speed gear system, just like the other bikes on this list. It also contains all three pedal-assist, throttle, and a combination of both in the bike.

The battery of Ranger has a large capacity; the battery is 48V and 15Ah. The wide fat tires, puncture resistance, and stylish appearance make it one of the top sellers. The bike has a front fork suspension system as well. This makes it a comfortable ride for all terrains.

The bike is also foldable and has a sleek step-through frame to include riders of every size and make riding on it easier. This is a viable option for an electric bike under the $1500 range.

How We Reviewed Each E-Bike on The List

Buying an electric bike means investing a large amount, so before you choose the bike, you must be sure it is the right one. The electric bikes that we listed were reviewed individually on the following criteria.

PHILODO Electric Bike for Adults, Fat Tire Ebike 26" Electric Bike 1000W Electric Mountain Bike 48V/13Ah Removable Battery 31MPH Electric Bicycles Shimano 21-Speed

If you are interested in some other bike, you must ensure all the questions are answered to your satisfaction.

  1. Where do you need to use it, and for what purpose is it required?
  2. What is the ideal riding range you need?
  3. What kind of battery does it have, and is it suitable for your mode?
  4. Do you want a mid-drive motor or a gear hub?
  5. Which method do you prefer: pedal-assist technology, throttle, or both?
  6. Is the model in your price range?
  7. The ideal weight it can carry while giving maximum speed?
  8. Is the size perfect for your apartment or house because we don’t want to ruin the place’s vibe with the clutter?

These questions are crucial to ask, but the most important of all the queries is the warranty of any electric vehicle. The repair costs are expensive, so you must check the guarantee given by the company for repairs or replacing a faulty model.

Best Electric Bike Under $1500
Best Electric Bike Under $1500


Electric bikes are the future of a sustainable environmental commute system. The gas prices are skyrocketing, and with the recent inflation in prices of every commodity, the more you can save for yourself, the better the chances of survival in this economy.

With electric bikes just under $1500, there is a great potential for saving more and still being able to live a luxurious life.

With the team of experts who created the list above to provide ample information on each product, we assure you that this will save you the time of rummaging through hundreds of brands.

There are several electric bikes that are being mass produced right now, so whenever you go to the outlets or look online for a model that suits you, the criteria above will assist you in finding the right electric bike in your price range.

Your choice depends on the specifications and additional accessories you are looking for in a bike, such as mileage, battery status, motor gear, type of material, choice of tires, brake systems, and other features such as LCD headlight or color schemes. Following the post, we hope you get the best electric bike under $1500.

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