Best Electric Dirt Bike Under $2000

Who would have imagined that off-road furry could be much smoother, high accelerated, quiet, and without any carbon emission? Now, you don’t need to imagine all this because it is right in front of you.

With electric vehicles becoming the future of transportation and automotive, sports vehicles like dirt bikes are also mass-produced for adventure seekers on rough and sandy terrains, like the ones in Arizona.

Hiboy DK1 36V Electric Dirt Bike,300W Electric Motorcycle - Up to 15.5MPH & 9.3 Miles Long-Range,3-Speed Modes Motorcycle for Kids Ages 3-13

There are many benefits of using electric dirt bikes instead of simple dirt bikes, and one of the top ones will be the zero fuel consumption and hence no fuel burning that adds carbon dioxide to the air. Other than that, reduced fuel usage will also balance your finances.

However, these electric dirt bikes are not in everybody’s budget, and with current inflation, it has become even more challenging to make ends meet. While spending dollars on sports vehicles for leisure or a weekend activity is also not the right solution.

Luckily, we have found some of the electric bikes which can be labeled as the best electric dirt bike under 2000. Finding the best among so many models and companies in the US is a hectic task; this is why a checklist must be followed and considered before pressing the payment tab.

Best Electric Dirt Bike Under $2000

Here are two of the best electric dirt bikes available in the US for $2000.

Denzel Rush

The Denzel Rush is one of the old models with upgrades in recent years. It is a highly powerful and versatile bike that comes under the price range of $2000. It is also added to the list of affordable and reliable electric bikes which anyone can buy.

The electric bike is equipped for the off-road fury and the sand and mud layers. The experienced trail riders have expressed their views that they were blown away with the power-packed performance they get to buy something so economical.

The Rush is designed keeping in mind the ease of use. Also, it gives complete control of the bike to the rider. The charming aspects of this electric dirt bike are the cruise control and ample torque of the 7500W mid-drive motor. Then there is a front and rear suspension system that is adjustable according to the rider.

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The 72V 50Ah large battery with BlueTooth connection can let you know when the charging is needed. A fast charger of 8A is also included with the package, so the bike is recharged in no time. A speedometer is attached to the bike, which also shows the necessary information to the rider, such as real-time speed, total distance, battery status, etc.

Other accessories that are integrated into the model include Bluetooth speakers, headlights, an alarm button, and a parking sensor. The maximum speed that Denzel Rush can reach is 62 miles per hour.

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Hiboy Electric Dirt Bike

Are you looking for an electric dirt bike that will be perfect for your teens? If you are, the Hiboy Electric dirt bike is one of the ideal options with a price range starting from $500 and is available for delivery all across the US. The only thing left is clicking on proceed to pay at Amazon.

The electric dirt bike is shockproof with shock-absorbing springs beneath the seat and the suspension system. It ensures there is no unusual noise disturbing your kid.

The high-powered battery is good to go for at least 90 minutes after fully charging. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery is 36V and takes only 4 to 5 hours to charge.

Nest important safety factor in this electric dirt bike is the safe speed modes which are:

  • Low (this means 5 miles per hour speed)
  • Medium (this means 7.5 miles per hour of speed)
  • High (this accounts for 15.5 miles per hour of speed)

These modes ensure that the driver doesn’t drive above the uncontrollable speed in rough terrains. With variable modes, the driver can experience different kinds of speeds while running in-city errands or having a little off-road adventure.

The bike is extremely durable and strong, and the frame can hold up to 64 kg, so even if you are not a kid but weigh less than 64 kg, you are safe to ride this all-in-one electric dirt bike. The makers have also ensured that the bike’s alignment is in solid geometry form so the air resistance cannot cause hindrance.

The bike comes about 80% pre-assembled with only slight adjustments that the rider must make. The after-sales service provided by Hiboy company is always available to take queries, so if you need any help with assembly, then they are just a call away.

Razor RSF650 Electric Dirt Bike

The electric dirt bike has a 650W chain-driven motor with high torque. The steel body frame and low geometrical shape of the body make it a sleek and strong dirt bike. The maximum weight it can endure is 170 lbs.

The braking system consists of hand-operated rear disc brakes and suspension. Then there are mag wheels of 14 inches which maintain better road grip while remaining in speed.

The battery used in this model is also a 36V rechargeable battery, but it consists of sealed lead. The battery stays put in the compartment from where it can be replaced as well. The maximum speed is 17 miles per hour.

Other accessories included are soft grips made of rubber, a kickstand, a hidden compartment, and angle riser adjustable handlebars. For feet, there are foot pegs as well. This vehicle is best for anyone above 16 to drive.

The other razor models are also available to buy online; however, their prices are a bit higher than 2000.

Things To Consider Before Buying An Electric Dirt Bike

Razor RSF650 Electric Bike for Ages 16+ - 36V Rechargeable battery, Up to 17 MPH and 50 mins of Ride Time, for Riders up to 220 lbs

If you are thinking of buying an electric dirt bike, then there are a few things that must be considered before making a hefty investment. You would not like to waste your precious, hard-earned money without having some knowledge of what you are getting.

This method can help you avoid making wrong decisions and issues which could arise afterward. Here are some of the variables which must be checked:

Motor Efficiency

There are many combinations of motor and battery that can make up a classic power combo. Usually, there is a high-performance motor, and a high-powered battery is combined into the bike, or there could be a low-powered motor and a high-powered battery and vice versa.

All these can be good for riding, but always keep a look out that whenever buying an electric bike, both low powered motor and battery is a redflag in an electric bike.

It also matters how much of an experienced rider you are; if you are a beginner, then a low and high combo can be a better option to get started.

On the other hand, if you are an experienced driver looking forward to training for any professional tournaments, you will need a more robust and high-powered vehicle to familiarize yourself.

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What Is Your Riding Range?

The second thing that a buyer must decide before purchase is the option of riding range. The riding range is how much distance your electric dirt bike can cover in a single charge.

Obviously, the larger battery cells play an important role here because they are the driving force; a 48V 13 to 15Ah power-packed battery can give a riding range of more than 50 miles. In comparison, a smaller battery will provide around 20 to 30 miles in a charge.

The Charging Time

It is essential to check how much time a battery needs to charge fully. A fast charger could ensure that a large battery can be fully charged in four to five hours.

Not only the charging but the discharging rate of the battery must be taken into account. Some batteries discharge quickly and take ten hours just to be set again. To avoid running into these issues, always take a test drive to check how many miles the battery wears out.

The replaceable battery feature in most electric dirt bikes makes them above the fixed ones because one can carry a spare fully charged battery on rugged terrains to replace; however, finding a charging station in these areas is quite impossible. Always look into an electric dirt bike’s removable and replaceable battery function.

What Size and Shape Of Dirt Bike Works Best For You?

The size of the bike must be streamlined to perform better against air resistance and give the rider a smooth and high-speed journey. Furthermore, the bike’s frame, especially the dirt bike’s material, should be checked.

If you are not an expert, always ask someone who is well versed in this matter to accompany you to showrooms. Most electric dirt bikes that are considered good are made of Aluminum since they are lightweight and easy to carry to places.

Weight of the Dirt Bike

Swagtron Swagcycle EB-6 Bandit Trail Electric Bike with Removable Battery and Dual Disc Brakes, White, 20" Wheels

The overall weight of the dirt bike must be able to bear your body weight. This pointer is mainly for bodybuilders or people with huge build and height. There is only a specific limit of weight any vehicle can bear, and if the wrong vehicle is chosen, the overburden will make the wear and tear process of the bike start earlier.

Furthermore, a heavy bike, according to your weight, can also make driving uncomfortable, and handling the bike at speed can also become problematic. Hence more chances of accidents.

Seat Adjustments

First, one must check if springs are in the seat to absorb the shocks and if the foam is ample to cover these because probing springs make the journey very uncomfortable.

The other factor related to the seat is the height; it should be perfectly aligned with the whole body of the bike, and the rider must have a lowered center of gravity so that the bike’s control while speeding is not lost.

If you are going to share the electric dirt bike with someone, then always go for the adjustable seat feature in dirt bikes, and both riders must check if the height is suitable or not when they are testing it.

How Fast Can An Electric Dirt Bike Go?

The best and most crucial feature of the dirt bike is the maximum limit it can achieve. If you are a professional racer, then always buy a dirt bike with at least 35 miles per hour of speed.

However, if you are a beginner or buying one for your child, then it is better to invest in a dirt bike that goes up to 25 miles per hour; we don’t want you or your child getting into an accident due to uncontrollable speed.

Good dirt bikes have a variety of speeds and gear systems to ensure a smooth and efficient journey.

Is It Under Your Budget?

The last thing to consider is if the electric dirt bike is under your budget and what type of warranty you can claim in case of any malfunction or repairs.

Staying under budget and finding a bike with all the factors above is not reasonably possible yet, but according to your needs, there is always some space to prioritize some factors and let go of the others.

Concluding It All

Apollo DB-X18 125CC RFZ Racing Dirt Bike, Pitbike, Twin Spare Heave Duty Steel Frame (RED Color)

Finding the best electric dirt bike under 2000 might be a hectic task in this day because most manufacturers in the US have either shifted to some new products or are still selling the older models. However, the earlier mentioned are still suitable for the right amount of dollars.

Although, as of today, there might be few options to choose from under a tight budget, especially if you are thinking of buying for professional use. However, there is hope for better electric bike options in the near future.

With so many companies trying innovative features to make electric vehicles accessible to all, there are chances that dirt bikes too will be available at economical rates. We hope the information provided is ample and can help readers find their best electric dirt bikes.

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