Best Electric Mountain Bike Under $1500

Considering the airborne toxic components percentage that is increasing daily, the most viable option to decrease pollution is to try out alternative ways of commute.

One of the best ways to counter the issue without spending too many dollars is to purchase an electric bike. The vehicle is more economical than an electric car or simple fuel-powered ones.

Still, it provides a similar drive efficiency, and for people who are fans of cycling, this could be a faster way to run errands.

VELOWAVE Electric Mountain Bike Adults 500W 27.5'' Ebike 25MPH E Bike 48V 15Ah Larger Battery Removable Shimano 7-Speed Silver

If you are a nature wanderer and are always looking forward to the weekends when you can have an adventure of your own, then purchasing an electric mountain bike should be on your bucket list.

As an environmentally conscious person craving to find solace in the terrains of the mountains, an electric mountain bike can be your only partner.

These bikes are similar to simple city electric bikes and can be used in urban areas, but in terms of mileage, road grip, gear systems, and motor, an electric mountain bike would always prove to be far superior.

If you are looking for some of the best mountainous terrains across the US, Utah is the only place with tremendous and some of the best landscapes for cycling.

However, before you select your long-trip destination, it is crucial to find out if the electric bike you currently own is up for the ride or not.

If you have never owned one or are looking for an electric bike that will satisfy the mountainous terrains, you need to go shopping.

In this economy, the better way to maintain a stable lifestyle is to always stay under budget. Luckily there are many electric mountain bikes you can find online on Amazon for the right price.

To help you differentiate between the good and the bad, we have reviewed some of the bikes that could come under the umbrella of the best electric mountain bike under $1500.

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Best Electric Mountain Bike Under $1500

GRITRIVAL Electric Mountain Bike

GRITRIVAL Electric Mountain Bike is an Electric bike company product that focuses on a high-quality experience for its riders and boosts their confidence.

Technical and hilly terrains like mountain roads, sand roads, or snow-covered ones can be tricky; simple electric bikes or traditional bicycles are not equipped to handle these areas. These electric mountain bikes ensure that the ride is more robust and efficient on the hills.

GRITRIVAL Electric Mountain Bike Adults 27.5'', BAFANG Motor 500W 48V, 13.4AH Ebike Top Speed 20MPH Hidden Removable Battery E-Bike, Shimano 7-Speed (Black)

The GRITRIVAL Electric Mountain Bike has a 500W BAFANG motor that efficiently gives a high output of 48V. The performance is not hindered by muddy, hilly, or gravel roads.

The speed in motor-driven mode is about 32 kilometers per hour. The response of the bike is fast, and with a reliable cooling system and closed-loop sampling feedback control, the electric bike is always in control and stable.

Riders get a lightning-speed experience on rugged terrains.

Furthermore, the 13.4Ah one-piece battery is officially certified by the US and UK authorities. It is removable and hidden in a protective compartment.

Two keys are provided in the package with a charger to charge the used one to replace a battery with the spare one.

Each charge takes five to six hours, and you can drive it on any mode. The best part of the battery area is that it conceals the battery and locks it so no one can steal it.

The aluminum lightweight frame of the electric bike with straight handlebars is designed to provide comfort and better road grip.

An LCD screen is attached at the center of the handle, which is 3 inches in width and shows all gear numbers, mode of mileage, battery status, and the speedometer with real-time speed and the total distance the bike has covered only at a glance so that driving is more manageable and safe.

The maximum speed at which GRTIRIVAL electric mountain bike can go is at most 20 miles per hour. The riding range changes according to mode.

If in pure electric mode, it could give up to 25 miles, and in pedal-assist mode, the range will be somewhere between 25-50 miles, depending upon the gear selection.

Pedal-assist mode is the best option if you are trying to shorten the long journey, but this is not constant for everyone because the height, weight of the rider, and road conditions will always vary.

GRITRIVAL electric bike comes with all three types of riding modes. There is a non-electric mode, a simple electric mode, and an electric-assist or pedal assist, in which both the motor and the rider are applying force to drive.

Furthermore, the electric bike has the Shimano 7-speed gear system, which makes riding the mountainous or rocky terrain hassle-free. With adjustable chainring and driving power, any terrain is easy to maneuver.

Also, this ensures that the electric bike doesn’t malfunction on different terrains at high speed.

The 27.5-inch Kenda tires and the front and rear hydraulic dual disc braking system make the stopping distance smaller for the bike after the brakes are applied.

The stopping distance from a high speed is about 4 meters on a dry surface and 6 meters on a wet road. So, if you are thinking of having an adventurous day on mountainous terrains in Utah, the GRITRIVAL electric bike is your best companion.

The electric mountain bike contains a front fork suspension with hydraulic shock absorption. It also has an adjustable seat to accommodate all kinds of heights.

Since the warehouse is in the US, all the orders can be delivered quickly to your doorsteps, and the best part is that 85% of the bike is pre-installed, so there are just a few adjustments that the customer needs to make.

The sports-designed riding vehicle is available on Amazon for just $1299. The well-equipped electric bike is budget-friendly compared to many other electric bikes and reliable in these times of inflation.

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HILAND Lamassu Electric Mountain Bike

HILAND Electric Dirt Bike for Adults,26“x 4 Fat Tire Ebike with 500W&250W Motor & 48V 10.4Ah Battery,Lock Out Dual Suspension Fork and Shimano 7-Speed Beach Snow Mens Electric Mountain Bike

As a weekend adventurer, if you are looking for a specialized electric bike equipped with the essentials to provide trail riding, then HILAND Lamassu Electric Mountain Bike with a full suspension system and 26 by 4 inches fat tires is an all-in-one riding experience.

It is suitable for mountains and is perfect for dirt roads, country backroads, and all types of terrains where electric in-city bikes don’t work.

The 500W powerful motor gives the rider an essential boost and power to drive in difficult terrains, whether uphill or downhill; the electric bike must remain in control for a stress-free adventure.

The HILAND Lamassu Electric Mountain Bike’s frames are made of Aluminum which makes it lightweight, and it is further coated to make the bike water and dustproof, so a little puddle or a muddy off-road won’t make layers of dirt on the bike.

If the bike is not coated, it will be impossible for the rider to clean it afterward, especially in the rainy season. This electric mountain bike would work best for the people who live in Arizona.

The electric bike is powered by a removable 48V and 10Ah Lithium-ion battery. The semi-integrated battery offers two riding styles: the throttle, better known as the pure electric mode, in which 26 to 40 miles can be traveled, and the pedal-assist method which gives a riding range of 30 to 50 miles.

Then there is also the simple mode in which the electric bike converts into a simple bicycle, and you can ride it as much as you want. The battery can be easily removed and charged anywhere, so charging is more effortless at the office or home.

The Shimano 7 gear system gives the bike more range of speed, and the double suspension system of both professional mountain bike suspension and the lock-out one accommodates the speeds and terrain surface in any weather, so the rider feels less fatigued.

The electric mountain bike is available for $1300 on Amazon with a full-year warranty for the battery of the bike, its charger, the controller, and the motor.

The 24/7 support team of Lamassu is one call away to assist. The assembly procedure is simple since 85% of the bike is assembled when it arrives at your doorstep.

Electric Mountain Bike By Velowave

VELOWAVE Electric Mountain Bike Adults 500W 27.5'' Ebike 25MPH E Bike 48V 15Ah Larger Battery Removable Shimano 7-Speed Dark Green

Velowave Ghost 500 Electric Mountain Bike is a perfect fit for mountainous, rugged terrains, where you need that extra “oomph” to drive in a fast and furious mode but with safety.

The LG 48V battery with 15AH gives the bikers at least 40 miles in a single charge and is always hidden in the secured frame compartment that is locked with the keys to protect it from getting stolen.

For rugged terrains, the safety of the battery is paramount because most batteries can fall out with twist and turns or constant bumps on the trail.

Furthermore, it is removable and rechargeable, so on long hauls, use the spare one and recharge the burnt one as you get a source of electricity.

A 500W brushless motor powers the all-in-one masterpiece to achieve high speeds at inclined surfaces, allowing the rider to navigate flawlessly.

The highest speed a rider can get on climbing is 25 miles per hour which is quite a lot considering the inclines of the mountainous terrains.

Just like other electric mountain bikes mentioned in this list, this one is also a fat tire bike with each tire 27 inches; these give it a better road grip and enable it for off-road furry.

The adjustable front fork hydraulic suspension system makes it suitable for not only inclined slopes but a perfect companion in sand and snow. Suppose we discuss the budget and the ideal ways to select an electric mountain bike.

In that case, the suspension systems must always be in the criteria for finding the best electric mountain bike under $1500 because it tells how much durability and comfort an electric bike can offer a rider.

Another essential feature that should never be overlooked is the brakes of an electric bike, especially if it is to be used in rugged and inclined terrains, because the chances of accidents increase if the brakes are inapt to produce strong braking force and stop the vehicle.

The dual disc brakes in Velowave are equipped to minimize the stopping distance between the points where the brakes are applied to the point when the bike stops.

There are three driving modes in Velowave Ghost 500 Electric Mountain Bike: the combination of electric and pedal, a simple pedal, and a pure electric mode.

These can be adjusted, and the current mode is displayed on the LCD on the handlebar, which also shows the real-time speed, distance traveled for a journey, total kilometers of the bike, and the battery status.

For an electric bike available on Amazon for less than $1500, the Velowave Ghost 500 has the Shimano 7-speed gear system, allowing the rider to shift speeds swiftly at hills making the transition smoother. The bike is almost pre-assembled as you order.


The electric mountain bikes are one of the best partners for adventures on rugged terrains across the US or UK.

The options for bikes mentioned above on the list for the best electric mountain bike under $1500; anyone can save some bucks and save it for the next piece of equipment they would like to buy for another adventure.

The prices skyrocketing are making it impossible to buy good sports-designed vehicles. It is essential to understand that following the criteria before clicking on the payment tab is the only way to find a great electric bike on a budget.

Another vital aspect is the warranty and discount any electric mountain bike manufacturing company provides riders because many issues arise for sports vehicles that have experienced off-road driving.

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