Best Electric Mountain Bike Under $2000

Electric bikes are expected to be the future of regular commutes and sports and adventure vehicles; they are not only sustainable but also innovative and smart solutions becoming the best partner for traveling. Similar to their in-city advantages, we can easily say that the sporty versions of these bikes will be a game changers in rugged terrain races and adventures for bikers.

For all those wanderers craving a little adventure on bikes, electric mountain bikes have proved to be a valuable and stressless vehicle. With so many beautiful terrains to bike on in places like Washington or Utah, people need a budget-friendly electric mountain bike that is not heavy on the pocket, and they can have fun to relieve the stress on weekends.

VELOWAVE Electric Mountain Bike Adults 500W 27.5'' Ebike 25MPH E Bike 48V 15Ah Larger Battery Removable Shimano 7-Speed Dark Green

Electric mountain bikes are good for rugged landscapes; they can also be multitaskers for running in-city errands or be partners for a little backpacking trip around the state.

One of the advantages of purchasing an electric mountain bike is that it makes riding effortless without hurting the environment. With zero carbon emission, it will always be a better option than investing a hefty sum in a fuel-powered motorbike.

Features like fat tires, different speed gear systems, power efficiency of the motor, braking systems, suspension, and other additional accessories attached to the electric bike must be reviewed when purchasing the electric bike that is going to do some extra work in difficult twists, turns, and inclined slopes of the mountainous areas.

To help people understand which electric bike would appeal to their taste, we have reviewed some of the bikes and come up with a list of the best electric mountain bike under $2000. The limit on money these days is too vital so that the balance of running the finance cycle never deviates and people are not in debt.

Considering the airborne toxic components percentage that is increasing daily, the most viable option to decrease pollution is to try out alternative ways of commute. One of the best ways to counter the issue without spending too many dollars is to purchase an electric bike.

The vehicle is more economical than an electric car or a simple fuel-powered one. Still, it provides a similar drive efficiency, and for people who are fans of cycling, this could be a faster way to run errands.

Best Electric Mountain Bike Under $2000

SZTPS Electric Mountain Bike

A powerful and highly efficient mountain bike that makes riding all kinds of terrains a piece of cake. Equipped with a 750W motor for stronger performance that gives more than 30 miles in an hour, the under-review SZTPS electric mountain bike is an all-in-one featured bike.

Furthermore, it ensures that overheating due to exertion of force does not happen when driving on rough terrains containing sand, mud, or gravel over the hills.

The electric mountain bike has 26 by 4 inches fat tires to support the bike at inclines and provide better road grip when brakes are applied.

If we talk about its braking system, the SZTPS electric mountain bike contains both front and back disc brakes that are placed in the bike to install more safety and ensure the stopping distance between the brakes is applied to the point at which the electric bike stops is short and smooth.

Having a professional SHIMANO 21-speed system allows the rider to choose various speed ranges. Moreover, three riding modes can quickly achieve variable speeds. The first is manual pedaling, which gives a range of 25 to 40 plus riding range with 20 miles per hour as the maximum speed for a normal 80 kg person.

The second one is throttle mode, in which both pedal and motor work to provide the driving force that can give a riding range of more than 34 miles at a maximum speed of 30 plus miles per hour.

The third is the pure electric mode which works similarly to the throttle mode but has a slower speed range than the throttle, and the riding range depends on how much charging is available in the battery.

An important aspect that a rider must know is that riding ranges and speeds depend on the road surface, weather conditions, the amount of weight on the bike, and the battery’s condition.

The SZTPS electric mountain bike is powered by a large Lithium-ion battery with 48 volts and 13Ah, and it takes approximately 5 hours to complete a single charge and cover a range of more than 40 miles.

The battery is removable and can be recharged at home or office since it is convenient and safe to remove the battery when parked in public places.

The electric mountain bike is beautifully designed to accommodate all heights and weights; the bike’s frame is made of aluminum alloy to ensure durability, and the feel of the electric bike is overall sporty with the matte surface and streamlined body shape.

The lockable fork suspension system in the bike absorbs the shocks on a bumpy road making the impact less for the rider and easier to enjoy the ride on uneven off-road terrains.

The SZTPS electric mountain bike has an LED headlight and reflectors on the front and back. Regular commuters who love to ride their bike to work or stroll around can easily use this multipurpose model.

Furthermore, a multifunctional LCD is also attached to the handlebar, giving the necessary information about speed, distance, time, gear selection, and preference on mode.

The best part about purchasing this model is that it comes with a warranty of one year on four things: the battery, its charger, the 750W motor, and the controller. All the orders are tested before they are sent to the clients, which means every electric bike is thoroughly checked after the purchase.

The 24/7 customer service is always ready to deal with customer queries, so riders don’t have to wait long to approach the makers for any questions. The model is available on Amazon for way under $2000.

PASELEC Electric Mountain Bike

The perfect combination of power and fitness comes in this smart power system-based electric bike. Riders can take advantage of the hybrid technology installed for fast drives.

PASELEC Electric Bikes for Adult 27.5'' Mountain Bike Hydraulic Brakes E-Bike Moped Full Suspension Cycle with 48V 13ah Lithium Battery, Peak 750W Powerful Motor Professional 9 Speed E-MTB Bicycle

The torque motion sensors can perceive the power needed and the state of the bike as a part of triple sensors and then mobilize the motor after calculating the required riding power after running the algorithm through bionics.

The electric mountain bike has a 500W high-performance and power-packed motor that is waterproof and dustproof IP5 level. The electric bike’s maximum riding speed is between 25 to 28 miles per hour.

A 5-speed power assist level ensures a stronger power supply at any time, responding quickly to commands and efficiently managing any acceleration.

The professional gear system of 9 speeds provides an ample variety of speeds to make speed transitions smooth and shifting to different speeds on rugged terrains easier. Furthermore, it has a crankset of full aluminum pro wheel and a chain to make the transmission system efficient and long-lasting for smooth sailing.

A large capacity lithium-ion battery of 48 volts and 13 Ah is attached to the PASELEC Electric mountain bike to provide more robust climbing ability on inclined surfaces and greater capability to accelerate on rugged terrains. The bike can travel up to 50 miles on a single charge.

Not only this, but to make sure that the battery is protected from both malfunction and theft, it is under a waterproof casing, which is locked. This way, batteries serve for a long time, and managing them becomes an easy job.

The braking system consists of Taiwan Zoom hydraulic discs, which can be applied from two-piston calipers. The motor inhibitors are adjustable levers that can work with fingers making the brakes more sensitive and quick to respond to the command. If you are on some frictionless surface, this feature helps with the stopping distance.

The electric mountain bike can be bought for $1599, and it comes 85% pre-assembled. The other changes and finishing touches, like adjusting the handlebar or seat placement, can be done by the rider according to the physique by just watching the instruction video.

The manufacturers give two warranties, one for the bike frame, which is of two years, and the other for the motor, battery, and charger, which is a year of purchase. For further issues company’s call center is always ready to take queries.

Electric Ranger Mountain Bike By Velowave

Velowave Ranger Electric Mountain Bike is an upgraded form from the series of mountain bikes that VELOWAVE manufactures; it is available for $1600 on Amazon. This is specially designed for rough trails and climbing on hills and down the hills.

If you are considering riding around the Washington trails, then Ranger Electric Mountain Bike can provide you immense pleasure on a weekend getaway at the mountainous trails.

VELOWAVE Electric Bike Adults 750W BAFANG Motor 48V 15Ah Removable Larger Battery 26'' Fat Tire Ebike 28MPH Snow Beach Mountain E-Bike Shimano 7-Speed Black/Gray

The Velowave Ranger Bike consists of a 750W brushless motor that performs well on both city roads and off-road trails on inclined slopes. The motor is a product of BAFANG, known for its quality parts that stay in perfect condition for a long time without any repair required.

It gives approximately 80Nm torque for the twists and turns on the road and a better experience for off-road racing. The highest speed that this motor can provide is around 28 miles per hour.

The large capacity cells of lithium-ion batteries, 48 volts, and 15Ah, made by LG, are installed in the electric bike, and it takes about four hours to charge the batteries if a fast charger or the charger provided with the package is used.

The battery is hidden in a waterproof compartment that is locked with keys to provide maximum safety against theft or malfunctioning. A single charge can take a person for at least 40 kilometers, so if you think of a quick little ride on the trails nearby, only a single-charged battery is enough.

There are three riding modes for all Velowave electric bikes, which are also integrated into this model. The modes are the same electric mode, pedal-assist mode, and all-manual mode.

While the manual way is simply dependent upon the energy a cyclist has to ride for mileage, the pedal assist method gives around 40 plus miles by pedal assist with 30 miles per hour as the maximum speed for a 75 kg person, and the electric or throttle mode provides a 20 miles per hour. A rider can ride more than 35 miles.

The electric mountain bike is equipped with a powerful gear system with 7 speeds to give a spectrum of speeds and make the bike extra sensitive to respond quickly without any timing error.

There are five levels of pedal assists displayed on the LCD, along with the battery status, riding mode, and speed information in real-time and old history. The LCD is attached to the handlebar for ease of use.

The front fork suspension and dual disc hydraulic brakes make up for the bike’s braking system, and it is further supported by the 26 by 4-inch Kenda Fat tires are groovy enough to resist slippery surfaces. The bike is 85% pre-installed and has a warrant on expensive parts like the battery and motor.


There are many factors that a rider should look into when buying an electric mountain bike, especially if it is for competitions and races because the terrains are dangerous, and one sudden slip or an out-of-control twist can change the outcome for life. So riders must not make hasty decisions when buying.

The detailed specifications, along with the other customer reviews and warranty by the manufacturer, are some of the crucial things that riders must always look into before ordering electric bikes.

The bikes we reviewed to be the best electric bike under $2000 were all thoroughly researched and then added to the list so that people who want to buy an electric mountain bike can consider this information.

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