What to Look For When Buying Electric Bike [11 Helpful Tips]

The world is changing, and so should you. Buying an Electric Bike in 2022 is a step in the right direction. There are many companies in the US market selling electric bikes with different specifications. Many aspects should be taken into consideration before buying an electric bike:

Factors To Take Into Consideration Before Buying An Electric Bike

The following factors should be considered before choosing a perfect electric bike for yourself:

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1. Purpose Of Buying

The initial aspect of buying anything should be the purpose of buying it. You should be clear on the reason behind buying an electric bike. There are many purposes to buy an electric bike, such as conducting a delivery service, using it for commute, getting yourself in shape, etc.  

The purpose of buying an electric bike can help you choose the specifications which could cater to your needs. It is entirely up to you to determine which features are most important. Understanding your requirements can assist you in choosing the right electric bike for you.

Personal Use

If you are using your electric bike for your personal use, like going to your workplace or running errands, the requirements of the bike can practically change. If you are using your bike for a short commute, you don’t require a bike with a lot of extensive features.

Professional Use

If you are using your electric bike for professional purposes, like making deliveries, the features and specifications should be chosen with regards to it. If you want to use your bike for professional purposes, you’ll have to look for extensive features.

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2. Cost

The cost of an electric bike is one of the most important aspects which should be looked upon. We know that the cost of an electric bike has increased in the past few years, but the demand for electric bikes is still on the rise.

The fear of missing out (FOMO) also creates a substantial demand. However, keep in mind that you don’t want to buy an overpriced bike for thousands of dollars and not use it frequently.

There is a range of Ebikes with different prices for different target markets.

The costs completely depend on the purpose of the electric bike. Two bikes with different prices can look similar from the outside, but a closer look at the features can determine which bike is worth the cost.  

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3. Battery Size And Power

Every electric bike uses a lithium-ion battery but different versions concerning the price. Most electric bikes are lightweight and can be charged quickly.

The battery is mostly attached to the back tube or sometimes at the top of the bike’s rear rack and can be easily removed and repaired.

If you buy an expensive model like the premium model, the battery is integrated on the downtube or the Seat post. This makes the bike look more attractive, hence, increasing the cost.

It’s important to set a budget before choosing the battery size and quality. Battery capacity is an important aspect one should consider. If your commute is longer, the battery should be of great quality to sustain the daily long rides and not heat up.  

The battery quality is directly linked to the performance of the electric bike. It would be best to keep in mind that the larger the battery quality, the more the bike will weigh.

If your use is not frequent, but you will have to carry the bike, it is preferred to buy a lighter battery to accommodate the bike’s overall weight.

How much time does a battery take to charge? Most batteries require around three to five hours to fully charge, whereas large-capacity batteries take longer.

A better solution for long rides is to carry a portable battery with a full charge with you or buy a fast charger for your battery to save time.

How many batteries can an electric bike withstand? Most e-bikes can carry up to two batteries at a time. This solution can increase travel distance, and if one battery is dead, the other battery can act as a backup. Replacing the battery is a better solution in all cases.

How is the battery mounted? Most batteries can be integrated into the space for the bottle cages, a bag, or a carrier. External batteries are easy to replace and are time-saving.

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4. Warranty

When buying a phone or other expensive devices, the first thing you look for is a warranty. Buying products with a warranty ensures that you are able to get them exchanged if they don’t work properly.

The same is the case with an electric bike. Buying an electric bike with a warranty is no less than an extra layer of protection.

Most manufacturers provide at least two years warranty for their bikes to satisfy their clients. The warranty for parts, motor, and the battery should be the initial claims which the manufacturer should compensate for. So have a complete warranty check before buying an electric bike.

5. Range

The most common question walk-in customers ask is regarding the range of the electric bike. The range is the distance the electric bike can travel with a single charge.

If your commute is longer, then a high-range e-bike will be suitable for you as you won’t have to charge your bike several times a day at different locations.

The range is directly connected to the battery capacity, speed, weight of the rider, commuting route, motor level selected, and percentage of delivered pedaling force. Please inquire about the range before making a purchase.

Keep in mind that the range decreases as the battery ages and loses capacity. Therefore, you should get a bike that provides the better range that you require.

Lithium-ion batteries are estimated to survive 800 full charge cycles on average. That’s nearly three years of commuting on weekdays. They will last longer if you use them carefully.

Therefore, you can expect to obtain at least 2,000 half-charge cycles. Depending on the manufacturer and capacity, a full charge can take anywhere from two and a half to six hours.

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6. Test Ride

Taking a test ride can help you provide the significant insight you’ll need. Take the bike for a spin and ask yourself if you loved the ride or not.

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When buying an electric bike, you want to make sure you don’t primarily depend on online reviews. Taking the e-bike for a ride can help you make a well-informed decision.

Almost all electric bike manufacturing companies allow customers to take test drives, so don’t miss this opportunity. This could answer many of your questions like, it is worth the price, will it help me with my purpose, does it go well with my needs, and what benefits can I gain from it?

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7. Safety Features

After you are done with the initial test drive, inquire about the safety features the bike provides. It would be best to look at the brakes and the braking force it requires to stop at a substantial speed.

It’s important to consider a strong braking system and good-quality polymer tires as they can withstand the braking force and create optimum friction. Hydraulic disc brakes and smart cut-off should be considered for a better overall suspension of the electric bike.

The head and tail lights should be present with the reflectors for a safer driving mode. These safety procedures should be taken into account.

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8. Weight

The world is switching to electric vehicles, and it would not take much time for companies to shift their employees from fuel bikes to electric bikes.

If you run a courier service, you would probably have some weights to carry around. Also, if you want to run some errands and have large packages to deliver, you would be thinking of the weight capacity of the electric bike.

Electric bikes are constructed in the same way as non-electric bikes. As a result, their weight restrictions are similar. Most e-bikes can accommodate a rider weighing up to 300 pounds. However, just because they can, does not imply they should.

Manufacturers often advertise maximum weight limitations of 50 pounds and lower. Users healthier than that can wear down the e-bike and risk damaging the spokes on the wheels.

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9. Comfort

If the electric bike doesn’t offer a comfortable ride, there’s no point in considering to buy it. Let us show you how to check the comfort level of an electric bike.

Electric bikes come with standard seats, but if you are not comfortable with them, you can get them changed before making a purchase. A cushioned seat is preferred if you have long rides to cover every day. This investment is crucial for your overall health and physique.

10. Security and Quality

Electric bikes can have security issues. If you have left your bike at a charging station for a while, your electric bike can be stolen easily. For that, you should have rear-wheel locks attached to the bike’s frame and install locks on the battery to safeguard your bike from getting stolen.

The quality aspect should be taken into consideration as the body and parts should be durable. However, this mainly depends on the price of the electric bike. It is assumed that the higher the price, the better the quality of the bike.

An expensive bike has premium brakes and smooth shifters and is durable compared to a low-cost electric bike.

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11. Charging Stations

Don’t ever miss this factor before buying an electric bike. Just think, if you have bought a bike and you don’t have a dedicated place to charge it, you would just be seen wandering around with an electric bike.

It is preferred to have a charging station in your garage where you can charge your electric bike for a couple of hours. Make sure you don’t charge for more than the hours dedicated to getting a full charge. In this way, you can keep track of your mileage and general use.

There are multiple charging stations installed in the US, making the overall experience a bit more flexible and easy-going for the riders.

Buying an Electric Bike
Buying an Electric Bike

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What To Do Now?

All these factors are the best illustration of what you should consider before purchasing or even thinking about buying an electric bike.

By buying an electric bike, you can bid farewell to tedious public transport. No need to wait for the train or bus; push the ignition and ride away on your electric bike.

Another benefit of electric bikes is that due to all the technological advancements, you can get an updated version or upgrade your existing bike as per your need. So, what are you waiting for? Make up your mind and purchase an electric bike!

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