Can Electric Dirt Bikes Get Wet?

Electric dirt bikes have become a popular alternative to traditional gas-powered bikes, with more and more people looking to purchase them every day. However, many people are concerned about one thing- can electric bikes get wet, and can you ride them during the rain?

This is a relevant question, especially since we know that electricity and water should never be mixed together.

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Can Electric Bikes Get Wet?

Simply put, electric bikes can get wet. This means that you need to be extra careful when riding your bike in the rain and should definitely not ride it when standing water is outside.

If you continue to ride your bike when it is raining heavily outside, the electronics could get damaged, which could be dangerous. If you must ride in the rain, make sure that you dry your bike as soon as you can. If you find the water is deeper than the bottom of the tires, we recommend against taking your bike on the road.

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Can You Ride an Electric Dirt Bike in Rain in America?

While you can ride an electric dirt bike in the rain, not all e-bikes have been tested or made for the rain. Hence, we recommend avoiding taking your bike out in puddles and standing water as this could damage the bike’s electronics.

Usually, regardless of the weather, electric dirt bikes are extremely efficient. They are water resistant, ensuring you will remain safe and secure if you are dealing with a little bit of water.

If you choose to ride your bike in the rain, here are some things to be aware of:

Make Use of Bike Fenders

Fenders ensure your clothing remains dry when you are out in the rain. Even though electric bikes are mainly water resistant, and the motor and battery can withstand splashes, you should still add fenders to your bike to ensure it is 100 percent safe.

The fenders will protect your bike from the debris you might encounter on the road and ensure that the battery, motor, and other electronic components are protected from the water.

Choose Waterproof Clothing

One of the bigger challenges of riding in the rain is your clothing getting wet almost instantly. Due to this, we recommend using some warm, waterproof clothes that will keep you dry and warm.

If you decide to ride in the rain, a light jacket or raincoat is a must. You should also keep glasses that will help your vision- numerous accidents occur in the rain. Do not wear cotton when it is wet outside. Instead, wool or synthetic garments are recommended.

You can also keep gloves on you to ensure your hands do not feel cold and dry.

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Weatherproof Any Gear You Have

Everything you own will quickly get wet when you go out in the rain; hence, if you carry any gear, especially a charger, waterproof it.

Even smaller things like GPS or music players will stop working if water gets into them. Hence, invest in a waterproof and sealed dry bag that will help you get from one place to another with all your essentials intact.

Use Taillights and Headlights

During rain, the visibility outside greatly reduces, and taillights and headlights become even more important, especially when riding an electric dirt bike. If you are riding your bike in a public space, you will more likely share your space with different vehicles.

In the rain, these vehicles may not even notice a cyclist unless it has bright headlights that cannot be missed from even a mile away.

Before you head out into the rain, make sure you use blinking tail lights on your helmet for extra precaution. Usually, Aventon bikes come with reflectors that can be installed. Even though this is a great idea, we do not believe that reflectors are suitable for rear and front lights.

Brake Early

Riding in the rain requires one to be extra cautious. This means paying close attention to where and how you ride. Even though electric bikes can get slightly wet, it is hard to control them on slippery roads, especially when visibility is low and random objects are floating on the road.

Wet weather conditions can make it challenging to come to a stop. Even though disk brakes are made part of electric bikes instead of rim brakes that traditional bikes use, you must brake earlier than you usually would because of the rain.

Early braking is not recommended if your tires have greater pressure; it is essential, especially if you want to avoid hydroplaning.

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Notice Corners

Everyone knows it is more fun to ride electric bikes than conventional gas-powered ones because they have more power, creating a great riding experience.

However, when you ride an electric bike in the rain, you must pay close attention to the power being used, especially when you turn corners.

When you find yourself approaching a corner in the rain, slow your bike down more than you usually would, and do not lean on the corner too much. This will ensure your tire stays close to the ground and does not skid or slip.

Pay Attention to Slick Spots

When it starts raining, the roads can become slippery because of the dirt and oil that starts to accumulate. Due to this, you never know what might happen, especially since slick spots cannot be spotted from far away.

Do not ride your bike through standing water or puddles when riding in wet weather conditions. Moreover, look out for puddles that look colorful, as these usually have lubricants or gas in them, making them even more slippery than normal puddles.

Moreover, do not ride your electric dirt bike over the painted lines you might find on streets and roads. These line markers are usually extremely helpful in keeping traffic in check, but they become ultra-slick and slippery when it rains.

Similarly, keep your distance from railroad tracks- cross them at a 90-degree angle if you need to and control your speed during this time.

Make Sure that You are Visible

As mentioned before, road visibility is crucial when riding your bike in the rain. Hence, if you need to get out, make sure that you take extra precautionary steps to ensure that you are visible to the general public when you are riding your bike.

You can also wear luminescent biker clothes with reflectors or neon clothes to ensure that anyone can spot you when traveling from one place to another.

Moreover, pay close attention to traffic laws during this time and be extra cautious of any cars or bicycles coming your way. After all, the risk of injury and accidents increases during this time.

Plan Your Route Beforehand

Before you jump onto your bike, plan where you want to go and the best route for your journey. For example, if you usually ride your electric bike on roads with cracks, loose stones, and gravel around, make sure that you plan an alternate route, as, during the rain, these roads can wreak havoc.

This will ensure that you remain safe and that your bike remains protected from road elements, such as debris. Keep in mind that you might not always be able to see the debris during wet conditions because of low visibility problems.

Lower the Pressure of Your Tires

Usually, you do not need to do this when taking your bike out, but lowering the pressure of your tires can be a lifesaver during wet conditions. This is because the lower the pressure, the more traction you can enjoy riding your bike in the rain.

You should try to maintain low to mid pressure based on your gear and the load you are carrying. This will ensure that your tires remain stable and you do not skid on slippery, wet roads. It will also allow you to brake more easily.

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Cover the Display When Traveling

If you are traveling in your car with your electric bike mounted on its frame, you must take extra precautions so that moisture does not find its way into the display of the bike. This is usually more of a concern when you are taking long trips, but when a bike is placed behind a moving car, the pressure of the rain is multiplied.

You can also invest in bespoke covers that will protect your bike fully. If you can, we recommend removing the bike’s battery and storing it in the car till you have to use it. This will ensure that the battery remains safe and dry.

Clean Your Bike Quickly

Once you are done with your journey or make a stop, make sure to take a rag and clean your electric dirt bike. This is crucial to get rid of any debris your bike may have attracted and dry out all the extra water so that it does not seem into the motor or battery.

Even though electric bikes are an efficient means of transportation, do not forget to maintain them. It is important to wash and dry your bike and the battery, especially when traveling in wet, dirty conditions.

Make sure you wipe down and re-lube the drive train and chain. Use a soft, clean cloth to wipe down the battery and all other contact points.

If you feel like you have taken your bike through too much water and there is a risk that the battery has gotten wet, use a leaf blower to dry out the water before removing your bike’s battery.

You can then allow the battery to dry out entirely by leaving it in a dry area before you have to use the bike again. Give this process a few hours to ensure all the water is drained out of your bike.

can electric dirt bikes get wet
can electric dirt bikes get wet

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you leave your electric dirt bike in the rain?

We would recommend leaving your electric dirt bike in the rain. If you must abandon the bike outdoors, make sure you use a waterproof sheet to cover it. Leaving your bike for too long in wet conditions can cause damage to the electronic components inside and shorten the battery’s lifespan.

Try to take your bike indoors when traveling on it, whether you are going to a coffee shop or a library. A foldable electric bike would be a great purchase as it is portable, and its storage does not take up too much space.

How can you protect your bike from the rain?

To protect your bike from the rain, you can invest in waterproof gear and a waterproof cover to ensure that moisture does not seep into your bike.

Moreover, you can use mudguards to ensure your bike remains safe from mud and debris common on the road during the rain.

Waterproofing your electric bike can ensure that it does not get damaged during wet weather conditions.

What can you do if your electric bike gets wet?

Usually, electric bikes are made to withstand all kinds of weather conditions. However, if you think that your bike has gotten too wet, you need to dry it using a soft cloth as soon as possible. Dry the bike and all its electronic components before storing it in a dry place. If you feel like the components of your bike are damaged due to the water, consult a professional as soon as possible.

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