Can I Get Help to Buy an Electric Bike?

Bikes, especially electric bikes, are becoming more popular in the United States because they’re a fast and cost-effective way to get around town. Electric bikes provide an easy solution for those who want to bike but feel unsafe or unable to do so.

You can pedal as much or as little as you want on an electric bike–you don’t have to worry about hills either.

With many charging stations now available across the country, it’s easier than ever before for people living in big cities like New York City and Chicago that lack adequate biking infrastructure to rely on pedal power instead of taxis or public transportation.

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However, one of the problems with electric bikes is that they can be expensive to buy. This article will discuss how you can find help to buy your first electric bike.

See if Your Work Has a Program for Environmentally-Friendly Transportation

Many places of employment in major cities offer full or partial assistance to employees who wish to commute via bicycle. If your workplace has such a program, you may get help from them in buying an electric bike. Some companies even offer tax-free reimbursement for the cost of the bike itself and its accessories.

Typically, to be eligible for these programs, you need to prove that you are an active biker by showing that you bike to work at least twice a week. The rules will usually differ by an employer but all of them generally have this requirement.

For example, take the case of a friend of mine, who works in New York City. He had previously commuted daily by subway and bus before discovering his employer’s new incentive program for electric bikes.

Before that, he would have probably continued riding the subway every day. However, after being offered help with buying an electric bike through his company’s environmental incentive program, he decided to give biking a try–and has been riding his electric bike daily ever since.

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See if the Government Has an Electric Bike Subsidy for You

There are currently no federal laws that offer subsidies specifically for electric bikes as far as federal programs go. However, some states do provide help with buying an electric bike.

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For example, as of this writing, the state of New York offers a rebate on electric bikes that costs between $50 and $75. In some cases, this rebate can be as much as 50 percent of the total cost of the bike itself.

The government sometimes uses these incentives to encourage people to use less fossil-fueled transportation and more environmentally friendly methods like walking or biking. However, even though it is not meant for electric bikes specifically, this subsidy will apply to any bicycle purchase.

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Enroll in a Cycling Training Program

While many people know how to ride a bike, some beginners still need training before they begin commuting by two-wheeled transport. You can sign up for cycling programs at your local recreation center or athletic club.

These classes will teach you about safe biking practices and provide you with cycling gear–and some may even give you vouchers towards purchasing your bike at the end of the class.

In addition, some universities have active cycling programs that will give you a bike and help you learn the basics of biking and how to care for your bike. Many community colleges also offer cycling classes as part of their continuing education programs.

Contact your local college or university today to determine if they have anything planned on this front.

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Ask Friends and Family for Help Buying an Electric Bike

Many people are more than willing to help you get started with electric biking. If they aren’t currently in a position where they can give you cash, many will be happy to pay for half or even all of your electric bike purchase in exchange for you making the other half of the entire cost worth their while.

For example, if both of you agree that sharing an Uber ride is no longer worth it given the price of the fare, you might consider buying an electric bike together so that both of you can save on taxi fares when going back and forth from work every day.

Check Out Local City Programs

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If you are hoping for a little more freedom regarding where your electric bike will be purchased, check out the local government–or ask your city council member directly.

Many cities have programs that offer tax incentives to people who buy bikes and encourage them to use those bikes as an alternative means of transportation rather than driving their cars around town.

Some of these incentives can include money off on your initial purchase price as well as on any accessories such as locking devices or racks that you might need so that you can safely transport your new electric bike around on the back of a car rack, on a bus, or by putting it in the trunk when driving around.

In addition, many cities also provide free and accessible bicycle parking facilities for people who commute by bike. If your city offers any of these benefits, feel free to contact your local government representative and let them know that you are interested in taking advantage of one or more of their biking incentives.

Ask a Local Bike Shop for a Deal

Local shops tend to have a better idea of what kind of bikes their customers in the area want. Because they carry a wider variety than online retailers do, they may be able to give you a much better price on an electric bike if they have something in the store that is just right for you.

Moreover, when you go in person to pick up your new e-bike, the salesperson may also be able to give you tips on biking safely and answer any questions you might have about how to service your electric bike after you purchase it.

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Check Out Thrift Stores or Local Online Marketplaces for Used Bikes

Another way to save on an electric bike is by checking out your local thrift stores or looking through the classified sections of your local newspapers–most of which are available online nowadays.

You might find a decent, gently used electric bike that you can snatch up for not much more than one-third off its original price tag.

Moreover, you can also use these resources to check for any secondhand locks or racks that might be available–especially if they are made by the same manufacturer as your e-bike so that they will match perfectly without costing you more money.

Another great place to look is Facebook Marketplace in your local area. This is a great way to find electric bikes and the other equipment that you might need for your new biking lifestyle.

In some cases, using one of these simple tips can end up saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars on an electric bike–especially if you don’t mind picking up a gently used electric bike from a local thrift store.

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In addition, make sure to keep a lookout for any offers your city or county government might have going at any given time, either through their website or by talking directly to someone on the city council.

These programs are put into place to encourage safe commuting habits and reduce traffic congestion–and they can be an effective way of lessening the costs of purchasing an electric bike.

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Attend Your Local Bike Co-Op

If you are truly dedicated to saving as much money on your electric bike as possible, look into attending the co-op in your area. Some of these community co-ops are free or inexpensive for members.

These groups rely on donations from their members and local shops that sell bikes. You can find incredible deals there–and they may even have some electric bike models available for purchase at a lower price than if you were to buy one brand new.

Another great thing about bike co-ops is that they usually offer bike maintenance workshops. This is very helpful if you are purchasing your first-ever electric bike on a budget; it can be daunting trying to figure out how to change the tires, fix the brakes, and all of the other things that you need to keep in top condition on an e-bike.

Can I Get Help to Buy an Electric Bike
Can I Get Help to Buy an Electric Bike

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As long as you know where to look, there are plenty of ways to get help with buying an electric bike these days. So whether you want to save money, get a brand new electric bike, or learn how to work on e-bikes, there is probably something out there for you–and the Internet makes it possible to find local resources and deals that apply directly to your situation.

All it takes is a little bit of patience and some on-the-ground research in your area; soon enough, you’ll be on your way towards joining the ranks of environmentally conscious commuters riding on two wheels.

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