Can You Recycle Electric Car Batteries? Are They Even Recyclable?

Can you recycle electric car batteries?

Have you ever seen an electric car battery pack up close? If your answer is yes, you will probably agree that these rechargeable batteries are works of intricate engineering that enable vehicles to travel for hundreds of kilometers without emitting any climate-damaging greenhouse gases. There is no denying that these automobiles are infinitely better for … Read more >>

Are Electric Cars Better for Environment – or Is It All a Myth?

are electric cars better for the environment batteries

The popularity of electric cars is surging, and their numbers on the road are increasing. But are electric cars better for the environment? Electric car batteries are charged from the grid, which runs on electricity often produced by a fossil fuel-burning power station. The production of electric vehicles may also require more energy than the … Read more >>

Electric Car Battery Capacity | How to Make Your Battery Last a Long Time

how to make electric vehicle battery last longer

Almost all of us have seen how lithium-ion batteries degrade over time in our smartphones. When brand new, lithium-ion batteries provide good performance. But as they deteriorate with time, you will need to recharge batteries more frequently since their capacity goes down. Likewise, electric car batteries also degrade and lose their capacity with use. So … Read more >>

How Long Does It Take To Charge An Electric Car + 12 FAQs Answered

How Long Does It Take To Charge An Electric Car

If you’re thinking about investing in an electrical vehicle, we say it’s a wise decision to do so. But before making this investment, it’s better that you do some research to assess if electric cars are feasible for you. Learning about factors like charging, tax credits, and the cost of owning electric vehicles is crucial. … Read more >>

What to Do When Your Electric Car Runs Out of Charge?

what happens when your electric car runs out of charge

How you approach charging your electric vehicle (EV) matters similarly, however much how individuals fuel their standard vehicles. A lot like petroleum or diesel-fueled vehicles, EVs depend on the battery charge to keep their vehicles running. In addition, very much like any battery, this power can be completely drained. You’re sure to have known about … Read more >>