Best Electric Bike Helmets for a Safe and Enjoyable Ride

Best Electric Bike Helmets

Electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular as they offer a sustainable and fun way to get around. Whether riding around town or to work, an electric bike can be an effective form of exercise and convenient transportation. However, there is one potential downside to electric biking: the risk of head injuries. It’s essential to ensure … Read more >>

Best Electric Bike Repair Stand

Best Electric Bike Repair Stand

On most days when your electric bike needs repair, you rely on your local bike shop since they have all the special tools and skills you cannot even begin to comprehend. However, learning a couple of simple tricks to service your bike and fix small issues can save you lots of money and energy. An … Read more >>

Can You Put a Child Seat on an Electric Bike?

Can You Put a Child Seat on an Electric Bike?

Do you have a child that you need to transport around town? Are you looking for a way to do it that is eco-friendly and doesn’t involve public transportation? If so, an electric bike child seat may be the perfect option! This blog post will discuss the safety concerns associated with child seats on electric … Read more >>

Best Electric Bikes with Suspension

Best Electric Bikes with Suspension

We all know how great electric bikes are. They’re environmentally friendly, save gas money, and are fun to ride. But what if you want to take your electric bike riding to the next level? What if you want a little bit more power and a little bit more flexibility? That’s where electric bikes with suspension … Read more >>

9 Best Electric Bike Tires

9 Best Electric Bike Tires

Your bike’s primary point of contact with the road is its tires. Therefore, having sturdy rubber on them is crucial. Existing DH tires are built to endure loads similar to those experienced by the finest e-bike tires because they are based on designs from gravity racing. You need to be familiar with the best models … Read more >>

How Long Do Electric Bike Motors Last?

How Long Do Electric Bike Motors Last

Despite engineers and mechanics working toward building cheaper lithium-ion batteries, electric bike prices continue to go up. If a consumer is ready to spend thousands of dollars to get an electric bike, the electric bike should be able to last at least half a decade to make the investment worth it. Fortunately, the motor of … Read more >>

Can You Put an Electric Bike on a Bike Rack?

Can you put an electric bike on a bike rack

Taking an electric bike with you on a trip is always a great idea. You can plan e-bike riding adventures with your friends and explore different cities while you ride your e-bike through the streets. While there are multiple ways to transport an electric bike, mounting it on bike racks is one of the most … Read more >>

How Do I Pick an Electric Bike Conversion Kit?

How do I pick an electric bike conversion kit

Electric bikes are undoubtedly one of the most beneficial inventions of our time. With the growing environmental concerns and depleting fossil fuel resources, electric bikes have offered an excellent alternative to traveling. By making everyday commutes more convenient and cheaper, the popularity of electric bikes continues to grow. However, not everyone can afford an electric … Read more >>

How Electric Bike Motor Works [Complete guide]

How Electric Bike Motor Works

When was the last time you stopped to think about how an electric bike motor works? The mechanical engineering concepts that power the traditional car also apply to electric bike motors. The only difference is the power source. How eBike Motors Work: Electric and Magnetic Fields It has to do with electric fields and magnetic … Read more >>

How To Change A Tire On Your Electric Bike

How to change a tire on an electric bike

The pandemic bike boom boosted electric bike sales to 145%, with people looking for more outlets to venture outdoors without taking the risk of going to crowded places. Experts pinpoint that the approximate number of electric bikes Americans brought home crossed half a million in 2020. Electric bikes reward their users with a thrilling experience. According … Read more >>