How Can You Protect Your Electric Bike from Getting Stolen?

How to Prevent Electric Bike Theft

Purchasing an electric bike is a great short-term and long-term investment. You can benefit each day from the convenient transport mode and improve your physical health for the long run. An electric bike uses advanced technology to provide convenience and comfort during a ride. However, the technological edge comes with its added costs. In general, … Read more >>

How To Lock An Electric Bike

What to do to lock your electric bike

You must always be in fear of your e-bike getting stolen. You won’t also be able to focus on other important things while the thought of your e-bike keeps hindering your consciousness. You would be wondering, “What would happen to the safety of my electric bike while I am gone for a longer period?” So … Read more >>

Can You Use a Turbo Trainer with an Electric Bike?

Can You Use a Turbo Trainer with an Electric Bike

Electric bikes are a growing trend because of their versatility. One major feature that sets e-bikes apart from regular bicycles is the rate of speed. An electric bike has a motor and a battery, so you have a little help with pedaling as you go. Do not let the motor discourage you from riding because … Read more >>

How Does an Electric Bike Motor Work?

How Does an Electric Bike Motor Work

Revamping traditional bicycles through the integration of electric motors has proved to be one of the greatest ideas in the world of vehicles. The mechanism of an electric bike motor is simple: You turn on the motor through the given switch. The motor takes power from the battery and comes into action by producing torque, … Read more >>