What Should I Look for in a Folding Electric Bike?

What Should I Look for in a Folding Electric Bike

The market for folding ebikes in California is booming. Almost every major ebike brand offers a lineup of folding electric bikes. Most folding ebikes are available in 20” wheels. But there is more to the equation than wheel size. Other aspects to consider include battery pack, ebike weight, motor, and frame quality. So how can … Read more >>

Swift S1 Folding Electric Bike: A Complete Review

Swift S1 Folding Electric Bike

One of the most common problems that electric bike owners face is the transportation of their bikes. Electric bikes are a great way of getting from point A to point B, but when you’re taking an electric bike around the city, you may encounter a few challenges. In most cases, they won’t fit in the … Read more >>

What is the best folding electric bike on the market?

The Best Folding Electric Bike on the Market

Are you wondering what is the best foldable electric bike on the market? Foldable electric bikes have become increasingly popular all around the world. Market insights show that by the year 2028, the global e-bike market would reach nearly US$40,000 million. While there are numerous e-bikes out there right now, Brompton Electric rightfully deserves the … Read more >>