How Much To Wrap Tesla Model 3

Cost of Wrapping Tesla Model 3

Apart from the vehicle’s body style (Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y) and manufacturer (Tesla), a vehicle’s color or hue is the most crucial aspect in determining the automobile purchase. People who buy Tesla Model 3s tend to love their purchases, but they also want to tailor their cars to their own … Read more >>

How to Reboot and Restart a Tesla Electric Vehicle’s Screen?

How to reset a Tesla screen

A Tesla EV is designed to be technologically superior to other competitive electric vehicles. However, it is not uncommon for a Tesla’s built-in touch screen to malfunction once in a while. Usually, people who are new to the world of Tesla react to a malfunctioning screen by taking their Tesla electric vehicle to a workshop. … Read more >>

How Much to Rent a Tesla Electric Car?

How much to rent a Tesla

One way to experience Tesla’s superiority is by renting a Tesla electric vehicle. Many cars rental services in the US and around the world offer Tesla renting services. Moreover, the cost of renting a Tesla would depend on multiple different factors apart from just the Tesla model and the EV’s running condition. How Much Does … Read more >>

How Much Does It Take to Replace a Tesla Battery?

How Much Does It Take to Replace a Tesla Battery

The electric battery of a Tesla electric vehicle is its most expensive component. Although the Tesla battery is designed to last for multiple decades, poor practices can cause it to die much earlier. The average Tesla battery replacement cost depends on many factors, such as the Tesla model and the battery size. How Much Does … Read more >>

How to Precondition a Tesla Battery

How to Precondition Tesla Battery

Batteries are the most crucial part of an electric vehicle. Your vehicle is reduced to a huge, heavy, hard-to-move metal body without them. They provide the energy your electric vehicle needs to move. What happens if you don’t maintain your car battery? Its strength and overall life take a deep plunge, and you have to … Read more >>

How Much Does a Used Tesla Cost

buying a second-hand Tesla

Tesla’s green technology, futuristic approach, and modern mechanisms make it one of the most expensive EV brands; however, they retain their value for years and can be sold for a good price. Continue reading to learn about the costs of a used Tesla EV and the places where one can buy these second-hand EVs. How … Read more >>

What is Tesla Destination Charging?

tesla destination charging

Electric vehicles are a relatively recent entry into the automobile industry. Hence EV charging stations are not as abundant as gas fueling stations. However, Tesla ensures that its customers’ needs are taken care of. Currently, Tesla has over 4500 destination charging stations all across the US. Hence, Tesla owners don’t need to worry about their … Read more >>

What is the Purpose of Tesla Sentry Mode?

What Is the Sentry Mode in Tesla

A Tesla battery, body, and other electric components contribute to its steep market price. Hence, a Tesla owner can suffer a tremendous financial loss and mental stress if their electric car gets stolen. However, this is where sentry mode comes in. What is the Sentry Mode in Tesla? The United States of America has one … Read more >>

What to Know Before Buying a Tesla Electric Vehicle

Buying a Tesla Electric Vehicle tips

Tesla began a revolution in the electric vehicle industry. Starting with a single model to becoming the world’s leading electric vehicle supplier, the journey of Tesla is truly an incredible one. If you don’t own one of Tesla’s electric vehicles, you are definitely missing out on a futuristic driving experience! However, there are a few … Read more >>

How Much Money Do You Save with a Tesla Electric Car?

how much money do you save with a tesla model 3

Tesla has successfully instigated the global electric automobile revolution ever since its introduction in 2003. Today, Tesla leads the EV market with an impressive 14% market share. The debate regarding whether a Tesla is better than a gas car has been going on for decades. With the world facing a post-pandemic economic crisis, the rising … Read more >>