Are Tesla Tires Filled With Foam?

Are Tesla Tires Filled With Foam?

If you own or plan to own a Tesla, we aren’t surprised you want to know everything about it. You may have heard someone tell you that Tesla puts foam in their tires. Is that really true? We know it sounds bizarre. Why would they do that? Doesn’t foam seem a little low-tech for Tesla? … Read more >>

Why are Tesla Electric Cars Good for the Environment?

Why are Tesla Electric Cars Good for the Environment

Tesla electric vehicles are a one-of-a-kind blend of modern automobile design, unmatchable consumer convenience, and unparalleled eco-friendly EV technology.  A Tesla electric vehicle may be one of the most expensive cars in the market, but this has not held back its success in any way. One big reason for this is that Tesla electric cars … Read more >>

How Many Amp Hours is a Tesla Electric Car’s Battery?

How many Amp hours is a Tesla electric car battery

Tesla may not be the pioneer of electric vehicle technology; however, it is the only EV brand that has managed to make a permanent impact on the global automobile industry. Apart from its futuristic design and unique features, a Tesla electric car is best known for its incredible battery capacity and unmatchable range. The high … Read more >>

How to Get a Tesla for Cheap

Tesla car for cheap

There is nothing quite as expensive as a brand new Tesla. These EVs are pushing the envelope in terms of automotive innovation. The cars are surprisingly fast for running off just a battery. It also helps that they are easy on the eyes in terms of design. But is there a way to beat the … Read more >>

How to Become a Tesla Certified Body Shop

Top Electric Car Chargers Manufacturers

Tesla has made it slightly easier for auto body shops to get certified. However, the process is rife with numerous challenges, including the availability of information. A key advantage of becoming certified is the support body shops get from Tesla. The automotive maker provides many powerful resources to their body shops once certified. However, the … Read more >>

How Many Gears Does a Tesla Electric Car Have?

How Many Gears Will You Find in a Tesla

In order to remain at the top of their game, Tesla electric cars exhibit a level of performance and range that is rarely seen in any other electric or gasoline-powered vehicles. One distinct feature that differentiates Tesla electric cars from gasoline-powered cars is that all Tesla vehicles are designed to operate on a single gear … Read more >>

Why a Tesla Car is So Expensive [10 Solid Reasons]

Why a Tesla Car is So Expensive

At the celebration of battery day, Elon Musk pledged that a Tesla model would be available for $25,000 in three years; yet, many individuals doubt this news. Tesla car is so expensive because of the following reasons. The High Cost of Tesla Batteries Market-Leading Electric Motors Import Taxes on Tesla Cars Advanced Technology “Computer on … Read more >>

Where is Tesla Cars Made | Where Does Tesla Build Its Cars?

Where is Tesla Cars Made

The world is slowly gravitating toward more environmentally sustainable solutions to transportation. Electric cars have become the go-to solution for the automotive industry’s future. Tesla, the renowned electric automaker has aggressively expanded its footprint with warehouses and manufacturing plants. So where exactly are Tesla cars made? Let’s find out. Tesla Plants and their Locations The … Read more >>

How Many 18650 Batteries Are there in a Tesla Electric Vehicle

How Many 18650 Batteries Are there in a Tesla Electric Vehicle

One key factor expanding Tesla’s consumer base is its unmatchable battery technology. Their highly efficient 18650 lithium-ion batteries can be found in the Model S, Model X, and Tesla Roadster. How Many 18650 Batteries Are There in a Tesla Electric Vehicle? Unlike traditional gasoline-powered vehicles that depend on fossil fuel combustion, electric cars are designed … Read more >>

How to Clean a Tesla Electric Car’s LCD Touch Screen [ A Complete Guide]

How to Clean a Tesla Electric Car LCD Touch Screen

Tesla managed to set a new standard for electric vehicles after its launch in 2003. Its groundbreaking design and unparalleled technology make this global giant the master of the electric vehicle industry. Just like all of these car’s features, its LCD touchscreen is a fantastic piece of technology as well. It allows the Tesla owner … Read more >>