How Much Does a Used Tesla Cost

buying a second-hand Tesla

Tesla’s green technology, futuristic approach, and modern mechanisms make it one of the most expensive EV brands; however, they retain their value for years and can be sold for a good price. Continue reading to learn about the costs of a used Tesla EV and the places where one can buy these second-hand EVs. How … Read more >>

What is Tesla Destination Charging?

tesla destination charging

Electric vehicles are a relatively recent entry into the automobile industry. Hence EV charging stations are not as abundant as gas fueling stations. However, Tesla ensures that its customers’ needs are taken care of. Currently, Tesla has over 4500 destination charging stations all across the US. Hence, Tesla owners don’t need to worry about their … Read more >>

What is the Purpose of Tesla Sentry Mode?

What Is the Sentry Mode in Tesla

A Tesla battery, body, and other electric components contribute to its steep market price. Hence, a Tesla owner can suffer a tremendous financial loss and mental stress if their electric car gets stolen. However, this is where sentry mode comes in. What is the Sentry Mode in Tesla? The United States of America has one … Read more >>

What to Know Before Buying a Tesla Electric Vehicle

Buying a Tesla Electric Vehicle tips

Tesla began a revolution in the electric vehicle industry. Starting with a single model to becoming the world’s leading electric vehicle supplier, the journey of Tesla is truly an incredible one. If you don’t own one of Tesla’s electric vehicles, you are definitely missing out on a futuristic driving experience! However, there are a few … Read more >>

How Much Money Do You Save with a Tesla Electric Car?

how much money do you save with a tesla model 3

Tesla has successfully instigated the global electric automobile revolution ever since its introduction in 2003. Today, Tesla leads the EV market with an impressive 14% market share. The debate regarding whether a Tesla is better than a gas car has been going on for decades. With the world facing a post-pandemic economic crisis, the rising … Read more >>

How Much Does a Tesla Weigh?

How Much Does a Tesla electric car Weigh

Whenever a person considers buying a Tesla, they usually look at its retail price and battery range. However, due to many regional weight limitations, EV enthusiasts are also concerned about the weight of a Tesla. Different Tesla models have different weights, which can impact its overall performance. Continue reading the article for a weight comparison … Read more >>

How Many Solar Panels Are Needed to Charge a Tesla?

how many solar panels would it take to charge a tesla

The rising popularity of Tesla electric cars has massively reduced global carbon emissions. With electric-powered batteries and motors, the dependency on fossil fuels is reduced. Like all battery-powered electrical devices, a Tesla, too, can get charged with solar panels. Many American states have several solar-powered charging stations, many of which are free to use. With … Read more >>

What Happens if Your Tesla Runs Out of Battery?

What happens if your Tesla runs out of battery

Tesla has revolutionized the world of transport with its futuristic concepts and technology. It has allowed the world to travel with significantly lesser carbon emissions and lower running costs. The battery is the heart of any electric vehicle. You won’t be able to do much with your Tesla if it doesn’t have a properly performing … Read more >>

How Long Will a Tesla Battery Last?

How Long Will a Tesla Battery Last

Electric vehicles are the future of transport, and Tesla is effortlessly leading this revolution. A Tesla battery is technologically advanced and has excellent ranges.  This is an important factor to consider when you’re investing in an electrical car. Considering the research and development efforts Tesla puts in, the battery is bound to be high-performing. The … Read more >>

How Much Time Does It Take to Charge a Tesla

How Long Does It Take to Charge a Tesla

Are you wondering how much time does it take to charge a Tesla? This usually depends on your car’s battery size, condition, and the type of charging station you use. It also greatly depends on which Tesla model you have. As a Tesla owner, you have multiple charging options to choose from. For details on … Read more >>