How to Derestrict an Electric Bike [A Definitive Guide]

Electric bikes were created to serve as an alternative means of transportation to standard bikes. The primary purpose back then was to invent a fun mode of transportation that would not only help you reach your destination more quickly but also eliminate the need to pedal.

E-bikes are paired with an electric motor system that builds up acceleration powerfully, guaranteeing a smooth, safe, and fast ride on all kinds of terrain. To abide by the federal rules and ensure the safety of the rides, electric bikes are paired with speed limiters.

They automatically turn off the engine, ensuring that your e-bike doesn’t go faster than the permissible speed (20 mph). However, the restriction can often be frustrating, especially if you are a professional biker.

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In such cases, the only solution is tuning or, in other words, derestricting an electric bike. This allows the e-bike’s motor to release all of the electric power without inhibiting it naturally.

So, if you want to use the full power of your electric bike, this blog is for you. Here is everything you need to know about how to derestrict an electric bike effortlessly.

What Does Derestricting an Electric Bike Mean?

Otherwise known as tuning, derestricting an electric bike refers to the removal of the e-bike’s pedal assistance limit that prevents it from exceeding a speed limit of 20 mph.

The only reason the process of derestricting an electric bike works is because the limitation is set by the e-bike manufacturers and doesn’t come with the machine itself.

This means that in order to attain full motor power, all you have to do is tweak or disable the manufacturer’s setting. Doing so will enable the electric bike to break through its restrictions, opening doors to a world of maximum speed.

The basic principle guiding the process behind derestricting an electric bike is straightforward. Your e-bike simply trips off because it knows when you have reached the speed limit. Instead, your electric bike is triggered by a system designed to notify it.

An electric bike is developed to monitor the speed of its rider. It determines how much drive it releases based on this speed and how fast the cyclist pedals. However, once the electric bike’s speed limit is reached, the drive will automatically be deactivated.

For example, when you are riding down a steep slope, there’s a high chance that your e-bike might exceed the speed of 20 mph. Your electric bike will allow you to ride through this speed only if it’s happening naturally.

In case you try to transcend the set speed limit purposely, your e-bike won’t assist you until you derestrict it.

One common myth about derestricting an electric bike is that it makes your e-bike’s engine more powerful. However, this isn’t the case. All that derestriction does is that it prevents the pedal assistance system of your bike from detecting high speed.

Therefore, derestricting an electric bike doesn’t change its motor capacity; it only circumvents the prescriptive 20mph limit.

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What Should You Consider before Derestricting an Electric Bike?

Considering the fact that every e-bike brand incorporates a different motor system, the process of derestricting an electric bike might vary from one machine to another.

This means that the tuning technique used on one particular pedal-assist system might not work on another. It is of utmost importance to research your electric bike’s engine to opt for the correct tuning method.

Compared to e-bikes that operate on pedal motor systems, those powered by a hub motor system are more difficult to derestrict. Nevertheless, today’s market is filled with tuning solutions that will help you in derestricting the speed limit of your electric bike regardless of the model you own.

Derestricting an electric bike is a relatively simple process and can be done by anyone, even those who don’t have an electronics background. All you need to do is follow the instructions to the tee, and everything will go as planned.

However, here are a few things that you must consider before tuning your e-bike:

  • Does your electric bike have the capacity to be tuned?
  • By derestricting an electric bike, you will be breaking the law affixed by the government.
  • You won’t be allowed to ride the e-bike on government properties.
  • You will lose your electric bike’s warranty.

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How to Derestrict an Electric Bike | Step-by-Step Guide

Before starting the derestricting of an electric bike process, you need to understand that you’re solely responsible for the repercussions that might happen as a result of removing the speed-limiting pedal assistance system.

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So, before any further ado, let’s delve into the three how to derestrict an electric bike process:

1. The Handy Method

The Handy Method is one of the easiest ways of derestricting an electric bike. However, you can only use the method if your e-bike comprises this specific feature and allows it.

The speed sensors of an electric bike will turn the motor off as soon as it detects overspeeding. It will then transfer the information to the e-bike’s central controller, which will use this information to decide whether the electric bike’s pedal assistance system should allow the speed or not.

The sensors of your e-bike detect speed using two parameters; the base sensor of the frame and the rear wheel’s magnet. Therefore, in order to get rid of the speed limit issues, all you need to do is reprogram the way the sensors transmit the speed to the controller.

To derestrict an e-bike manually, you will need two things:

  • Any type of holding material
  • A tape

Now that you have the supplies, follow these below-mentioned steps to derestrict your electric bike using the handy method:

  • Step 01: Start by locating the sensor and the magnet. You can either change their position (move them) or take them out. Note that you can also remove the e-bike’s magnet with a more powerful neodymium magnet.
  • Step 02: Now, find the e-bike’s pedal bracelet and affix the magnet within it.
  • Step 03: Move the sensor and ensure that it faces the magnet upside down, and voila, you are good to go!

What you basically did here was that you increased the distance between the sensor and the magnet. As a result, the sensor will receive low signals from the magnet, so it won’t be able to detect high speed.

One great advantage of opting for the handy method is that your electric bike’s warranty will remain intact as you aren’t assembling the entire electric circuit.

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2. Disconnecting the Sensor Wiring

Another manual method that you can use to derestrict your electric bike is disconnecting the sensor wire. Doing so will keep the speedometer’s reading at zero, which means that the speed assistance system won’t cut you off even if you surpass the 20 mph limit.

However, electronic bikers rarely use it because of the complications and the risks that this method comes with. Here is how to derestrict an electric bike by disconnecting the limiting wire:

  • Step 01: Start by locating the sensor wiring (limiting wire) in your e-bike.
  • Step 02: Ideally, the limiting wire will be found in the controller box connected to the speed controller.
  • Step 03: Last but not least, carefully cut off the sensor wire from the connector.

Note that once you have disconnected sensor wiring, it cannot be undone. We do not recommend implementing this derestricting electric bike method as it requires the right knowledge and expertise.

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3. Using an Electric Bike Tuning Kit

Over the years, bikers have complained about the 20 mph limit as a hindrance to their biking experience.

In reply to the growing concerns, e-bike manufacturers have created electric bike tuning kits to aid the process of derestricting an electric bike.

Compared to other derestriction methods, this process is a lot more complex and expensive.

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However, it functions on the same principle as the handy method; manipulation of the speed rate and distortion of the speed data. There are currently two types of e-bike tuning kits in the market:

  • Requires Circuit Disassembly of the E-Bike

Also known as “Internal Installation Kits,” the tools of the kit are introduced with the bike system. All the components comprise switches, allowing deactivation or activation of the speed limiting system at all times.

The modules of the internal installation derestriction kit are called “dongles,” consisting of four connection cables and a microcontroller. 

Typically, the installation process depends on your s-bike’s model and make. However, it does require the expertise to remove the pedal assistance system prior to the installation process.

The best thing about this derestricting electric bike method is that it has an automatic shutdown mechanism that allows your e-bike to return to the standard settings without any manual intervention.

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Doesn’t Require Circuit Disassembly of the E-Bike

As the name itself suggests, the tuning kit doesn’t require the rider to remove the housing before use. You can simply attach the component to the bike’s sensor and let it do the magic.

Once fitted into your electric bike, the tuning kit will automatically start delimiting the speed, often immediately. In other cases, the derestricting component will start working once your e-bike surpasses a specific cycling speed limit, usually between 15 to 20 km/hr.

As a result, the dash panel will show half the speed that is actually being engaged by the electric bike. 

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What Are the Dangers of Derestricting Your Electric Bike?

Here are a few reasons why derestricting an electric bike can be dangerous for both you and your e-bike:

Faster Battery Drain

When derestricting an electric bike, you are increasing the amount of power that a motor requires to produce acceleration.

In simpler words, the faster you will ride your e-bike, the more power it will require, which will put an additional load on the motor, resulting in reducing the lifespan of the electric bike’s battery. Furthermore, the overall performance of your e-bike will also deteriorate.

Violation of the Law

The main reason behind the installation of speed limiters on electric bikes is to follow the government regulations. By derestricting an electric bike, you will be breaking the law, increasing the chances of you being pulled in for a ticket.

Moreover, you won’t be able to ride your e-bike on government property.

Increased Energy Consumption

In addition to draining the battery faster, eliminating the speed limiter will have a substantial influence on the motor of your electric bike.

Manufacturers of e-bikes establish a proper and appropriate speed range and enlarging it will have an impact on the overall performance of your electric bike.

Higher Chances of Injury

There is a reason e-bikes have a speed limit; it’s to ensure the safety of the rider. While you can easily tune your electric bike to increase its speed, you will also be increasing the risk of being in an accident.

In other words, the faster the speed of your e-bike, the harder it will be for you to maintain balance, leading to major or minor accidents.

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How Fast Can Your E-Bike Go after Removing the Speed Limit?

Almost all e-bikes are paired with a 250 watts electric motor that ensures that the bike won’t cross the speed limit of 20 mph. However, by derestricting your electric bike, you will be boosting its speed significantly.

Because the speed limitations of an e-bike depend on the manufacturer’s preset settings, it can be a challenge to determine how fast your e-bike can go after removing the speed limit.

According to professionals, incorporating any of the derestricting electric bike methods will enable it to reach the speed range of 28 to 30 mph easily.

The Verdict

The speed limitation system within your electric bike makes sure that you obey traffic rules and ride safely. However, due to these limitations, many individuals find riding e-bikes unsatisfactory.

In this article, we have discussed the methods of how to derestrict an electric bike. Because it’s both adventurous and dangerous, you must be aware of the regulations governing e-bikes and must be confident about your ability to control speed.

Implement the above-mentioned methods for derestricting an electric bike and riding your e-bike at the desired speed while on-road driving, hiking, and even riding within your personal property. Also, don’t forget to wear safety equipment as your newfound freedom will be worth nothing if you end up injuring yourself.

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