Do You Need a License for an Electric Dirt Bike?

It’s astounding how powerful electric dirt bikes have grown in recent years. More people are opting to drive them on the streets.

Sharing the same space as gas-powered cars and bikes comes with specific requirements. The first of these is the need for a license. The same rules apply to your vehicle if it is on the street. It must be registered with taxes paid on it. Here are the details.

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Can I Ride an Electric Dirt Bike in California Without a License?

Yes and no.

Yes, if you plan on riding on streets with other cars.

No, if you just plan on riding in off-road terrains.

You are required to follow the law in your local area. Electric dirt bikes are extremely powerful and can cause harm to others in accidents.

They are capable of breakneck speeds with massive acceleration. To bring these death machines on the road requires a license.

That said, you may not need a license, depending on where you live.

In any case, you should check in with your state’s regulations. You can also call your electric dirt bike manufacturers to learn about licensing requirements.

States That May Require Registration

Different states have their laws. At least 44 states have defined some electric bikes (and dirt bikes) rules.

Most states classify electric bikes into three classes. This definition is consistent across the states.

The problem with electric dirt bikes is that the term is comprehensive. It is often used interchangeably with electric bikes.

Moreover, the make and model of the electric dirt bikes have very different capabilities. Some are street-legal, while others are designed for off-road use only.

This can be a gray area where problems may concur. This is why it is recommended to consult the local registry of vehicles in your area.

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Where Can You Drive an Electric Dirt Bike Without a License?

The answer depends on your circumstances and the make and model of the ebike. This section discusses areas where you can drive your ebike and licensing requirements.

Private Property

You can do as you like on your private property. However, most private properties do not provide enough space to ride ebikes.

You might know a friend or neighbor who owns vast spaces of land. You can ask their permission to use their property to ride your electric dirt bike.

In any case, checking in with your local laws and regulations is still wise.

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State Parks

Every state has public parks with trails that can be traversed on electric dirt bikes. The dirt bike trails for every state will be very different.

Some parks may require you to pay a membership fee. Nearly all states have common requirements such as:

  • Sound level threshold that should not be exceeded
  • Waiver from a guardian for riders under 18 years old
  • Protective gear
  • Registration sticker
  • Spark arrestor

Motocross Tracks

The ideal place to try your electric dirt bike is on motocross tracks. You will have to book these tracks in advance.

Some of these tracks have specific requirements that must be met. There are tracks made for young riders so that you can enjoy the space with your children.

Always choose tracks that have the least amount of obstacles. This will be useful for beginners learning how to use electric dirt bikes.

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Desert and Forest Trails

You might see an off-highway vehicle sign on some public lands. This indicates that you can drive your electric dirt bike without having a driver’s license.

These areas are usually far removed from city streets. They include mountain roads, deserts, forests, beaches, and dunes.

The Bureau of Land Management regularly monitors these public spaces. They often have large natural obstacles, such as boulders and fallen logs.

This provides you with challenging terrain that makes the ride fun and adventurous. Another benefit is that you can ride your electric dirt bike for as long as you want.

We still recommend checking in with local regulatory bodies to see if you need a permit.

Rural Areas

There are plenty of rural areas that are not regulated by local laws. These rural areas often feature amazing landscapes on which you can drive your electric dirt bike.

Finding these rural areas on a public map may not be possible. Talk to residents to learn about places in rural areas that can be used for dirt biking.

Residential Areas

Residential areas are heavily regulated and monitored. You cannot legally drive your electric dirt bike without a license.

Moreover, some electric dirt bikes are not designed for street use. They are specifically designed for off-road use only.

You cannot use off-road only electric dirt bikes on the streets even with a license. This means you must ensure that your electric dirt bike is street legal.

Otherwise, you will not be able to secure a license.

Street Legal Electric Dirt Bike Requirements

A few requirements must be met for an electric dirt bike to be considered street-legal.

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These are as follows:


Every street-legal electric dirt bike has a horn that can be heard from 200 feet. The horn must adhere to the minimum volume requirements in your state.


Street legal electric dirt bikes should have a minimum of one mirror on the left side. It is recommended to have two mirrors.


Your electric dirt bike must have brakes with plenty of stopping power. You should be able to bring your ebike to a grinding halt in a reliable manner.

The brakes should be completely functional to help you stop them at a moment’s notice.


Visibility is an important safety aspect that must be considered. All street-legal electric dirt bikes must have proper lighting.

This includes headlights, stop lights, tail lights, and turn signals. Without adequate lighting, you will not be able to drive legally on the street.

Lighting improves your visibility at night and warns both motorists and pedestrians of your presence.

License Plate

A license plate is critical when driving an electric dirt bike on the streets. The license plate should be well-lit so that people can read it.

Some states require vehicles to have plates on both the front and back. Others require plates on the rear only.

If you want to obtain a license for your electric bike, you must register it. This will also increase your tax burden since you’ll have to pay taxes.

It is imperative to wear a helmet at all times. Not wearing a helmet could get you a fine. So you should be careful!

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Type of Licenses

Two types of licenses depending on your electric dirt bike’s capabilities. These are Class M1 and Class M2.

  • Class M1 licenses let you drive any electric dirt bike that has a horsepower of 150cc. This ruling also applies to any vehicle equipped with a motor and no pedals.
  • Class M2 license applies to electric dirt bikes with a top speed of 30 mph.

It is better to get an M1 license since it will work with most electric dirt bikes. If you have a specific need to ride these vehicles, you might want to choose M2.

How to Qualify for an M1 License?

Applicants must be at least 18 or over. They will have to take a driving test and undergo an eye examination.

Authorities may waive the driving test requirement if the applicant completes an introductory motorcycle rider course.

Applicants under 18 must pass vision and knowledge tests. Underage applicants must pass knowledge and vision tests.

Here are the steps:

  • Complete a driver’s license application.
  • Pay the application fee.
  • Have your photograph taken.
  • Clear the vision and knowledge test.
  • Pass the traffic laws and signs test. Applicants get three attempts to clear the test.

How to Get a Learner’s Permit?

A learner’s permit in California requires the following:

  • The applicant must be 15 ½ years old.
  • The applications must provide proof of completing driver’s education and training.
  • Applications under 21 must complete a motorcycle training course as the California Highway Patrol instructs.

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Advantages of Getting a License for an Electric Dirt Bike

There are many advantages to registering your electric dirt bike. This is because they are fast, convenient to use, and affordable.

They are also fun to ride with fast acceleration and torque. Electric dirt bikes are a great alternative to gas dirt bikes.

The long-term cost of owning electric dirt bikes in California is cheaper than gas bikes. The real benefit of electric dirt bikes is that you can charge them anywhere with a socket.

This allows you to ride anywhere you want on your dirt bike. The only disadvantage of electric dirt bikes is that they take longer to charge.

You may have to wait several hours to get more range out of your ebike. For longer commutes, we recommend buying a backup battery pack.

Driving an electric dirt bike with a license makes the roads safer for everyone. Think about it this way: do you want to share the road with an unlicensed driver?

An unlicensed driver can make the road unsafe for everyone.

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Disadvantages of Registering Electric Dirt Bikes

As discussed earlier, the only disadvantage of electric dirt bikes is their range. Battery packs have come a long way. But they still lag behind gas dirt bikes.

This makes it inconvenient to use electric dirt bikes for making longer trips. But gas dirt bikes are ideal for those long and winding off-road adventures.

Moreover, taking backup supplies of gas with you is also easier.

Lithium-ion batteries do have a limited capacity. A new battery pack gives you 500 charge cycles. This can last a few years. But once your battery capacity dwindles, you’ll need a new one.

A new battery pack can cost a fortune. In some cases, electric dirt bike batteries take up half the value in price.

Helmet Requirements

Requirements for a helmet differ by state and location. But we recommend wearing helmets because it makes the rider much safer.

Should you fall off the dirt bike, your helmet will absorb the shock of the impact. That said, helmets will do little if you’re driving recklessly.

Always replace your bike helmet regularly. This is because parts will lose their strength over time. A helmet loses strength even if it has not been damaged.

It is recommended to replace your helmet once every three years. And if you crash your helmet while wearing it, you should have it replaced.

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Electric Dirt Bike Driving Etiquette for Offroading

Off road trails usually do not require licenses for driving electric dirt bikes. However, you should still be aware of common etiquette when driving your ebike.

Here are a few examples:

  • Be considerate of other drivers and don’t be in a rush to overtake them.
  • Slow down then you are passing.
  • Drive only when you are allowed to.
  • Stay within the speed limit to make the journey safer for yourself and other drivers.
  • If you see someone driving recklessly or dangerously, try to report their activity. Their bad behavior can cause great harm and must be stopped for everyone’s benefit.
Do You Need a License for an Electric Dirt Bike

Laws Need to Catch Up

The difference between electric bikes and electric dirt bikes has begun to blur. Lawmakers must create new regulations to classify electric bikes.

More motorists are adopting electric bikes. And as electric dirt bikes get more powerful and capable, their definition should be updated.

At the moment, most states have their own rules and regulations for two-wheelers. What may be considered hazardous in one state is considered safe in others.

Different categories of licenses should be introduced to accommodate different electric dirt bikes.

Drivers should be discouraged from riding their ebikes if they don’t have a license. This should be applicable on both the street and off-road trails.

The new regulations must outline safety measures that riders of electric dirt bikes should implement. As always, check the specific regulations for electric dirt bikes in your location.

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