Do You Need Insurance For An Electric Bike?

Electric bikes are the new “IT” things taking the world by storm with their eco-friendly benefits and lower maintenance costs. Although they’ve been in the market and within your grasp, they weren’t as huge of a trending topic as they’ve become in the last couple of days.

As you see more and more electric bikes in your neighborhood and city, that’s an essential indicator that maybe you need to switch to buying and using one.

Suppose you’re considering getting an electric bike. In that case, there are quite some studies required- from shortlisting the ideal models according to your requirements to understanding how buying, charging and maintaining an electric bike will work.

One of the most pressing questions popping in your mind can also include, “Do I need insurance for my electric bike or not?

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In this guide, we’ve got everything covered for you. In our comprehensive piece below, we answer everything you must know about electric bike insurance: whether it’s required for everyone, the benefits of getting one, and who covers the insurance for you.   

Let’s start this ride!

Am I Required To Get An Electric Bike Insurance?

Applying for insurance and spending additional money as you buy your dream e-bike can be expensive and time-consuming.

Fortunately for you, you aren’t legally required to get electric bike insurance. And so, you can drive the bike without delving into the hectic procedure of buying or carrying insurance.

That being said, legal requirements can slightly vary in different countries. For instance, in Europe, a bike is a vehicle that needs paddling, one which you can ride at the maximum speed of 25km/h and has a motor of max 250 watts. If your e-bike falls within this range, you’re free from insurance.

However, in other countries like the United States, bikes are recognized as vehicles with motors max of 750 watts that you can ride at the max speed of 20 miles/hour.

In addition, you can ride your electric bike without insurance if it falls under either Class 1, Class 2, or Class 3. But hold up, what do these classes mean? We’ll tell you!

According to the laws of the United States, Class 1 electric bike refers to a motorized bicycle without any throttle that you can pedal up to 20 miles/hour. Class 2 refers to a motorized bicycle with a throttle that you can pedal up to 20 miles/hour.

And lastly, class 3 consists of a motorized electric bicycle without a throttle, but you can pedal up to 28 miles/hour.

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Disclaimer To Remember

Even though you don’t need electric bike insurance right now, it doesn’t mean regulations will always stay the same. You never know if the United States- or any other country- may pass the laws making the insurance and registration compulsory for all e-bike owners.

In addition, several states may have specific rules regarding where or how you can ride an e-bike and if registration is mandatory or not.

Therefore, as a responsible citizen and an e-biker, you must always be well-aware of the present and evolving regulations relevant to electric bikes. That way, you can ensure riding the bike while following all the existing laws.

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Why Is It Preferable That You Get Your Insurance Bike Insurance?

While you don’t have to get electric bike insurance before riding it, is it still wise to use the e-bike without the insurance? You can ask the question from an expert, and they’ll mostly have the same answer: NO!

You must always insure your e-bike because it eventually saves you from bigger losses. And here’s the intriguing part: e-bike insurance may not make significant dents in your bank balances as you fear!

Here are some vital reasons why it’s safer and more rewarding to still get your electric bike insurance, regardless of whether it’s legally required.

E-Bike Insurance Is Affordable

Whenever you first read or see the term “insurance,” most of you may associate it with words like costly and high-priced. But it’s a pleasant surprise when you study insurance packages and understand that e-bike insurance is petty pocket-friendly. It’s excessively available and ideally affordable.

Insurance packages can depend on the range of coverages you demand. For instance, you might need protection from theft or fire damages, or liability coverages.

So, even if the premiums can vary, the overall insurance expense will still be relatively affordable, considering the benefits and safety you receive in return.

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Saves You In Case Of Accidents

People usually don’t realize how risky e-bikes can be, and that’s mainly why you might not assess the significance of electric bike insurance.

However, accidents and damages can happen even at the most unexpected times, sometimes resulting in alarming consequences.

Be It a collision, personal injury, clipping on the road, or injuring pedestrians, a lot can happen in a blink of an eye. What’s more, such damages are common for bikers, and if you don’t have the safety of e-bike insurance, things get trickier and more challenging.

You wouldn’t have protection against liabilities, nor will you receive any reimbursement for theft and damage. In addition, you will have to spend your OWN money to arrange a separate commuting mode while your e-bike is being repaired.

You can avoid such hassles if you apply for e-bike insurance and pedal around with peace of mind. Even in the worst-case scenario, you can always benefit from the insurance you’re paying.

You may not receive complete compensation, but even partial ones are appreciated, considering you don’t need to spend your personal finances on repair, replacement, and damage restoration.

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E-Bikes Are Costly Investments

Electric bikes are symbols of modern inventions. The classy, edgy, and aesthetic bikes offer a streak of luxuriousness that sets them apart from traditional bicycles.

And that’s one reason why you’re sure to turn heads and cast lasting impressions as you ride your e-bike across the town.

In addition, e-bikes usually have a price tag slightly higher than regular bikes. But that’s alright because an electric bike is a one-time investment that offers steady returns for a long time.

Unfortunately, these reasons make your e-bike even more precious, and with excess attention comes the risk of theft and exploitation of your asset. If you don’t have any insurance to cover the liability in case your bike is stolen, you’re in for massive heartbreak and loss.

Furthermore, if you get more advanced models and designs, you need to use them carefully. That’s because even the slightest damage can cost you significant repairs and, worse, depreciate the value of your investment.

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Who Covers My Electric Bike Insurance?

Electric bike insurance is a specialized policy outlined for protecting all e-bikes. It can include several coverages like protection against vandalism, medical payments due to accidents, and even assistance with battery replacement.

There are numerous institutions you can contact to receive your e-bike insurance. However, it’s ideal that you don’t prioritize auto insurance or homeowners insurance companies because they usually have a limited scope for the coverages.

For instance, the usual home insurance policies cover personal property damages and can even contain protection for damages the e-bike can sustain when loading it in your automobile.

However, they have restrictions, especially when your electric bike costs more than the limit set in your house insurance policy.

Similarly, suppose your negligence caused an accident that resulted in another party’s property damage. Your insurer may not cover the expenses, depending on the model or make of your e-bike.

So, it’s better to get e-bike insurance from a well-reputed insurer dealing specifically with electric bike insurance.

Or you can also go for a personal injury attorney to get an e-bike insurance policy covering out-of-pocket expenses when you’re involved in accidents and collisions.

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Things To Determine When Getting E-Bike Insurance

As we mentioned above, you have options and different institutions to get insurance for the bike. But policies can differ in their clauses, limitations, and, of course, the premium paid.

Therefore, whenever you’re considering applying for electric bike insurance, you must consider the following elements beforehand. That way, you wouldn’t feel surprised and confused later when you need reimbursement and discover that your policy doesn’t cover such damages.

Physical Damage

Ideal e-bike insurance must contain physical damage to compensate for your electric bike’s damage from another vehicle or object.


This clause can cover injuries and property damage sustained by the third party. The higher this cut-off, the better your policy is- some insurers even offer coverage of as high as $100,000.

Medical Payments

Most electric bike insurances cover medical expenses, but you must opt for one that offers the maximum possible financial relief. Never get the insurance that doesn’t include medical payments because it’s crucial for bike-related accidents.

Uninsured Motorist 

At first glance, most people don’t know the actual worth of this clause. When you or your electric bike face damage from an uninsured driver, you may face significant expenses.

Having an insurance policy with uninsured motorist coverage allows you receive reimbursements for medical and repairs. 

Vandalism And Theft

You never know when your electric bike can fall victim to theft and vandalism. Therefore, it’s essential to get an e-bike insurance policy covering damage restoration and replacement costs.

Availing complete coverage is even better because it includes all unintentional damage caused by you or even a third party.

Additional Protection

You must check for additional coverages because having them in your policy will come in handy no matter what.

These other protections are essential for people pursuing their careers as professional cyclists or are looking for safety against damages to their cycling apparel, equipment, and spare parts.   

As a word of advice, you must ALWAYS read and discuss your insurance policy explicitly to answer every query arising in your mind. It’s better to ask and clarify beforehand than regret it later when you realize your insurer wouldn’t cover out-of-pocket costs.

In addition, reading the terms helps you understand what policies apply to your particular type of e-bike to help you decide if it’s optimal for you or not. 

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Do I Need A License For My Electric Bike?

Now that the insurance part was explained, you might start wondering about the next most crucial factor, i.e., the license.

In several states of the United States, you don’t need a special license to use your electric bike as long as the vehicle falls under classes 1 to 3. But that’s the latest regulations as of yet.

As we mentioned before, such laws can modify in the future, and you may require specific licenses for e-bikes.

Moreover, all across the United States, you don’t have to register your electric bike either, except if you live in Hawaii. Even then, the fee is minimal- at $30.

Also, while states may not need a license, some may set a minimum age limit to use an electric bike. The age restriction for such areas is 14 or 16 years of age.

Do I need insurance for my electric bike
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Final Thoughts

With this, we end our guide. The next time your mind goes, “do I need insurance for my electric bike?” we hope you know the answer: no, it’s not compulsory or a legal requirement to get e-bike insurance. However, it’s undoubtedly beneficial and does wonder to save you from extensive costs if you still buy the insurance policy.

Instead of getting a homeowner or auto insurance, we suggest buying the e-bike insurance policy from a credible provider specializing in e-bike insurance. That assists you in availing of several coverages and experiencing minimal restrictions.

Lastly, wherever you live worldwide, you must also keep updated with the federal and municipal regulations if you own and use an electric bike. That helps you keep track of whether you’re abiding by the e-bike rules and if there’s a change in insurance-related requirements or not.

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