Why Is My Electric Bike Not Working? [10 Best Reasons]

Since the beginning of this decade, the market for electric bicycles has seen spectacular growth. This growth may be attributed to many factors, including the growing popularity of electric cars, reduced operating costs, and the availability of cheaper materials for battery packs.

E-bikes are human engineering wonders. It demonstrates how far the world has evolved since the development of the wheel, which first transformed people’s perceptions.

Every engineering creation comes with instructions for maintaining such equipment. E-bikes are similar since operating, and maintenance manuals cover every part of maintaining the bicycle.

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We all know that nothing in the world is maintenance-free, so all electronic items need maintenance. As a result, to have a reasonably long product lifetime, we must be careful and thoughtful while using the equipment. 

So, what might be why your electric bike is not working? We have compiled a list of issues that could cause your electric bike not to work.

Why Is Your Electric Bike Not Working?

There could be a lot of reasons why your electric bike is not working; let’s look into some!

1. The Battery on Your E-Bike Might Cause it to Not Work!

The electric bike’s battery is the obvious starting point for troubleshooting any issues you may have with your bike.

You can get a lot more speed out of your E-bike by avoiding a few typical pitfalls and making simple adjustments to the battery that drives it. Their habit of overcharging the battery pack is one example of these problems.

Make sure the device’s battery is completely charged and functioning properly before proceeding. Your electric bike probably includes a battery-powered display that can be easily and thoroughly examined.

Many individuals place the charging equipment in an unstable temperature environment when charging a battery. It could be uncomfortably hot or chilly. That prevents the battery from getting a full charge.

Charging your e-bike constantly raises the risk that the battery may be overcharged, harming the e-bike, and rendering it inoperable.

If you think your battery is not the issue, move to the charger!

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2. The Charger Might Cause Your E-Bike to Not Work!

Consider the charger next. Plug the charger into an electrical outlet, and check to see if any of the indicator lights are lit up. This task does not require using any special equipment on your part.

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If the indicator light does not activate when the charger is connected to the wall, or if it blinks on and off, you are dealing with a faulty charger.

Look at your readings closely, and if the charger’s output voltage is 0 or less than the voltage level of the charger, then the charger is faulty and has to be replaced.

3. A Faulty Battery Port Might Cause Your E-Bike to Not Work!

You will need to inspect the port used to charge the battery. If the battery charger is hooked to the power, ensure that you first disconnect it before proceeding.

Next, check the light on the battery charger after you have connected the battery charger to the battery charger connector on your electric bicycle.

If the light turns on when the charger is connected to the electric bike, the wiring, the wire connections leading to the charger port, and the charger port itself are all functional.

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4. Faulty Wiring Can Cause Your E-Bike to Not Work

Always check the connections on your electric bike if the problem you are experiencing is not related to the battery. If the connections are not secure, the data have the potential to get distorted.

Check the e-bike’s manual, go over the apparatus for any wires that could have been disconnected, and reconnect them if necessary.

Your electric bike requires that you pay extra close attention to the brake levers. Imagine that you had a tumble, which resulted in damage to your handles.

If the problem persists, it is a good idea to take your electric bike to a service shop before it is damaged even more. Let a professional look at your electric bike and fix it!

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5. There Might be Water in Your E-Bike Causing it Not to Work!

When cleaning an electric bicycle, many riders make the mistake of tipping it on its side in an attempt to reach the undercarriage and other hard-to-reach places.

However, water may enter the battery components of your E-bike if you wash it upturned. This may render your bike useless. This won’t happen if you properly clean your bike.

Manufacturers of electric bicycles often take great care to protect the engine and battery pack from the elements. With this, you won’t have to worry about rain getting into your e-electrical bike’s components and disrupting its performance.

However, if you want your e-bike to last, you need always dry it off after washing it. It would help if you didn’t leave your electric bike out in the rain since it requires energy! 

6. Riding Your E-Bike Before the System has Activated Might Cause it to Not Work!

If you are too anxious to wait for the system to turn on completely and finish its booting up before getting on your electric bicycle, there is a chance that it may not turn on. This might result in you being unable to ride it.

Therefore, before you start riding, you should turn on your electric bike and let it warm up so it can function correctly. After that, you can begin peddling your electric bicycle.

If you start riding it too quickly before the system has completely started up, the electric bike may cease functioning as intended.

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Always give your bike a little opportunity to warm up every so often. This technique helps to maintain your battery’s power capacity so that you can go for longer rides. Additionally, it allows the bike system to work and perform to the best of its abilities.

7. Your Brake Motor Inhibitor Might be Causing Your E-Bike to Not Work!

The handlebars may have suffered damage if you’ve fallen on your electric bicycle. If you carefully check your handlebars and brake levers for evidence of any external damage, you should be able to detect this issue without any difficulty.

If you discover the brakes of your e-bike have been pulled due to damage and they do not seem to be able to break free, this might result in the motor switch remaining on. You will need to free the stuck brake levers to get your electric bicycle up and running again.

The switch itself may need to be replaced, considering the damage is great. You will need a qualified electric bike repair expert to do this task successfully.

Some people recommend you use the controller of the e-bike to determine which wires belong to the brake so that you can entirely detach them to eliminate the issue.

However, we cannot emphasize enough how important it is never to do that since it might put you at serious risk when driving.

If the brakes aren’t working as they should, you should examine the brake shoes and pads to see if they show any indications of wear.

You should replace them if broken or worn out as soon as possible. In addition, check the brake cable’s tightness and make any required adjustments.

8. Throttle Troubleshoot Might Cause Your E-Bike to Not Work!

Currently on the market are a variety of electric bicycles that are equipped with throttle control. If you make excessive use of the throttle control, it is possible that it can get stuck when you attempt to pull it back, and it will not return to the off position on its own.

The throttle will eventually get damaged or loose if you keep doing this. Neither of these outcomes is desirable. If this does place, power outages will almost certainly follow.

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When using the throttle, you should first draw it back, then gently release it once you have used it so that it goes back to its original position. The highest possible degree of protection will be achieved as a result.

If the throttle has a sloppy feel to it or if it occasionally fails to finish a full stroke, you may want to consider replacing it. However, before you go ahead and accomplish so, you need to verify whether it is receiving steady power.

9. Peddle Troubleshoot Might Cause Your E-Bike to Not Work?

Frequent power outages might result from issues with your electric bicycle’s pedal system. Several different pedal assistance systems are available for the many types of electric bikes.

Some of these systems are made so that they are incorporated into the bottom and sometimes around the chainring.

The problems with the power supply may be because you have recently made any mechanical adjustments to the electric bike.

Using the screwdriver in your toolbox, you may adjust the position of the magnet that controls the pedal assist so that it’s more to your taste.

If this does not work and you are unclear if your pedal assist system is failing, you should take your e-bike to a service shop so the faulty pieces may be removed and replaced. The shop can also tell you if your pedal assist system is malfunctioning.

10. The On/Off Switch Troubleshoot Might Cause Your E-Bike to Not Work!

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The portion of the electric bike known as the “on/off controller” is in charge of determining when each of the numerous other elements and components should be activated. There is a chance that the controller on your electric bicycle has somehow become defective.

You will be able to fix the problem if you follow the instructions in our electric bike repair guide. To get started, you must ensure that it is set to the “on” position. If you do not get a response from it or if it is only functional at random intervals, you may need to replace it.

Failure of a controller may be brought on by various factors, including deterioration of the controller’s internal power supply, destruction brought on by exposure to the weather, or insufficient contact with the wire.

Take the panel’s latch out of its slot. Conduct a thorough inspection to look for any signs of physical damage, degradation because of the weather, or insecure wiring. 

If the item shows clear indications that it is damaged or if you are unable to remedy it by drawing the wires closer together, you may want to think about purchasing a new one.

Why Is My Electric Bike Not Working
Why Is My Electric Bike Not Working

Our Final Thoughts

Suppose you have personally examined every component of your electric bicycle, including all the wires and plugs connections, and ensured that they are free from damage, mud, filth, and dirt. In that case, it is time to bring in the professionals.

Get in touch with your neighborhood e-bike shop or your dealer to get assistance if you have problems with your electric bicycle. Doing so will preserve your E-bike’s lifespan and guard your investment’s value.

Even if you must take your electric bicycle to the local bike shop to fix it, you will still save a lot compared to the cost of pricey replacements or a damaged electric bicycle.

Unfortunately, there are a few problems with electrics and batteries that we cannot repair on our own. As a result, you should always make intelligent choices and seek the professional guidance of an experienced technician.

The essential thing is that you get your E-bike operating so that you may enjoy the advantages of a comfortable ride. This will enable you to spend time riding in locations you have never visited before while also burning calories and getting fresh air.

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