Electric Bikes that Dominate Hills

Electric bikes are getting more powerful than ever before, thanks to cutting-edge technology. And against all odds, 2022 has emerged as a fantastic year for e-bikes.

These e-bikes boldly take on hilly terrain and make us fall in love with the outdoors. We have rounded up our pick of the best e-bikes for hilly areas in 2022.

HalloMotor with 5000W Motor

Fancy a drive through beautiful hilly areas? Or how about an adventure that takes you across the rugged mountain trails?

This monster of an electric bike is outfitted with a 5000W motor. That allows it to reach breakneck speeds exceeding 50mph. But that’s just the hilly areas.

It can tear up the tarmac at 60 mph on flatter terrain with flat surfaces. Very few e-bikes even come close to the unadulterated power of the HalloMotor.

The e-bike has a durable aluminum alloy frame to absorb punishment from hilly terrain. The carefully designed air suspension system absorbs each bump, jolt, and vibration.

You won’t miss your car thanks to a range of 65 miles. The lithium-ion battery was provided by Samsung and uses high-quality cells. The motor and battery make for a killer combo.

The HalloMotor is rivaled by very few electric bikes. Indeed, it is a viable substitute for cars due to the battery. You probably won’t need all 65 miles of range.

Charging technology for e-bikes has always been traditionally slow. And the HalloMotor is no exception to the norm. It takes 5 hours to charge fully.

We recommend charging the battery to about 80% before planning hilly expeditions. You would think that all these bells and whistles would make this e-bike heavy.

But the carefully designed aluminum alloy makes this e-bike incredibly nimble. It is designed to be extremely safe with all kinds of safety features.

The HalloMotor comes with left and right rear-view mirrors. There are four front LED lights, turn indicators, and rear lights. It features motorcycle tires on aluminum alloy rims.

Every component of the e-bike has premium components. The brakes, for instance, provide adequate stopping power. Speaking of brakes, it also comes with regenerative braking.

A Bluetooth module on the e-bike connects to mobile apps for additional settings.

A full-color display gives you all the necessary information to stay aware of your surroundings.

It appears that the designers did aim for the e-bike to replace cars. The only caveat we have with this e-bike is the price tag.

This e-bike will cost $5,000 or more depending on where you live. Given the sheer power of this e-bike, we only recommend it to skilled cyclists.

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Addmotor Motan Ebike

The Addmotor Motan e-bike embraces every type of challenge you throw its way. It has fat tires that enhance functionality and allow it to take on any terrain.

The e-bike can comfortably coast through sand, mud, snow, and gravel. The e-bike manufacturer has packed some fancy designs to make it a crowd-pleaser.

The e-bike can face any obstacle you throw its way. The 6061 aluminum alloy is designed to absorb punishment. It weighs in at just 67 pounds despite being this capable.

The aerodynamic design of the e-bike lets it take on hilly terrain. A robust suspension system absorbs the shocks of a bumpy ride and ensures maximum comfort.

The Addmotor Motan has been accused of being a bit heavy. Smaller individuals, in particular, find this e-bike to be cumbersome for their handling skills.

While this e-bike can easily handle hilly terrain, you don’t want to run out of charge. The motor has an output of 500W. It can go up to a maximum of 750W.

This makes the Motan pale in comparison to the HalloMotor. But don’t let the power difference deceive you. This e-bike handles hilly terrain just as well.

The HalloMotor is merely an outlier catered toward an enthusiast crowd. 500W is more than enough to handle hilly areas.

The Motan has a maximum weight limit of only 350 lbs. This means plus-sized individuals won’t have enough wiggle room to carry cargo with them.

The Motan has a powerful battery with a range of 45 miles per charge. It runs on a 48V system and a 10.4Ah lithium battery.

There is enough range to make a return trip and then some. The motor and battery combination is designed to take on tough slopes.

It can climb sleep trails with up to 60-degree gradients The battery has enormous torque that lets it scale hilly areas. This lets you conserve energy while scaling uneven terrain.

The battery has been strategically placed in the downtube for a well-balanced ride. Moreover, you can remove the battery for convenient charging.

This review won’t be complete without mentioning the brakes. The electric bike in California comes with Tektro Auriga hydraulic disk brakes. The front and back are outfitted with 180mm rotors.

This means there is more than enough stopping power to stop you at high speeds. The brakes are powerful in mud, wet trails, and hilly areas.

Note that the brakes are weaker on wet surfaces. But the difference in stopping power is not too concerning. We recommend getting used to the stopping power of the Addmotor Motan.

A Bafang display keeps you updated about the battery level, distance, speed, power output, etc. We also like the top speed of 23 mph.

All in all, the Motan has all the makings of a powerful e-bike for hills. The Addmotor Motan is just what you need if you live in hilly areas.

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Haibike Sduro FullSeven LT 6.0 Yamaha

Chances are, you’ll have a hard time pronouncing the Haibike Sduro. But don’t let that tamper with your expectations about this e-bike in California.

It features an incredibly eye-catching design with aesthetics that will grab attention. With a stunningly slim and fully-integrated motor and battery system, the FullSeven is a crowd-pleaser.

The biggest problem with this e-bike is the price tag. Depending on where you live, you might have to pay over $4,500.

But the full suspension, fat tires, and the powerful motor will change your perspective on the price. The Sduro lineup features a distinctive aerodynamic design that allows the ebike to stay upright.

The FullSeven 6.0 is capable of crushing hilly areas. Its carefully optimized geometry allows you to cruise to victory – in style.

The front and rear tires are fitted with 150mm rotors. The hydraulic disc brakes provide you with plenty of stopping power.

A durable aluminum frame ensures that the e-bike stays light and durable simultaneously. It weighs in at just 50 lbs, giving you plenty of loading capacity.

We were a bit disappointed at the motor which lacks the oomph of the HalloMotor. It’s a 250W motor by Yamaha. We reckon this explains the inflated price tag.

On the flip side, the e-bike has a big 500Wh battery pack for many ranges. The cassette gives the gears range for smooth climbing uphills.

However, it’s the smoothness of the Yamaha motor that’s the star of the show. The Haibike has a unique design that ekes every bit of force out of the Yamaha.

The electric motor applies a great deal of torque very quickly to the drivetrain. This quick jolt of acceleration can cause wear and tear on the chain.

However, this isn’t a concern with the Haibike setup. The optimized drivetrain minimizes that effect and allows for smooth power delivery.

The motor will let you cruise at speeds exceeding 20 mph easily. The front and rear suspensions allow the e-bike to use every watt. This, in turn, conserves battery.

Note that the estimated range of the Haibike depends on various factors. Cycling styles, rider weight, terrain, and location will influence the range.

This is why Haibike has abstained from giving a range. Thankfully, keeping an eye on the battery is easy with the display.

If you’re interested in an e-bike to dominate hills, the Haibike Sudo is a good choice. Moreover, it’s a great way for enthusiasts to get into serious mountain riding.

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Haibike Xduro Allmtn 2.0

The Xduro Allmtn 2.0 is another entry by Haibike designed for hills and mountains. It comes with a 6061 aluminum alloy built in four different sizes.

The average weight of the e-bike is 51.7 lbs. This is the ideal weight for electric mountain e-bikes in California.

The Xduro Allmtn 2.0 is aimed at newer cyclists looking for a mountain bike. An optimized geometry that allows for comfortable all-day riding

The ideal combination of components lets it perform really well anywhere under any conditions. The Allmtn 2.0 shows how far the e-bike industry has pushed the technology.

As an added bonus, the e-bike has a looker, just like the Sduro 6.0. It uses an SRAM Eagle PG 121 drivetrain for smooth and easy rides.

The BR-MT520 hydraulic disc brakes by Shimano bring the e-bike to a grinding halt. Riding gravel and mud doesn’t get any easier thanks to the DHF EXO tires.

The tires feature big knobs with reliable puncture protection to safeguard against flats. The Yamaha Mid-Drive system has a torque output of 80 Nm. It can climb just about any hill you throw at it.

It feels underwhelming at 250W but steals the show. The combination of motor and battery optimizes the use of energy.

The estimated range on this e-bike is a whopping 40 miles. But careful riding can stretch it out to a massive 120 miles per charge.

The four-amp system makes it easier and faster to charge the battery. The charger does feel a bit heavy with the plug positioned on the non-drive side.

However, the frame has a kickstand to tolerate the added weight. This aspect of the design does feel a bit outdated. But nothing detracts from the overall experience.

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OppsDecor Folding

At the bottom end of this list is the OppsDecor Folding e-bike. It’s aimed at cyclists who need a budget option that also takes on hills.

It comes with disc brakes that are powerful enough to safely stop the folding e-bike. It is easy to store thanks to the compact design.

The electric bike is made using standard metal with a high-strength front fork. The suspension system uses carbon steel for a smooth ride.

Propelling the bike is a 250W high-speed brushless gear motor. It can reach a maximum speed of 15mph. This may feel underwhelming at first, but the bike handles hills really well.

The e-bike weighs in at 60 lbs and can handle 30 miles per charge. However, you might be able to get 60 miles on low assist levels.

The charging time for the e-bike is about 4 to 6 hours. Its anti-slip wear tires are designed for all-terrain, including rain, snow, and sand.

The e-bike does feature safety trinkets as well. There is a headlight and horn to improve your visibility on the road.   

All in all, this e-bike is ideal for use on all terrains. Whether you want to climb up hills or commute to work, OppsDecor is a good option.

We were disappointed that it lacks speed, power, and range. However, it is one of the most affordable mountain bikes on our list.

If you have the budget, we recommend going for the Addmotor Motan e-bike. But if you’re looking for something under $1000, then try the OppsDecor Folding e-bike.

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Electric Bikes that Dominate Hills
Electric Bikes that Dominate Hills

Wrapping Up

So there you have it, a cursory review of the best e-bikes for hills. We looked at various factors before making this list.  The most important aspect we looked at was torque.

To ascend hills, e-bikes need plenty of torque. The HalloMotor offers the most torque with its beefy motor. But it is also the most expensive option on our list.

The OppsDecor Folding eBike is the least impressive system on our list. But it gets the job done. Do you agree with our list? Share your experiences with us in the comments!

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