Electric Car Charger Stock In USA [12 Best Picks]

If you have purchased an electric car, you might be curious about the different charging options available in your area. With the growing demand for E.V.s, electric car companies have introduced smart charging solutions for E.V. owners.

If you are an investor looking to spend in the E.V. division, there are many electric car charger stocks in the USA.

To help you choose the best stock in the E.V. market, we have gathered all the information you need to begin with.

EV Charging Stocks

Electric car stocks have seen significant growth over recent years. As one of the fastest-growing industries, the E.V. division has opened the doors for investment opportunities in the U.S.

Many companies have established a positive market reputation for producing electric cars and chargers. You may find many E.V. charging stations in your city.

Each charging station features different E.V. chargers to accommodate electric car drivers. The E.V. industry giants have established a market for E.V. accessories.

As an E.V. owner, you can reach out to these companies to buy electric car chargers. You can also benefit from the tethered charging stations to charge your car.

The stock market for electric car companies has witnessed considerable growth recently. More investors are focusing on investing in E.V. charger stocks.

If you are an investor looking to find some of the best electric car charger stocks in the USA, there are plenty of options for you to consider.

Best Electric Car Charger Stocks

Let’s explore the investment opportunities listed below.

1. Volta Inc.

Volta Inc. is one of the top E.V. stocks to invest in. It is a US-based EV infrastructure company offering charging solutions to all types of electric cars and batteries.

The company has established its strong market with its quality products and solutions. Currently, Volta Inc. is offering solutions to EVs and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

What sets this E.V. infrastructure company apart is its marketing strategy. Volta Inc. has attracted many customers from all over the U.S. to opt for its smart E.V. charging solutions.

The growing potential of Volta Inc. makes it one of the best electric car charger stocks to invest in the U.S. Experts believe that the company’s use of digital media marketing and positive advertisements can highlight the pros of switching to E.V.s.

Moreover, Volta Inc. also partnered with The Coca-Cola Company for its advertisement campaigns, giving it an edge over its competitors.

2. Blink Charging Co.

Another E.V. charging giant in the USA stock market is Blink Charging Co. The company offers one-stop solutions for E.V.s around the country.

Blink Charging Co. owns and operates electric car charging stations around the U.S. You may find the company’s roots spread across E.V. manufacturers and suppliers.

Blink Charging Co. recently signed a contract to supply electric car chargers to the G.M. vehicle dealerships in North America.

This contract highlights the company’s positive influence on the competitive market. More importantly, the company owner is keen to expand its operations to promote E.V. charging solutions.

With its rapidly growing network, Blink Charging Co. is one of the best options to consider when buying stocks in the E.V. market.

Experts believe the company can generate more revenue in the coming years due to the rising demand for electric cars in the USA.

You can consult with financial analysts to invest in the company’s stocks. You can search online for more details if you want to review the current value of the stocks.

3. Beam Global

Beam Global has received a lot of praise for its environment-friendly E.V. charging solutions. Beam Global manufactures renewable energy products to create the E.V. charging infrastructure as a cleantech company.

The company rose to popularity due to its solar power E.V. charging solutions. It is also the competitive advantage of Beam Global to provide eco-friendly charging solutions.

Beam Global’s potential puts it on the radar of some of the biggest investors in the country. The Citadel Investment Group purchased some of the company’s stakes in the third quarter of 2021.

The company has witnessed growth recently, attracting many E.V. stock investors. The quality, eco-friendly solutions make it one of the top choices for charging electric cars.

If you want to invest in stocks that pay off well, Beam Global is one of the best choices in the U.S. E.V. charger stock market.

4. Rivian Automotive

Rivian Automotive has established itself as one country’s leading D.C. fast charger suppliers. The company is also known for its electric vehicle manufacturing.

The company has a vast network around the U.S. for its E.V. charging solutions. Electric car owners can get super-fast charging from one of the Rivian Automotive DC chargers.

The company’s rising popularity places it among the best stock options in the U.S. Many E.V. stock investors have shown interest in investing in Rivian Automotive in recent months.

The investment management firm Greenlight Capital invested in Rivian Automotive in the last quarter of 2021. The joint venture together accomplished gains in the local market.

If you want to invest in an E.V. charging stock that sustains its market and grows in a small time frame, you can opt for Rivian Automotive as your next stock investment.

5. Wallbox NV

Wallbox NV is one of the market favorites right now. It is an E.V. charging and energy solutions provider. The company started its operations back in 2015.

Wallbox NV has created a positive market for customers and investors alike. Wallbox NV has accomplished a strong footmark as the leading E.V. charging solutions provider in the competitive market.

The company received much recognition for its residential sector electric car charging solutions. Currently, more E.V. owners are showing interest in residential power solutions.

This demand has helped Wallbox NV rise above many of its competitors in the market. Moreover, many investors are showing interest in buying its stocks.

It may be a good time to consider Wallbox NV for your E.V. charging stock investments. You can consult a financial analyst to help you make the right decision.

6. Ford Motor Co.

Car enthusiasts need no introduction to Ford. It has reigned in the sports vehicle market for many years. Ford Motor Co. recently launched its all-electric variant of the famous Ford Mustang.

The Ford Mustang Mach E has attracted many sales across the country. It is one of the best E.V.s in the local market.

Ford’s cash flow and distribution channels provide ample space to produce E.V. charging solutions. The company has invested in new plants to produce electric car batteries.

The positive footprint in the E.V. market has sparked an interest in the E.V. stock market. More stock investors are benefitting from the opportunity.

Additionally, the company is working on its all-electric truck, the Ford Lightning. With the massive success of the Mustang Mach E, the company holds a strong position in the competitive market.

7. General Motors Co. (G.M.)

General Motors Co. (G.M.) is the least speculated name in the E.V. stocks market. The company has a global presence with fans across the globe.

Like Ford, GM also has a strong capital in the market. G.M. stocks are less likely to have a rough time in the competitive E.V. market.

G.M. has plans to bring all-electric vehicles in the coming few years. The company is working on innovative energy management and charging solutions for electric cars.

Reportedly, G.M. has plans to bring about thirty electric vehicles to the E.V. sector. Keeping in view the company’s track, there is a massive opportunity for G.M. to capture the consumer market.

General Motor Co. may be a good fit if you seek an E.V. stock in the USA that offers you safety, demand, and growth.

8. Albermarle Corp. (ALB)

Albermarle Corporation has established a concrete footprint in the electric vehicle market. The company gets a large chunk of its profits from lithium battery production.

The quality energy solutions for electric cars have enabled ALB to rise above some of the leading names in the industry.

ALB generates about 40% of its revenue from its lithium charging solutions. It is also expanding its footmark globally. ALB has recently initiated the development of a chemical conversion unit in Chile.

The plant will double the production capacity for the company to meet the global market demand.

ALB has a lot of potential in the E.V. stock market. You may consult with your financial advisor to buy the Albermarle shares.

9. BHP Group Ltd.

BHP Group Ltd. is a nickel miner and supplier. If you wonder how a nickel mining company could be on the list of best E.V. charger stocks in the U.S., we have some interesting information for you.

Nickel is one of the essential components in producing E.V. charging solutions. Companies like BHP Group Ltd. come to the rescue when the market struggles to get nickel supplies.

With the growing E.V. market, the demand for nickel has increased. Nickel miners have the opportunity to set a strong footprint in the market.

Although the scope for E.V. investments in BHP may be relatively less, investors can benefit from the stakes while the nickel is in demand.

The company trades as an American Depository Receipt or ADR on the United States stock exchange market. Moreover, its stock prices and dividends remain in U.S. dollars.

10. Tesla Inc.

Tesla is one of the hottest stocks on the E.V. market. We can regard the company as one of the pioneers of E.V. production globally.

Tesla Inc. has a massive fan interest from around the world. It outpaces many E.V. competitors due to its innovative electric technology. Tesla has customers for almost every electric car launched by the company.

The rising competition in the electric car sector has raised challenges for Tesla. The company was one of the early arrivers in the electric car market.

With more automotive brands taking part in the race, Tesla’s stocks may face a tough time. However, investors can take significant benefits by playing smart.

If you dream of investing in Tesla, you can consult your financial advisor to help you make the best decision.

11. Nio Inc.

Nio Inc. is a Chinese E.V. battery provider. The company is the global leader in its battery-swapping solutions. Nio has received a lot of attention in recent years.

The Chinese company has established a strong presence in China’s E.V. market. Nio plans to launch its much-awaited all-electric SUV, ES7, in the coming few months.

Nio has about 900 battery swap stations in China. The management has plans to expand its market across Europe.

The strong footprint in the competitive market positions Nio among the popular E.V. stock choices in recent times. Moreover, Nio Inc. stocks are rising after lifting COVID restrictions across China.

Electric Car Charger Stock In USA
Electric Car Charger Stock In USA

12. TPG Pace Beneficial Financial Corp.

TPG is a relatively smaller player in the E.V. stock market. The company is a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC), making efforts to promote electric mobility since 2010.

The rising demand and growth in the E.V. sector have massively increased the company’s popularity in the local stock market.

TPG has a vast-spread network across seventy countries. It has a charging port potential of about 250,000. More importantly, the company has Europe’s largest base for energy solutions.

It is an excellent time to step into the E.V. stock market for those interested in benefiting from the TPG stock gains. However, it is crucial to seek a piece of financial advice beforehand.

The Takeaway

As mentioned above, the USA’s list of electric car charger stocks can provide helpful insight into the E.V. stock market. These companies are capturing a lot of investors from around the country.

If you are an investor looking to step into E.V. stocks, you can review the market insights online for a better understanding. You can also explore more electric car charger stocks in the U.S. to make a wise decision.

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