A Complete Guide to Electric Car Jack Kit

If you’ve ever had to change a flat tire on your electric car in the United States, you know how difficult it can be. Traditional jacks require too much effort and time.

An electric car jack kit might be the perfect solution for you. These kits allow you to use electricity to raise your car, making it much easier to get the job done. Not sure which kit is right for you, or what makes a good EV jack kit? Don’t worry – we have covered everything you need to know about them in this blog.

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What Is an Electric Car Jack Kit?

An electric car jack kit is a handy tool that can be used to lift your car to change a tire or perform other maintenance tasks. The kit typically includes an electric hydraulic jack, a set of impact sockets, a power cable, and the necessary tools to change or repair a tire.

The electric jack is the key component of the kit and does the heavy lifting. It’s operated by a switch on the handle, which activates the motor. The motor drives a screw thread that lifts the car.

The advantage of an electric jack over a manual one is that it’s much easier to use – you don’t have to worry about cranking it up yourself. Just push the button and let the motor do the work.

The impact sockets are used to remove the lug nuts from the wheels. They’re specially designed to withstand the high torque of an impact wrench.

The power cable included in the kit plugs into any portable power source, such as the car lighter, providing power to the jack. You can also plug it into the standard household outlet using an adapter to save your car’s battery.

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Most electric car jacks are strong enough to lift a vehicle with a maximum weight of three tons. That’s more than enough for most passenger cars and light trucks. If you have a heavier vehicle, you may need to buy a separate heavy-duty electric jack.

The electric car jack kit is a must-have for anyone who owns a car. It’s a handy tool that can make changing a tire or performing other maintenance tasks much easier.

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Types of Electric Car Jacks in the US

There are three primary electric car jacks: standard car jacks, scissor jacks, and floor jacks. Standard car jacks are the most common and can be found in most cars. Scissor jacks are less common but are often used in sports cars because they’re lighter and easier to maneuver.

Floor jacks are the least common type of electric car jack, but they’re essential for working on lifted vehicles.

Standard Car Jacks

Standard car jacks are the most common type of electric car jack. They’re designed to fit under the frame of most cars, and they use a hydraulic mechanism to lift the vehicle.

Most standard car jacks can lift almost two tons, enough to support most cars. However, you can also get jacks with more weight capacity.

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Scissor Jacks

Scissor jacks are less common than standard car jacks, but they’re often used in sports cars because they’re lighter and easier to maneuver. They work by using a hydraulic mechanism to raise the vehicle, but they have a shorter lifting range than standard car jacks.

Most scissor jacks can only lift up to one ton, which isn’t enough to support some larger vehicles.

Floor Jacks

Floor jacks are the least common type of electric car jack, but they’re essential for working on lifted vehicles. They have a longer lifting range than standard car jacks and scissor jacks so that they can support vehicles raised on jacks or lifts. Most floor jacks can lift up to four tons, enough to keep most cars and trucks.

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Why Buy an Electric Car Jack Kit?

While we understand how electric car jack works, are they really worth the investment? Here are a few reasons why an electric car jack kit could be an excellent choice for you.

Easy to Use

If you’re looking for an easy way to jack up your car, an electric car jack kit is the way to go. These kits come with everything you need to get the job done quickly and easily and are affordable.

You’ll first need to find a level spot on which to park your car. Once you’ve found a spot, put the car in park and turn off the engine. Next, locate the jacking points on your car. These are typically located near the wheels.

Once you’ve found the jacking points, attach the electric car jack to one of them. Then, use the instructions according to the manual of your jack kit to raise or lower the jack until it’s at the desired height. Simply lower the jack and remove it from your car when you’re finished.

It might seem a hassle to you, mainly if you use traditional jacks. But once you get the hang of it, electric jacks will seem pretty easy to use.

Fast and Effortless

Electric car jack kits are definitely faster than traditional jacks. This is because electric car jack kits have a motor that does all the lifting for you. On the other hand, traditional jacks require you to manually lift the vehicle with all your might.

Apart from being faster, electric car jack kits are also much easier to use. All you need to do is plug it into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket and press a button. The motor will do the rest for you. On the other hand, traditional jacks can be quite tricky to use if you’re unfamiliar with them.

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Electric car jack kits are safe because they provide a stable platform for you to work on your car. They also have various safety features that protect you and your vehicle from harm.

Some of the safety features found on electric car jack kits include:

  • A built-in safety switch prevents the jack from being operated when not in use.
  • A rubberized base that prevents slipping and sliding.
  • There are many sizes to choose from, so you can find the perfect fit for your car.

When it comes to safety, electric car jack kits are the way to go. With all their safety features, you can rest assured knowing that you and your car are in good care.


Electric car jacks are also versatile. They can be used on various vehicles, including sedans, SUVs, trucks, and even RVs. No matter your vehicle, an electric jack can likely be used on it.

However, Some electric car jack kits are designed for specific makes and models of cars, while others will work with any type of vehicle. If you know what kind of car you will use the kit on, you can narrow down your choices and find the perfect one for your needs.

Easy to Store

Electric car jack kits are easy to store, making them ideal for emergencies. They can be stored in the trunk of your car or a garage.

Due to the extra components, most people think it takes more space than traditional jacks. However, it is convenient as electric jack kits come in compartmentalized cases, so you can easily store each part without mixing it up.


Despite having a motor that carries out the primary function of the jack, an electric jack is surprisingly quiet. This is highly appreciated by most of its users and is one of the best-selling points of these kits.

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Are There Any Drawbacks to Electric Car Jack Kit?

Electric car jacks have several advantages over traditional hydraulic jacks. They are lighter in weight, more compact, and easier to operate. However, there are also a few potential drawbacks that you should be aware of before making your purchase.

Can’t be Used Without a Power Source

As the name suggests, an electric car jack kit needs a power source to work. This could be a battery, car lighter outlet, electrical outlet, or even a generator.

Generally, this jack is used by connecting it to a car lighter. But if the car’s battery is dead or low, you will need an external source. Without any of these, the electric car jack kit will be useless.

There are many reasons why you might need an electric car jack kit. Perhaps you’ve got a flat tire and need to change it or lift your car to get something underneath. Whatever the reason, if you don’t have a power source handy, you’re out of luck.

If you’re planning on using an electric car jack kit, make sure you have a power source available. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck with a weighty piece of equipment that won’t do you any good.

E-HEELP Electric Car Jack Kit 5Ton 12V Hydraulic Car Jack Lift with Electric Impact Wrench for SUV MPV Sedan Truck Change Tires Garage Repair

Dangerous if not Used Correctly

These jacks can be dangerous if not used correctly. If you’re thinking about using an electric car jack, here are a few things you need to keep in mind:

  • Read the instructions thoroughly before use.
  • Ensure the area around the car is clear before using it.
  • Do not attempt to repair or replace parts while the vehicle is still on the jack.
  • Use caution when lowering the car back to the ground after completing your repairs.
  • Never leave the vehicle unattended while it is on the jack.

These simple tips will help you safely use your electric car jack and avoid accidents.

Costlier Maintenance

One of the most significant drawbacks is that they tend to be more expensive to maintain than traditional hydraulic jacks.

If you’re thinking about purchasing an electric car jack kit, it’s essential to keep this in mind. While the initial cost may be lower than a traditional jack, you’ll likely have to spend more on upkeep over time. This is something to keep in mind if you’re trying to save money in the long run.


If you have explored the market for electric jack kits, you probably have noticed that they can be quite expensive. In fact, high-quality kits can cost upwards of $500. So, what makes them so pricey?

Well, a few factors contribute to the high cost of electric car jack kits. First of all, they are made with high-quality materials and components. This ensures that they will last longer and work well.

Additionally, the manufacturing process is quite complex and expensive. Finally, electric car jack kits must be tested extensively to ensure safety and reliability.

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What to Look for When Buying an Electric Car Jack Kit

Before you head on to purchase an electric car jack kit, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind to ensure you buy the best possible product. Here are four key considerations:

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Perhaps the most important factor to consider when buying an electric car jack kit is durability. After all, you’ll want your investment to last for many years. Look for kits made from high-quality materials built to withstand regular use.

Anti-Slip Pads

Another important consideration is whether or not the electric car jack kit includes anti-slip pads. These pads are essential for preventing your jack from slipping, which could lead to serious injury.

Lift Range

Another thing to remember is the lift range of the electric car jack kit you’re considering. Make sure the kit you choose can accommodate the height of your vehicle.

Jack Weight

You must also consider the weight of the electric car jack kit itself. Some models are lightweight and easy to transport, while others are heavier and more difficult to move around. Choose a model that’s right for your needs.


Finally, look at the accessories that come with the electric car jack kit in the United States you’re considering. Some kits come with essential accessories like a carrying case and an instruction manual, while others include more extensive items like tire inflation needles, wheel spanner, and air compressor adapters. Choose the kit that best meets your needs.

Wrapping Up

Electric car jack kits are highly-useful kits that do all the hard work for you, making it easier than ever to change a tire or do anything you want under your car. However, remember the pointers we talked about when buying an electric jack to get the best bang for your buck.

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