Why You Need Electric Car Roadside Assistance for Your EV

If you have made the switch to an electric vehicle, congratulations – you have already taken one step into the future! With everything turning digital and carbon-free, it is believed that countries will require drivers to leave their old internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles behind and only use electric cars in the coming years.

Moreover, the incredible amount of savings from maintenance and gas costs will free up more money than ever to fund your future adventures, so take your electric vehicle out and explore!

However, even when you are excited to blaze your own trail, it’s always wise to prepare for the unexpected. Similar to gas-fed vehicles, an electric car is a machine, and so it can break down at any time without proper planning and care.

That’s why it’s essential to know what to do and who to call in case your electric vehicle runs into unforeseen trouble.

Here’s everything you need to know about electric car roadside assistance. Read on to find out!

What Is Roadside Assistance, and What Does It Cover?

Whether you are stuck in the middle of nowhere, or tire pops in a parking lot, or your car won’t start in the driveway, roadside assistance provides services that can get your electric vehicle operating correctly.

Why You Need Electric Car Roadside Assistance
Why You Need Electric Car Roadside Assistance

Though you can typically contact roadside assistance professionals through your phone, there are also specially designed applications (Apps) that can get you to help with a simple click. Other than this, you can access or buy roadside assistance coverage through:

  • A vehicle manufacturer
  • Your electric vehicle insurance company
  • Your electric car company
  • An auto club organization

Additionally, though roadside assistance services may vary with the provider, here is a list are some standard services:

  • Flat-tire fixes
  • Mechanical labor if your electric car is disabled
  • Electric car charge
  • Fuel delivery in case you have run out of gas
  • Winching services- pulling your electric vehicle out of a ditch
  • Battery jump-start in case your EV won’t start
  • Towing services if your electric car cannot be driven
  • Unlocking the EV if you have misplaced or forgotten the keys inside

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Why Do You Need Roadside Assistance for Your Electric Vehicle?

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular due to their environmental benefits and low maintenance cost.

With the high demand for EVs in the automobile industry, more and more manufacturers are releasing improved models to bridge the gap between electric cars and combustion engines.

Although the components of EVs might be different from traditional gas-fed vehicles, they are still susceptible to wear and tear. Primarily because of external influences.

So why would you need electric car roadside assistance in the first place? Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons!

1. Decayed or Broken Battery

If you have an early model electric vehicle, you might know how terrible its batteries are. Primarily because the old electric car batteries decay and break down a lot faster compared to newer models.

And so, not only do you need to charge the battery of your EV more frequently, but you will also need to replace it regularly.

The worst-case scenario? Your electric vehicle’s battery breaks down while you are on the road. In such a case, having the number of an electric car roadside assistance will come to the rescue.

The service providers will arrive promptly and will use a flatbed to safely tow your electric vehicle to the nearest battery dealer.

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2. Dead Battery

Even the most advanced lithium-ion batteries in modern electric vehicles can suffer from degradation over time. In simpler words, regardless of how technologically advanced your electric car is, its battery is the sole power source that will need replacement eventually.

Although the best way to prepare for a dead EV battery is by monitoring the charging time and how long does a charge last, you can also get the battery tested to determine its overall health.

So, if you know that your electric vehicle’s battery is about to die, purchasing a new one is the ideal solution. However, delayed replacement or maintenance of your EV’s battery can lead to sudden malfunctions, resulting in you needing to call electric vehicle roadside assistance.

The service providers will tow your electric car to the nearest EV mechanic or battery dealer.

Why You Need Electric Car Roadside Assistance for Your EV
Connecting the Charger Plug of an Electric Car

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3. Low Battery Charge

Remember running out of gas in your old gas-powered vehicle? When it comes to the battery charge, the same concept applies to electric cars.

Though EV batteries have come a long way since their launch, they still require proper maintenance and regular charge for optimal functionality.

Despite the popularity, due to the limited number of charging stations nationwide, one should always plan their journey ahead to ensure that they reach their destination within the charge range.

However, if you miscalculated and are stuck on the road with no charging station within your eye’s sight. Your only and safest way out is calling electric car roadside assistance for help.

4. Running Out of Charge

Typically an electric vehicle can only travel a certain distance before its battery runs out. Unfortunately, this can result in halting your trip, especially if you cannot find a convenient charging station for your electric car.

Additional reasons for your EV to run out of charge include; parking your electric car somewhere you shouldn’t or forgetting to hook your EV to a charger.

In either case, your electric vehicle’s driving range might vary based on its overall efficiency, how much weight it is hauling, and the specific vehicle model.

So, if your electric car’s battery charge has suddenly depleted and you cannot make it to the charging station, calling roadside assistance for help is the only possible solution.

In such a case, the service providers will either tow your electric car to a nearby station, or they will bring a portable charger to charge it on the spot.

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5. Brake Problems

Almost every electric car comprises of a regenerative braking system that effectively slows down the typical wear and tear on rotors and brake pads.

However, even with this technology, sudden brake malfunctions are one the most common reasons why electric vehicle owners might require roadside assistance.

It’s incredibly dangerous to keep driving if the brakes of your electric car aren’t working properly. In such cases, park your EV at a side and contact roadside assistance as soon as possible.

6. Flat Tire

Did you know that some electric vehicles are actually heavier than their ICE counterparts? This means that their tires must support considerably more weight.

Over time and usage, the added pressure of an electric engine and batteries can result in speeding down the wear and tear process of your EV’s tire treads.

Therefore, familiarize yourself with the process of changing a tire on your electric car and ensure that everyone in your house knows how to handle it.

In case you find yourself with a tire blown out in a dangerous location or extreme weather conditions, it’s recommended to contact roadside assistance rather than risking changing the tire by yourself.

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7. Accidents

Similar to vehicles with traditional combustion engines, electric cars can also suffer severe damage in accidents. It is recommended to drive an electric vehicle defensively wherever you go for these reasons.

Therefore, if your EV has been in an accident, even a minor one, contact electrical car roadside assistance to minimize the damage. The service providers will ensure to get your EV towed to the nearest automobile garage safely.

Though you might be the safest driver in the world, an accident can happen to you at any time. All it takes is one mistake, and you will find yourself stranded with nowhere to go.

Therefore, instead of panicking in such situations, calm yourself down and get in touch with roadside assistance.

8. Lockouts

Are you locked out of your EV? Electric cars have a very secure mechanism, so in case you have misplaced the key fob or have left the key inside the vehicle, reopening it won’t be an easy task.

This is where roadside assistance saves your day. The professionals are trained to perform a lockout on your electric vehicle without causing any damage to its structure.

To do this, the professionals strategically create a small opening between the car frame and the door and use their tools to unlock the door manually.

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What Should You Know before Calling Electric Car Roadside Assistance?

Before you jump to conclusions and call electric car roadside assistance, you need to understand what your EV model and the situation requires.

Without further ado, let’s delve into everything you should know before calling a roadside assistance service provides.

Electric Car Roadside Assistance
Electric Car Roadside Assistance

1. Check the Owner’s Manual

Your EV’s owner’s manual will provide you with all the essential information regarding your car, including its towing needs. For example, a Model 3 and Audi E Tron might have different towing needs compared to the Porsche Taycan.

2. Let the Towing Company Know that You Have an Electric Car

The towing needs of an electric car are very different from a regular gas-powered car. Therefore, when calling a towing company, always let them know that you have an electric vehicle. This will help them in understanding your requirements and providing roadside assistance services accordingly.

3. Ask for an EV Charging Truck

A roadside assistance charging truck contains all the necessary tools and equipment required to charge your electric car on the spot. Therefore, if the reason behind your EV’s malfunction is low battery charge, remember to ask the roadside assistance provider for a charging truck.

Note that towing in some cases can result in damaging your electric vehicle; therefore, it’s better to request an EV charging truck instead of a tow truck.

4. Use Flatbed Towing

Trying to tow your electric car without a flatbed can result in causing significant damage to its engine. Unlike their combustion-engine counterparts, most electric vehicles don’t comprise a neutral setting in their transmission.

Due to this, even the slightest movement of the wheels can cause the electric motor to turn, resulting in severe damage to the engine and the electric motor. This is where roadside assistance’s flatbed towing comes in.

It will not only help you in easily towing your electric vehicle but will also ensure that no done damage is done to the value of your EV.

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5. Know Where You Want Your Electric Vehicle to Go

When calling roadside assistance, make sure you know where you want them to tow your electric vehicle. Do you want them to take your electric car to the dealership, the mechanic, or back to the garage?

Additionally, if there’s only a problem with your electric vehicle’s charge, do the roadside assistance service provider have the facilities to charge it at the side of the road?

In short, no matter how modernized electric vehicles have problems of their own, and hence, they can break down at any moment.

Having a reliable roadside assistance service provider on your contact list not only saves you from the hassle but ensures that no damage is done to your electric vehicle.

Electric Car Roadside Assistance – What Should You Do?

Unlike gas-powered vehicles, it is nearly impossible to move a battery dead or flat-tire electric car. Therefore, it is essential to have a reliable electric car roadside assistance plan from a reputable service provider to be forever ready.

However, here is a list of things that you do to prepare yourself in case of an EV-related emergency scenario:

  • Have a spare tire available (either at home so that someone can bring it to you or inside the trunk of your electric vehicle).
  • For emergency charges from nearby electric outlets, always carry adaptors and charging leads.
  • Learn the basics of how an electric car functions so that you can quickly identify the problem.
  • Instead of DIY-ing different experiments, call a trusted roadside assistance partner when your electric vehicle malfunctions.

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Wrapping It Up!

It can be frightening and nerve-wracking to be stranded by the side of the road. Regardless of the cause behind the disruption or which option you should choose, roadside assistance puts your mind at ease knowing that if an electric car emergency occurs, you will always have a backup plan to get back on the road.