Why are Electric Dirt Bikes So Expensive [6 Reasons]

Electric dirt bikes are super fun to ride and can easily be purchased from your reliable bike manufacturer. However, the market for electric bikes is still relatively new. These bikes make use of an electric motor that gets you moving, ensuring you enjoy that little extra push when riding.

However, affordability is an important factor with electric dirt bikes. They are pretty expensive, especially when compared to traditional bikes. The frame, battery, motor, electronic controller, and superior components make up most of the cost.

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Why are Electric Dirt Bikes So Expensive in the United States

Compared with traditional bikes that have been around for centuries, the cost of an electric bike can exceed $1,000. In fact, bigger and better brands also provide electric bikes that fall in the $10,000 range.

The main reason why these bikes are costly is because of their high-quality components. We must admit that the features of an electric dirt bike are no match for an old-school, conventional bike.

These prices might be shocking for those who have just started learning about electric bikes. However, when you break down the costs, you will start to understand what makes these bikes so expensive.

Here are some reasons why electric dirt bikes come with a high price tag:

1. Higher Quality Frame

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One of the most important parts of an electric bike is the frame that it is made with. A good quality e-bike may have double the weight of a traditional bike because of the frame it uses.

In fact, most electric dirt bikes weigh more than 50 pounds- this may sound like a lot, but to ensure that the rider is supported well, the frame needs to be sturdy. Moreover, the battery and motor also add to the weight of the bike.

You will also find lighter electric bikes in the market that are of great quality but use expensive materials to make their frames more portable. However, these bikes are enough to break your bank and may not fall in the price range you are looking for.

Some manufacturers have also started to design custom frames so that the battery is made part of the frame. This makes the e-bike lighter but also shoots up the cost price because of the exclusive materials and designs used.

2. Additional Battery Cost

One of the major reasons electric dirt bikes are so expensive is the battery they come with. Most batteries alone cost between $500 to $1,000, which substantially increases the entire electric bike’s price.

Most of the electric bikes you find in America come with a lithium-ion battery that makes the bike extremely efficient. Moreover, these batteries are not too heavy, so they do not add too much extra weight on the bike.

The lighter the battery, the easier it is to use the bike to cycle. We recommend investing in an electric bike with a superior-quality battery because it will definitely last longer than a cheap battery.

A good battery should last up to 4 years before it calls for maintenance or replacement. Till then, you might even be tempted to switch your electric bike and invest in a newer model; who knows?

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3. Motor

Another major cost that causes the price of e-bikes to shoot up is the cost of the motor. There is no motor in a traditional bike which makes them cheaper. However, e-bikes use motors that allow riders to pedal with ease.

When riding an electric bike, you will have to use the pedal assist feature that most bikes come with or twist the throttle. Both these features make use of a motor.

Each bike has a different motor customized to the bike’s shape. This increases its price as the cost of labor increases as well. Anything that needs to be made specially cannot be made in bulk, increasing the cost of the material used.

4. Superior Quality Components

Along with having a superior frame, there are other components of an electric bike that need to be of top-notch quality.

You must understand that these bikes must be able to support and protect your weight, along with the weight of the battery and motor. Moreover, they need to keep all the components stable and safe because the bike will be moving at a fast speed.

For instance, think about the brakes that need to be used when riding a dirt bike at a fast speed. If the brakes were of low quality, the rider would be in grave danger and could also get into an accident. The better the bike parts, the higher the price will also be.

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5. Electronic Controller

Traditional bikes do not need an electronic controller, which is crucial for an electric bike. It also contributes to the bike’s increasing price.

Think of an electronic controller like the brain of the bike – it helps the bike form communication between the motor and battery. Moreover, it controls the speed of the motor and is used as a brake to ensure that you can stop the bike any time you want without facing any difficulty.

When the brakes are applied on an electric bike, the electronic controller helps cut off the power supply. It makes use of the power that the battery supplies and ensures that it reaches the motor.

The type of controller that an electric bike uses mainly depends on the brand you are investing in. Electronic controllers have adjustments for miles or kilometers, tire size, and also monitor the overall mileage and the journey mileage each time you ride the bike.

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6. Niche Market

Even though the components of an electric bike add to its total cost, they are also so expensive because they are not extremely popular and are relatively new to the market.

It is only recently that electric dirt bikes have gained popularity, but so far, we have to say that they are still a niche market. The low demand means that companies have a monopoly in the market, allowing them to sell for more, increasing the bike price.

Most manufacturers cannot create parts of the electric bike in bulk quality because of the changing demand, which increases the total cost, making the bikes more expensive.

In an alternate scenario, manufacturers could take advantage of the economies of scale by mass-producing e-bikes. Traditional bikes can be manufactured in bulk quantities because of how popular they are, which lowers the overall costs of the bikes.

Moreover, since electric dirt bikes are not as popular, there are not as many manufacturers today. Since the competition in the market is low, manufacturers do not feel the need to compete for a lower price for their customers.

We are hoping that electric bikes will become more popular in future years so that there is a rise in competition and better prices are offered.

In fact, our observation shows that as compared to last year, there has been a definite drop in the prices of e-bikes since more people are manufacturing them today.

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How to Choose Your Electric Dirt Bike if You Live in the US

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If you are planning on buying an electric bike, we encourage you to save some money to get a better model. Even though there is a slight chance that the price of electric bikes might drop in future years, there is no solid guarantee. Hence, if you have the budget, you should buy your bike as soon as possible.

Electric bike prices depend on the materials used; the better the materials and the lighter the bike, the more expensive the bike will be. However, based on customer reviews, you can definitely find bikes that fall in the mid-range and are found to be great.

We would recommend that before making your final purchase, you should read reviews in depth, do some research on the manufacturer, and ensure that you are getting the best product that falls within your budget.

To help you understand what you are paying for, we have elaborated on the kind of bikes that fall within each price range:

1. Electric Dirt Bikes that Cost $1,000

These are considered to be entry-level bikes and the starting range for most bikes. You will usually find low-quality components used that will not be as superior as those used in more expensive bikes. Moreover, the bike frame will be heavier as it will be made out of aluminum.

If your budget exceeds $1,000, we recommend the SwagTron eBike. It is a folding bike, making it a great choice if portability is an issue for you.

2. Electric Dirt Bikes that Cost $2,000

If you do not want to spend too much money but still want to make a smart purchase, you can get a bike within this range. These bikes use decent materials, but given the price range, you should not expect the absolute best.

You will find bikes with better batteries that last longer, sturdier frames, and extra features and accessories in this price range.

3. Electric Dirt Bikes that Cost $3,000

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If you are looking for an electric bike within $3,000, you are guaranteed to find one to your liking. These bikes have top-notch components and are physically more attractive than other bikes. They are usually made from carbon, making them lighter and more portable.

You can probably even find electric bikes with a seating arrangement on the back in this range if you are planning on carrying another rider on your bike.

This range is also suitable for electric cargo bikes. Bikes in this range would be a great option if you have young children or usually need to do grocery runs for the house.

4. Electric Dirt Bikes that Cost $4,000

Bikes within this range are the most physically pleasing, as they come with carbon fibers and additional perks. These bikes make use of the absolute best components and may even offer special electronics that other bikes do not.

Electric bikes within this range are made to last for years and are great for someone who can afford them and is looking for something special beyond the riding factor.

These electric dirt bikes are cutting-edge bikes that can be shown off but, more than that, are practical and durable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Will the price of electric bikes come down?

We can only speculate but believe that the price of electric dirt bikes will decrease over time. This is because they will become more popular all over the globe. In that case, cheaper electric bikes will hit the US market.
However, we think that once this happens, the quality of bikes produced will drop. Cheap products are not always great. That said, we recommend choosing a bike in the range of $2,000 to $3,000, especially if you are looking for durable options.

2. Is it expensive to maintain electric bikes?

Electric bikes are not expensive to maintain. You would have to spend as much to maintain them as you would spend on a traditional bicycle. However, every 3 to 4 years, you will have to replace the battery, so that is an added cost to keep in mind. Other than this, the gears, hub, tires, and chain will have to be maintained like a conventional bicycle.