Best Full-Suspension Electric Mountain Bike under $4000

Electric mountain biking is developing rapidly. Now, everyone can find the perfect bike to suit their needs, from ultralight trail bikes to powerful enduro machines.

 The power-assisted category, formerly mocked by purists as a useless n+1 bike, has rebranded, thanks to international competition series like the newly formed EWS-E series and the rapid evolution of bike, motor, and battery technology.

Manufacturers are making changes to the design of bikes as more and more individuals experiment with and test the limits of electric mountain bikes.

Extensive trips are possible with the help of the large batteries or the removable battery boosters found on many modern bicycles. On the other hand, there are ultra-light e-bikes that weigh almost as little as a standard mountain bike and have a small battery and motor to help out a bit.

Which Electric Bike is the Best for You?

Where you ride and how long you ride to determine which electric mountain bike is best for you. Newer lightweight systems are great if you need a little bit of help.

 However, greater battery power is essential if you love exploring the great outdoors and conquering challenging mountain climbs.

Considering the benefits and drawbacks of the components package with any bike purchase is essential. You should be able to locate an electric mountain bike that suits your needs and budget.

What Makes an Electric Mountain Bike the Best in the Business?

You can get the perfect electric mountain bike for around $4,000. Before making the purchase, ensure that it has the following components:

Wheel Construction

Thin-tired, hard-tired, and standard-size bikes are readily available in the market. There are benefits and drawbacks to each.

The first thing you need to consider is the wheel construction. The entirety of your ride depends on them. Choose the ones that best suit your preferred mode of riding.

For instance, thinner tires can be more portable; however, they lack the strength to traverse rough terrain. Therefore, you should ensure that your electric mountain bike can navigate challenging roads. It is only possible if the tires are hard enough.

Power Source Voltage

Verify the battery’s voltage before purchasing. This will ensure you don’t find yourself on the mountainside without power. Monitor the battery voltage and see how long it can hold a charge.


Those who wish to go through various terrains and scales should invest in a powerful motor. The steepness of the slopes and the depth of the snow or rocks won’t be a problem for a motor strong enough to propel you forward and backward.

It is essential to think about the total MPH to get an idea of how fast the pedal-assist system is helping you go. Find a bike that can handle the heat if you want it to help you with various speed limits.


 Searching for a few helpful add-ons is beneficial. Everyone has their ideas on what constitutes an essential or desirable feature.

For instance, you might want a bike with a backlit LED or an intelligent eMTB. Find out everything about the characteristics of each bike to determine which one best suits your needs.

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Electric Mountain Bike Under $4000

The following are the best electric mountain bikes under $4,000 that are not only light on your pockets but are also efficient:

1. The Super Monarch AWD 1000

Super Monarch AWD 1000 is one of the market’s most affordable electric mountain bikes. Not one but two 500-watt motors power this flashy orange monster of an electric bike for 1,000 watts of exciting off-roading action.

This electric bike provides full suspension, providing a comfortable ride whether you’re riding on pavement or off-road.

eBike Super Kind features a GT Mark air fork up front and a DNM air shock in the back, both of which are fully adjustable to suit your needs. Both are not high-end components; however, they will serve your purposes well enough for an entertaining full-suspension electric bike.

It has two motors powering all four wheels. It means riders can quickly drain a battery. Therefore, the Super Monarch features two batteries, allowing you to keep logging miles even after the first one dies.

It also has extra-wide hard tires that can overcome the hindrances on the trail yet easily ride bumpy streets. You can explore different color options if you’re curious about the bike’s look.

The Super Monarch AWD 1000’s only drawback is its heavy weight (41 kg). You might need assistance loading that hefty bike into your vehicle rack, assuming you can find a strong enough rack to support it.

You can travel at speeds up to about 33 mph without significantly draining the battery and take pleasure in trail rides while still having enough power to get you back home again.

This AWD full-suspension dual battery e-bike is insane in the best possible manner and well worth the asking price.

Best Full-Suspension Electric Mountain Bike under $4000

2. Powerfly 4

The Powerfly 4 is another electric mountain bike that costs less than $4,000. It can take you wherever you need to go, thanks to its powerful 500W motor.

It has high-quality components that will keep running smoothly and reliably for years. Every Powerfly 4 comes standard with a Shimano drivetrain, known for its reliability and swift shifting, and a Removable Integrated Battery system hidden away neatly within the frame for an ultra-professional look.

This electric mountain bike allows you to go places you never thought possible. It also features an intelligent eMTB that adjusts its power output based on the terrain and a Walk Assistant. This kind of cutting-edge innovation is rarely found in so-called budget versions.

It has a removable cellular power pack, a slimmer profile, and a power output of 500 watts. The Walk Assist and Smart e-Bike Capable of 20 MPH Pedal Assist makes your ride smooth!

This fantastic electric mountain bike’s only downside is a cheaper fork and brakes that might annoy regular riders.

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3. All-Terrain M2S Yamaha M600 FS Battery-Powered Bike

The All-Terrain m2s Yamaha M600 FS Battery-Powered Bike is another mid-drive electric mountain bike with full suspension available for under $4,000.

Some riders prefer this motor because it provides adequate power while being gentler on the bike’s components. Even if something unexpected pops up, you can still take it on with more than enough torque.

This bike has Tektro Auriga hydraulic disc brakes, DNM suspension, and Shimano Alivio gearing.

Lights are included along with the electric motor, contributing to a nice bonus that not all electric mountain bikes offer.

This bike is also less expensive than many powerful full-suspension electric mountain bikes. Its top speed of about 25 mph is slower than other bikes; however, it’s still quite fast for trail rides and suitable for bike lanes.

If you want a full-suspension electric mountain bike with a powerful mid-drive motor but don’t need or want something extreme, this beast is the way to go!

4. RadRover 5 Electric Bike

The RadRover 5 is one of the most popular electric mountain bikes for under $4,000. It features fantastic 4″ wheels with Kenda K-shield linings that allow you to explore everywhere, from sand to snow.

 You’ll have no trouble tackling steep inclines if you add in the 7-speed gearbox and 80Nm of power.

It includes a convenient upright riding position and extras like lights, a kickstand, and fenders. You can ride confidently because of the dependable Tektro Aries Mechanical Disc brakes.

The RadRover 5’s tires have an innovative Kenda K-shield that protects against punctures caused by thorns, grass, and other sharp materials.

It has 750 watts of continuous power and mechanical disc brakes by Tektro Model Aries that ensure a smooth ride. You don’t have to beep the entire way; you can flash the red light for brakes that let the rider in front of you be aware of your presence.

Moreover, this bike features fender protectors

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5. Frey CC

Full suspension is not typical on commuter bikes due to the high price and the extra weight it brings. With an electric bike, the extra weight isn’t too much of a problem because the engine can compensate for it.

Frey CC is a unique full-suspension electric bike. RockShox equipped the Frey CC with a Recon fork up front and a Monarch shock tucked down in the rear frame.

It might not be the most extreme suspension for a downhill electric bike; however, it is more than adequate for some airtime on the commute.

This Frey bike also features a Bafang motor with 160 Nm of power, which is more than enough to lift a stump out of the ground. This engine is perfect for those who like fast races or have an uphill commute.

The combination of its commuter-friendly Frey CC frame, hill-climbing prowess, and RockShox suspension makes this the e-bike to beat in the market.

The engine is so powerful that it overpowers transmission parts like the chain and sprockets. It is crucial to ride in the correct ratio when using this motor. You must practice proper shifting, which may require temporarily reducing pedal help.

 When shifting gears, periodically press the brake lever to shut off the motor without actually engaging the brake pads. This will help gears stay in place, preventing your bike from breaking down.

The average chain lasts about 400 miles. On the other hand, if you don’t know how to shift or constantly cruise around in the highest gear, you might need to buy a couple of new chains in less than 100 miles.

This electric mountain bike is relatively cheaper than its counterparts. Its Shimano M6000 transmission, Magura hydraulic disc brakes, and big battery highlight this electric bike.

Best Full-Suspension Electric Mountain Bike under $4000
Best Full-Suspension Electric Mountain Bike under $4000


PASELEC – GS9 is a full-suspension electric mountain bike for adults. It is a high-quality bike with a 13aH battery, 27.5″ wheels, a 100 mm fork, and a 40 mm rear travel.

 The motor and battery have been incorporated into the frame without any visible connections to achieve an IP5 classification for protection against water and dust infiltration.

 The motor is quite strong and includes a progressive Smart Assist mode that automatically adjusts the level of assistance to the rider’s needs, making it unnecessary to change gears on flat ground.

Along with its high top speed, the GS9 also boasts three riding modes that make it ideal for leisurely rides, sightseeing excursions, and intense rides over moderate terrain.

 It’s a great companion for classic trekkers who aren’t afraid of a little roughness on the trail but still want to see the world.

The GS9 is lightweight and easy to control, thanks to its race-ready saddle and narrow tires. Therefore, the bike is more suited for general off-roading than on tough trails.

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7. VIVI Electric Mountain Bike

The VIVI electric mountain bike is the ideal blend of trail performance and power to give you the ride of your life, allowing you to go anywhere you want. You can discover new trails and add variety to your regular ride routine.

The highest standard alloys are used in the frame’s construction, with Aviation Grade Aluminum Alloy serving as the primary material. The structure was developed considering a body’s movement.

Two disc brakes and a high-strength steel suspension fork keep you safe and comfortable on the road. The VIVI electric mountain bike is a fantastic option, whether you’re looking for a quick commute, an efficient workout, or excitement on the weekends.

The VIVI Electric Mountain Bike’s fantastic 26-inch wheels are one of its best characteristics since they allow you to explore various landscapes.

 You can easily overcome inclines thanks to your 21-speed gearbox’s ample torque. Its 350W motor is so powerful that it can propel you between 22 and 40 kilometers on a single charge.

It boasts a convenient upright riding position and practical extras like a kickstand, lights, and fenders. The high-strength carbon steel used in the bike’s Double shock absorption short front fork construction ensures your safety on the road.

VIV electric mountain bike tires have a special shield that prevents punctures from thorns, grass, and other sharp materials, making it one of the most secured mountain bikes on the market.

Final Words

Electric bicycles were expensive, cumbersome, and had short battery lives for a long time. However, it has been shifting gradually. Modern electric bikes have become more compact, stylish, and potent. You don’t have to be in great shape to hop on one and give it a spin.

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