What is the Fastest Electric Mountain Bike?

When one starts talking about the fastest electric mountain bike, which specific trait of a bike are they talking about exactly? Are they talking about the e-bike with the highest top speed? The one that has the most acceleration? Or are they simply looking for an e-bike that’s easy to maneuver at those high speeds? To ensure you have a definitive answer, this blog addresses these questions.

We’re going to start by focusing on electric mountain bikes in the market. These are true speed chasers that have everything the industry has to offer.

VELOWAVE Electric Mountain Bike Adults 500W 27.5'' Ebike 25MPH E Bike 48V 15Ah Larger Battery Removable Shimano 7-Speed Silver

But quite frankly, these bikes may not be the most practical choices. That is also why we then shift our focus to electric mountain bikes that are street legal. These are the bikes you can look forward to when considering a bike for your daily commute.

Still, wondering what is the fast electric mountain bike? Read on to find out!

Hi Cycles Revolution X

This bike is an easy option to pick. It’s a well-built machine when talking about e-bike technology since it has a top speed above 60 mph. It also has impressive acceleration since it can go from 0 to 30 mph in only 4.57 seconds.

If you’re looking for an electric mountain bike that gives you a pure adrenaline rush, you’re not going to find many better options than this one. This bike is also highly capable and strong.

Its frame is built from carbon fiber, has quad piston brakes, a range of up to 100 miles, full suspension, and a 2400 lithium battery.

If you’re looking for a fast electric mountain bike in the market that can handle the trails with ease while also ensuring you do it quickly, this may be what you’ve been looking for.

MZZK BIKE 750W Fat Tire Electric Bike Adults Powerful Brushless Motor Mountain Trail E-Bikes 7-Speed Snow Electric Bicycles with 48V Lithium Battery Pedal Assist

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Neematic FR

At times, it often feels like the manufacturing team at Neematic is destined to prove that electric bikes can be used for off-roading purposes. They joined forces to create this great bike which is as light as a single gear bicycle and is as powerful as a high-speed motorbike.

It weighs only 115 pounds, and it displays several qualities that enable it to give an unparalleled performance both on city roads and on those off-roading tracks.

If you ride it the right way, you can achieve speeds of up to 50 miles per hour. The speed range of the bike depends heavily on the rider’s weight and the speed of the terrain.

Other factors also need to fall in line, like the weather you ride the bike in. Trying to achieve high speeds with it on a windy day can be challenging since there will be ample wind resistance.

On a perfect day, you may also be able to take it up to 60 miles per hour after a complete charge.

It has been equipped with a 2.2-kilowatt lithium battery, a rear shock, 3v4 brakes, a front fork, and a magnetic outrunner motor. It is one of the most powerful electric mountain bikes in the world.

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Rimac Greyp

The Rimac Greyp is yet another electric mountain bike capable of reaching speeds of up to 44 mph, and it can cover 75 miles on a full charge (without you turning the pedals).

The electric motor installed on this mountain bike has a monstrous output of 12kW, making it one of the most powerful electric mountain bikes globally.

Moreover, you can easily pair up this bike’s model with rock-shock suspension or a dual wall aluminum rim, and it should be able to withstand those rough off-terrain surfaces, jumps, and rugged downhill tracks.

Throughout all of this, you’ll still easily maintain a comfortable ride. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about it being stolen either since it’s protected by a fingerprint reader that decides when it powers on or turns off.

750W Electric Mountain Bike Up to 31 MPH 26 Inch 4.0 Fat Tire Electric Bike with 48V 15AH Battery, Hydraulic Brakes and Full Air Suspension Electric Bicycle for Adults with USB Color Display

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Stealth Electric

Next up is the electric mountain bike from Stealth Electric. This bike is an uncaged beast, and it is one of the most popular electric mountain bikes on the market today.

The electric motor’s technology will let you reach speeds you thought weren’t possible on an electric mountain bike.

When everything goes well and the condition suit you, it should give you speeds of 50 mph with a range between 50 to 60 miles on a single charge.

But they’re improving on this, too! In the 2020 model, they increased the bike’s power by 20%, and the motor’s weight decreased by 20%.

This will offer you a faster ride, but it will also make your bike a lot more maneuverable and comfortable. Moreover, this bike also has full suspension with brakes with ample stopping power.

When you start talking about high-performance electric mountain bikes that nail every part of the job, this bike is going to top several lists. It’s not too difficult to see why either. If you want a bike with ample off-roading capabilities and is also fast, this bike may be the best option.

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Stealth B52

In the electric mountain biking world, this bike has been a frontrunner for a very long time. It’s built for years of extreme riding, and it will easily last you for years. It has a Chromoly frame, an MRP suspension, and strong brakes from Magura that will help you overcome almost anything thrown in your path (literally).

The manufacturers have equipped this bike with a 5.2 kW motor that will let you reach a speed range of 50 mph; however, its distance may be limited to 50 miles (without any assistance). However, it does have a hefty price tag that many people may not like.

This bike weighs around 118 pounds, so carrying it around may not be easy. As a result, you’ll have to treat it as a stationary motorcycle rather than a bicycle that’s easy to lift.

That said, make sure you take all the needed security measures before you get this bike since it has a high price which may attract thieves.

eAhora RURUI XT10 750W Electric Bike up to 31MPH 48V 15Ah Adults Ebike, 26in Fat Tire Snow Beach Mountain E-Bike with Full Suspension and Hydraulic Brakes, USB Color Display

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Swind 01

This high-performance option can quickly fly because of its top speed. Like most other bikes on this list, it also has a speed cap of 60 mph and an electric motor with a power outage of 15kW.

This is primarily the reason that this bike can perform so well. The battery on it is easy to charge since it’s going to take only 90 minutes for a full charge and will last for a whopping 80 miles without assistance.

The ride of the bike is impressive as well. It has hydraulic brakes on both of its wheels, and it also comes with full suspension, which ensures that it can adequately handle the toughest of off-road tracks.

Moreover, it also has three different motor settings: mountain bike, street, and cross. Even though it’s a true marvel of engineering, it does come at a high price, so make sure you know what you’re getting into before you get the bike!

HILAND Rockshark Electric Bike Electric Mountain Bike Aluminum 26 inch 350W 21MPH Adults E-Bike Shimano 21 Speed Disc Brake Suspension Fork with 36V 10.4Ah Removable Battery, Black

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This electric mountain bike does an excellent job of blurring the line between an e-bike and a motorcycle. Its recent model ranks well against the high-performers in the market today, even though it’s a newcomer.

It’s built by a Ukrainian company, and it has a smart system for its battery which was developed in America. It has a capacity of 3.5kWh, which is decent.

Depending on the bike’s model, it can be managed and connected by Bluetooth, and its top speed and range depend mainly on the bike’s model.

We can easily call this bike the leader of long-range distances since it can easily travel for 236 miles without any assistance.

This is more than the new Tesla Model 3! These numbers make the Delfast the electric mountain bike with the most extended range globally; however, to achieve this distance, you’ll have to ride the bike at a speed of 16 miles per hour.

You can take up to 50 miles per hour if that’s too slow for you, but you may not have ridiculously high distance numbers.

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Hi Scout Pro

This is another option from Hi Scout, an engineering marvel. It’s a speedy bike that is available in a reasonable price range. It has power that goes up to 3000W, which means that it can easily achieve a speed of up to 45 mph.

While it isn’t as fast as all other electric mountain bikes that we’ve mentioned on our list, it still is much faster than a typical electric mountain bike that you can get. It also has both full throttle and pedal assist options as well.

This electric mountain bike is another great option since it has a hardtail design, 27.5-inch wheels, and a 150mm frontal suspension.

VELOWAVE Electric Bike Adults 750W BAFANG Motor 48V 15Ah Removable Larger Battery 26'' Fat Tire Ebike 28MPH Snow Beach Mountain E-Bike Shimano 7-Speed Black/Gray

Trek Allant

Made by Trek, this bike is easily one of the most reliable names in the world of electric mountain biking. It offers everything you’d want in your electric mountain bike when you start taking it to the streets.

It can hit speeds of up to 28 mph, making it one of the fastest street-legal electric mountain bikes you can buy today.

This bike is built to get you around the city while also letting you off-road casually. It’s almost obvious that with this bike, the focus is mainly on functionality and durability since it outperforms when it comes to the basics.

The carbon fiber frame that the bike has is incredibly sleek, aerodynamic, and durable. It has a 625wH battery, one of its longest-lasting batteries, and street legal electric mountain bikes.

Fastest Electric Mountain Bike
Fastest Electric Mountain Bike

Moreover, this bike also has hydraulic disc brakes that give it a lot of stopping power at all speeds and conditions. This electric mountain bike is built like a cruiser, and it’s clear that it has been designed for speed.

If your primary goal while traveling is to get to all places as fast as possible, you should seriously consider buying this bike.

Bultaco Brinco

This is a Spanish company that has been a legendary manufacturer of classic motorcycles.

However, due to the growing demand for electrically powered mountain bikes, the company decided to expand its offerings to include a few more electric mountain bikes.

Currently, the company offers five different electric mountain bike models, and all of them have been designed to achieve a specific task. Be it hill-climbing, high-speed thrill rides, or an urban commute; they have options that can handle all kinds of riding styles.

The most exciting modification in their lineup is the Mikey R and the RB. Both bikes have paddles and independent throttles and can achieve a power output of 2kW.

The RB model also comes equipped with a paddle sensor, due to which you can align it to your own assisted paddling standard. This way, you’ll be able to ride your bike on public roads without breaking any of the laws.

This variant has a top speed of 38 mph, but do keep in mind that if you decide to ride the bike at its highest speed, your distance will be limited to only 32 miles.

Electric Bike, Freesky 750W Electric Bike for Adults, 20" Fat Tire Ebike, 25MPH 25-70 Miles Folding Electric Bike, 48V 15Ah Samsung Battery, Shimano 7-Speed Full Suspension Electric Bicycle

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Voltaire Brinco

Foldable electric mountain bikes are an exciting sub-category loved by commuters worldwide. The benefit of a foldable electric mountain bike is that you can easily achieve compact size and bring it with you anywhere you want to go. This means that you won’t have to worry about leaving your bike outside and worry about any potential thieves.

Apart from this, the Voltaire is a competent electric mountain bike. It can easily achieve speeds of 28 mph, making it one of the fastest street-legal bikes globally.

That is pretty impressive for a folding bike when you factor in the point that it’s also supposed to be portable. It has a 500W motor and 48v battery power.

While the battery is capable, it’s not too amazing since it can give you a travel distance between 30 to 60 miles. Even though portability is the main goal with this bike, it’s also highly maneuverable and comfortable.

Electric Mountain Bikes for Adults 27.5'' Electric Bicycle, Hydraulic Brakes, 500W Ebike with13ah Removable Lithium Battery Moped Cycle, Full Suspension E-MTB, Professional 9-Speed Gears (Grey)

It certainly does not sacrifice comfort for portability since it only weighs 55 pounds because of its aluminum frame. It also has an adjustable seat, frontal suspension, and an adjustable handlebar.


This article was a definitive answer to the question “what is the fastest electric mountain bike,” and we hope you have the option you were looking for! Remember, it’s hard to pick one pick electric mountain bike when you talk about the fastest one since several factors to consider. The answer depends on your specific usage case!