Folding Electric Bikes Under $1000


If you are on a budget or have a specific amount set out for an electric bike you want to purchase, you might have a difficult time finding the correct balance between an affordable bike and a bike of good quality. However, don’t lose hope- finding folding electric bikes under $1000 is not impossible.

We have compiled a list of affordable folding electric bikes in your budget to help you save time and effort. After all, with most electric bikes being sold on Amazon, it is hard to tell if they are worth your money and what special features they have.

Lucky for you, our team of experts has evaluable all the bikes so that you can make a purchase you are happy with.

Folding Electric Bikes Under $1000

Let’s be honest: electric bikes are not cheap machines. The motors and batteries used in these bikes cost money, so it is hard to find a bike for a low price. Many companies do an excellent job in building durable and safe electric bikes, but some sell products that are below average and advertise them well.

Amazon is Pandora’s box of cheap folding electric bikes in the United States, so it is wise to do your research beforehand.

Our top picks for electric bikes under $1000 include:

  • Aventon Folding
  • Swagton EB-5
  • Aventon Sinch
  • Bikfun Electric Mountain E-Bike

How to Pick an Affordable Folding Electric Bike that Fits Your Budget

Here are a couple of things customers should keep in mind when finding an electric bike that falls within their budget:

  • When buying an electric bike, try to buy it from a website with customer service and a warranty on the bike.
  • Simple bikes, such as the ones with no suspension or a single speed, should be paid attention to. Suspension systems and drivetrains are expensive. We would recommend against cheap knock-offs as these are unreliable.
  • Make sure to read loads of bike reviews and first-hand testimonies on the bike’s performance before you purchase it.
  • Understand that not all good electric bikes have loads of features and a glitzy exterior. Focus on how reliable the bike is- everything else is secondary.

Factors Considered to Evaluate the Folding Electric Bikes in this List

Every bike on this list has been tested and reviewed by our team. Instead of reviewing random bikes on Amazon, we have researched carefully and read countless reviews to bring some of the top folding electric bikes. We have provided the pros and cons of each bike so that you have a fair idea of what you are buying.

Moreover, these are the categories that we used to determine how great the bike is:

  • Usefulness/ utility: Just because an electric bike has a motor and two wheels does not mean it will be useful. We analyzed the features of each bike to see if it lived up to its full potential.
  • Quality to price ratio: Regardless of the money you spend, the bike you buy must be worth the amount you pay. We have rated each bike in this article according to its performance.
  • Longevity: You will find loads of bikes under $1000, but most of them will not last longer than a year or two. We wanted to ensure that the bikes we recommend last you for at least a couple of years. Hence, we have done ample research on the bike’s company, frame, and componentry.
  • Ride experience: How does it feel riding the bike? Will you still be comfortable while riding on it after five miles? We have provided details on the overall bike experience so that you know what you are getting yourself into. We have also compared each bike’s componentry, handling, and comfort.

Top Folding Electric Bikes Under $1000

1. Ancheer Folding Electric Bike (250 W)

  • Motor: 250 W rear hub motor
  • Battery: 288 Wh
  • Range: 15 to 17 miles
  • Weight capacity: 220 lbs
  • Weight of the bike: Approximately 33 lbs
  • Dimensions when folded: 84 cm in length, 62 cm in height.

Ancheer has become a promising company in the electric bike industry lately. Even though rivals like Trek and Giant have been the go-to developers of electric bikes for many years, they have left a gap in terms of budget. Their bikes start at the cost of $3000 and upwards.

Over the past couple of years, Ancheer has recognized this market gap and produced high-quality yet affordable bikes. The most popular one so far is their Folding Mountain Bike.

The bike has an aluminum frame that does not weigh much, along with shock absorbers on the rear frame and front fork. It has a 250 W motor, which means the bike can be legally allowed in the US and EU.

The bike has a 36 V, 8AH battery that will help you travel 25 km if you allow the engine to do all the work. If you use the full pedal assist option, you can expect to travel 50 km on the bike.

The company chose a 21-speed system, which we personally believe is too much for an electric bike. However, more gears never really hurt anyone.

In conclusion, regardless of which Ancheer electric bike you choose to invest in, you will love riding up a hill with the wind in your hair while other bikers struggle to pedal up. For its price, Ancheer has indeed produced a wonderful, affordable, and budget-friendly electric bike.

2. Swagtron EB-5 E-Bike (250 W)

  • Motor: 250 W rear hub motor
  • Battery: 270 Wh
  • Range: 15.5 miles
  • Weight capacity: 264 lbs
  • Weight of bike: 37 lbs
  • The time it takes to charge: 4 to 5 hours
  • Wheels: 14-inch wheels

When you first look at Swagtron EB-5, you might think it is small, but don’t be fooled; this is an ultra-capable electric bike. It eventually became popular as an electric bike that teenagers and young children could use.

However, its ease allows it to be used by older adults or those with physical impairments as well. This bike contains a 250-watt motor and can easily travel up on 25-degree slopes. The maximum speed you can expect from this bike is 25 km/h.

It comes fully equipped with a lithium-ion battery that can be removed. This battery can last you approximately 26 km or 15.5 miles. Like with other electric bikes, you can choose to ride the Swagtron by using its manual pedals.

Of course, the option to use the engine without pedaling is also available. If you want, you can combine the two options and use the pedal assist mode too.

This electric bike is equipped with 3-inch tires mounted to 14-inch rims. This ensures that riders can use maximum grip and have a wonderful ride.

Even though the bike looks small, it can accommodate individuals of up to 264 pounds. This means that despite its looks, it is not only meant for children.

3. Aventon Sinch Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike

  • Motor: 500 W, 48 V rear hub motor (brushless)
  • Battery: 48 V lithium-ion battery, 14 Ah
  • Range: 40 miles
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs.
  • Weight of bike: 68 lbs.
  • The time it takes to charge: 4 to 5 hours
  • Wheels: 20 inches x 4 inches

Don’t be amazed by how cheap this folding electric bike is- it has quite a few distinctive features that make this bike a fantastic option.

The Aventon Sinch provides a great option to cruise around, especially with its big tires. The quality of the bike is so great that you might be wondering how you could get it for so cheap. If you are looking for bikes under $1000, this is definitely one of the best options.

Compared to its competitors, the frame of this bike is brilliant. It is made of 6061 hydroformed aluminum and has a bold design accompanied by strong lines that you can spot from a mile away.

Like all other bikes produced by this company, the welding on the frame is great. It is seamless and smooth and matches the welding of many expensive bikes. At first glance, you might think the frame is cast rather than welded together.

The bike comes with a 500-watt rear hub motor that can be used to travel 20 miles per hour with a throttle or pedal assist. The motor itself is not bad when it comes to the riding performance – the five levels of throttle and pedal make it easier for the bike to go up and down hills.

The Sinch is powered by a superior lithium-ion battery of 48 V that is rated at 672 Wh. Like all the other batteries this company uses, this bike also uses Samsung cells that do not die soon.

You can ride the bike for 71 miles with it by charging it fully. However, this only applies if you use the first level of pedal assistance. However, it is essential to remember that on a single charge, you can expect to ride for approximately 40 miles.

This bike is a class II electric bike which means that it can reach a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour using the pedal assist. Moreover, it comes with Tektro MD 810 mechanical disc brakes with rotors measuring 180 mm.

This means that you should not face any problem if you want to come to a complete stop in a few feet.

Oversized Kenda Krusade tires are made a part of this bike as well. We like these tires because they cannot be punctured easily, allowing you to ride the bike on any terrain you want. The only issue is that you might feel a little unstable on the small wheels, especially if you are just learning how to ride an electric bike.

4. Bikfun Electric Mountain E-Bike

  • Speed: 25 km per hour
  • The time it takes to charge: 4 to 6 hours
  • Meter and switch modes are available

The Bikfun bike has a wonderful design that allows you to make use of the bike on whatever terrain you want. There are three working models- normal, electric, and power, that allow you to change the level of assistance you need for your journey.

If you don’t have loads of storage space or bike racks to put on your car, you do not have to worry- this bike can be folded up and put into a boot so you can take it with you wherever you want.

It can travel at a speed of 25 km per hour and can travel anywhere between 25 to 50 kilometers, which means that you can rely on the bike to take you anywhere.

We love this bike because it can fold up and become compact any time you travel, making the commute easier. Moreover, it comes with a double suspension to ensure that riders are comfortable. This hybrid bike is also great for different kinds of roads, parks, and trails.

Folding Electric Bikes Under $1000
Folding Electric Bikes Under $1000

Why One Must Invest in Folding Electric Bikes

Folding electric bikes are becoming popular on buses, trains, city streets, apartments, and office buildings, and we completely understand why. It is hard to argue when a bike can completely fold and fit underneath your desk, so you do not have to worry about getting stolen while at work.

Moreover, it allows commuting to be faster and less taxing.

When looking for an affordable folding electric bike, search for high torque ratings and big batteries. Moreover, the hub motors of these bikes should have a power of between 250 to 350 watts. The higher the motor’s torque, the more easily you can expect it to accelerate.

Good luck finding a folding electric bike that fits your budget!

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