Hotels With Electric Car Charging In The USA

With cutting-edge technology, Electric vehicles are now in demand due to their feasibility and how they are the only practical solution to a healthy environment. This change has not only affected the automotive industry but also has made an impact on tourism.

The accelerated usage of Electric vehicles has encouraged hoteliers and big hotel management companies to take significant steps in redeveloping their infrastructures. They are moving towards constructing and installing electric car charging ports at the lodges and their grand properties.

This shift is not very fast, so many hotels still have not considered this commodity valuable enough to add. While others are just low on the budget to install charging ports. However, those who do have it are reaping the benefits of additional tourists and bookings.

It should be noted that the clients who ask for bookings in such hotels have more than the average income to afford such cars. So, in addition to newly generated clientele, there is a boost in bookings of the expensive suites and rooms as well.

On the other hand, these hotels have made it easier for customers to charge their cars overnight. So they do not need to find an electric car charging station in the area to charge.

There are many benefits on both ends in this situation. However, finding these hotels might become a hassle for many people as these are limited and may be fully booked.

To help you with this issue, we have researched and carefully prepared a list of hotels with electric car charging in the USA.

This list would help you decide which hotel would suit you best according to your travel itineraries across the U.S.

Hotels With Electric Car Charging In The USA
Hotels With Electric Car Charging In The USA

Hotels With Electric Car Charging In The USA

Finding an electric car charging station is more tricky than finding a gas filling station since transport vehicles are still uncommon in many parts of the country.

The next option could only be finding hotels with charging ports for such cars, so without much ado, let’s discuss your choices in the states.

The Holiday Inn

One of the first leading chains of hotels to come across this idea was the IHG under its umbrella, The Holiday Inn Hotels. The charging stations and ports were first installed across the U.K. in 2018 with the donations of Volkswagen.

Then, the chain moved its wheels toward the U.S. More than 800 locations have been added to the list since then.

The most popular one is the hotel in Washington DC, the capital of America, with high-class office holders, ambassadors from different countries, and the overall hub of people who run the country.

The Holiday Inn in Washington DC has installed the ChargePro, an electric vehicle charging station open to guests and the public.

Although, free access is only an option for the guests if they are using the parking garage. While the locals and unregistered guests are allowed to get their vehicles charged after paying.

The charging station is level 2, which means it operates at 240 volts and can charge your vehicle in no time. The hotel claims to have set its goals to pursue a clean green environment with sustainable energy alternatives to ensure there is less pollution on the planet.

The hotel is at a premium location from where every monument, museum, tourist spot, and restaurant is accessible. Even the White House is within walking distance. A person can enjoy it without worrying much about charging his vehicle in the busiest city in the U.S.

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Marriot Internation Chain of Hotels

Marriott International is a worldwide hotel chain with at least 600 locations and 1,7000 electric car charging stations all over. The U.S. has about 325 hotels from this chain, and today all of them are equipped with the amenity of electric car charging.

In 2018, Denise Naguib, the V.P. of sustainability & supplier diversity at Marriott, in an interview stated her views on the installation of electric car charging.

She described that there are a few markets with many customers who own electric vehicles and look for charging stations. She elaborated further that by planting charging stations, the hotels will be able to attract the market and have improved business models.

She further commented on the revenue model of the charging stations by stating the plan that Marriott would further follow regarding the payment plans for guests and visitors. What type of chargers could be right for hotels depending upon the models of electric vehicles that are high in demand?

Further reflecting upon this, she mentioned the time it takes for a car to charge can be from 30 minutes to 12 hours, and if it is hooked up with a low electricity provider like level 2, then most would need an overnight charge.

To get a profit margin, the hotels use fast chargers at a high price which could be provided to visitors who are not registered.

Following these tips and plans, JW Marriott in Las Vegas has two different plug-ins for the guests and visitors: level 2 and level 1.

In 2021, the JW Marriott Miami Turnberry Resort & Spa in Florida also entered a partnership with EVPassport, which will offer a 19.2-kW Level 2 charger for the guests, which is much more than what other hotels with the same facilities offer. This means faster charging options for guests.

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Choice Hotels International

With about 7100 hotels in nearly 40 countries, this mega-chain is now entering into a partnership with EOS Linx. EOS Linx is a charging station manufacturing company that has sought Choice International as a potential business partner to create a new era and clientele for the hotel chain.

As one of the biggest hotel franchisors around the world, Choice International has a rich history. It was also the U.S.’s first hotel chain in 1939.

The place that was just a roadside hotel turned out to be a million-dollar company. The members recently decided to venture into electric charging stations by expanding their roots in clean energy.

As for why EOS Linx chose to partner up with Choice was because of the locations of the hotels.

In a recent interview, Blake Snider, the owner, explained the reason for this partnership was the areas of hotels near the highway. These are the spots with much more scope for profit.

The project’s pilot phase includes Atlanta, Nashville, and Chattanooga hotels. After the revenue is generated from the first quarter, the next list of states and locations will be updated to install charging stations.

The full version of the charging station includes solar energy to generate electricity. The best initiative global corporations take to charge electric vehicles using efficient and clean energy that is solar power.

Furthermore, the Artificial Intelligence security systems and digital displays of about 75 inches would be a part of each station to ensure the safety of the vehicles, and the displays could work as a broadcasting device in case of public announcements.

Happy with the upcoming venture, Rick Summa, VP of partner service, explained the advantage Choice would gain through this partnership in an interview.

With more than 6000 franchises under the name, this could be the perfect engagement opportunity to create another level of relationship with customers traveling on electric vehicles.

Hotels With Electric Car Charging In The USA
Hotels With Electric Car Charging In The USA


The Hilton is one of the oldest international hotel chains partnered with Tesla and General Electric to install electric charging stations on its properties.

This is a joint venture for which both Tesla and G.E. paid to install charging points, but the Hilton sets the prices. These vary according to the place of the hotel.

Hilton struck a deal to get all kinds of charging facilities. About a decade ago, the venture now reaped the fruit making Hilton one of the famous and most sought-after hotels.

The four categories of charging stations include Tesla wall-charging units, WattStation by G.E., E.V. Connect, and a universal charger brand DuraStation.

Since Tesla chargers are only compatible with Tesla electric cars, the official app of Tesla lists the nearest Hilton hotels with electric vehicle charging facilities. It is for the drivers who require a charge. This feature helps Hilton to boost its popularity further.

Destination Hotels

This is another hotel chain with which Tesla partnered in 2016. The CEO, Jamie Sabatier, later explained the reason for accepting the offer. He claimed it was an easy and practical decision with the changing commute types for the clients.

To work to bring in a luxury clientele choosing electric vehicle charging stations was the best option.

Before 2020, more than half of Destination Hotels across the U.S. were equipped with electric vehicle charging stations. Last year, the company’s clientele expanded because the pandemic was almost over, and rich people are now looking for possible vacation areas, increasing the potential guest base.

There is a steady rate of customers who dine in restaurants and stay overnight, and they are using these charging stations. Only positive reviews have been received to this date.

In return, Tesla owners get advantages on such sites and hotels. As a mega technology and one of the flagbearers of the Electric Vehicle Technology, Tesla doesn’t only work to give a new way to commute but also is working to build up a lifestyle for its clients.

Hotels With Electric Car Charging In The USA
Hotels With Electric Car Charging In The USA

Best Western International

In 2015, Best Western came up with a partnership with ChargePoint. The president delightedly stated the prospect that Best Western can now accommodate another clientele with the help of these stations.

It has become a selling point for many customers attracted to the hotels. In turn, have boosted the 5-star reviews on all reputed websites that show hotels, such as

He further explained that this initiative has worked in achieving sustainable development goals and green energy.

The Best Western is another popular mega-chain of hotels with several franchises across the U.S. and worldwide. Since 2015, Best Western has been ChargePoint’s partner and installed charging ports in almost all of its hotels.

ChargePoint is one of the U.S.’s best and most utilized charging stations. It is a level 2 charging station network with a headquarters in California, but its charging ports are everywhere, even in Best Western hotels.

Although level 2 chargers are not fast enough, they are perfect for hotel use because the car gets ample time to charge overnight.

The best advantage of ChargePoint, similar to Tesla, is that the nationwide app system helps identify the nearest ports to charge, including these hotels giving them constant advertisement.

Radisson Chain of Hotels

Radisson hotels are also in a partnership with Tesla and aim to promote and bring fast-charging and efficient charging methods for electric cars under their umbrella.

Although, this facility is only available for Tesla car owners because all the Tesla superchargers currently charge their own products.

For now, we can only say that these are the lucky ones because Radisson has not given any statement about expanding in a different direction with other brands.

Concluding It All

Electric cars and charging stations are the money-making business options in this era. Not only do they provide a good brand image and a high-profit margin, but they also save the earth from pollution.

Furthermore, in return for a high-class clientele and popularity as potential environmentalists, the hotels provide luxury and peace to their customers by waiving the charges on E.V. charging. The benefits of electric cars and how the world is adopting this way of commuting are remarkable.

If you are traveling, you won’t need to pay extra at charging stations when you can charge at home and then at the hotel. Plus, the authorities can grant additional awards, high ranking, and sometimes a reduction in taxes. So the addition of electric charging stations becomes a win-win situation for all.

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