How Far Can You Go On an Electric Bike?

Are you planning to take your electric bike on your next on-road adventure If yes, you might be asking the following question: how far will your e-bike take you?

The distance your e-bike will cover depends on the e-bike you have. It also depends on how and where you ride that e-bike.

Electric bikes have become extremely popular all around the world. In just a decade from now, market insights expect a massive boom, pushing the market to approximately $40,000 million by the year 2028.

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How Far Will Your E-bike Take You?

An average electric bike has the capacity to cover a distance of almost 25 to 50 miles. It all depends on the range of your electric bike’s model.

A high-ranging e-bike will take you farther than the distance a low-ranged e-bike will take you. 

The range of your e-bike will depend on many factors, such as:

  • The e-bike’s battery charge level
  • The e-bike’s battery power and capacity
  • The e-bike’s battery’s age and condition
  • The weight of the e-bike and its rider
  • How one rides their e-bike
  • Conditions of e-bike’s tires
  • The terrain and condition of the road you’re driving
  • The weather conditions
  • How you pedal, shift gears and manage speed
  • Your pedal assistance level
  • Other connected electric accessories

Before elaborating on the factors affecting the e-bike’s range, let us first understand what range is.

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What is Range in an Electric Bike?

The range of an e-bike refers to the maximum number of miles/kilometers an e-bike covers in one battery charge. It shows how far an e-bike will go before requiring a recharge.

No e-bikes have an exact range. Rather, the range fluctuates (to a limit) depending on how the e-bike is ridden.

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High Range Electric bikes

Some electric bikes in the market have a very high range and are usually powered with 3kW batteries. These e-bikes are expensive and very powerful.  

While an average e-bike covers nearly 30 miles, some of these high-range e-bikes can beyond 200 miles. The table below shows three high-range electric bikes and the range they can cover.

Names of High Range E-BikesRange (miles)
Ukrainian Delfast 228
Raleigh Centros 2019140

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Factors Affecting How Far your Electric Bike Will Go

1. The Electric Bike’s Battery Charge Level

The electric bike’s battery needs to be fully charged before you hit the road. This increases the chances of your e-bike being able to go farther.

When an e-bike is produced, its battery charging is already at 50%. Using the battery at this level without recharging it first reduces the battery’s range and life.

Draining the battery before charging it is discouraged. It can reduce the battery’s range and even cause battery failure.

2. The Electric Bike’s Battery Power and Capacity.

E-bike batteries come in different powers and capacities. If a battery is able to store more energy, its capacity is high.

An e-bike with a high-capacity battery can cover more miles in one charge. It will have a higher range and would not require a recharge too early.

3. The Electric Bike’s Battery Age and Condition

Charging a battery only after it has been completely drained results in the battery aging. This means that the battery’s life and energy storage capacity has decreased.

A battery that has aged and is not in the best condition will have a low range. It will not be able to take the e-bike too far, and would need frequent recharging.

4. The Weight of the E-bike and Its Rider

Heavier e-bikes have lower ranges. The high weight requires more energy to be used, and puts stress on the battery.

One would have to pedal harder and also boost the assistance level. Both these practices would deplete the battery energy faster.

The weight of the rider will make the e-bike heavier. If the rider is bulky and is also carrying cargo, then their e-bike would not have a high range.

This is why the lighter the e-bike, the higher its market price.

5. How a Rider Rides Their E-bike

If the rider makes frequent stops, the range would drop. Every time the e-bike has to be restarted, more battery energy it uses. This means the e-bike would not go that far.

Sudden and prolonged acceleration also drastically drops the battery charge level. Since more power per time is consumed, the range decreases.

Moreover, restarting the e-bike at a higher gear level also negatively affects the range.

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6. Conditions of the E-bike’s Tires

The tires are one of the most important components of nearly every vehicle. The tires have to carry the weight of the rider and the e-bike. They have to be resistant to the changing accelerations and terrains.

A new tire would give the motorless resistance and would require lesser battery power and so would fully-inflated tires.

An old, sticky and slightly deflated tire would take not let the e-bike go very far.

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7. The Terrain Where the E-bike is Ridden

Just like in other vehicles, going up a steep slope takes more energy. When it comes to e-bikes, it requires more pedaling and boosting the assistance level. This drastically drops the range of the e-bike.

The total distance you will cover would depend on how many slopes you encounter throughout your journey. The more irregular the terrain, the less far you will go.

8. The Weather Conditions

Your e-bike’s total range and the distance you will cover will greatly depend on the weather.

If you are riding in the same direction of the wind, your range would increase. With the wind’s added assistance, the e-bike would use lesser battery power to keep going.

However, if your e-bike is going against the wind, your bike would need more assistance. This means you’ll need to exert more energy when pedaling. As a result, more battery energy will be consumed and the range would drop.

In such weather conditions, your e-bike will not go as far.

9. How You Pedal, Shift Gears and Your Speed

If your pedaling motion is consistent, the range of your e-bike will increase. If the terrain or weather continuously changes your pedaling speed, the range would drop.

Moreover, if you pedal too slowly and rely mostly on battery assistance, the range would drop. The battery power would be used up more quickly. Consequently, your e-bike will not go too far.

Shifting the gears quickly and regularly is more efficient. It will increase your e-bike’s range and take it farther.

Riding slow or standing idle while in high gear is bad. These practices use up more battery power and reduce the e-bike’s range.

Riding at high speeds also increases battery usage. This reduces the e-bike’s range and keeps it from going too far. Consistent and average speed uses the battery reserve more efficiently.

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10. Your Pedal Assistance Level

A higher level of pedal assistance would reduce your e-bike range. More battery power would be used up, and that too, more quickly.

Likewise, lower levels of pedal assistance would do the opposite. It would decrease battery power usage and would increase the range.  This would help your e-bike go further.

11. The Other Connected Electrical Accessories

If you are riding the e-bike at night, its front and backlights would be used. This would result in more battery power being used up.

Some e-bikes offer their riders additional battery ports for charging their cellphones. If you do end up charging your phone during your commute, then more battery power would be used.

It would hence decrease the range and your e-bike would not go too far.

How far can an e-bike go
How far can an e-bike go

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How to Improve Your Electric Bike’s Range to Travel Farther?

If you want your e-bike to take you far, taking care of the e-bike’s range is very important. Knowing how to improve your e-bike’s battery more efficiently is essential.

Once you do that, only then will your e-bike go far.

Following are some ways that can help you improve your e-bike’s range:

1. Controlling Your E-bike’s Throttle and Acceleration

Every time you accelerate your e-bike, your bike uses up more power. By controlling your throttle, your battery assistance lasts longer.

Refrain from unnecessary acceleration and, whenever you can, try to cruise at a consistent speed.  It will make your battery last longer and increase your e-bike’s range.

2. Pedal More as You Accelerate

Try to pedal more when you need to accelerate. If your e-bike’s acceleration will come mostly from the battery assistance, the range would drop. Pedaling more often will help you save battery power.

This would improve the range and your e-bike would go farther.

3. Avoid Frequent Stops

If traffic lights are not holding you back, try to cruise without stopping. Every time you stop and restart your e-bike, more battery power is used.

Also, refrain from going full speed the second you start. Building up your acceleration consistently uses the battery power more efficiently. 

A consistent ride without too many sudden stops and a smooth acceleration would increase your range. This way, your e-bike will go farther.

4. Control Your Speed

As exhilarating and exciting speed is, it might just keep you from getting your destination.

Every time you increase the speed, more battery power is used up. This decreases the e-bike’s range. Your e-bike would not be able to go that far. More time and effort would have to go into recharging it. 

Try to maintain the speed and enjoy a higher e-bike range.

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5. Keep an Eye On Your Tires

The tires have to carry you, your e-bike, and even your luggage. They have to face harsh terrains and be resistant to changing accelerations.

This is why keeping a close eye on your tires is very important. Make sure the tire is not too old and worn out. In such a case, try to change your e-bike’s tires before you plan to take it on the road.

Check the air pressure of your e-bike’s tires before leaving. If the pressure is low pump up your tires. Good condition tires would not only take you far but would also make the ride smooth.

6. Charge Your Battery

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Having to charge your battery during traveling could waste time and be frustrating. This is why you need to make sure your battery is fully charged before you hit the road.

Also, refrain from charging your battery only after it is fully empty. This practice reduces battery life and negatively affects range.

So, charge your battery fully and as often as you can.

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7. Get Regenerative Brakes for Your E-bike

Regenerative braking works by converting your e-bike’s kinetic energy to electrical energy. This aids to the battery pack and boosts efficiency.

If your bike has regenerative brakes, use them. Otherwise, get regenerative brakes for your e-bike and maximize efficiency.

8. Check Different Routes

If you need to get somewhere, try checking all the possible routes first. Then pick the route that has the most regular and flat terrain.

Riding on consistent flat terrains can save battery power and increase range.

9. Check the Weather

Harsh weather or strong winds can be a problem for your e-bike’s efficient battery usage. If the wind is blowing against your e-bike, then change your plan.

Try to go for an e-bike ride when either the wind can aid to your acceleration, or when the weather is calm.

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What to Do If the Battery Runs Out During Riding

The first step in ensuring you can ride your e-bike as long as it will take you, try to do everything to improve its range. If despite these measures your battery does run while riding, do the following:

  • Firstly, stop your bike at a safe stop and check your battery. The battery could be disconnected or damaged. If this is the case, pedal your way to the nearest repair point.
  • If your battery power has simply run out, decide if you pedal manually.

If the journey has barely started, then go back home and recharge it. Otherwise, try pedaling at an even pace so you do not tire yourself earlier.

  • You can also call a family member or a friend to come help you.
  • Carry an additional battery in an e-bike battery pack. This could greatly aid such a situation.

Final Thoughts

In today’s world, the convenience and eco-friendly means of commute e-bikes offer are much needed. Not only is it better for the environment, but it’s also better for your health.

To make sure your e-bike goes far and you get the most out of it, knowing what factors will affect the e-bike’s range is very important. Once you are well aware, you can take all necessary steps to ensure your e-bike goes far.

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