How Fast Can My 250-Watt Electric Bike Go?

Whether you are a student who needs to travel to college every day or someone who needs to make occasional trips to a nearby grocery store to run errands, an electric bike will be a fantastic purchase for you.

Although an electric bike is, at times, more expensive than a standard-sized sedan, its multiple benefits and qualities usually outweigh its high purchase price.

What’s more, price is becoming less of an issue now, especially in the United States. While e-bikes will never cost the same as traditional bicycles, they’re starting to become far more affordable.

If you prefer an electric bike that allows eco-friendly fast travel while still being safe and easily controllable, a 250-Watt electric bike will be perfect for you.

How Fast Can a 250-Watt Electric Bike Go?

If you want to buy your first ever electric bike for yourself or your child, you need to ensure the electric bike’s top speed is relatively easily controllable to ensure a safe ride, not just for yourself but also for the other pedestrians or riders on the road.

For this purpose, a 250-Watt electric bike will perhaps be the most ideal purchase.

Not only will a 250-Watt electric bike be far more affordable than a 500-Watt, 750-Watt, or 1000-Watt, electric bike, but it will be an excellent practice bike for first-time electric bikers.

In general, a 250-Watt electric bike can offer its riders a top speed of roughly 15 to 20 miles per hour.

This speed limit is acceptable and legal in a majority of the countries of the world, and there are usually very few age limits in place that affect the usage of this electric bike. 

Due to the relatively low top speed, a 250-Watt electric bike is extremely easy to control and balance, making it the perfect electric automobile for children, inexperienced bikers, pregnant women, injured individuals, or older people.

Although, in theory, a 250-Watt electric bike should be able to offer 15 to 20 miles per hour, this is usually not always the case as an electric bike’s top speed is usually influenced by multiple factors.

Some of the factors that will affect a 250-Watt electric bike’s actual top speed are as follows:

  • The condition and quality of the electric bike’s battery
  • The weight of the electric bike’s rider
  • The way you ride your bike
  • The condition and quality of the electric bike’s tires
  • The condition of the road or landscape the electric bike is ridden on
  • The external weather conditions

If electric bike riders can truly understand and manipulate the influence of these factors, they can increase the expected speed of their electric bike and enjoy a faster e-bike ride.

Continue reading the article to learn about the significance of an electric bike’s battery and understand who needs to buy a 250-Watt electric bike.

Moreover, the article will also shed light on the factors that affect a 250-Watt electric bike’s top speed, along with highlighting some tips one can follow to increase the top speed of their 250-Watt electric bike.

Let’s get started!

What Makes an Electric Bike’s Battery so Important?

To a person who has never seen or experienced riding a modern-day electric bike, an e-bike may not be too different from a traditional two-wheeled bicycle the world has been using for a very long time.

However, despite the apparent similarities in both the bikes’ appearances, a traditional bike does not even come close to an electric bike’s technological advancements, futuristic features, and multiple benefits.

According to electric bike experts and manufacturers, the lithium-ion battery is the most vital electric component as it functions as the electric automobile’s heart.

An electric bike’s chemical battery contains multiple cells that help convert the flow of electric charge to chemical energy for storage.

The electric bike’s motor later uses this chemical energy to create kinetic energy that increases an electric bike’s mobility and speed and pushes it forward.  

How far an electric bike will travel on a single and the maximum speed an electric bike will be able to achieve is majorly dependent on the electric bike’s battery’s condition, quality, chemistry, and size.

The bigger an electric bike’s battery is, or the higher its wattage is, the more capacity and range it will have, which also means an increase in its top speed.

Capacity is an electric bike battery’s ability to store electric charge, while the range is referred to as the distance and electric bike cover on a single battery charge.

Hence, if you have a lithium-ion battery with a high wattage, the battery will be able to store more electric charge, which basically means it will offer a greater range, along with a higher top speed.

Similarly, if you go for a lower-wattage electric bike battery, such as a 250-Watt battery, the capacity, range, and top speed will be relatively lower.

However, this does not mean that a 250-Watt electric bike does not come with its own added benefits. Keep reading to learn more about this.

Top Reasons You Need to Invest in a 250-Watt Electric Bike

Relatively Cheaper than Other Electric Bikes with Bigger Batteries

There is no doubt that the majority of electric bikes are significantly more expensive than traditional bikes. Some electric bikes might even be more expensive than some used cars in the United States.

However, this is starting to change and more and more people choose to switch to electric bikes. So what gives an electric bike its high purchase price?

Apart from the superior quality bike frame, electric motor, and thicker tires, the main driver of an electric bike’s high price is its lithium-ion battery.

This is because the processes that go into locating and mining out the different elements of the lithium-ion battery can be extremely costly.

Hence, the bigger an electric bike’s lithium-ion battery, the higher the electric bike’s total purchase price.

Since a 250-Watt battery is usually the smallest battery one can find for an electric bike, an e-bike containing the 25-Watt battery will be the cheapest in comparison to all other higher-wattage electric bikes.

Hence, due to its relatively better affordability, more people across the globe can purchase an electric bike and enjoy the many benefits this two-wheeled electric automobile can offer.

The Top Speed is High Enough for a Comfortable Commute Around the Town

Although the top speed of a 250-Watt electric bike is not too high (like what you would get on a 750-watt bike), it is still fast enough for a comfortable commute around town.

Hence, although the rider will not be racing across the streets, they will still be able to reach their destination on time without having to pedal their electric bike aggressively.

Top Speed is Easier to Control

A 250-Watt electric bike can go up to a top speed of 20 miles per hour, which is said to be extremely safe and easy to control.

On the other hand, electric bikes with bigger batteries can be much faster in comparison. For a clearer comparison, read the data provided in the table below.

The Electric Bike’s Battery WattageMaximum Top Speed of the Electric Bike
250 Watts e-Bike Battery15 to 20 miles per hour
500 Watts e-Bike Battery20 to 22 miles per hour
750 Watts e-Bike Battery22 to 26 miles per hour
1000 Watts e-Bike Battery28 to 35 miles per hour

Hence, since all other electric bikes can go up to much higher speeds, riders riding a 250-Watt electric bike can easily learn how to control and balance the e-bike, especially through heavily populated roads.

This increases the rider’s and pedestrians’ safety by decreasing the chances of electric bike road accidents. 

As a result, a 250-Watt electric bike is excellent for younger, older, inexperienced, or physically challenged individuals.

Excellent Beginner-level Electric Bike

Usually, people who crash while learning how to ride and control an electric bike end up getting discouraged about using an electric bike for their everyday commute.

This usually happens when an inexperienced rider starts practicing on a high-speed electric bike, which they are unable to control.

Hence, due to the relatively low top speed, a 250-Watt electric bike is an excellent beginner-level electric bike.

Much lighter and Easily Transportable

Electric bikes that are designed to achieve high speeds usually have thicker and more robust bike frames.

Although these frames allow the electric bike to retain its quality and performance during high-speed travel, they also significantly add to the electric bike’s curb weight, which affects its transportability.

Hence, since a 250-Watt electric bike will only be able to reach a maximum speed of 15 to 20 miles per hour, its frame is not designed to be super robust or thick.

This makes a 250-Watt electric bike much lighter in comparison to other electric bikes, which adds to its transportability.

As a result, people can easily lift their 250-Watt electric bikes onto car racks, buses, trains, into shopping malls, etc.

Encourage Eco-Friendly Transport

Like all other electric bikes, a 250-Watt electric bike’s main purpose is also to encourage eco-friendly transport in order to reduce the global dependency on fossil fuel sources and to reduce global emissions.

Moreover, since a 250-Watt electric bike is relatively more affordable than any other electric bike, it plays an even larger part in helping people shift from using gasoline-powered personal cars or public transport to using electricity-powered bikes to travel around town.

Excellent for Burning Extra Body Calories

Since a 250-Watt electric bike will not be offering an exceptionally high traveling speed, riders will have to put in more physical effort to reach farther-off destinations on time.

As a result, the rider will be able to benefit from an excellent cardio workout and will be able to burn off some extra body calories.

Who Should Not Invest in a 250-Watt Electric Bike?

Although a 250-Watt electric bike offers many advantages, it will not be the ideal purchase for all kinds of electric bike riders.

People who should not go for a 250-Watt electric bike are as follows:

  • Individuals who are overweight.
  • Since the frame of a 250-Watt electric bike is relatively thinner and less robust than other electric bikes, an overweight rider may significantly bring down the e-bike’s performance, while also negatively affecting its different electrical components.
  • People who need to travel long distances daily due to the nature of their work.
  • People who are well-experienced riders and enjoy high-speed rides.

Factors Affecting the Top Speed of a 250-Watt Electric Bike

The Condition and Quality of the Electric Bike’s Battery

Apart from being the most expensive and vital electrical component of an electric bike, the battery is also its most sensitive component.

Hence, how one ride or treats their electric bike will have a direct effect on the electric bike’s chemical battery.

If, due to prolonged misuse and delayed repairs, the electric bike’s battery is not in good condition or quality anymore, its charge storing capacity will drop.

Since the battery will no longer be able to store high amounts of electrical charge or chemical energy, insufficient amounts of kinetic energy will be produced.

As a result, the 250-Watt electric bike will not be able to go at its expected top speed.

The Weight of the Electric Bike’s Rider

If a rider is overweight or is carrying heavy luggage, a lot of damaging stress will be put onto the electric bike’s battery.

As a result, the battery’s stored chemical charge will get used up more quickly, and its expected top speed will drop.

The Way the Rider Chooses to Ride their Electric Bike

Certain riding practices that will reduce a 250-Watt electric bike’s top speed are as follows:

  • Frequently riding the electric bike at the highest level of pedal assistance while putting in minimal physical effort.
  • Making frequent short trips and pressing the brakes too often.
  • Constantly changing the electric bike’s acceleration.

The Condition and Quality of the Electric Bike’s Tires

Since the entire weight of an electric bike along with its rider is put on the bike’s tires, the quality and condition of the tires are extremely important.

If the tires are old, worn-out, poorly inflated, or sticky, the battery will take up too much stress and the electric bike will not be able to go at high speeds.

Moreover, since a poorly deflated electric bike tire will become wider, its surface area of contact with the ground will increase. This will increase the overall friction, which will further lower the electric bike’s top speed.

How Fast Can My 250-Watt Electric Bike Go
How Fast Can My 250-Watt Electric Bike Go

The Condition of the Road and the External Weather Conditions

If the electric bike is ridden on arduous terrains, inclined surfaces, or against strong winds, a higher amount of battery charge will be used up to keep the electric bike going.

As a result, its top speed will drop.

Final Thoughts

Being able to afford an electric bike can be a fantastic opportunity one should never pass on, even if all that one can buy is a 250-Watt electric bike.

Although a 250-Watt electric bike will be offering a relatively low top speed of 15 to 20 miles per hour, there are always ways to increase it. Some of these tips are as follows:

  • Try to ride the electric bike on flatter surfaces as often as possible.
  • Try to reduce the total weight of the electric bike.
  • The balance between physical pedaling and the e-bike’s pedal assistance keeps the battery charging.

Refrain from delaying battery repairs.

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