How Fast is a 2000-watt Electric Bike?

An electric bike is primarily designed to reduce the dependency on gasoline-powered personal and public transportation, along with decreasing the global use of fossil fuels.

The 2000-watt electric bike is loved by people who appreciate a thrilling ride and unparalleled high speed. But how fast can a 2000-watt electric bike go?

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How Fast is a 2000-Watt Electric Bike?

When choosing an electric bike, interested buyers have the choice between electric bikes of different wattages. Different needs give way to the desire for different kinds of electric bikes.

The bigger the size or higher the wattage of an electric bike’s electric battery, the greater its electric charge storing capacity. The higher an electric bike’s battery capacity, the faster it can go.

Usually, the most commonly sold electric bikes come with a 250 Watt, 500 Watt, or 750 Watt electric battery. However, for thrill-seekers, the industry does offer a 2000-Watt electric bike.

A 2000-watt electric bike is a high-powered electric bike with a relatively massive electric battery. Due to the battery’s high capacity, it is able to go at high speeds.

Usually, a 2000-watt electric bike has the power to produce 2.6 horsepower, which allows it to go up to an impressive speed of 40 to 43 miles per hour (65 to 69 kilometers per hour).

When compared to electric bikes with smaller batteries and lower wattages, the 2000-watt electric bike is significantly faster.

The table below has a detailed speed comparison between a 250, 500, 750-, 1000-, 1500-, and 2000-watt electric bike.

These speeds have been recorded for electric bikes traveling on flat services. On a sloped surface, these electric bikes will offer different top speeds.

Battery Wattage of Electric BikeRespective Top Speed
250 Watts Electric Bike Battery15 to 17 miles per hour
500 Watts Electric Bike Battery20 miles per hour
750 Watts Electric Bike Battery20 to 23 miles per hour
1000 Watts Electric Bike Battery28 to 35 miles per hour
1500 Watts Electric Bike Battery33 to 40 miles per hour
2000-watt Electric Bike Battery40 to 44 miles per hour

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Theoretically, a 2000-watt electric bike should be able to travel at a speed of 40 to 43 miles per hour.

However, in reality, this is not always the case. Instead, multiple different factors will influence and alter the top and average speed that a 2000-watt electric bike can offer.

Some factors that can affect a 2000-watt electric bike’s actual top speed are as follows:

  • The level of pedal assistance that the rider uses
  • The total weight loaded onto the 2000-watt electric bike
  • The way the rider rides their electric bike
  • The condition of the 2000-watt electric bike’s battery
  • The condition of bike’s tires
  • The landscapes where you ride the 2000-watt electric bike
  • The weather

Continue reading below to learn about who needs a 2000-watt electric bike and an in-depth analysis of the factors that can influence the speed of a 2000-watt electric bike.

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Who Needs a 2000-watt Electric Bike?

For a person who wishes to reduce their everyday transportation costs, and wants to commute back and forth from their office in an eco-friendly manner, a 250 to a 750-watt electric bike is ideal.

However, if a person wants to ride faster and wishes to own an electric bike for thrilling biking adventures, a 250- or 750-watt electric bike simply will not do.

Instead, they need to invest in a 2000-watt electric bike that will be able to offer them 40 to 43 miles per hour as its top speed.

This speed allows the rider to reach their destination in a shorter time, all while enjoying a thrilling bike ride.

Moreover, people who need to travel farther distances, between two neighboring towns, or even cities require a high wattage electric bike.

Not only will such an electric bike be able to offer higher speeds, but it will also offer a higher range to allow the electric bike rider to travel at high speeds for longer distances. 

Furthermore, for riders who have to reach their destination on time, and cannot risk being late, a 2000-watt electric bike is an ideal form of transportation.

Not only does it save them the cost and time to travel via public transport, but it also makes sure that the rider never has to be late ever again.

Read on for the factors that will strongly affect a 2000-watt electric bike’s top speed.

Factors that Influence the Top Speed of a 2000-watt Electric Bike

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The Level of Pedal Assistance

Pedal-assist electric bikes are similar to traditional bikes in that they also require the rider to pedal in order to stay mobile.

The addition of the electric battery and other electrical components is the difference between the two kinds of electric bikes.

A pedal-assist electric bike comes with built-in motion sensors designed to pick up on a rider’s pedaling motion and notify the electric motor.

Once the electric motor receives the signal, it automatically turns on and begins to convert the electric battery’s stored chemical energy to kinetic energy.

The kinetic energy travels to the electric bike’s tires and makes the bike move on its own.

Electric bikes come with 3 to 5 levels of pedal assistance. The rider is able to manually choose the level of pedal assistance that they require for their journey. 

The higher the level of pedal-assistance, the less the rider will have to pedal.

While this will result in increasing the electric bike’s speed, the downside is that it would also cause the battery to deplete a lot faster.

As a result, the electric bike’s top speed will begin to decrease with the dropping battery charge.

Although a 2000-watt electric bike is designed to offer 40 to 43 miles per hour of top speed, the top speed will begin to drop if the rider chooses to pedal less aggressively and depend more on high levels of pedal assistance.

The rider will have to take a break to recharge their electric bike’s battery if they wish to continue riding at high assistance levels and speeds.

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The Total Weight Loaded onto the 2000-Watt Electric Bike

In general, electric bikes have significantly higher curb weights than traditional bikes. This allows them to be powerful and strong enough to pull more weight while offering a good top speed and range.

Just like every other automobile, an electric bike has a limit when it comes to pulling weight. Loading excessive weight on an electric bike will add unnecessary stress to the bike’s electric battery.

As a result, it will begin to lose charge more quickly and will not be able to offer its top speeds. In general, most electric bikes are designed to pull a total weight of 220 to 300 pounds.

However, a high-power 2000-watt electric bike will be able to pull even more weight – up to 300 to 450 pounds while traveling at a top speed of 40 miles per hour or more.

If a rider is heavier than that, or if the luggage that they carry adds more weight than 450 pounds, the excessive load will affect the battery’s performance and stop the 2000-watt electric bike from reaching the expected top speed. 

A great tip for a rider who cannot avoid loading their bike with a lot of weight is to invest in a strong electric heavy bike or an electric bike specially designed to pull heavier weight.

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The Way the Rider Rides their 2000-Watt Electric Bike

The following riding practices will add unhealthy stress to the electric bike’s battery and will cause its top speed to drop:

  • Frequently riding the 2000-watt electric bike at high speeds will cause the battery charge to drop, resulting in slower speeds.
  • Riding the 2000-watt electric bike on a low charging level.
  • Constantly hitting the throttle and riding the electric bike at varying accelerations.
  • Making short trips and hitting the brakes frequently will cause the battery to discharge quickly, resulting in decreased top speeds.

The Condition of the 2000-watt Electric Bike’s Battery

The battery is the most sensitive and integral part of any electric bike and sets it apart from a traditional bike.

The electric bike’s battery condition will strongly impact the 2000-watt electric bike’s top speed.

If the battery loses some battery liquid after being damaged, its charge carrying capacity will get affected. As a result, it will not have sufficient chemical energy to offer top speeds.

Similarly, charging the electric bike’s battery with an outsourced charging cable or frequently using a DC fast charging source will permanently damage the electric bike’s battery range. 

When the rider continues to ride the electric bike with such a poorly kept battery, not only are they unable to hit the speeds the bike can offer, but they also won’t be able to make it too far on one charge. 

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The Condition of 2000-watt Electric Bike’s Tires

It is extremely important to ride an electric bike on tires that are well kept and undamaged.

If the rider rides their 2000-watt electric bike on worn-out, sticky, and old tires, hitting the throttle will damage the bike’s battery.

As a result, the electric bike battery’s charge storing capacity will go down, and consequently, the top speed will be compromised.

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The Landscapes Where the 2000-watt Electric Bike is Being Ridden

Riding a 2000-watt electric bike on smooth and flat surfaces allows it to pick up speed and maintain momentum.

However, if riders frequently ride their electric bikes on rough terrains and over steep slopes, their battery range and charge will drop. As a result, the electric bike will not be able to go too fast.

The Weather

Exposing the electric bike’s battery to extreme weather conditions can negatively affect the bike’s range and top speed. This is how it happens:

  • Extreme winters can cause an electric bike’s battery liquid to freeze, resulting in poor performance. If a rider hits the road without allowing the battery time to warm up, the cold will cause the range and top speed to drop.
  • Similarly, during excessively hot conditions, the battery liquid can get too hot, which can compromise the bike’s charge storing capacity. If the rider continues to ride the electric bike without allowing the battery to cool down, both the range and top speed will drop.


If you are looking for a high-speed electric bike, the 2000-Watt model is definitely worth checking out. It can reach speeds of up to 40 to 43 miles per hour, making it one of the fastest on the market today. With its durable construction and powerful motor, this bike is sure to provide hours of enjoyment and transportation.

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