How Long Can an Electric Car Idle With AC On?

What is engine idling? Despite the widespread misconception, shutting off and then restarting your vehicle does not harm the engine, empty the battery, or waste any energy.

Battery technology has advanced, so modern batteries need less power to start an engine. They are built to have larger power reserves and to recharge more rapidly than previous models.

The phrase “quite fast” is not one you can rely on since it might be interpreted to mean either ten or fifteen minutes. If you have a fully charged battery, you can drive with the air conditioning for approximately three-four hours.

Leaving your electric car idle might not be the best idea, let alone with the ac on. But how long can an electric car idle with ac on? Click here to read more.

Electrical Cars Preferred by People in the USA

Starting with everyone’s favorite electrical car:

  • Tesla Model 3
  • Hyundai Ioniq 5
  • Skoda Enyaq iV
  • Renault Megane E-Tech
  • Kia EV6
  • Volkswagen ID.4
  • Mini Electric
How to Improve an Electric Car’s Range?
How to Improve an Electric Car’s Range?

How Long Can a Tesla Model 3 Idle With AC On?

The Model 3 prevailed over the old competition and extended its lead over the up-and-coming electric vehicle competitors to win Top Gear’s saloon of the year award.

Even though it has been on the market since the middle of 2017, nothing else on the market has been able to top Tesla Model 3 in all aspects.

When using Tesla, you may continue to use the air conditioner even after the battery has reached its maximum charge of 20 percent.

How long can it sit idle with the ac on?  That estimate is very dependent on climatic factors. When it is hot out, it will take longer than when it is chilly.

If the Tesla’s battery had a capacity of 75 kWh and was fully charged to 100%, you would have 60 kWh available to run the vehicle’s electronics and the air conditioner.

When the car is turned on, it uses around 247 wH of electricity; when the heater is used moderately, it uses approximately 3,900 wH. Therefore, you are free to keep the heater running for the next 14 hours.

During the summer, the air conditioner uses around 342 wH, which means it can be on for 101 hours without running out of power. 

But it is entirely dependent on the temperature in the US as well as the temperature that you have selected for the Tesla.

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How Long Can a Hyundai Ioniq 5 Idle With the AC On?

The most recent Hyundai IONIQ 5 Range has a battery that has a capacity of 58 kWh, while the Hyundai IONIQ 5 Long Range has a battery that has a capacity of 72 kWh.

In a slight drizzle, the air conditioner and heater in an electric vehicle with a heat pump will use around one to two kWh of electricity every hour.

A completely charged battery typically allows the heater or air conditioner to function between 20 and 50 hours.

Even if you are caught in a traffic jam in the middle of a scorching heat wave, you do not need to be concerned about your battery life since it will generally take between 1.5 and 3 hours between charging pauses. During warm summer, the AC will use around 1 kW or less power. It is not an issue at all.

How to Improve an Electric Car’s Range?
How to Improve an Electric Car’s Range?

The previous generation of Ioniqs had a relatively small battery and rapid charging that was rather slow by 2022 standards.

However, the new generation of the Ioniq 5 charges quickly, and you will be able to top it off in approximately 20 minutes (on a 200 kW charger or more) or less!

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How Long Can a Skoda Enyaq iV Idle With the AC On?

Skoda Enyaq iV vehicles will come standardly equipped with a fast charging system. The total energy storage capacity of the battery is 77.0 kWh!

The typical maximum charging rate for the 60 and 80 models was up to 50 kW in the past; however, with the inclusion of this feature, the 60 will now be able to charge at rates of up to 120 kW, while the 80 will be able to charge at 125 kW.

Because of this, the amount of time required to charge an Enyaq iV 60 is decreased from 50 minutes to only 30 minutes, while the amount of time necessary to charge an Enyaq iV 80 is reduced from 70 minutes to just less than 40 minutes.

Because of this, if the temperature is unbearable and you want to leave the air conditioning in your vehicle, it may sit in idling mode for more than 100 hours.

How Long Can a Renault Megane E-Tech Idle With the AC On?

The Megane is designed for drivers who are familiar with and like “standard” vehicles. You won’t discover much of a unique design. It is appealing in the traditional sense, and the inside is attractive, well-finished, and simple to use.

The most efficient method for topping up your Renault Megane Electric daily is to do it at a fast charging station that offers 7 to 22 kW of power. You should refrain from fast charging daily to prevent the battery from wearing out too quickly.

You should refrain from fast charging daily to prevent the battery from wearing out too quickly.

It just takes one hour of connection time at a 22 kW charging station for your Renault Megane E-Tech to restore about 180 kilometers (110 miles) of lost range when you use either the EV40 Boost charge or the EV60 Optimum charge. 

It is realistic to assume that a vehicle of this kind would sit idling with the air conditioning on for more than 90 hours on average.

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How Long Can a Kia EV6 Idle With the AC On?

The Hyundai Ioniq 5 with which the EV6 shares its blood has a different dynamic path than the EV6. As a result, it’s a good thing. However, it’s also a highly competent cruiser that’s roomy and quiet. A well-rounded, fascinating, and pleasant car from Kia is on display in this model.

If your home or L2 charger can handle it, the onboard AC charging station’s 11.5kW charge rate of 240V/48A is ideal. Since most L2 chargers are only rated at 32A, they will take longer to charge your L2 battery.

A half-full battery would take 10 hours to run your car’s temperature control if you utilized 2kW of electricity.

However, given the efficiency of today’s systems and the insulation of today’s cars, it is improbable that your automobile would utilize 2kW.

How Long Can a Volkswagen ID.4 Idle With the AC On?

It depends on the surrounding circumstances. The ID.4 competes with crossovers, and nobody buys a crossover because they like how it drives.

Imagine getting into your ID.3 and finding that the temperature inside is exactly what you had set it to be before you got in.

There is no need to worry about this since you can pre-condition your electric car in advance. You can spend as long as over 100 hours Idle while the air conditioner is running!

How Long Can a Mini Electric Idle With the AC On?

Mini Electric is a highly full-featured and compact electric vehicle. It maintains almost all of the qualities that make a conventional Mini Cooper S appealing to us. Still, it offers improved acceleration in key areas and produces no emissions in the immediate environment. 

The time required to charge your Electric from empty to full could take 3 hours, but from 20 percent to 80 per cent for quick charging will take 30 minutes. If it’s fully charged, the electric version of the Mini can easily idle with the ac on for more than 80 hours.

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How Long Can Volvo XC40 P8 Recharge Idle With the AC On?

When equipped with a battery-electric powertrain, the Volvo XC40’s most admirable qualities, such as its appearance and clever packaging, are enhanced by a startling new burst of acceleration and improved agility.

The XC40 P8, much like Tesla’s Model 3, offers a compelling argument for the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. Even while the amount of energy an electric car loses when parked is very little, this loss may increase over time.

Green Car Reports recommends charging the battery to at least 80 per cent before storing your vehicle. More battery life will be required when the air conditioner is turned on.

Over 90 hours of continuous idling with the air conditioner on is possible with this vehicle.

Is It Bad to Let Your Electric Car Idle With AC On?

How to Improve an Electric Car’s Range?
How to Improve an Electric Car’s Range?

It’s not a good thing to do. Putting aside any environmental concerns for a moment, it is perfectly safe to leave the air conditioner on in any automobile while idling for an extended period.

You should be able to sit in your electric car and let it idle for an endless amount of time, provided that the air conditioning system is working correctly.

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How Long Should You Keep the AC on?

You are free to leave the air conditioning on in your electric car for as long as you choose, provided the engine is turned on, and you do not have dangerously low battery levels.

How to Improve an Electric Car’s Range?
How to Improve an Electric Car’s Range?

However, you should try to avoid doing this when the engine is off since doing so can eat up practically all of the power in your battery in a short amount of time, putting you in a position where you need a jumpstart.

How Long Can the AC Run in Your Electric Car Continuously?

Even while leaving your engine running idle won’t necessarily damage your vehicle, you shouldn’t make it a habit of doing so for long periods.

If you want to prevent leaving your car running for excessive time, you should never let your vehicle sit in park for more than a few minutes before moving it or turning the engine off.

When it comes to an air conditioner, there is no such thing as the equipment overheating or being damaged even if it is operated constantly for twenty-four hours straight. You can keep your air conditioner on full blast in your electric car for a whole week. Sounds unrealistic, right?

Our Final Thoughts

Taking everything into consideration, we can say with absolute certainty that leaving your electric car, be it a Tesla or a Volvo, may not be the most efficient approach. It poses a risk to your battery’s health.

However, when it comes to the performance of an air conditioner on idle, these electric cars show remarkable results!

If the battery in your vehicle has been completely charged, it may stand idle with the air conditioner running for an average of several hours (maybe over 90 hours!). Even if you run the air conditioner nonstop for a whole day, there is no risk of harm occurring to the unit. But considering the vehicle you drive, you may want to check that your car’s battery won’t run out of power.

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