How Much Do Electric Dirt Bikes Weigh

If the South Dakota motorbike rally rejuvenates your dirt bike dreams, you might wonder what stops you from getting a dirt bike. Dirt bikes can be slightly hard to maintain. They travel on dirt trails and rough terrains, requiring frequent maintenance.

However, if you opt for electric dirt bikes, you can significantly reduce the maintenance problems. Before you make a decision, you may want to know how much electric dirt bikes weigh.

The electric dirt bike’s weight is relatively lesser than its gas-based counterpart. Despite the popularity of traditional dirt bikes, trail enthusiasts are more interested in buying electric ones.

Let’s look at the list of famous electric dirt bikes with weights to help you choose wisely.

Best Electric Dirt Bikes In Terms of Weight

We have mentioned the top-rated electric dirt bikes from lightest to heaviest below. You may check all the details before choosing a specific model.

Kuberg FreeRider

If you want a super-compact electric dirt bike that takes you anywhere you like, the Kuberg FreeRider is an excellent option to look at. This electric dirt bike only weighs 36 kg.

You can ride it comfortably across the town. Whether you like to hit the steep trails or enjoy a bumpy ride, the FreeRider will not displease you.

The electric dirt bike comes with a variation of 8Kw and 12Kw motors. The motors do not affect the overall weight of the bike. Moreover, the lighter weight makes it convenient to maneuver.

Kuberg FreeRider can provide you with excellent performance. Despite its smaller size and lightweight, you can hit the top speed of 34mph.

The battery pack allows you to ride the bike at its top speed for an hour straight. Once the battery drops, you can recharge it in less than three hours.

Bultaco Brinco R

The second electric dirt bike on the list is Bultaco Brinco R. It has a unique appearance, making it a fusion of mountain bike and dirt bike. The Brinco R weighs lighter than most with 39 kg.

If you want to spend the vacation riding on one of the famous dirt bike trails of Texas, USA, the Brinco R can provide you with a smooth electric dirt bike ride.

The bike has three riding modes: Eco, Sport, and Tour. You can choose one based on your commute. Moreover, the lighter weight makes it easy to corner sharp curves.

The company has featured pedals to support independent cycling. You can pedal through the neighborhood to run errands if you do not want to push the throttle.

Bultaco Brinco R features an epicyclic gear system, making it a reliable choice for attaining speeds. The electric dirt bike can achieve a top speed of 36.6mph.

Another great highlight of the Brinco R is its power control feature. You can smoothly maintain the power output while traveling under varying conditions.

Razor Dirt Rocket

If you dig the blazing design and feel of dirt bikes, Razor Dirt Rocket can be your ideal choice. The bike ranks third on our list of lightweight electric dirt bikes with a total weight of 46 kg.

Inspired by Jeremy McGrath, the all-electric Dirt Rocket can perfectly meet the rising demands of teenagers and adults. This electric dirt bike has a compact body, making it suitable for rougher terrains.

The key features include a variable-speed motor, riser handles, a dual suspension system, large knobby tires, and dual disc brakes. The McGrath graphic work on the body is an added gift for the Dir Rocket buyers.

Despite its impressive features and lightweight, the Razor Dirt Rocket may not be a perfect fit for all adults. The flashy design makes it more popular among teenage riders.

When it comes down to speeding, the Dirt Rocket electric bike may not be able to offer you a super-efficient performance. The bike can achieve a top speed of about 15mph.

Sur-Ron X Black Edition

Sur-Ron needs no introduction in the competitive electric dirt bikes market. The company has established a strong footprint, with customers in major parts of the U.S.

The Sur-Ron X is a joint venture product of Sur-Ron and Lunca Cycle. This dirt bike reflects a combination of a mountain bike and a dirt bike. It is one of the compact electric dirt bikes for you to buy.

The overall weight of Sur-Ron X is 50 kg. The bike is neither too light nor too heavy for an average dirt rider. Moreover, the design language is also impressive.

Looking at the primary features, we can find a Sine Wave X-Controller, sporty handles, an o-ring chain setup, and a 60v 32.9ah battery pack. These features combined deliver an impressive power output.

You can also find multiple riding modes, with sports mode being the obvious highlight. If you want to convert it to an electric mountain bike, you can ask the dealership to install pedals when purchasing it.

The top speed of the dirt bike may not impress the speed enthusiasts. Sur-Ron X can achieve a top speed of 19mph. You may be able to push it slightly further under optimal road conditions.

Cake Kalk OR

Another popular player in the competitive electric dirt bikes market is Cake Kalk OR. The dirt bike has established its popularity across many countries.

The retro design of this electric dirt bike makes it unique among others on the list. Although it weighs 69 kg, you may not find it too heavy while riding it on different terrains.

The overall design reflects a combination of classic dirt bikes and modern features. The flat top makes it slightly uncomfortable for adult riders. However, teen dirt bikers may enjoy it to the fullest.

The outstanding features of this electric dirt bike include a powerful motor, a three-hour battery backup, disc brakes, and high-speed performance.

If you like to test your dirt bike to its maximum potential, the Cake Kalk OR will not disappoint you. This powerful electric dirt bike can achieve a top speed of 50mph.

Electric Motion Escape

Electric Motion has gained much popularity for its quality electric bikes. The launch of Escape quickly grabbed the customers’ attention for its robust design and features.

Weighing 77 kg, this dirt bike can serve on rough terrains and fine tracks alike. You can expect all the features that a modern electric bike has.

The stylish appearance gives Escape an edge over its competitors. You can find a premium look and feel at a glance.

One of the unique factors about this dirt bike is its impressive range. You can cover 37 miles on a single charge with your Electric Motion Escape.

Other features include fat tires, a 2.6kW/h battery pack, disc brakes, riding modes, and a comfortable seating area.

The Escape has nothing to disappoint you when it narrows down to the top speed. The electric dirt bike can achieve a top speed of 44mph.

Electric Motion 5.7

Another Electric Motion dirt bike on the list is the EM 5.7. The bike has an ergonomic design with a lightweight body to suit dirt bikers of all ages.

The EM 5.7 is almost 80 kg, making it heavier than the other popular model launched by the company, Escape. Despite its 80 kg weight, you can maneuver it on multiple terrains comfortably.

The robust design and performance of the 5.7 electric dirt bike make it a good choice for varying road conditions. Whether you need to go uphill or cross a bumpy patch, this bike will follow your directions perfectly.

The front tire is relatively bigger and thinner than the rear tire, ensuring high stability on rough trails. Moreover, the kick-start feature provides you with the traditional dirt bike vibe.

The core highlights of the EM 5.7 include a 40-ah battery pack, a brushless D.C. engine, disc brakes, riding modes, and more.

If you want to test your speed skills, the EM 5.7 can achieve a top speed of 37mph, making it suitable for moderate adventures.


Talking about the best lightweight electric dirt bikes and not mentioning the KTM E-XC would be unfair. The company has specific customership all over the U.S.

The highly attractive design of the E-XC makes it one of the best choices on the list. Despite its relatively higher weight of 111 kg, this electric trail bike has the potential to be your best companion.

Its silent operation, powerful suspension, and energy recuperation system set it apart from its competitors. You can recharge the battery quickly to cover a range of up to two hours.

Additional features include smart controls, riding modes, disc brakes, an enhanced electric motor, and W.P. suspension. You can review the complete details on the official KTM website.

Regarding speed, the KTM E-XC has an impressive performance to appeal to most riders. You can achieve a top speed of 59mph under ideal conditions.

Zero F.X.

Zero Motorcycles is a promising competitor in the industry. The Zero F.X. electric dirt bike can impress you with its high-end features and reliable performance.

With a total weight of 112 kg, the Zero F.X. can take you through dirt trails and clean roads. The long-leg suspension system allows you to maneuver better on sharp corners.

The core highlight of this electric dirt bike is its riding modes (Eco and Sport). You can choose the suitable mode before setting out on a trip.

Moreover, you can sync your bike with the Zero Motorcycle application to make easy mode adjustments and other settings.

Whether you want to explore Utah or Florida dirt trails, the Zero F.X. can give you a thrilling experience without disappointment.

We are certain that you might want to know about the Zero F.X. top speed. You can achieve a decent 84mph top speed level while riding your Zero F.X. electric dirt bike under ideal conditions.

Alta Redshift MX

Alta Redshift MX is one of those dirt bikes that instantly grabbed the market’s attention. This bike takes the last spot on the list of lightweight electric dirt bikes.

However, you may not want to mistake its heavier weight for the lack of performance. The Redshift MX weighs 117 kg, making it ideal for adult dirt bikers.

The core features of the dirt bike include multiple driving modes, a high-end electric motor, quick recharging, disc brakes, and a robust suspension system.

When pushed to its maximum, the Redshift MX can deliver a horsepower of 50 under ideal conditions. You can ride it on dirt trails, bumpy tracks, and plain roads.

If we look at the performance side, the Redshift MX can give you a top speed of 71mph. Moreover, the battery charges in less than two hours to provide you with a range of 59 miles.

How Much Do Electric Dirt Bikes Weigh
How Much Do Electric Dirt Bikes Weigh

Which Electric Dirt Bike Has the Lightest Weight?

When buying electric dirt bikes, many dirt bikers seek lightweight options in the market for easy maintenance and maneuvering. The light weight also makes it easier to drag when not driving.

Comparing the ten electric dirt bikes on our list, the lightest bike you can buy is the Kuberg FreeRider. The dirt bike weighs only 36 kg, making it ideal for riding on varying terrains.

Another option to consider is the Bultaco Brinco R which weighs only 39 kg. You can find all the latest features on this dirt bike, including different driving modes.

If you want to buy a bike that provides a perfect balance of weight and performance, you may want to look at the Electric Motion Escape. The bike weighs 77 kg and achieves a top speed of 44mph.

Feel free to compare the different options before making a choice. You can find more details about the listed bike models on the official company websites.

The Takeaway

If you wonder how much electric dirt bikes weigh, the above information can help you make an informed decision.

Whether you plan to spend the weekend at the Croom Motorcycle Area, Florida, or Hatfield-McCoy Trails, West Virginia, the electric dirt bikes on our list will not disappoint you. You may check the latest prices of electric dirt bikes in your area by searching the bike model and brand online.