How Much Do Electric Mountain Bikes Cost

Mountain biking is one of the most thrilling adventures. Bikers love to push their mountain bikes through some of the steepest terrains. Whether they head out to the trails of Fullerton, CA, or Pittsburg, CA, there is nothing that gets in the way of mountain riders.

Electric mountain bikes have become immensely popular recently. We have covered all the details you need if you wonder how much electric mountain bikes cost.

We have gathered a list of the top-rated electric mountain bikes to shed light on their prices, features, and other essential details.

Best Electric Mountain Bikes With Costs

The passion for e-MTBs is a story apart. Those who ride the electric variants of MTBs like no other alternative to mountain biking. The e-MTBs have recently become popular all over the U.S.

E-bike enthusiasts are taking more interest in the newer models of e-MTBs. These bikes come with robust features, elegant designs, and efficient performance to appeal to the riders.

Whether you need it for yourself or want to gift it to your loved ones, the following e-MTBs will not disappoint you.

Specialized Turbo Levo Comp

The Specialized Turbo Levo Comp is one of the top choices among the best e-MTBs. This mountain bike comes with an elegant design and impressive features.

You can adjust the bike in six different configurations based on your preferences. While setting it up, you may make adjustments using the head cups and flip chips.

The Levo e-MTB features a 700Wh battery, giving the bike an impressive range. You can quickly charge the battery before heading out on your friends’ trail trip.

If we look at the design, the bike bears a distinctive mountain bike look with slightly fat tires and sleek bars. You can find it available in different colors.

One drawback might be the seat angle. The limited space and placement angle may not be comfortable for most riders. If an edgy seat bothers you, you may want to consider other options.

The price of the Specialized Turbo Levo Comp is $7,500. You may check online for the exact cost of the electric mountain bike.

Canyon Spectral E-MTB

Canyon Spectral is another popular name on the list of best e-MTBs. The company has equipped the bike with modern features and a high-end battery.

The Spectral ON CF 8 is a heavyweight mountain bike with improved stability. You can easily ride it through steep and rough terrains without worrying about maneuverability.

The Spectral features a powerful Shimano EP8 motor and a powerful battery to generate an impressive power output. You can take it to far-off places when needed.

Canyon has introduced a 900Wh battery in the Spectral ON CF 8. This battery provides ample storage capacity, making it ideal for extended ranges.

One of the downsides of this electric mountain bike is its ground clearance. The company has incorporated a bigger battery into the bike’s frame, leaving minimal space underneath.

If you want to buy the Canyon Spectral e-MTB, you may find it online for $6,999. You can check the official website for the exact prices.

Commencal Meta Power Ride (T.R.)

Commencal is another leading brand in the market of e-MTBs. The company’s Meta Power T.R. Ride is a valuable addition to the list of electric mountain bikes in the U.S.

The overall look and feel of the bike reflect an impressive design, giving it a slightly different appearance from the typical mountain bike.

What makes it great is its powerful performance. You can test it on some of the most challenging terrains, including uphill and downhill trails. The bike ride will be an experience worth having.

The company has featured a Shimano EP8 motor in the Meta Power T.R. Ride to deliver a lively power output under changing road trail situations.

The Commencal Meta Power MTB has a relatively heavier body with a long, slack frame design. You may want to check the seat’s angle before opting for this e-MTB.

If you wonder what might be the battery capacity of this e-MTB, you can find a 630Wh battery pack in the Meta Power bike. The bike may cost you about $5,800.

Specialized Turbo Levo SL

The Specialized Turbo Levo SL may be an ideal fit if you need a lightweight electric mountain bike. This electric mountain bike looks similar to the non-electric MTB models.

The Levo SL has a compact design to appeal to most riders. The smaller bar makes it comfortable to ride on varying terrains, including steep slopes, downhill trails, and rough patches.

The company has featured an SL 1.1 motor to generate optimal power output. Due to its lightweight performance orientation, you may not want to compare it with heavyweight e-MTBs.

An obvious downside of the Levo SL is its low power output. The motor generates 240 Watts of electric power which is less than half of the standard Levo MTB variants.

Moving on to the battery pack, you can find a 320Wh battery in the Levo SL. This e-MTB may not be a good fit if you need a more extended range.

If you reside in California, USA, and want to test your mountain biking skills, you can find the Levo SL for $7,000. You may check the official website for the exact prices.

Whyte E-150 S

Whyte E-150 S is a perfect choice for mountain bikers due to its stability, performance, and design. This e-MTB has the potential to impress you in every department.

The frame design reflects elegance and stability from the front to the back. You can find fat tires with grooves to encounter rough and bumpy terrains.

What makes it unique is its low center of gravity. The manufacturers spent much time improving the stability and handling of the bike. Generally, fat-tire e-MTBs can be challenging to maneuver due to their weight.

Although the E-150 S is an ideal choice among the competitive e-MTBs, you may find its seat slightly steeper. The steep angle makes it difficult to find a good sitting grip.

Diving into the battery details, we can find a 625Wh battery that provides an optimal storage capacity. You can take on a steep trail on a single charge.

If the above features impressed you, you might wonder about the electric mountain bike’s cost. The Whyte E-150 S can cost you about $6,000. However, you may check the official website to get the exact figures.


Merida eONE-SIXTY is a versatile electric mountain bike that can take up any challenge. The manufacturers have incorporated modern features into the bike to make it perfect for most scenarios.

The overall look and feel of the bike reflect a unique design. You may find it different from the typical e-MTBs on the list. The seat and handle are moderately distant, making it easier to maneuver.

Merida has added fat tires to the eONE-SIXTY. Such tires require tougher suspension and power generation to function correctly. Moreover, you get Shimano X.T. disc brakes with rotors to provide excellent braking.

One of the very few downsides of this electric mountain bike is its poor motor armor. Testing the bike on challenging terrains may be somewhat risky.

The battery pack included in the Merida eONE-SIXTY has a 630Wh capacity to provide a decent range. You may check with the dealership for extended battery solutions.

If the eONE-SIXTY impressed you with its look and features, you could buy it for $10,200. However, you may check the official website for the exact figures before buying.

Mondraker Crafty R

Mondraker Crafty R has a market of its own. This electric mountain bike has some robust qualities, making it a superior choice on the best electric mountain bikes list.

The top selling factor for the Crafty R is its Bosch motor and battery. You can rely on its performance under any circumstances.

One of the interesting facts about this e-MTB is its lightweight frame despite its fat tires and powerful performance. You can get Fox suspension with DT Swiss Spline wheels and a 625Wh battery pack.

The riding style makes it a nearly-similar option to a traditional mountain bike. However, the moderate distance between the seat and the handle makes it unique.

One of the drawbacks you may notice while riding the bike is its drifty tires. Since the bike has a lightweight frame, the fat tires can drift while cornering.

The Mondraker Crafty R may be slightly costly due to its Bosch driving system. You can find the bike for $7,960. Feel free to check the official website to find out the exact price.

Santa Cruz Built E-MTB

Santa Cruz needs no introduction among the mountain bikers. The company has established a positive reputation for its state-of-the-art bikes over the years.

The Built has been the company’s main MTB product since the 90s. Many bikers preferred purchasing the Santa Cruz Built over other options till the company stopped its production in 2011.

However, the never-ending demand for the mountain bike forced the company to bring an electric variant of the same bike with slight changes.

Whether you want to take your bike to the trails of Los Gatos, CA, or Redwood City, CA, the Built X01 will not disappoint you.

It has a carbon frame with a mullet wheel setup to ensure maximum road grip. Moreover, the Shimano EP8 motor, coupled with a 630Wh battery, makes it a perfect choice for trail biking.

The only downside of the Santa Cruz Built X01 is its big size. You may not find smaller sizes for your kids or loved ones. The price of this electric mountain bike is about $8,250.

Scott Patron 900

Scott Patron 900 reflects all the features of modern-age mountain bikes. It is an ideal choice for those who like to show off. The futuristic looks of the Patron 900 make it perfect for young riders.

The top highlights of this e-MTB include a powerful motor, robust design, cutting-edge features, all-mountain bike capabilities, and ECO mode.

You may not find ECO mode in many electric mountain bikes. It is a high-end feature requiring a powerful electric motor and battery pack.

The company has put much effort into designing the frame of the bike. The nearly-fat crossbar provides an easy grip while cornering through steep terrains.

One of the many highlighting features of the Patron 900 is its powerful battery pack of 750Wh. Moreover, the ECO mode enhances the range of the bike to give a few extra miles.

To purchase the Scott Patron 900 electric mountain bike, you may need to spend $9,000. However, you may check the exact figures with your nearby dealerships or the official website.

Focus Jam2

If you are a beginner looking for a quality electric mountain bike, the Focus Jam2 may be a perfect option.

This electric mountain bike has a comfortable suspension that improves control while riding through steep terrains. You may not hesitate to push your bike downhill due to its impressive stability.

The performance department also reflects the intelligent manufacturing plan of the company. You can find a Shimano EP8 motor and a custom 720Wh battery pack.

Despite its comfort and stability, you may find it slightly tall and more long-stemmed than other electric mountain bikes. The height factor may not be ideal for medium-height beginners.

To purchase this e-MTB, you may have to pay $8,900. However, you can check the official dealership website for the exact figures.

How Much Do Electric Mountain Bikes Cost
How Much Do Electric Mountain Bikes Cost

The Takeaway

The above information may help determine how much electric mountain bikes cost. If you are a resident of California, USA, you can buy any of the above mountain bikes to fulfill your trail dreams.

All the brands have their pros and cons depending on the quality of their e-MTBS. You may want to check the company profiles before deciding on a specific company.

You may also check your nearby electric mountain bike dealerships to find out more details about each model, including their reviews, ratings, drawbacks, and availability.

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