Why are Tesla Electric Car Tires More Expensive than Regular Vehicle Tires?

It is no secret that electric cars are significantly heavier and more expensive than regular gas-powered cars. As a result, their components are designed to be more durable and hence have a higher price.

Just like that, the tires of the Tesla electric vehicle are designed to have greater strength and durability to carry the heavy electric vehicle’s weight with excellent efficiency.

Their high quality makes them much more expensive than regular automobile tires.

How Much Do Tesla Electric Car Tires Cost on an Average?

Different Tesla electric vehicle models have different-sized tires. Hence, their purchase prices and the average cost of repair varies accordingly.

In general, most Tesla electric vehicle tires cost around 285 USD to 300 USD per tire, making four new tires’ purchase price around 1140 USD to 1200 USD.

However, the purchase price is not the only amount to consider when buying tires. Instead, the average labor and tire installment costs can add almost 140 USD to 150 USD to the total bill.

This high price makes these tires even more expensive than a Tesla electric car’s battery, as they cannot last as long as the battery and require more frequent repairs or replacements.

Moreover, the average purchase price and repair costs of a new Tesla electric car tire can vary regionally across the globe and even within the different American states.

Countries with sufficient showrooms selling or dealing with Tesla electric car components will sell relatively cheaper tires than regions with very few Tesla electric car component selling outlets.

Due to the higher demand and shortage of supply, the price of Tesla electric car tires will go up. Moreover, if a showroom has to import a specific pair of Tesla electric car tires, the price will go even higher due to the high import duty taxes.

On the contrary, in countries like the USA and China, where Tesla electric car components are being manufactured locally, a new set of tires will cost less.

Furthermore, the average cost of labor and fixed taxes also varies globally and within America. As a result, countries with cheaper labor, such as India, would have lower replacement costs than most European countries, where average labor costs are much higher. 

Continue reading the rest of the article below to learn about the average costs of tires for a Tesla Model 3 electric car. Moreover, the estimated prices discussed in the article are for the USA only.

How Much Do Tesla Tires Cost
How Much Do Tesla Tires Cost

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How Much Does the Tires of a Tesla Model 3 Electric Car Cost on Average?

The Tesla Model 3 is a relatively small, compact sedan and is Tesla’s cheapest electric car model. Due to its relatively compact body and size, its weight is lesser than most other Tesla electric cars.

As a result, the tires of a Tesla Model 3 electric car are cheaper than the tires of other models. In general, the price of a new Tesla Model 3 tire will be around 285 USD per tire, making the set of 4 almost 1140 USD.

After the average labor costs and taxes are added, the cost of new Tesla Model 3 tires will go up to 1358 USD.

Why Are Tesla Model 3 Electric Car Tires So Expensive?

The purchase of a new Tesla Model 3 electric car comes with four Michelin Primacy MXM4 tires (there is no spare tire in the trunk).

These tires are mounted on 20 inches wheels, are designed to carry the electric car’s weight at high speeds, and are meant to last a long time.

The MXM4 tires are produced for premium sedans and can even be used on smaller SUVs. The asymmetric pattern and the zig-zag grooves of the tire’s tread design give them greater lateral stability, excellent traction, and enhanced road contact.

To examine the quality of any automobile tire, its treadwear rating, traction rating, temperature rating, and average expected mileage that it will last for have to be examined.

The table below shows the different metrics used to examine the quality of a Tesla Model 3 tire.

Name of Tesla Electric CarTreadwear RatingTraction RatingTemperature RatingExpected Mileage
Tesla Model 3 (standard range)500AA40, 000 miles

As shown in the table above, the treadwear rating of the Tesla Model 3 tires is almost 500 on a scale from 100 to 1000. If the rating of an automobile tire is close to 1000 shows that the tire can last a very long time.

However, the 500 rating proves that the Tesla Model 3 tires will not last extremely long and have a very basic total expected lifespan. 

The second thing to examine is the Tesla Model 3 tire’s traction rating. The traction rating (AA, A, B, C) will tell how well the tires are equipped to come to a halt on wet, slippery roads.

Tires that can stop almost immediately have an AA rating. On the other hand, tires with a traction rating of C will likely skid when going over wet surfaces. 

The Tesla Model 3 electric car tires have a traction rating of A or AA and hence can control the speed, stability, and braking of the then electric car when going on wet landscapes.

The third most crucial rating is the temperature rating. The temperature rating is a standard measurement to examine the tire’s heat resistance at the required air pressure and standard operating conditions.

This rating varies from A to C, with a tire rated A being the most heat resistant, while the tire rated C having the poorest resistance to heat.

The Tesla Model 3 tires have a temperate reading of A and can maintain their quality and performance over extremely high temperatures.

Lastly, Tesla Model 3 electric car tires are expected to last and continue to perform for at least 40,000 miles. This brings their cost to be around 3.4 cents per mile traveled.

If they get damaged before this mileage, the Model 3 owner can get repair costs taken care of under warranty.

The tires that come with a Tesla Model 3 electric sedan are not flat-run. If the owner wishes to make their Model 3 EV more suitable for varying terrains, they can upgrade the tires to flat-run tires.

Some examples of such flat-run tires include:

  • For a sporty upgrade to allow the Tesla Model 3 to offer higher performance at high speeds, the 18 inches Michelin Pilot Sport Aero Wheels 4S 235/45R18 95Y Summer Performance tires are perfect.
  • For just a general upgrade to allow the Model 3 car to go over steep slopes and rougher landscapes, the 19 inches Michelin Pilot Sports Wheels 4S 235/40R19 93Y Summer Performance tires will be ideal.

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What Can You Do If You Get a Flat Tire on a Tesla Model 3 Electric Car?

Like any other automobile tires, the Tesla Model 3 electric car tires will also degrade over time.

Excessive exposure to the sun’s UV rays, ranging temperatures, steep slopes, and changing environmental conditions can speed up the depreciation process.

Ideally, the Tesla electric vehicle owner should follow the recommended tire rotation schedule to optimize the performance and lifespan of their electric vehicle’s tires.  

However, despite the timely attention and regular tire care, it is not uncommon for a Tesla electric car’s tire to get damaged or punctured.

An incredible feature that comes with the Tesla Model 3 electric car is its built-in system designed to monitor the air pressure of the electric car’s tires.

The system starts sounding an alarm to alert the driver when one or more tires sustain any damage and start losing air.

This feature is essential as it increases the safety of the electric car and its passengers. Whenever an automobile is driven with poorly inflated tires, the chances of losing balance and crashing get higher.

There are different options that a Tesla Model 3 electric car driver has when their car gets a flat tire. Some of such options are as follows:

Visit an Automobile Tire Repair Shop

Whenever the tire of an automobile gets punctured, it takes a lot of time for the tire to sufficiently deflate.

This is because the tire does not lose air and pressure too quickly, which gives the owner enough time to make their way to the closest automobile tire repair shop.

Contact Roadside Assistance

Although it is easy to spot a tire repair workshop in busy areas of the town, the problem arises when traveling on highways or less-traveled roads.

If they get a flat tire in such a location, they should refrain from keeping their electric car going. Instead, they should park their electric car and contact roadside assistance.

The roadside assistance crew can bring the required pump to increase the tire’s pressure and can even bring a temporary spare tire.

Moreover, the roadside assistance crew can also offer the option to tow the electric car to the nearest repair shop if the tires are severely damaged.

The tip here is to order a flat-bed service to get your electric car towed to protect the car’s different components from damage.

Carry a Spare Tire

When you are traveling to a far-off distance that is disconnected from any urbanized area, the best tip is to always travel with at least one spare tire.

This would allow the driver to be well-equipped for any situation in which their electric car’s tire sustains too much damage or gets punctured.

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How to Maintain the Air Pressure of a Tesla Electric Car’s Tires?

It is extremely important to maintain the air pressure of the Tesla electric car’s tires. Driving the electric car on poorly inflated tires will add a lot of unhealthy pressure on the Tesla electric battery.

As a result, the battery’s charge storing capacity, range, and total lifespan would get shortened. One can follow the steps mentioned below to check and adjust their Tesla electric car tire’s air pressure:

  • Begin by removing the valve cap on the tire.
  • Use a well-tested and accurate air pressure gauge and press it into the open valve.
  • Check the manual or online for the proper air pressure, and use a pump to either add more air or release any extra air.
  • Once you have inflated or deflated the tires, reuse the pressure gauge to check the air pressure.
  • Replace the valve cap once the air pressure is precisely at the point you need it to be. Make sure to tighten the valve cap properly to avoid any leaks.

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How to Make Your Tesla Electric Car Tires Last Longer

To avoid the high costs of early tire replacement and repairs, you need to do the following:

  • Always check the pressure of all the tires before hitting the road for a long road trip.
  • Refrain from delaying repairs and visit an automobile workshop as soon as you sense a tire problem.
  • Always keep a spare tire in your trunk when traveling for long distances. Doing this would prevent you from driving on a damaged or punctured tire.
  • Reduce the overall unnecessary weight of your electric car. Excessive weight will cause your tires to depreciate faster, leading to earlier tire repair or replacement costs.
  • Allow the tires time to cool down when traveling in scorching weather.
  • Refrain from unnecessarily driving your Tesla electric car over rougher terrains.
  • Refrain from bringing the electric car to an immediate halt after going at high speeds.
  • Try to go on controlled speed and constant accelerations as often as possible.

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Final Thoughts

The tires of a Tesla electric car may be more expensive than other automobile tires on the market; however, their performance and quality make them worth their price.  Proper tire care and timely maintenance can help your car tires last longer. Click here to learn more about maintaining your Tesla electric car tires.