How Much Does a Tesla Weigh?

Whenever a person considers buying a Tesla, they usually look at its retail price and battery range. However, due to many regional weight limitations, EV enthusiasts are also concerned about the weight of a Tesla.

Different Tesla models have different weights, which can impact its overall performance. Continue reading the article for a weight comparison between different Tesla models.

How Much Does a Tesla Weigh?

How Much Does a Tesla electric car Weigh
How Much Does a Tesla electric car Weigh

All automobiles have various essential electronic components that give them their weight. In gas cars, the size of their fuel tank, engine, external body, etc., affects the car’s overall weight.

Similarly, an electric vehicle’s total weight depends on the size of its battery, electric motor, external body, etc.

The battery is designed according to the size and weight of the Tesla. The bigger and bulkier a Tesla is, the bigger the battery it will need and vice versa.

The weight of a Tesla could affect its overall performance. Although the battery will be built according to Tesla’s weight, an uncharged battery might struggle to pull the car’s total weight.

Moreover, the lighter a Tesla is, the higher its top speed will be. Furthermore, a heavier Tesla will affect the quality and lifespan of its tires.

Different Tesla models are designed to target different consumer needs. For instance, for a single person who only usually drives by themselves, a compact-sized Tesla Model 3 sedan is a perfect choice.

However, the Model 3 sedan would be too small for a family of multiple people.

For such a family, a Tesla Model X or Y SUV would be more appropriate, as it would be able to carry their weight without much effort.

Due to the different designs, prices, and technologies, different Tesla EVs have different weights. Moreover, the cargo capacity of each Tesla vehicle would also affect its total weight.

The Model 3 has limited cargo space and would not carry a lot of luggage. Hence, a high-cargo capacity Model Y would certainly be heavier.

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How Much Does a Tesla Model S Weigh?

The Tesla Model S is a larger luxury sedan with more cargo capacity than the Model 3 sedan. Hence, its weight, 4323-4960 lbs. (1961-2250kgs), is more than a Tesla Model 3.

The Tesla Model S has an aluminum and steel-based exterior body that makes it lighter in weight while keeping it stronger.

The aluminum addition lowers the total weight significantly. Moreover, the car’s glass roof further reduces the car’s total weight.

As a result, the different Tesla Model S variations have excellent 390 to 405-mile ranges and 155 to 200mph top speeds. Moreover, the car can hit a 60mph acceleration in three seconds.

Apart from the electric car’s external body, the Tesla Model S’s interior is also designed to reduce the car’s curb weight.

The car’s interior includes bio-composite panels that reduce 20% of the total weight. As a result, the Tesla Model S P100D weighs almost 500kgs lesser than its other variants.

Moreover, the Tesla Model S comes in different battery sizes such as 60, 70, 75, 80, 90 kWh, etc. The electric car with the bigger (for example, 90kWh) battery will weigh more in comparison.

Furthermore, Tesla Model S contains wheel rims made of an aluminum alloy. As a result, the car’s total weight is reduced, acceleration and speed are improved, and brakes become more efficient.

The table below shows the dimensions and weight of a Tesla Model S.

Tesla Model S Weight and DimensionsMeasurements
Total Weight4323-4960 Lbs./ 1961-2250kgs
Battery Weight1200 Lbs./ 544kgs
Length195.9 inches
Width86.2 inches (including the side mirrors)
Height55.6 inches

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How Much Does a Tesla Model 3 Weigh?     

How Heavy Is a Tesla
Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 has been a high-demand electric car due to its relatively affordable price (43,990 USD). It is designed to be a compact-sized sedan with excellent performance and speed.

Due to its smaller dimensions, its entire interior and cargo space are narrower. As a result, the Tesla Model 3 is the lightest electric car that Tesla offers.

Moreover, its standard range RWD is its lightest version (3553 Lbs./ 1611kgs).

Like the Tesla Model S, the Model 3’s exterior body is also a mix of aluminum alloy and steel, making it incredibly light but also strong.

Tesla always designs the battery packs according to the car’s size and total weight. Hence, the small-sized Model 3 has the smallest battery size that Tesla offers.

Moreover, unlike most Tesla electric vehicles that come with lithium-ion batteries, the Model 3 has a nickel-based battery.

Nickel is much lighter than lithium-ion. As a result, this contributes to the car’s overall lightweight.

As a result of the light curb weight, the Tesla Model 3 enjoys a battery range of 268 to 315 miles and top speeds of 140 to 162mph.

Moreover, the car’s impressive acceleration can reach 60mph in under four seconds. Furthermore, different Tesla Model 3 variations come with different battery sizes.

In general, battery-pack options include 54, 62, 75kWh. The Tesla with the smallest battery automatically becomes the lightest.

The table below shows the dimensions of a Tesla Model 3.

Tesla Model 3 Weight and DimensionsMeasurements
Length184.8 inches
Width72.8 inches (including the side mirrors)
Height56.8 inches

The table below shows the curb weight of the different variations of the Tesla Model 3.

Tesla Model 3 VariationsCurb Weight
Standard Range RWD3553 Lbs./ 1611kgs
Standard Rand Plus RWD3627 Lbs./ 1645kgs
Mid-Range RWD3686 Lbs./ 1672kgs
Long Range RWD3841 Lbs./ 1730kgs
Long Range Dual-motor4070 Lbs./ 1845kgs

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How Much Does a Tesla Model Y Weigh?

The Tesla Model Y targets families and people who travel in a group of more than four individuals at a time. It is a seven-seater compact SUV priced higher than Model 3 due to its bigger size (56,990 to 61,990 USD).

Like other Tesla models, the Model Y is also designed to have an aluminum alloy and steel body to minimize its curb weight and maximize its strength.

Due to its weight and low design, the SUV’s center of gravity remains low. As a result, the Tesla Model Y has been a consumer favorite because it’s so safe to drive.

Moreover, its large 200kWh battery pack ensures that the weight of the SUV is pulled without impacting the overall performance.

As a result, the Tesla Model Y has an excellent range of 305 to 135 miles and top speeds of 135 to 155mph.

How Much Does a Tesla Weigh
Tesla Model Y

The table below shows the dimensions of a Tesla Model Y.

Tesla Model Y Weight and DimensionsMeasurements
Length187 inches
Width75.6 inches (including the side mirrors)
Height63.9 inches

The table below shows the curb weight of the different variations of the Tesla Model Y. 

Tesla Model Y VariationsCurb Weight
Long Range AWD4416 Lbs./ 2004kgs
Performance AWD4416 Lbs./ 2004kgs
Standard Range AWD3920 Lbs./ 1780kgs

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How Much Does a Tesla Model X Weigh?

Model X is a more luxurious version of the Tesla Model Y SUV and is priced at 104,990 USD. Its size is bigger, and hence, it comes with a larger battery pack. Many people complain about the Model X being too heavy.

Like the Tesla Model 3, S, and Y, the Model X also has an aluminum alloy and steel body. However, its higher steel content gives it more structural strength at the cost of more weight.

To ensure that the overall curb weight is minimized, Tesla does not offer a spare tire kit with their Model X. This allows it to have a great range of 351 to 400 miles and excellent top speeds of 155 to 165mph.

Tesla has included a battery pack containing five lithium-ion batteries to power the massive beast. The battery chemistry of lithium-ion allows the Tesla Model X to have great range, higher capacity, and outstanding overall performance. Moreover, the five batteries give the model a higher capacity than all other EVs.

The table below shows the dimensions of a Tesla Model X.

Tesla Model X Weight and DimensionsMeasurements
Length198.3 inches
Width78.7 inches (including the side mirrors)
Height66.3 inches

The table below shows the curb weight of the different variations of the Tesla Model X. 

Tesla Model X VariationsCurb Weight
60D5072 Lbs./ 2301kgs
75D5140 Lbs./ 2335kgs
90D5271 Lbs./ 2390kgs
Performance 90D5381 Lbs./ 2441kgs
100D5420 Lbs./ 2456kgs
Performance 100D5531 Lbs./ 2509kgs

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How Much Does a Tesla Cybertruck Weigh?

The Tesla Cybertruck is a futuristic electric vehicle, like none other. Its design and technology allow it to operate as a truck with the efficiency of a high-performance sports car.

It has a stainless-steel structure that allows its exterior to act as armor, providing maximum protection to its passengers. Moreover, its vault-like storage allows it to load and transport heavy cargo.

Although Tesla has not yet disclosed the actual weight of its Cybertruck; however, it is safe to assume that it is one of its heaviest electric vehicles.

Despite the high weight, the Tesla Cybertruck enjoys an impressive acceleration of 60mph in under 3 seconds.

The table below shows the Tesla Cybertruck dimensions, range, horsepower, maximum towing capacity, price, and loading capacity.

Tesla Cybertruck DetailsMeasurements  
Base Price39,900, 49,900, 69,900 USD
Length232 inches
Width79.9 inches (including mirrors)
Height76 inches
Range250 miles, 300 miles, 500 miles
Horsepower800HP and less
Maximum Towing Capacity7,500, 10,000, 14,000 Lbs.
Loading Capacity3500 lbs. and less
how much does a tesla weigh in pounds
how much does a tesla weigh in pounds

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How Does the Weight of a Tesla Affect Its Performance?

  • The heavier a Tesla electric vehicle is, the more pressure it puts on the EVs battery. This means that the battery would have to work more to transfer its stored charge to the motor. Not only will this cause the battery to deplete earlier, but it will also slow the vehicle down.
  • Pushing a Tesla beyond its weight carrying capacity by loading heavy items onto it can permanently damage its performance. The extreme pressure on the battery will cause the range, capacity, and total lifespan to drop. Moreover, the tires will depreciate faster and will further add greater stress to the battery.
  • A Tesla that is loaded beyond its capacity will not have a great acceleration as it will take longer for it to speed up.
  • Poor weight distribution could affect Tesla’s center of gravity and disturb its balance. For instance, if a Tesla owner ties a heavy mountain bike to a Model 3 via a trunk rack, the center of gravity will shift back. This increases the chances of the car tipping backward when climbing up on steep slopes.

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How to Reduce the Total Weight of a Tesla?

A lighter-weight Tesla will be able to reach the speeds that Tesla advertises. Moreover, its battery’s range will remain undamaged, which means you can use it as intended.

All the weight-contributing components of a Tesla, such as its battery, tires, motor, etc., have a purpose. Hence, you can’t just take these out to reduce a Tesla’s weight.

However, certain measures and tips can help reduce the unnecessary weight that might hold your Tesla back. To reduce the total weight of a Tesla, one should:

  • Avoid carrying unnecessary luggage beyond the Tesla’s specified cargo capacity
  • Never allow the number of passengers to outnumber the total seats. For instance, allowing six people to squeeze into a compact Tesla Model 3 sedan will significantly increase its total weight
  • Refrain from mounting bikes or luggage on a trunk rack, as this can tip the balance of the vehicle. Instead, get a roof rack for this purpose
  • Do not customize your Tesla to have unnecessary modifications, additions, or decorations

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Final Thoughts

Different Tesla models are designed to have the strength and battery capacity to carry their respective weights. The lighter a Tesla EV is, the more you’ll get out of it in terms of top speeds and acceleration.