How Much Does a Used Tesla Cost

Tesla’s green technology, futuristic approach, and modern mechanisms make it one of the most expensive EV brands; however, they retain their value for years and can be sold for a good price.

Continue reading to learn about the costs of a used Tesla EV and the places where one can buy these second-hand EVs.

How Much Does a Used Tesla Cost?

The price of a used Tesla will depend on multiple factors. A Tesla that has been well-cared for sells for a great price. Some factors that affect a used Tesla EV’s cost are:

  • The Tesla EV’s total mileage (the total distance it has traveled since its initial purchase)
  • The conditions of the Tesla EV’s external and internal body
  • The condition of the Tesla EV’s battery and its remaining lifespan
  • The total range the Tesla EV’s battery offers
  • The model of the Tesla EV and its year of manufacturing
  • The Tesla EV’s upgrades or additional features added by the original owner

Most second-hand Tesla electric vehicles in somewhat good condition could range between 32,000 and 140,000 USD. However, the factors mentioned above will affect this price range.

For instance, the Tesla Model 3 is not only the most affordable Tesla EV but is also their highest selling product. The market price of a new Model 3 is around 40,000 USD.

However, the Model 3 Tesla price could instantly go up if the buyer wants some customization and additional features.

As a result, the resale price of such a Tesla Model 3 will also be higher than the average market rate.

How much does a used tesla cost
How much does a used tesla cost

Is a Second-hand Tesla Worth its Price?

Tesla’s long-term durability makes it stand out in the electric vehicle market. Most vehicles usually depreciate rapidly and lose most of their value within a few years.

On the other hand, Tesla is known for its slow depreciation and its ability to retain its market value. Its design, material, and unparalleled technology can last for many years.

According to EV mechanics, most luxury vehicles lose 50% of their value in just three years. On the contrary, Tesla’s three-year depreciation is usually under 35%.

This prolonged durability means that a used Tesla buyer does not have to compromise on quality and range. This makes buying a used Tesla a great way to afford this high-tech EV brand.

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Price Difference Between Different New and Used Tesla Models

Tesla Model X

The Tesla Model X is an extremely expensive 5-seater SUV loved for its impressive performance and range. A brand-new Model X can cost anywhere from 105,000 to 119,990 USD.

Additional features, regional taxes, or customizations could affect this price range. Since most used Tesla EVs also promise quality and performance, a used Model X could have a price ranging from 48000 to 115,000 USD.

The long-range version of the Model X is more expensive in either condition. The higher the EV’s mileage and battery usage, the lower the used Tesla Model X’s price is. 

Tesla Model 3

The Model 3 is a compact sedan and is one of Tesla’s cheapest electric vehicles. A brand-new Tesla Model 3’s price has been recently updated to range from 44,990 to 58,990 USD.

The price varies with the Model 3 variant and battery capacity. The cheaper 44,990 standard-range variant offers a 220-mile range, while the more expensive long-range variant offers 358 miles per charge.

The price of a used Tesla Model 3 is extremely affordable for many buyers with limited budgets. The price of a used Model 3 can range from 32,000 to 62,000 USD.

If the used Tesla comes with many built-in features or customizations made by the consumer, the second-hand price will go up. Most Tesla customizations could increase the price by 2000 to 10,000 USD.

Sometimes, buyers can find used Tesla Model 3 cars in great condition for as low as 30,000 USD. However, this requires extensive market research and a lot of patience.

Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S is the luxurious version of the Tesla Model 3 and offers a much higher battery range. Hence, this beautiful electric sedan comes at a steep market price of 94,990 to 129,990 USD.

The less costly standard range version offers 405 miles of battery range, while the expensive long-range version offers 412 miles.

The used Tesla Model S price will also vary with range and is approximately 30,000 to 120,000 USD.

Older, more used first-generation Tesla Model S EVs are usually available for as low as 30,000 USD. Used Model S EVs with great battery condition and built-in self-driving features are much more expensive.

Tesla Model Y

The Tesla Model Y is a great 5-seater SUV with a strong build, designed to conquer slopes and rougher terrains. Hence, the price of a Model Y Tesla EV is high and can range between 58,990 to 63,990 USD.

The standard range version of the Model Y SUV is cheaper as it offers a range of 279 miles, while the expensive long-range version offers 330 miles.

Usually, a well-maintained used Tesla Model Y SUV will have its price range between 40,000 to 60,000 USD. However, just like all other Tesla EVs, any added features will boost the SUV’s resale price.

The Tesla Model Y is not as abundant as other Tesla electric vehicles. Hence, when looking for a used Tesla Model Y, buyers do not get the opportunity to find super cheap deals.

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Where Can Consumers Purchase Used Tesla Electric Vehicles From?

Interested consumers in the US usually have a plethora of options to buy a used Tesla. They can directly contact Tesla, visit EV selling websites, visit EV showrooms, or directly connect with a Tesla owner.

Contacting Tesla to Purchase a Used Tesla EV

People interested in selling or buying their used Tesla EVs can easily contact Tesla. Tesla has designed an extremely consumer-friendly website to help people understand the buying process.

People contacting Tesla to sell their EVs need to permit a detailed examination of the EV. The site only uploads information about a Tesla electric vehicle that:

  • Has passed the 145-point inspection
  • It is covered by Used Vehicle Limited Warranty
  • Has no evidence of structural repairs
  • Has brake pads of minimum 6mm size
  • Has tires measuring a minimum of 5/32 inches

Once a Tesla qualifies met these criteria, the Tesla mechanics examine the EV’s range, acceleration, and condition.

Based on the gathered information, Tesla uploads the EV’s sale price on their site along with its pictures. When a consumer wants to purchase the used Tesla, all that have to do is:

  • Go to the Tesla official website
  • Select the ‘used’ button in the inventory type section
  • Select their preferred Tesla model
  • Browse the available choices of used Tesla EVs to review the condition, manufacturing date, and prices
  • Contact the selected Tesla EV salesperson and request a callback after filling out the ‘call contact form’

Once consumers go through these steps, they are contacted by Tesla’s Used Vehicle Advisor. The advisor helps the consumer understand the purchase process and answers questions they may have.

Most consumers prefer purchasing a used Tesla from their official webpage as it minimizes chances of fraud and deception.

Moreover, it is easier for an individual to trust an EV coming from its original manufacturer.

To help the consumer decide, Tesla offers a test drive for their used cars. The buyer is required to schedule a driving test at their local Tesla stores.

Furthermore, just like buying a new Tesla, buyers can pay for the used Tesla using similar means. These include:

  • Tesla financing
  • Cash payment (cashier’s check or ACH)
  • Third-party financing

However, according to the company’s policy, a used Tesla cannot be leased. Moreover, a buyer is not allowed to use a credit card for purchasing a used electric vehicle.

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Using Electric Vehicle Selling Websites and Social-media Pages

Many websites and social media pages help consumers connect with people selling their Tesla EVs. Tesla owners need to contact such websites to register their Tesla EVs for sale.

These websites carry out a detailed examination of Tesla’s condition. The examination team of mechanics looks at the Tesla EV’s battery, exterior, interior, mileage, paint, etc.

The examination can last from 20 minutes to a couple of hours. Once the team has all the needed information, they produce a report highlighting the Tesla EV’s depreciation and real condition.

Eventually, the report helps allocate the market price for the used Tesla. Interested buyers can connect with the Tesla owners through these websites.

Once the sale is made, the mediating website takes its pre-decided cut.

Consumers interested in purchasing a used Tesla greatly benefit from these middle-party websites. This is because the examination reports generated are authentic.

As a result, buyers do not have to worry about examining the Tesla themselves. Moreover, these reports help protect used Tesla buyers from deception and fraudulent claims.

Many websites and social media pages are dedicated to only selling used Tesla EVs and have no other EV brand. Using such websites help consumers narrow down their research and save time.   

Click here to visit one of the most well-rated websites selling used Tesla EVs only.

Visiting Electric Vehicle Showrooms

Many local showrooms sell both new and used vehicles of all types. A buyer can visit such showrooms and specify which Tesla model they want and their budget price range.

A consumer can look at the wide variety of EV options these showrooms have. Doing so helps the consumer buy the best available used Tesla EV that is most suited to their needs.

Moreover, consumers often get educated regarding what to look at when buying a new Tesla. As a result, they can make a well-informed purchase decision.

buying a second-hand Tesla
Buying a second-hand Tesla

Directly Contacting a Tesla Owner

At times, buyers prefer not to get involved with a third-party seller and contact a Tesla owner themselves.

This usually happens when they hear about someone selling a Tesla from a friend, a colleague, or social media sites.

Purchasing a used Tesla by contacting the seller directly has pros and cons.


  • Websites and showrooms require the consumer to go through a certain pre-set procedure which could take days. On the other hand, the purchasing process becomes quicker without a third-party mediator.
  • The buyer does not have to fill out a lot of paperwork to make a purchase directly.
  • The buyer has the liberty of testing the Tesla EV over the weekend or after office hours. Official sites and showrooms usually allow this during official working hours.


  • The buyer has to conduct the entire examination of the EV on their own.
  • Due to a lack of experience, a buyer may miss many key examining points and make a poor purchase decision.
  • A buyer may be deceived into buying a poor condition Tesla at a higher price.
  • A buyer might end up buying a used Tesla with a fake Used Vehicle Limited Warranty.

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Final Thoughts

Tesla electric cars are loved for their modern concepts and futuristic technology. However, a brand-new Tesla electric vehicle can be too expensive for most buyers.

Hence, many people enjoy this extraordinary brand by purchasing used Tesla EVs. 

The price of a used Tesla EV can vary for many reasons, such as its year manufacturing, its built-in features, etc. The table below summarizes the usual prices of new and used Tesla models.

Tesla ModelPrice in USD of a New ModelPrice in USD of a Used Model
Tesla Model 3 Standard Range44,99032,000
Tesla Model 3 Long Range58,99062,000
Tesla Model X Standard Range104,99048,000
Tesla Model X Long Range119,990115,000
Tesla Model S Standard Range94,99030,000
Tesla Model S Long Range129,990120,000
Tesla Model Y Standard Range58,99040,000
Tesla Model Y Long Range63,99060,000