How Much Does an Electric Bike Battery Cost?

When you’ve decided to buy a new battery for your e-bike to sustain its performance, you have to figure out how much it will cost. The cost of your e-bike’s battery would depend on the type and size of the battery. It will also depend on what brand you choose. The condition and newness of the battery will also affect its cost. 

Electric bikes can be fantastic for running errands, getting to work, or just cruising around. But buying and maintaining these e-bikes could be expensive.

The battery is one of the most expensive components of the electric bike.

How Much Does an Electric Bike Cost?

Like everything else in the world, an electric bike’s battery also has a lifespan. Once a battery lives out its lifespan, it can either be changed or sometimes be repaired.

Getting a new electric bike battery could be expensive. Depending on the level of wear and tear, the repair costs of an e-bike battery are too high. The only option you have is to buy a new battery for your electric bike.

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The cost of your electric bike battery depends on the following factors:

  • The type of the battery
  • The size of the battery
  • Brand of the battery
  • Condition of the battery

To learn more about the factors that determine the cost of your electric bike’s battery, keep reading below.

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Factors Determining the Cost of Your Electric Bike’s Battery

1. Battery Type

The battery type is the chemical cell composition of the battery. With time, battery engineers have been able to design batteries with superior efficiencies.

Different electrical bikes have varying battery types, which have different lifespans. These lifespans also greatly affect the electric bike’s battery cost. Most common electric bike batteries could have either of the three chemical cell compositions:

  • Lithium-ion battery

This is the most expensive type of electric bike battery in the market. This type of battery is the latest and most commonly used battery. These batteries have optimized efficiencies and longer lifespans. One of the benefits of lithium batteries is that they can be made in various shapes and sizes, making them suitable for nearly any type of electric bike. It is because of these qualities that this battery has a high market price.

  • Nickel battery

This type of battery is less expensive than a lithium-ion battery. Nickel-Cadmium and Nickel-Metal hydride batteries are the two subtypes of nickel batteries. These batteries have lower voltages and are less efficient than lithium-ion batteries. This battery’s lifespan is also less than a lithium-ion battery’s lifespan. 

  • Lead battery

This type of battery is the cheapest electric bike battery available in the market. These are the least efficient battery types in the market. Hardly any electric bikes in the market come with a lead-acid battery. Their lifespans are also the shortest.

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2. Battery Size

Different electric bikes come with different battery sizes and capacities. An electric bike’s battery can also be replaced with a bigger battery.

The bigger an electric bike’s battery is, the higher the capacity it has. The battery capacity shows the amount of charge the battery can store.

Since bigger batteries have higher capacities, their lifespans are also longer.

Consequently, bigger-sized high capacity batteries are more expensive than smaller low capacity batteries.

The table below shows two different sized lithium batteries and their average price.

E-bike BatteryWeight (lbs.)Voltage (V)Capacity (Ah)Price (USD)
Lithium Battery6368170
Lithium Battery9.94810200

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3. Battery Brand

When we talk about the quality of an electric bike battery, we look at their brand. The brand shows the manufacturer’s experience, the raw material used, and the quality.

With the electric bike market’s global boom, several companies sell electric bikes batteries. With a little bit of research, you can find e-bike batteries manufactured in China, Korea, Japan, and the USA, etc.

Electric bike batteries sourced from Japan or Korea are reputed to be high quality. These batteries have modern technology, high capacities, longer lifespans and better efficiencies.

As a result, Korean and Japanese electric bike battery brands are expensive.

Electric bike batteries made in China come in different qualities. Some do meet international standards, but some cheaper varieties have a bad reputation. They offer poor efficiency and low capacities.

Warranties that come with these batteries are also harder to claim. As a result, many Chinese batteries are much cheaper in the market.

American electric bike battery manufacturers have a great international reputation. Several of these American manufacturers invest heavily in research and development in all sectors. This allows the manufacturers to be more knowledgeable and technologically advanced.

American batteries are also preferred as they have to pass a standard to be approved. Every battery has to meet a certain criterion, requirement, and standard. Moreover, these batteries come with warranties.

Since American law and order is well in place, claiming these warranties is not hard. This results in the USA made electric bike batteries having a high market price.

Keep reading below about some international e-bike battery brands and their battery prices.

  • Bosch is one of the most well-known bike battery manufacturers, providing some of the priciest batteries available in the market. This German company sells its electric bike batteries all around the world. Bosch has a number of different battery packs. These e-bike battery packs are priced according to their respective capacities. The standard pricing rate at Bosch is 1.72USD/Wh. A Bosch electric bike battery pack can range between 650USD to 950USD. These batteries have long lifespans, easy-to-claim warranties, and high efficiencies. These batteries require high maintenance, and the repair cost is also very high.
  • Founded in 1921, Shimano is a well reputed Japanese electric bike battery manufacturing company. This brand has the knowledge and experience required to make high-quality batteries. Shimano’s e-bike batteries have long lifespans, reliable warranties and high efficiencies. Shimano’s market pricing rate for its batteries is almost 1.42USD/Wh.
  • If you wish to buy less expensive e-bike batteries, you have many brands to choose from. Some such international brands are Yamaha (Japanese), LG (Korean), Panasonic (Japanese), and Samsung (Korean). These brands have an average pricing rate of almost 0.85USD/Wh and also provide high-efficiency batteries and reliable warranties. These batteries offer a good enough e-bike range, and their repair cost is low.

The table below shows the batteries from the brands mentioned above. It also shows their capacities and market prices.

BatteriesCapacities (Wh)Average Prices (USD)
Bosch PowerPack 400400700
Bosch PowerPack 500500913
Bosch Power Tube 400400710
Bosch Power Tube 500500875
Bosch Power Tube 625625930
Shimano Steps Downtube Mounted418505
Shimano Steps Integrated Downtube504760
Panasonic E-bike battery672300

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4. Battery Condition

The battery condition represents the newness of the battery.

The more a battery is used, more frequently it has to be charged. With every discharge and charge, the battery loses capacity. This means its efficiency keeps decreasing.

Buying a brand-new battery at its best condition promises maximum capacity and high efficiency. However, it will be costly.

Buying a second-hand battery would mean its capacity and efficiency are not at their optimal levels. This battery would cost you less, according to how used the battery you buy is.

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How Much Does It Cost to Charge an Electric Bike Battery?

The battery is the most expensive component of an electric bike. Purchasing a new electric bike battery can be difficult for many e-bike riders.

However, the cost does not stop there.

Another cost directly associated with the battery’s cost is the cost of charging the battery.

An average range electric bike could keep going for 5-7 hours. After this, the rider could either pedal their e-bike or recharge their battery.

Most electric bike batteries have a power rating of approximately 300-550 Watts.

To charge such electric bike batteries, the rider needs a 2-ampere or 4-ampere charger.

Recharging the electric bike battery means using an electric source for 4-6 hours. Electric bikes that have higher capacities require longer charging periods. They could take up to 6-18 hours. 

The cost of recharging an electric bike battery would depend on where you live. In some countries, electricity is abundant and cheap. Whereas, electricity is pretty expensive in some countries. In the USA, the electricity rate could be between 5-dollar cents/kWh to almost 36-dollar cents/kWh.

Electric bike manufacturers encourage frequent charging of the electric bike battery. This improves the electric bike’s range, battery capacity, and lifespan. However, doing so could get costly.

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How to Choose the Right Battery for Your Electric Bike

Every electric bike has its own special design and requirement. Some electric bikes are quite light and do not need very high-powered batteries. While some are very heavy, a low-powered battery just won’t do. 

Moreover, every rider has their own different needs.  A rider that lives in a town with smooth flat roads could do well with a moderately-sized battery. Whereas, a rider who has to go up steep slopes needs a high-powered battery.

While some riders live in areas with calm weather conditions, others need stronger batteries to ride against strong winds.

All these factors help choose which electric bike battery would suit your e-bike best. However, you also need to look at the following when selecting a new battery for your electric bike:

  • Its capacity (Wh)
  • Its Voltage (V)
  • Its size (lbs.)
  • Its power (W)

If your lifestyle and region requires a stronger battery, you need more money. A high capacity and high-powered battery is essential for you.

Otherwise, a moderately priced low capacity battery would also be fine.

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Taking Care of Your Electric Bike Battery

Electric bike batteries are expensive and there is not much one can do about it. Going for a cheap battery would mean you are ready to compromise on performance.

This is why every rider should aim to optimize their battery usage. They should do everything to extend the battery’s lifespan. A well-maintained battery might even largely outlive its lifespan.

Taking care of a few things could help you increase your electric bike battery’s life.

1. Read the Manual

Every electric bike comes with an instructions manual. This manual contains all the necessary information you need to know about your e-bike’s battery.

The manual will talk about your e-bike’s battery type, its chemical composition and capacity. It will contain details about the optimal charging range, ideal charging duration, and the proper way of storing and removing your battery.

Hence, reading the manual is critical. It will help save you from the costs of buying a new one too soon.

2. Use a Manufacturer Provided Battery Charger

Every electric bike battery has its own capacity and needs. The battery charger the manufacturer provides helps ensure the right amount of current flows into the battery.

Using a charger made by another manufacturer might not be the best solution. If it allows too much current to pass, your battery could get overheated. This could severely damage your battery’s total life.

On the other hand, if less current passes to the battery, the charging time would increase. Chances are that you might have to ride your e-bike with low charging. This could mean you might not get too far on your e-bike.

Using the manufacturer-provided charger would save your e-bike battery from damage. In the long run, it would lengthen the battery life.

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3. Charge your Electric Bike Properly

According to battery engineers, no batteries should be charged to a full 100%. This reduces their capacities and affects their life. Furthermore, every time your e-bike gets charged after a complete discharge, its capacity is reduced.

Electric bike batteries usually have an optimal charging range between 20% to 90%. Hence, the tip is to charge frequently and avoid charging it below or beyond the optimal range. Also, remember to always turn your e-bike off after using it. This saves its battery life.

4. Protect Your Battery

Using bike fenders could save your electric bike battery from getting damaged by mud and rocks. It would also reduce its exposure to the sun and save it from overheating.

In the long run, this practice can help prevent you from incurring battery repair and replacement costs.

how much does an e-bike battery cost
how much does an e-bike battery cost

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Final Thoughts

An electric bike is an expensive accessory to buy and maintain. Its most expensive component is its battery. An electric bike’s battery price depends on its type, size, its brand, and its condition.

New, high-quality lithium-ion batteries that have high capacities are the most expensive batteries one could buy. Whereas, an old lead-acid battery with low capacity would be the cheapest.

Every rider needs to know how to take care of their e-bike batteries. This could save you the trouble of having to repair or purchase a new battery.