How Much Does It Cost to Charge an Electric Bike

The world is changing and becoming more environmentally friendly; many are shifting to electric bikes to reduce their carbon footprint. The ability to get around while remaining socially distanced from other people is one of the main reasons behind the explosive growth of electric bikes.

Just like yourself, every rider is interested to learn more about the cost of charging an electric bike. In comparison to conventional bikes, electric bikes can help you save more money in the long run. The question is, how?

In the US, the average cost to charge an e-bike is 5 cents ($21.17 per year). Electric vehicles have one moving part, the motor, whereas gasoline-powered vehicles carry several moving parts. Therefore, they are considered cost-efficient in the long run.

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However, the cost of replacing the electric battery can be a bit high and should also be considered when calculating the overhead costs.

Before jumping to the drawbacks, let’s talk about how to calculate the cost of charging an electric bike.

  • Multiply the voltage (V) and amp hours (Ah) to get watt hours (Wh). Then, divide the Wh by 1000 to calculate Kilowatt Hours.
  • Check your electricity bill for electricity prices and multiple the KWh by your local electric rate per KWh.
  • In the next step, multiply the Kilowatt capacity of your battery by the calculated value. The answer would give you the total cost of fully charging your electric bike.
  • You can then calculate your travel expense by dividing the charging cost by the average range of your battery pack and multiplying it by the distance (kilometers) you travel. This can help you determine the value and compare it with other options.

You can also invest in solar panels to reduce the cost of charging your electric bike. However, solar panels can be a little costly and require maintenance from time to time.

So, how much does it cost to charge an electric bike? Generally speaking, the cost varies from location to location as the electricity per unit is different countrywide.

Below you will find the average cost (in Dollars) to charge an electric bike in some countries:

CountryCost Per charge (USD)Cost Per ChargeCost Per Year (USD)
United Kingdom$0.08£0.06$35.83
United States$0.05$0.05$21.17
New Zealand$0.07$0.11$32.57

The table above shows that charging an electric bike is not expensive, no matter where you live. However, in the US, the overall charging cost per year is around $21, which is nothing compared to fuel costs.

Please note that these costs can fluctuate depending on the factors listed below.

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Factors Affecting the Cost of Charging an Electric Bike

Now that you know the cost of charging an electric bike, you might be wondering how these costs may vary according to different usage.

Time Taken To Charge

The first factor to consider is the time to charge the electric bike. You must know that it solely depends on the type of battery and the charger used to charge the e-bike. The lower the ampere, the longer it takes for the battery to get charged.

If you are charging a heavy battery using a low ampere charger, it can take around 6 hours to charge, but if you are charging a smaller battery with a high-ampere charger, the battery can be fully charged within around 3-4 hours.

Daily Commute

The cost of charging also depends on the number of times you charge your battery and your overall traveling routine. The more you charge your battery, the higher will be the cost. Remember that frequently charging your electric bike can deteriorate the battery’s health.

Battery Power

To make the calculation process easier, let’s consider the power of batteries and the estimated travel distance. First of all, check your battery for Watt-hour. You can even take a look at Bosch’s range assistant to see how your electric bike’s range may be affected.

Generally, more advanced systems are more efficient and run longer on a single charge compared to less expensive options; you must determine which is best for you.

We know that an electric battery can be expensive, but it eventually pays off with time. If you buy an expensive battery, it would probably have better efficiency and provide you with a better range.

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Battery Size

There are multiple sizes of batteries available in the market. The price of the battery depends on the battery size. Often, it is proposed that if the battery is expensive, the range of the battery will probably be higher.

How often you’ll need to charge your battery depends on several factors, but the most significant are which electric bike system you’ve chosen and how you use the pedal assistance.

A 300wh battery will generally last between 25km and 80km on a single charge, whereas a 400wh will generally last between 40km and 100km with average riding.

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The weight of the person riding the electric bike should also be taken into account; the more weight (Downward Force) on the bike, the more friction there would be. As a result, more force will be required to move the bike forward.

As the traveling distance increases, so does the cost of power consumption.

If there is excess weight on the bike, the battery will run out of power quickly, and the overall range will decrease, resulting in a higher cost to charge the battery.

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Are Electric Bikes Worth It?

With the increasing petrol rates and the exhaustion of natural resources, we can conclude that electric vehicles are the future of transportation. We think that a time will come when everyone will have to shift to electric vehicles.

Electric bikes are a valuable purchase, especially for those who cycle to work. The initial cost of purchasing an electric bike is high. However, e-bikes are about three times less expensive to operate than cars from a current fuel cost perspective.

The electric bike market is predicted to grow to $39 billion by 2025. Deloitte, which released its annual technology, media, and telecommunications predictions, stated that it expects 130 million e-bikes to be sold globally between 2020 and 2023.

Below you will find a detailed comparison between the overhead costs of an electric bike and a fuel-powered car.

Overhead CostsAverage size Petrol Car ($)Average Electric Bike ($)
Road Tax175N/A

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Ways to Reduce the Cost of Charging Your Electric Bike

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The maintenance of your battery is an essential aspect that should be considered, as the battery of an electric bike is a bit expensive.

You should carefully follow all the guidelines provided to you by the manufacturer to keep the performance of your battery to the maximum. Keep in mind that the more efficient the battery is, the more miles it will travel on a single charge, reducing the cost of charging.

Purchase an efficient battery if possible, as the more efficient the battery is, the more output power you will receive. You don’t need to throw the battery away if the efficiency reduces by a couple of miles. If you want maximum efficiency, you can also use the battery for other purposes.

Moreover, if you are buying an electric bike, it is safe to assume that you are concerned about the environment; hence, you should also refrain from throwing away the battery as it can profoundly impact the environment.

If your sole purpose is to reduce the cost of charging the battery, you can charge the battery at your workplace while it is parked and save up on your overall costs.

If your e-bike has a li-ion battery, keep in mind that it self discharges around 2.5% to 3% every month when not in use. That’s another reason to charge the battery at your workplace.

You can look for other sources of electricity which are low in cost. This can provide you with a much better rate, reducing your overall charging cost.

Another option is to charge your electric bike during off-peak hours when the cost per unit charge is lower. This can reduce the overall bill.

Many electric bikes offer pedal assistance that can benefit you in 2 ways. One is that you can use the pedal and the electric charge consumption would stop, resulting in the bike using less charge.

Additionally, when you move the pedal, the kinetic energy you produce converts into electrical energy that eventually recharges your battery.

Another way to reduce the cost of charging your electric bike is to recharge your battery before it dies, as it can reduce the overall efficiency of the battery, hence increasing the cost.

However, keep in mind that charging your battery as soon as it dies can result in the battery losing its original activation power and draining much faster. The faster the battery drains, the more you’ll have to charge the battery, increasing your electricity bill.

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The battery should be properly maintained as it helps in reducing the overall cost of charging. There are different requirements for every battery provided by the manufacturer, which should be strictly followed to keep the battery running smoothly.

There will be a time when you will realize that your battery is not providing you with the miles it once used to. It is an indication that you now need to buy a new battery that can provide you with more power and range and reduce the overall charging cost.

Water is the enemy of electricity so try to keep it away from your bike. Don’t ride your bike in the rain. If the water comes in contact with the battery, it can lead to permanent damage or range problems.

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Final Thoughts

To sum up, the overall charging cost of electric bikes in the US per year is around $21, nothing compared to fuel costs. You don’t need to be worried about the cost of charging your electric bike as the increased amount on your electricity bill can be easily managed.

One of the fastest ways to reduce the cost of charging your electric vehicle is to switch providers. Getting a better rate per unit (kWh) will help you save a significant amount on your electricity bills in the long run. Another great way is to charge your electric bike during off-peak hours.

Make sure to maintain battery health if you don’t want to purchase batteries every few years. A few tips for taking care of your e-bike battery include getting a light timer, not storing the battery in extreme temperatures, and keeping your battery between 80% and 20% voltage.

Electric bikes have several benefits. They are easier to ride, safe, and good for the environment. By purchasing electric bikes, you can do your part in lowering air pollution.

Unlike other powered transportation, electric bikes do not rely on gas and diesel engines, contributing to climate change. Additionally, they also significantly lower the traffic on the roads. Let’s make the world a better place by investing in e-bikes.

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