How Much to Rent a Tesla Electric Car?

One way to experience Tesla’s superiority is by renting a Tesla electric vehicle. Many cars rental services in the US and around the world offer Tesla renting services.

Moreover, the cost of renting a Tesla would depend on multiple different factors apart from just the Tesla model and the EV’s running condition.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Tesla Electric Vehicle?

Tesla as a brand is not as popular across the globe as other cars. Hence, many countries do not offer a Tesla electric vehicle as a rental option.

An average Tesla electric vehicle is significantly more expensive than most other electric and gas-powered vehicles.

Hence, renting a Tesla for a temporary period is a great way to enjoy this futuristic vehicle without having to pay the high purchase costs.

You can rent a Tesla in the United States for about  60 USD to 150 USD per day, which is the standard rate.

Tesla electric cars that are more luxurious or larger in terms of battery capacity can go for as much as 400 USD to 500 USD per day.

However, the cost of renting a Tesla electric vehicle will depend on many different factors. Continue reading below for an in-depth elaboration of some of these factors.

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The Model of the Tesla Electric Vehicle

Ever since its introduction in 2003, Tesla has developed multiple electric vehicle models to cater to different consumer audiences.

For instance, its best-selling model, the Model 3, is a compact sedan designed for a single person or a small family of 2 to 4 individuals.

Since the Tesla Model 3’s purchase price is the cheapest compared to its other models, its rental fee is also the lowest of the bunch.

Similarly, the Tesla Model X is one of the highest-performing luxury all-wheel SUVs in the market.

As a result, both its purchase price and rental fee will be incredibly high compared to other models of the same condition.

The table below shows the names of different Tesla models and their average respective rental fees.

Name of Tesla ModelAverage Rental Fee in the US
Tesla Model 3120 to 130 USD per day
Tesla Model S150 t0 170 USD per day
Tesla Model Y900 to 1100 USD for a 5 days package
Tesla Model X220 to 230 USD per day

The Year of Manufacturing of the Tesla

Tesla updates its electric vehicles every year to remain at the top of its game. All its models get frequent updates to offer improved performance.

These updates also bring about new features that improve the driving experience. These include safety features, entertainment features, etc.

For instance, the newer Tesla electric vehicle models that have been manufactured after 2019 come with a built-in sentry mode.

This additional feature offers the electric car far more security and helps prevent Tesla EV theft.

Newer Tesla models have significantly higher purchase prices as compared to their older variants. Hence, Tesla models that have been manufactured recently will have a higher rental fee.

The table below compares the average per day rental fee of different Tesla Model 3 electric cars that have been manufactured in different years.

Name of Tesla ModelYear of Manufacturing of the Tesla ModelAverage Rental Fee
Tesla Model 32020120 USD per day
Tesla Model 32021130 USD per day
Tesla Model 32018109 USD per day
How much to rent a Tesla
How much to rent a Tesla

The Condition of the Tesla

Any car that is in excellent condition will have a higher average per day rental feel than a car that is poorly maintained.

In the same vein, a Tesla electric car with a well-maintained interior, strong and properly inflated tires, and a damage-free exterior will have a higher rental fee compared to a poor condition electric car.

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The Rental Company, Its Reputation, and Other Additional Services They Offer

The price of a Tesla rental varies from company to company, but also from country to country. With so many offering rental services, there’s bound to be a variance in the price.

Some companies offer vehicles of different brands for rent while others specialize in only offering Tesla electric vehicle rental services.

A company that has a great market reputation for being honest and offering well-maintained Tesla electric vehicles will be able to charge a higher rental feel.

Moreover, Tesla electric vehicle renting companies that offer additional services such as free EV pickup/ drop, a fully charged Tesla EV battery, etc., will be able to charge a higher rental fee.

The Country or Region Where the Tesla Renting Company Is Situated

Tesla electric cars are not as globally abundant as other electric or gas-powered cars.

Although some countries like the USA and China have their own Tesla electric vehicle manufacturing plants, some countries have to import their Tesla EVs.

Countries that import their Tesla EVs have to pay import duty taxes. As a result, the purchase price and per day rental fee of such a Tesla electric vehicle is also much higher.

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The Size of the Tesla’s Battery Pack

Different Tesla electric vehicles have varying battery sizes and capacities. Even two of the same Tesla models could have different-sized battery packs.

A bigger-sized battery pack has the capacity to store a higher amount of electric charge. As a result, it is able to travel for longer distances within a single charge and is able to offer a higher top speed.

The table below shows different Tesla Model S electric cars that offer different ranges due to their battery pack sizes.

Tesla ModelBattery CapacityBattery life Per Charge
Model S 60D60 kWh242 miles
Model S 75D75 kWh307 miles
Model S 85D85 kWh330 miles
Model S 90D90 kWh335 miles
Model S Long Range100 kWh406 miles
Model S Standard Range80 kWh280 miles
Model S Performance100 kWh370 miles

A Tesla Model S with a 90 kWh battery size will have a higher rental fee than a Tesla Model S with a 60 kWh battery pack size.

Hence, all Tesla electric cars that have larger battery packs will have a higher per-day rental fee.

The Tesla Electric Vehicle’s Mileage

A Tesla electric vehicle that has not traveled too much and has a battery with a high number of remaining charging cycles is able to offer better performance, range, and top speed.

Car rental companies are required to note and highlight how much a car has traveled to justify its respective per-day rental fee.

A Tesla electric vehicle that has a low mileage and has not completed too many trips will hence have a higher per-day rental fee.

The table below compares the per-day rental fee of different Tesla electric cars that have completed varying trips.

Name of Tesla ModelYear of ManufacturingNumber of Completed TripsAverage Rental Fee
Tesla Model 3201894165 USD per day
Tesla Model 32018158139 USD per day
Tesla Model 32018186109 USD per day
Tesla Model 320205120 USD per day
Tesla Model 3202120129 USD per day

The data displayed in the table above compares three Tesla Model 3 electric cars that have been manufactured in 2018.

The Tesla Model 3 with the least number of completed trips (94) has the highest per-day rental fee (165 USD).

On the other hand, the Model 3 with the highest number of completed trips (186), costs the least in terms of per day rental fee in comparison (109 USD).

This shows that the more used a Tesla electric vehicle is, the cheaper its rental fee will be.

However, the data for Tesla Model 3 manufactured in 2020 and 2021 show the opposite trend, with the less traveled EV (5 trips) having a lower per day rental charge (120 USD).

This is because the two Tesla Model 3’s have different manufacturing dates and the more recent 2021 Tesla will automatically have a higher rental charge than the older 2020 version.

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The Rent Duration

Just like any other item or car that is rented, the total duration of the rental period will determine the total charge.

Hence, renting a Tesla for a day will automatically be cheaper than renting a Tesla for a whole week or month.

The Distance That the Rested Tesla Has to Cover

Before a rental company rents out their Tesla electric vehicle, they have to ask the renter how far they intend to drive the Tesla.

For instance, if a person wants to rent a Tesla to move within a town, the rental fee will not be too high.

However, if the person wishes to travel to a different far-off city in the same Tesla EV, the rental fee will be much higher regardless of the duration.  

The Area You Will Drive the Tesla in

Apart from asking about the estimated distance, a rented Tesla EV will cover, Tela rental companies also ask about where the Tesla will be driven.

This helps them understand the amount of wear and tear the Tesla will face and will influence the total cost of renting the car.

For instance, if a person is planning on driving their Tesla to a mountainous region, the rental charge will be higher regardless of the borrowing duration and the total distance covered.

This is because tough journeys and terrains add stress to the Tesla’s battery, tires, and motor, which affects the lifespan of the vehicle.  

Hence, a rental company will charge a higher amount to cover the higher depreciation expenses.

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The Seasonal Renting Rates

The average rental rate of all Tesla electric vehicles will vary all around the year with different seasons.

For instance, if a person wishes to rent a Tesla electric vehicle during the holiday season when a lot of other tourists are doing the same, they will probably be charged a higher rent per day.

Similarly, if an individual wants to rent a Tesla electric vehicle during the off-season when the frequency of car rentals is relatively low, they will be charged a lesser per day rent.

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How Should You Care for a Rented Tesla Electric Vehicle?

Since a Tesla is an expensive electric vehicle, it is extremely important that the rented car is taken care of.

If the rented Tesla vehicle meets with an accident or sustains damage, this is a large financial hit that the renter will have to bear. 

In order to protect oneself from having to pay for the damages if such a situation occurs, a renter is advised to purchase sufficient insurance coverage.

Usually, the rental companies offer low amounts of basic insurance coverage, which is extremely minor for a car as luxurious as a Tesla.

This insufficient insurance coverage will not properly protect a person borrowing a Tesla.

Hence, if a person is unable to afford good insurance coverage, they should try to rent out a less expensive car.

Final Thoughts

Renting a Tesla electric vehicle is a great way to get the experience of driving such a futuristic vehicle, even if it is just for a day. Many car rental companies all across the USA offer different Tesla electric cars for rent at different per day charges.

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