How Much Weight Can an Electric Bike Pull?

Electric bikes have made a significant global impact on human transportability and environmental conditions. Their green technology and consumer compatibility make them the ideal purchase of today’s times.

Electric bikes have lower running costs and decrease the global dependability on fossil fuels. They are excellent for commuting across town to work or running everyday errands.

The absence of license or age limit requirements has made electric bikes a popular purchase for all kinds of people. However, can it perform efficiently with riders of all body sizes without any issues?

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How Much Weight Can an Electric Bike Pull?

Like all mechanical devices, every type of transport vehicle has its purpose, features, and limitations.

For instance, a forty-foot container is designed to transport heavy cargo and can carry a maximum weight of 26,300kgs. In contrast, an electric scooter would start breaking down beyond just 100kgs.

Similarly, electric bikes are designed to have a certain speed, power, and ability to fulfill their primary purpose. It is meant to carry a single person while offering a top speed of 20 to 25miles per hour.

Different electric bike designs have different purposes, limitations, and qualities. Any consumer wishing to purchase an electric bike should first access their needs and choose their ideal e-bike.

For instance, a 23kg Gazelle electric bike is designed to be sleek and compact. Its lightweight allows it to maintain high speeds and fit into different spaces. However, an electric bike will not perform well with extremely bulky riders.

Moreover, similar electric bikes will not be able to transport any cargo. Pushing the electric bike will lower its battery range and total lifespan.

Hence, every electric bike has a weight limit it’s designed to pull. Excessive weight will negatively affect the electric bike’s performance and damage its components.

In general, most electric bikes can usually carry up to 100 to 140kgs. However, many electric bikes are designed with chunkier frames and wider tires to cater to heavier riders specifically. 

These chunky electric bikes can comfortably carry some cargo without the rider having to slow down. Their design and robust quality make them more expensive than other electric bikes. Moreover, they need large batteries to power the e-bike to pull the extra weight.

Continue reading the article to learn about ten different electric bikes with different weight limits. Moreover, the article will also shed light on how to reduce the total weight of an electric bike.

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Top Six Electric Bikes Designed to Pull a Maximum of 140kgs

Electric bikes have been designed to cater to a versatile biking community. Riders as young as five or as old as eighty can ride electric bikes without breaking any laws. Moreover, unlike gas bikes, an e-bike has no license requirements.

In the USA, the average adult male weighs 90.6kgs, while the average female weighs 77.5kgs. Hence, standard electric bikes that can pull 100 to 140kgs would be perfect for most Americans.

Riding these electric bikes at lower weights allows the e-bike to go faster and smoother. Moreover, the electric bike battery and tire’s lifespan is not shortened. 

The table below highlights the top six electric bikes that can pull a maximum weight of 140 kgs without getting damaged. Moreover, it specifies their weight limits, types, and market prices.

Electric Bike Brand and ModelElectric Bike TypeMaximum Weight LimitPrice
GoCycle GXFoldable e-bike100kgs/ 220lbs.3299 USD
Brompton Electric two-speed modelFoldable e-bike110kgs/ 242.5lbs.3499 USD
Haibike SDUROMountain e-bike115kgs/ 250lbs.2195 USD
  RadMini Step-Thru 2Foldable e-bike125kgs/ 275lbs.1400 USD
Trek Super Commuter+ 9Commuter e-bike140kgs/ 300 lbs.5000 USD
NAKTO 26” 250WCommuter and Cargo e-bike140kgs/ 300 lbs.699 USD

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GoCycle GX

Foldable electric bikes have taken the electric bike industry by storm. They can easily be folded into compact sizes and are lightweight enough to be carried into malls, busses, and trains.

The GoCycle GX is a fantastic foldable electric bike with a powerful battery, strong frame, and great speed. With a top weight limit of 100kgs, the GoCycle GX would be a great choice for many lightweight riders.

However, foldable electric bikes cannot have frames as tough as other electric bikes. This is because these bikes need to be folded. The folding process requires the frame to have several movable joints and a flexible structure.

Brompton Electric Two-Speed Model

Brompton Electric is a name known for its decades of bike-making heritage. Its electric bikes are handmade, robust, reliable, and fast.

The foldable design allows the extremely lightweight electric bike to be hoisted onto buses and pushed around in malls. This feature significantly reduces the chances of e-bike theft and lowers parking costs.

Despite the lightweight structure, the Brompton Electric e-bike can pull almost 110kgs. The total weight of the rider and the cargo needs to be below this limit. Under this weight limit, riders can enjoy a top speed of 15mph.

Haibike SDURO

America is the birthing place of mountain biking sports and has half of its population hooked. The introduction of electric mountain bikes has increased the sport’s global popularity.

The Haibike SDURO is an electric mountain bike. It is designed to have a robust frame, wide tires, a wide handlebar, and a high-capacity battery. These features make this EMTB perfect for arduous trails and biking sports.

The Haibike SDURO is one of the lightest EMTB in the market. Weighing only 26.9kgs, this EMTB can pull 115kgs at an impressive top speed of 28mph.

Its 29-inch wide tires allow it to remain balanced over bumpy trails and high jumps. Moreover, its affordable price makes it a consumer favorite.

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RadMini Step-Thru 2

The RadMini Step-Thru 2 is a far more affordable foldable electric bike than Brompton Electric or GoCycle GX. This feature makes it a popular purchase across the globe.

The 31kg electric bike is designed to be strong enough to pull almost 125kgs. As a result, many heavier individuals can comfortably purchase and enjoy the benefits of the e-bike.

The lightweight body of the e-bike allows it to carry a rider at a top speed of 20mph. Moreover, the e-bike’s size and handlebars are adjustable, allowing different body types to ride with maximum comfort.

Trek Super Commuter+ 9

The Trek Super Commuter+ 9 is the perfect purchase for riders looking for strong, energy-efficient transport vehicles. The electric bike is powered with a Bosch 500Wh motor, allowing the rider to enjoy a top speed of 16mph.

The 25.5kgs electric bike is designed to have a rigid hydroformed frame that lets the e-bike pull an impressive 140kgs. However, its extremely high market price ($5000) allows a niche customer base.  

NAKTO 26” 250W

The NAKTO 26” 250W is one of the strongest and cheapest electric bikes available in the market. Priced under 1 grand, the electric bike is designed for both commuting and transporting cargo.

The electric bike has a low step-through frame, an easy-to-balance design, and an attached covered basket for carrying cargo. With a top speed of 20mph, this 28kg e-bike can pull up to 140kgs.

The electric bike is ideal for people who regularly carry luggage to work or shop. Moreover, its low design makes it perfect for physically unfit or older people.

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Top Four Electric Bikes Designed to Pull Weights Greater than 140kgs

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The electric biking community is versatile, diverse, and dispersed worldwide. Unlike gas bikes or other EVs, an electric bike has no age or licensing restrictions.

Moreover, electric bike technology is far superior to traditional bike designs. Pedaling a traditional bike adds stress to the joints. Individuals with poor physical health or deformities cannot ride regular bikes.

On the other hand, an electric bike’s added electric assistance empowers physically challenged or older people to enjoy a bike rider. The different pedal assistance modes allow people to travel at high speeds and cover greater distances.

Hence, to maintain the concept of being versatile, many electric bike manufacturers have designed e-bikes, especially for heavy riders. 

The table below highlights the top four electric bikes that can pull weights higher than 140kgs. Moreover, it specifies their weight limits, electric bike types, and market prices.

Electric Bike Brand and ModelElectric Bike TypeMaximum Weight LimitPrice
Riese & Müller SuperdeliteCommuter e-bike159kgs/ 350lbs.9569 USD
Addmotor MotanElectric tricycle159kgs/ 350lbs.1899 USD
Liberty TrikeCommuter and cargo e-bike181kgs/ 400lbs/1598 USD
A New Leaf 3.0Commuter e-bike250kgs/ 550lbs.6650 USD

Riese & Müller Superdelite Electric Bike

The Riese & Müller Superdelite electric bike uses two Bosch batteries to offer an incredible range of 130 miles. The 30kgs electric bike is a large e-bike for riders taller than 5’5 feet.

The Riese & Müller Superdelite e-bike comes with double ABS disk brakes and is priced at almost ten grand. The e-bike’s strong frame, dual batteries, and large structure allow it to pull a rider weighing almost 160kgs.

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Addmotor Motan Electric Bike

The Addmotor Motan electric bike has an affordable market price despite its many outstanding features. The electric bike has a 55-mile range and a 23 mph top speed with a lithium-ion battery.

The tricycle design of the electric bike allows the weight to be distributed over a large surface area. This design feature reduces the tires’ pressure and makes the ride smooth.

Moreover, the tricycle design makes the electric bike ideal for older people, physically challenged individuals, children, and pregnant women. With a 50kg curb weight, the electric bike can pull almost 150kgs.

Liberty Trike Electric Bike

The Liberty Trike has received awards for being the best-designed three-wheel electric bike in the market. Its impressive 181-kg weight capacity makes it ideal for heavy individuals who cannot ride or balance regular electric bikes.

The Liberty Trike electric bike can be folded into compact sizes and transported via cars and trucks. The design has a large open basket behind the seat that allows the rider to carry cargo.

Moreover, its 750Watt motor allows the electric bike to carry heavy weights and travel at a top speed of 12mph. Its highly affordable pricing and user-friendly structure make it a consumer favorite worldwide.

A New Leaf 3.0

A New Leaf 3.0 electric bike has an integral 8-speed gear system, wide tires, and a 750-Watt motor. The 23kg electric bike’s sturdy structure allows it to pull incredible weights (250kg). This makes the e-bike superb for extremely obese individuals.

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How to Reduce the Total Weight on Electric Bikes

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A 95kg rider can enjoy riding an electric bike designed to pull 100kgs; however, specific tips can improve the overall bike performance. These tips allow the rider to reduce the total weight of the electric bike.

Reduced weight puts lesser pressure on the electric bike battery. As a result, the battery can maintain its range and internal temperature and lengthen its lifespan.

Moreover, lesser weight allows the tires to stay firm and undamaged over rougher landscapes. This helps reduce the electric bike’s running and replacement costs in the long run.

  • Refrain from wearing heavy clothing that could add additional weight to the electric bike. Leather jackets and long woolen coats can make the rider heavier than they are. The added weight could be almost 3 to 10kgs, depending on the clothes;
  • Avoid carrying unnecessary luggage. Although many e-bikes are designed to carry cargo, riding without extra luggage will increase the e-bike’s speed and range. Hence, only carry necessary items such as food, water, and first aid;
  • Remove any unnecessary e-bike decorations or modifications. Some e-bike riders love to customize their bikes according to their unique styles. They use custom saddles, add additional lights, and alter the handlebar. If the modifications or decorations add to the total weight, avoid them.

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Final Thoughts

An electric bike’s primary purpose is to provide convenience to its rider, regardless of how heavy the rider is. An electric bike is designed to be stronger and sturdier than regular bikes and hence can carry heavier weights.

Regular electric bikes have a weight capacity of 100 to 140kgs. At the same time, some special electric bikes can cater to riders as heavy as 250kgs.